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Sun Microsystems

Index Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems, Inc. was an American company that sold computers, computer components, software, and information technology services and created the Java programming language, the Solaris operating system, ZFS, the Network File System (NFS), and SPARC. [1]

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Barksdale, Java (programming language), Java (software platform), Java applet, Java Community Process, Java compiler, Java Desktop System, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, Java Platform, Micro Edition, Java Platform, Standard Edition, Java virtual machine, JavaFX, JavaStation, John Gage, John Gilmore (activist), Jon Bosak, Jonathan I. Schwartz, Ken Oshman, Kodak, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Liberty Alliance, Lighthouse Design, Linlithgow, Linux, List of companies of the United States, List of computer system manufacturers, List of Java APIs, Lustre (file system), MacOS, Marc Tremblay, Marketwired, Memory management unit, Menlo Park, California, Message Passing Interface, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Middleware (distributed applications), Milpitas, California, Montalvo Systems, MontaVista, Motorola 68000, Motorola 68000 series, Motorola 68010, Motorola 68020, Motorola 68030, Multibus, Multilevel security, Multiprocessing, Multithreading (computer architecture), MySQL, MySQL AB, NetBeans, NetDynamics Application Server, Netscape, Network Computer, Network equipment provider, Network File System, Newark, California, Non-uniform memory access, Object-oriented programming, Open MPI, Open Source University Meetup, Open-source model, Open-source software movement, OpenDocument, OpenESB, OpenMP, OpenOffice.org, OpenServer, OpenSolaris, OpenSPARC, Operations support system, Opteron, Oracle Certification Program, Oracle Corporation, Oracle Developer Studio, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, Oracle Grid Engine, Oracle Secure Global Desktop, Oracle VDI, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, Palo Alto, California, PARC (company), Pixo, PostgreSQL, Prague, Principle of least privilege, Productivity software, Project Kenai, Proprietary software, QFS, Radia Perlman, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Reduced instruction set computer, Reuters, Royal Dutch Shell, Saint Petersburg, San Francisco Chronicle, Santa Clara, California, Santa Cruz Operation, SavaJe, Scott McNealy, Server (computing), Server-side, Service-oriented architecture, Silicon Graphics, Silicon Valley, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Social media, Software, Software as a service, Solaris (operating system), Solaris Cluster, Solid-state drive, Sony, SPARC, SPARC Enterprise, SPARC T-Series, SPARC T3, SPARC T4, SPARC64 V, SPARCstation, Spider-Man, Stanford University, Stanford University Network, Stanford University School of Engineering, Star Division, StarOffice, Storage Technology Corporation, Strongtalk, Sun acquisition by Oracle, Sun Blade, Sun Blade (workstation), Sun Cloud, Sun Constellation System, Sun Enterprise, Sun Fire, Sun Fire 15K, Sun Fire X4500, Sun Industry Standards Source License, Sun Java System, Sun Java Workstation, Sun Modular Datacenter, Sun Netra, Sun ONE, Sun Open Storage, Sun Ray, Sun StorageTek 5800 System, Sun Ultra series, Sun Visualization System, Sun WorkShop TeamWare, SUN workstation, Sun xVM, Sun-1, Sun-2, Sun-3, Sun-4, Sun386i, SunOS, Supercomputer, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Symmetric multiprocessing, Synopsys, Tarantella, Inc., Tel Aviv, TeraGrid, Texas Advanced Computing Center, The Mercury News, The New York Times, The Register, The Washington Post, TheStreet.com, Thin client, Thinking Machines Corporation, Ticker symbol, Tokyo, TOP500, Trondheim, Trusted Solaris, Tsubame (supercomputer), UltraSPARC, UltraSPARC IV, UltraSPARC T1, UltraSPARC T2, UniSoft, University of Texas at Austin, Unix, UNIX System V, Unix wars, UNU-MERIT, USA Today, Utility computing, Vaughan Pratt, VAX, Version 7 Unix, Vi, Vinod Khosla, Virtual desktop, VirtualBox, Virtualization, Wabi (software), Wayback Machine, Web browser, Whitfield Diffie, Wind River Systems, Workstation, World Wide Web Consortium, Write once, run anywhere, X86, Xeon, XML, ZDNet, Zembly, ZFS, .pkg, 32-bit, 64-bit computing. 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Accounting standard

Financial statements prepared and presented by a company typically follow an external standard that specifically guides their preparation.

