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Stored procedure

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A stored procedure (also termed proc, storp, sproc, StoPro, StoredProc, StoreProc, sp, or SP) is a subroutine available to applications that access a relational database management system (RDBMS). [1]

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Access control

In the fields of physical security and information security, access control (AC) is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource.

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Adaptive Server Enterprise

SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise), originally known as Sybase SQL Server, and also commonly known as Sybase DB or Sybase ASE, is a relational model database server product for businesses developed by Sybase Corporation which became part of SAP AG.

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Business logic

In computer software, business logic or domain logic is the part of the program that encodes the real-world business rules that determine how data can be created, stored, and changed.

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C (programming language)

C (as in the letter ''c'') is a general-purpose, imperative computer programming language, supporting structured programming, lexical variable scope and recursion, while a static type system prevents many unintended operations.

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C++ ("see plus plus") is a general-purpose programming language.

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CUBRID ("cube-rid") is an open source SQL-based relational database management system (RDBMS) with object extensions developed by Naver Corporation for web applications.

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Cursor (databases)

In computer science, a database cursor is a control structure that enables traversal over the records in a database.

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Data consistency

Data consistency refers to the usability of data.

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Data dictionary

A data dictionary, or metadata repository, as defined in the IBM Dictionary of Computing, is a "centralized repository of information about data such as meaning, relationships to other data, origin, usage, and format".

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Data integrity

Data integrity is the maintenance of, and the assurance of the accuracy and consistency of, data over its entire life-cycle, and is a critical aspect to the design, implementation and usage of any system which stores, processes, or retrieves data.

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Data validation

In computer science, data validation is the process of ensuring data have undergone data cleansing to ensure they have data quality, that is, that they are both correct and useful.

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Database engine

A database engine (or storage engine) is the underlying software component that a database management system (DBMS) uses to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) data from a database.

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Database trigger

A database trigger is procedural code that is automatically executed in response to certain events on a particular table or view in a database.

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Firebird (database server)

Firebird is an open source SQL relational database management system that "runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and several Unix platforms".

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IBM Db2 contains database-server products developed by IBM.

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IBM Informix

IBM Informix is a product family within IBM's Information Management division that is centered on several relational database management system (RDBMS) offerings.

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Imperative programming

In computer science, imperative programming is a programming paradigm that uses statements that change a program's state.

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Java (programming language)

Java is a general-purpose computer-programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft.

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MySQL ("My S-Q-L") is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).

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NuoDB is a database company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Oracle Database

Oracle Database (commonly referred to as Oracle RDBMS or simply as Oracle) is a multi-model database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation.

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PL/pgSQL (Procedural Language/PostgreSQL) is a procedural programming language supported by the PostgreSQL ORDBMS.

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PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) is Oracle Corporation's procedural extension for SQL and the Oracle relational database.

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PostgreSQL, often simply Postgres, is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) with an emphasis on extensibility and standards compliance.

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Prepared statement

In database management systems (DBMS), a prepared statement or parameterized statement is a feature used to execute the same or similar database statements repeatedly with high efficiency.

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Programming language

A programming language is a formal language that specifies a set of instructions that can be used to produce various kinds of output.

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R (programming language)

R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics that is supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.

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Relational database management system

A relational database management system (RDBMS) is a database management system (DBMS) based on the relational model invented by Edgar F. Codd at IBM's San Jose Research Laboratory.

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Result set

A SQL result set is a set of rows from a database, as well as metadata about the query such as the column names, and the types and sizes of each column.

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SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP SE.

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SQL (S-Q-L, "sequel"; Structured Query Language) is a domain-specific language used in programming and designed for managing data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS), or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system (RDSMS).

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SQL PL stands for Structured Query Language Procedural Language and was developed by IBM as a set of commands that extend the use of SQL in the IBM DB2 (DB2 UDB Version 7) database system.

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SQL/JRT, or SQL Routines and Types for the Java Programming Language, is an extension to the SQL standard first published as ISO/IEC 9075-13:2002 (part 13 of SQL:1999).

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SQL/PSM (SQL/Persistent Stored Modules) is an ISO standard mainly defining an extension of SQL with a procedural language for use in stored procedures.

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SQL:1999 (also called SQL 3) was the fourth revision of the SQL database query language.

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SQL:2003 is the fourth revision of the SQL database query language.

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In computer programming, a subroutine is a sequence of program instructions that performs a specific task, packaged as a unit.

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Transact-SQL (T-SQL) is Microsoft's and Sybase's proprietary extension to the SQL (Structured Query Language) used to interact with relational databases.

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User-defined function

A user-defined function (UDF) is a function provided by the user of a program or environment, in a context where the usual assumption is that functions are built into the program or environment.

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Virtuoso Universal Server

Virtuoso Universal Server is a middleware and database engine hybrid that combines the functionality of a traditional Relational database management system (RDBMS), Object-relational database (ORDBMS), virtual database, RDF, XML, free-text, web application server and file server functionality in a single system.

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.NET Framework

.NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stored_procedure

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