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Advanced Micro Devices

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California, that develops computer processors and related technologies for business and consumer markets.

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Afara Websystems

Afara Websystems Inc. was a Sunnyvale, California, USA server company whose goal was to build servers surrounding a custom high-throughput CPU architecture, "developing IP traffic management systems that will bring quality-of-service to the next generation of IP access infrastructure." The word "Afara" means "bridge" in the West African Yoruba language.

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Agnews Developmental Center

Agnews Developmental Center was a psychiatric and medical care facility, located in Santa Clara, California.

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An ambigram is a word, art form or other symbolic representation whose elements retain meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different direction, perspective, or orientation.

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American City Business Journals

"." Houston Business Journal.

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Andy Bechtolsheim

Andreas Maria Maximilian Freiherr von Mauchenheim genannt Bechtolsheim (born 30 September 1955), known as Andy Bechtolsheim, is a German electrical engineer, entrepreneur, investor, and self-made billionaire.

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AOL (formerly a company known as AOL Inc., originally known as America Online, and stylized as Aol.) is a web portal and online service provider based in New York.

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Apache Derby

Apache Derby (previously distributed as IBM Cloudscape) is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by the Apache Software Foundation that can be embedded in Java programs and used for online transaction processing.

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Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

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Application programming interface

In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software.

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Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru, is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka.

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Beijing, formerly romanized as Peking, is the capital of the People's Republic of China, the world's second most populous city proper, and most populous capital city.

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Berkeley Software Distribution

Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) was a Unix operating system derivative developed and distributed by the Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) of the University of California, Berkeley, from 1977 to 1995.

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Bill Joy

William Nelson Joy (born November 8, 1954) is an American computer scientist.

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BlackRock, Inc. is an American global investment management corporation based in New York City.

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Blade server

A blade server is a stripped-down server computer with a modular design optimized to minimize the use of physical space and energy.

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BP plc (stylised as bp), formerly British Petroleum, is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, England.

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Brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognise a brand.

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Bytecode, also termed portable code or p-code, is a form of instruction set designed for efficient execution by a software interpreter.

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C shell

The C shell (csh or the improved version, tcsh) is a Unix shell created by Bill Joy while he was a graduate student at University of California, Berkeley in the late 1970s.

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Callan Data Systems

Callan Data Systems, Inc. was an American computer manufacturer founded by David Callan in Westlake Village, California on January 24, 1980.

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Canonical (company)

Canonical Ltd. is a UK-based privately held computer software company founded and funded by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth to market commercial support and related services for Ubuntu Linux and related projects.

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Charles University

Charles University, known also as Charles University in Prague (Univerzita Karlova; Universitas Carolina; Karls-Universität) or historically as the University of Prague (Universitas Pragensis), is the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1348, it was the first university in Central Europe. It is one of the oldest universities in Europe in continuous operation and ranks in the upper 1.5 percent of the world’s best universities. Its seal shows its protector Emperor Charles IV, with his coats of arms as King of the Romans and King of Bohemia, kneeling in front of St. Wenceslas, the patron saint of Bohemia. It is surrounded by the inscription, Sigillum Universitatis Scolarium Studii Pragensis (Seal of the Prague academia).

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ChorusOS is a microkernel real-time operating system designed as a message-based computational model.

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CNET (stylized as c|net) is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally.

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Cobalt Networks

Cobalt Networks was a maker of low-cost Linux-based servers and server appliances.

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Common Development and Distribution License

Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) is a free and open-source software license, produced by Sun Microsystems, based on the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

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Common stock

Common stock is a form of corporate equity ownership, a type of security.

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A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer programming.

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Computer data storage

Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media that are used to retain digital data.

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Computer network

A computer network, or data network, is a digital telecommunications network which allows nodes to share resources.

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Computer-aided design

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

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Computing platform

A computing platform or digital platform is the environment in which a piece of software is executed.

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Cray Inc. is an American supercomputer manufacturer headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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Cray CS6400

The Cray Superserver 6400, or CS6400, is a discontinued multiprocessor server computer system produced by Cray Research Superservers, Inc., a subsidiary of Cray Research, and launched in 1993.

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Curriki is an online, free, open education service.

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Data center

A data center (American English) or data centre (Commonwealth English) is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.

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Digital Equipment Corporation

Digital Equipment Corporation, also known as DEC and using the trademark Digital, was a major American company in the computer industry from the 1950s to the 1990s.

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Dot-com bubble

The dot-com bubble (also known as the dot-com boom, the dot-com crash, the Y2K crash, the Y2K bubble, the tech bubble, the Internet bubble, the dot-com collapse, and the information technology bubble) was a historic economic bubble and period of excessive speculation that occurred roughly from 1997 to 2001, a period of extreme growth in the usage and adaptation of the Internet.

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Dublin is the capital of and largest city in Ireland.

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EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC").

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Encore Computer

Encore Computer was an early pioneer in the parallel computing market, based in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

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European Union

The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of EUnum member states that are located primarily in Europe.

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Exxon Mobil Corporation, doing business as ExxonMobil, is an American multinational oil and gas corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas.

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F3 (font format)

F3 is an outline font format created by Folio, Inc.

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Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service company based in Menlo Park, California.

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Fault tolerance

Fault tolerance is the property that enables a system to continue operating properly in the event of the failure (or one or more faults within) some of its components.

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Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel, or FC, is a high-speed network technology (commonly running at 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 128 gigabit per second rates) providing in-order, lossless delivery of raw block data, primarily used to connect computer data storage to servers.

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Forbes is an American business magazine.

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Forté Software

Forté is a proprietary application server that was developed by Forté Software and used for developing scalable, highly available, enterprise applications.

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Forte 4GL

Forté 4GL was a proprietary application server that was developed by Forté Software and used for developing scalable, highly available, enterprise applications.

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Fortune 500

The Fortune 500 is an annual list compiled and published by Fortune magazine that ranks 500 of the largest United States corporations by total revenue for their respective fiscal years.

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Free software

Free software or libre software is computer software distributed under terms that allow users to run the software for any purpose as well as to study, change, and distribute it and any adapted versions.

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Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Richard Stallman on 4 October 1985 to support the free software movement, which promotes the universal freedom to study, distribute, create, and modify computer software, with the organization's preference for software being distributed under copyleft ("share alike") terms, such as with its own GNU General Public License.

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is a Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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GNOME is a desktop environment composed of free and open-source software that runs on Linux and most BSD derivatives.

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GNU General Public License

The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) is a widely used free software license, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and GNU General Public License · See more »

GNU Lesser General Public License

The GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) is a free software license published by the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

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Google Video

Google Video was a free video hosting service from Google, similar to YouTube, that allowed video clips to be hosted on Google servers and embedded on to other websites.

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Grenoble is a city in southeastern France, at the foot of the French Alps where the river Drac joins the Isère.

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Grid computing

Grid computing is the collection of computer resources from multiple locations to reach a common goal.

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A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including subject-matter-experts, collaborate intensively on software projects.

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Hamburg (locally), Hamborg, officially the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Friee un Hansestadt Hamborg),Constitution of Hamburg), is the second-largest city of Germany as well as one of the country's 16 constituent states, with a population of roughly 1.8 million people. The city lies at the core of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region which spreads across four German federal states and is home to more than five million people. The official name reflects Hamburg's history as a member of the medieval Hanseatic League, a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire, a city-state and one of the 16 states of Germany. Before the 1871 Unification of Germany, it was a fully sovereign state. Prior to the constitutional changes in 1919 it formed a civic republic headed constitutionally by a class of hereditary grand burghers or Hanseaten. The city has repeatedly been beset by disasters such as the Great Fire of Hamburg, exceptional coastal flooding and military conflicts including World War II bombing raids. Historians remark that the city has managed to recover and emerge wealthier after each catastrophe. Situated on the river Elbe, Hamburg is home to Europe's second-largest port and a broad corporate base. In media, the major regional broadcasting firm NDR, the printing and publishing firm italic and the newspapers italic and italic are based in the city. Hamburg remains an important financial center, the seat of Germany's oldest stock exchange and the world's oldest merchant bank, Berenberg Bank. Media, commercial, logistical, and industrial firms with significant locations in the city include multinationals Airbus, italic, italic, italic, and Unilever. The city is a forum for and has specialists in world economics and international law with such consular and diplomatic missions as the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the EU-LAC Foundation, and the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning. In recent years, the city has played host to multipartite international political conferences and summits such as Europe and China and the G20. Former German Chancellor italic, who governed Germany for eight years, and Angela Merkel, German chancellor since 2005, come from Hamburg. The city is a major international and domestic tourist destination. It ranked 18th in the world for livability in 2016. The Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2015. Hamburg is a major European science, research, and education hub, with several universities and institutions. Among its most notable cultural venues are the italic and italic concert halls. It gave birth to movements like Hamburger Schule and paved the way for bands including The Beatles. Hamburg is also known for several theatres and a variety of musical shows. St. Pauli's italic is among the best-known European entertainment districts.

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Harry Potter (film series)

Harry Potter is a British-American film series based on the Harry Potter novels by author J. K. Rowling.

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Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro is the fifth-largest city in the State of Oregon and is the county seat of Washington County.

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History of the Berkeley Software Distribution

The History of the Berkeley Software Distribution begins in the 1970s.

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HotJava (later called HotJava Browser to distinguish it from HotJava Views) was a modular, extensible web browser from Sun Microsystems implemented in Java.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and HotJava · See more »

HotJava Views

HotJava Views was a productivity software suite developed by Sun Microsystems and implemented in Java.

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HP-UX (from "Hewlett Packard Unix") is Hewlett Packard Enterprise's proprietary implementation of the Unix operating system, based on UNIX System V (initially System III) and first released in 1984.

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IBM PC compatible

IBM PC compatible computers are computers similar to the original IBM PC, XT, and AT, able to use the same software and expansion cards.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and IBM PC compatible · See more »

Identity management

Identity management, also known as identity and access management (IAM) is, in computer security, the security and business discipline that "enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons".

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illumos is a free and open-source Unix operating system.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Illumos · See more »

Image Packaging System

The Image Packaging System, also known as IPS or pkg(5), is a cross-platform (written in Python) package management system created by the OpenSolaris community in coordination with Sun Microsystems.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Image Packaging System · See more »

Information technology

Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data, or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Information technology · See more »

Instruction-level parallelism

Instruction-level parallelism (ILP) is a measure of how many of the instructions in a computer program can be executed simultaneously.

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Intel Corporation (stylized as intel) is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in the Silicon Valley.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Intel · See more »

Intel 80386

The Intel 80386, also known as i386 or just 386, is a 32-bit microprocessor introduced in 1985.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Intel 80386 · See more »

Interactive Systems Corporation

Interactive Systems Corporation (styled INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation, abbreviated ISC) was a US-based software company and the first vendor of the Unix operating system outside AT&T, operating from Santa Monica, California.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Interactive Systems Corporation · See more »

Internet protocol suite

The Internet protocol suite is the conceptual model and set of communications protocols used on the Internet and similar computer networks.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Internet protocol suite · See more »


iPlanet was a product brand that was used jointly by Sun Microsystems and Netscape Communications Corporation when delivering software and services as part of a non-exclusive cross marketing deal that was also known as "A Sun|Netscape Alliance".

New!!: Sun Microsystems and IPlanet · See more »

James Gosling

James Arthur Gosling, OC (born May 19, 1955) is a Canadian computer scientist, best known as the founder and lead designer behind the Java programming language.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and James Gosling · See more »

James L. Barksdale

James Love Barksdale (born January 24, 1943) is an American executive who served as the president and CEO of Netscape Communications Corporation from January 1995 until the company merged with AOL in March 1999.

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Java (programming language)

Java is a general-purpose computer-programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Java (programming language) · See more »

Java (software platform)

Java is a set of computer software and specifications developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems, which was later acquired by the Oracle Corporation, that provides a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform computing environment.

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Java applet

A Java applet was a small application that is written in the Java programming language, or another programming language that compiles to Java bytecode, and delivered to users in the form of Java bytecode.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Java applet · See more »

Java Community Process

The Java Community Process (JCP), established in 1998, is a formalized mechanism that allows interested parties to develop standard technical specifications for Java technology.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Java Community Process · See more »

Java compiler

A Java compiler is a compiler for the programming language Java.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Java compiler · See more »

Java Desktop System

Java Desktop System, briefly known as OpenSolaris Desktop, is a legacy desktop environment developed first by Sun Microsystems and then by Oracle Corporation after the 2010 Oracle acquisition of Sun.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Java Desktop System · See more »

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), formerly Java 2 Platforms, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), currently Jakarta EE, is a set of specifications, extending Java SE with specifications for enterprise features such as distributed computing and web services.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition · See more »

Java Platform, Micro Edition

Java Platform, Micro Edition or Java ME is a computing platform for development and deployment of portable code for embedded and mobile devices (micro-controllers, sensors, gateways, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, TV set-top boxes, printers).

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Java Platform, Micro Edition · See more »

Java Platform, Standard Edition

Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) is a computing platform for development and deployment of portable code for desktop and server environments.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Java Platform, Standard Edition · See more »

Java virtual machine

A Java virtual machine (JVM) is a virtual machine that enables a computer to run Java programs as well as programs written in other languages and compiled to Java bytecode.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Java virtual machine · See more »


JavaFX is a software platform for creating and delivering desktop applications, as well as rich Internet applications (RIAs) that can run across a wide variety of devices.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and JavaFX · See more »


The JavaStation was a Network Computer (NC) developed by Sun Microsystems between 1996 and 2000, intended to run only Java applications.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and JavaStation · See more »

John Gage

John Burdette Gage (born 1942) was the 21st employee of Sun Microsystems, where he is credited with creating the phrase: "The network is the computer." He served as Vice President and Chief Researcher and Director of the Science Office for Sun, until leaving on June 9, 2008 to join Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as a partner to work on green technologies for global warming; he departed KPCB in 2010 to apply what he had learned "to broader issues in other parts of the world".

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John Gilmore (activist)

John Gilmore (born 1955) is one of the founders of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Cypherpunks mailing list, and Cygnus Solutions.

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Jon Bosak

Jon Bosak led the creation of the XML specification at the W3C.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Jon Bosak · See more »

Jonathan I. Schwartz

Jonathan Ian Schwartz (born October 20, 1965) is an American businessman.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Jonathan I. Schwartz · See more »

Ken Oshman

Malin Kenneth Oshman (July 9, 1940 – August 6, 2011) was an American business person and Silicon Valley pioneer.

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The Eastman Kodak Company (referred to simply as Kodak) is an American technology company that produces imaging products with its historic basis on photography.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Kodak · See more »

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

KKR & Co.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts · See more »

Liberty Alliance

The Liberty Alliance Project was an organization formed in September 2001 to establish standards, guidelines and best practices for identity management in computer systems.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Liberty Alliance · See more »

Lighthouse Design

Lighthouse Design Ltd. was an American software company that operated from 1989 to 1996.

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Linlithgow (Gleann Iucha, Lithgae) is a town in West Lothian, Scotland.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Linlithgow · See more »


Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel.

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List of companies of the United States

This is a list of notable companies based in the United States.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and List of companies of the United States · See more »

List of computer system manufacturers

The following is a list of notable computer system manufacturers.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and List of computer system manufacturers · See more »

List of Java APIs

There are two types Java programming language application programming interfaces (APIs).

New!!: Sun Microsystems and List of Java APIs · See more »

Lustre (file system)

Lustre is a type of parallel distributed file system, generally used for large-scale cluster computing.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Lustre (file system) · See more »


macOS (previously and later) is a series of graphical operating systems developed and marketed by Apple Inc. since 2001.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and MacOS · See more »

Marc Tremblay

Marc Tremblay is a distinguished engineer at Microsoft.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Marc Tremblay · See more »


Marketwired is a press release distribution service headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Marketwired · See more »

Memory management unit

A memory management unit (MMU), sometimes called paged memory management unit (PMMU), is a computer hardware unit having all memory references passed through itself, primarily performing the translation of virtual memory addresses to physical addresses.

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Menlo Park, California

Menlo Park is a city at the eastern edge of San Mateo County, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, in the United States.

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Message Passing Interface

Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a standardized and portable message-passing standard designed by a group of researchers from academia and industry to function on a wide variety of parallel computing architectures.

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Microsoft Corporation (abbreviated as MS) is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a family of client software, server software, and services developed by Microsoft.

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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is a group of several graphical operating system families, all of which are developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft.

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Middleware (distributed applications)

Middleware in the context of distributed applications is software that provides services beyond those provided by the operating system to enable the various components of a distributed system to communicate and manage data.

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Milpitas, California

Milpitas is a city in Santa Clara County, California.

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Montalvo Systems

Montalvo Systems was a Silicon Valley start-up reportedly working on an asymmetrical, x86 capable processor similar to the Cell microprocessor.

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MontaVista Software is a company that develops embedded Linux system software, development tools, and related software.

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Motorola 68000

The Motorola 68000 ("'sixty-eight-thousand'"; also called the m68k or Motorola 68k, "sixty-eight-kay") is a 16/32-bit CISC microprocessor, which implements a 32-bit instruction set, with 32-bit registers and 32-bit internal data bus, but with a 16-bit data ALU and two 16-bit arithmetic ALUs and a 16-bit external data bus, designed and marketed by Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector.

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Motorola 68000 series

The Motorola 68000 series (also termed 680x0, m68000, m68k, or 68k) is a family of 32-bit CISC microprocessors.

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Motorola 68010

The Motorola MC68010 processor is a 16/32-bit microprocessor from Motorola, released in 1982 as the successor to the Motorola 68000.

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Motorola 68020

The Motorola 68020 ("sixty-eight-oh-twenty", "sixty-eight-oh-two-oh" or "six-eight-oh-two-oh") is a 32-bit microprocessor from Motorola, released in 1984.

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Motorola 68030

The Motorola 68030 ("sixty-eight-oh-thirty") is a 32-bit microprocessor in the Motorola 68000 family.

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Multibus is a computer bus standard used in industrial systems.

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Multilevel security

Multilevel security or multiple levels of security (MLS) is the application of a computer system to process information with incompatible classifications (i.e., at different security levels), permit access by users with different security clearances and needs-to-know, and prevent users from obtaining access to information for which they lack authorization.

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Multiprocessing is the use of two or more central processing units (CPUs) within a single computer system.

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Multithreading (computer architecture)

In computer architecture, multithreading is the ability of a central processing unit (CPU) or a single core in a multi-core processor to execute multiple processes or threads concurrently, appropriately supported by the operating system.

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MySQL ("My S-Q-L") is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).

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MySQL AB was a Swedish software company founded in 1995.

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NetBeans is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java.

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NetDynamics Application Server

NetDynamics Application Server was an early Java-based integrated software platform.

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Netscape is a brand name associated with the development of the Netscape web browser.

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Network Computer

The Network Computer (or NC) was a diskless desktop computer device made by Oracle Corporation from about 1996 to 2000.

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Network equipment provider

Network equipment providers are companies that sell product and services to communication service providers such as fixed or mobile operators as well as to enterprise customers.

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Network File System

Network File System (NFS) is a distributed file system protocol originally developed by Sun Microsystems in 1984, allowing a user on a client computer to access files over a computer network much like local storage is accessed.

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Newark, California

Newark is a city in Alameda County, California, United States.

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Non-uniform memory access

Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) is a computer memory design used in multiprocessing, where the memory access time depends on the memory location relative to the processor.

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Object-oriented programming

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm based on the concept of "objects", which may contain data, in the form of fields, often known as attributes; and code, in the form of procedures, often known as methods. A feature of objects is that an object's procedures can access and often modify the data fields of the object with which they are associated (objects have a notion of "this" or "self").

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Open MPI

Open MPI is a Message Passing Interface (MPI) library project combining technologies and resources from several other projects (FT-MPI, LA-MPI, LAM/MPI, and PACX-MPI).

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Open Source University Meetup

The Open Source University Meet-Up is a student developer organization sponsored by Sun Microsystems that educates its members about open-source technologies through technical demonstrations, access to web courses, and discounts on Sun Certification.

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Open-source model

The open-source model is a decentralized software-development model that encourages open collaboration.

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Open-source software movement

The open-source software movement is a movement that supports the use of open-source licenses for some or all software, a part of the broader notion of open collaboration.

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The Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF), also known as OpenDocument, is a ZIP-compressed XML-based file format for spreadsheets, charts, presentations and word processing documents.

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OpenESB is a Java-based open source enterprise service bus.

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OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing) is an application programming interface (API) that supports multi-platform shared memory multiprocessing programming in C, C++, and Fortran, on most platforms, instruction set architectures and operating systems, including Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

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OpenOffice.org (OOo), commonly known as OpenOffice, is a discontinued open-source office suite.

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Xinuos OpenServer, previously SCO UNIX and SCO Open Desktop (SCO ODT), is a closed source computer operating system developed by Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), later acquired by SCO Group, and now owned by Xinuos.

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OpenSolaris is a discontinued, open source computer operating system based on Solaris created by Sun Microsystems.

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OpenSPARC is an open-source hardware project started in December 2005.

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Operations support system

Operations support systems (OSS), or operational support systems in British usage, are computer systems used by telecommunications service providers to manage their networks (e.g., telephone networks).

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Opteron is AMD's x86 former server and workstation processor line, and was the first processor which supported the AMD64 instruction set architecture (known generically as x86-64).

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Oracle Certification Program

The Oracle Certification Program certifies candidates on skills and knowledge related to Oracle products and technologies.

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Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation, headquartered in Redwood Shores, California.

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Oracle Developer Studio

Oracle Developer Studio, formerly named Oracle Solaris Studio, Sun Studio, Sun WorkShop, Forte Developer, and SunPro Compilers, is Oracle Corporation's flagship software development product for the Solaris and Linux operating systems.

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Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center (formerly Sun Ops Center) is a data center automation tool that simplifies discovery and management of physical and virtualized assets.

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Oracle Grid Engine

Oracle Grid Engine, previously known as Sun Grid Engine (SGE), CODINE (Computing in Distributed Networked Environments) or GRD (Global Resource Director), was a grid computing computer cluster software system (otherwise known as a batch-queuing system), acquired as part of a purchase of Gridware, then improved and supported by Sun Microsystems and later Oracle.

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Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) software provides secure access to both published applications and published desktops running on Microsoft Windows, Unix, mainframe and System i systems via a variety of clients ranging from fat PCs to thin clients such as Sun Rays.

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Oracle VDI

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software is a desktop virtualization product that provides desktop virtualization to replace personal computers with virtual machines (VMs) on a server.

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Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Logical Domains (LDoms or LDOM) is the server virtualization and partitioning technology for SPARC V9 processors.

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Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto is a charter city located in the northwest corner of Santa Clara County, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States.

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PARC (company)

PARC (Palo Alto Research Center; formerly Xerox PARC) is a research and development company in Palo Alto, California, with a distinguished reputation for its contributions to information technology and hardware systems.

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Pixo was a company that developed infrastructure for hand-held devices.

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PostgreSQL, often simply Postgres, is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) with an emphasis on extensibility and standards compliance.

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Prague (Praha, Prag) is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, the 14th largest city in the European Union and also the historical capital of Bohemia.

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Principle of least privilege

In information security, computer science, and other fields, the principle of least privilege (PoLP, also known as the principle of minimal privilege or the principle of least authority) requires that in a particular abstraction layer of a computing environment, every module (such as a process, a user, or a program, depending on the subject) must be able to access only the information and resources that are necessary for its legitimate purpose.

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Productivity software

Productivity software (sometimes called personal productivity software or office productivity software) is application software dedicated to producing information, such as documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, charts, graphs, digital paintings, electronic music and digital video.

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Project Kenai

Project Kenai is a collaborative hosting site for free and open source projects, launched by Sun Microsystems and now owned by Oracle.

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Proprietary software

Proprietary software is non-free computer software for which the software's publisher or another person retains intellectual property rights—usually copyright of the source code, but sometimes patent rights.

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QFS (Quick File System) is a filesystem from Oracle.

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Radia Perlman

Radia Joy Perlman (born 1951) is an American computer programmer and network engineer.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a Linux distribution developed by Red Hat and targeted toward the commercial market.

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Reduced instruction set computer

A reduced instruction set computer, or RISC (pronounced 'risk'), is one whose instruction set architecture (ISA) allows it to have fewer cycles per instruction (CPI) than a complex instruction set computer (CISC).

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Reuters is an international news agency headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

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Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell plc, commonly known as Shell, is a British–Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom.

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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg (p) is Russia's second-largest city after Moscow, with 5 million inhabitants in 2012, part of the Saint Petersburg agglomeration with a population of 6.2 million (2015).

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San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle is a newspaper serving primarily the San Francisco Bay Area of the U.S. state of California.

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Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara is a city in Santa Clara County, California.

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Santa Cruz Operation

Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) was a software company based in Santa Cruz, California which was best known for selling three Unix variants for Intel x86 processors: Xenix, SCO UNIX (later known as SCO OpenServer), and UnixWare.

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SavaJe Technologies (pronounced savage) was the developer of the SavaJe OS, a Java OS for advanced mobile phones.

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Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy (born November 13, 1954) is an American businessman.

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Server (computing)

In computing, a server is a computer program or a device that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called "clients".

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Server-side refers to operations that are performed by the server in a client–server relationship in a computer network.

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Service-oriented architecture

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a style of software design where services are provided to the other components by application components, through a communication protocol over a network.

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Silicon Graphics

Silicon Graphics, Inc. (later rebranded SGI, historically known as Silicon Graphics Computer Systems or SGCS) was an American high-performance computing manufacturer, producing computer hardware and software.

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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley (abbreviated as SV) is a region in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, referring to the Santa Clara Valley, which serves as the global center for high technology, venture capital, innovation, and social media.

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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, originally named Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, is a United States Department of Energy National Laboratory operated by Stanford University under the programmatic direction of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science and located in Menlo Park, California.

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Social media

Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

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Computer software, or simply software, is a generic term that refers to a collection of data or computer instructions that tell the computer how to work, in contrast to the physical hardware from which the system is built, that actually performs the work.

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Software as a service

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

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Solaris (operating system)

Solaris is a Unix operating system originally developed by Sun Microsystems.

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Solaris Cluster

Oracle Solaris Cluster (sometimes Sun Cluster or SunCluster) is a high-availability cluster software product for Solaris, originally created by Sun Microsystems, which was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2010.

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Solid-state drive

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.

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is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo.

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SPARC, for Scalable Processor Architecture, is a reduced instruction set computing (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA) originally developed by Sun Microsystems.

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SPARC Enterprise

The SPARC Enterprise series is a range of UNIX server computers based on the SPARC V9 architecture.

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SPARC T-Series

The SPARC T-Series family of RISC processors and server computers, based on the SPARC V9 architecture, was originally developed by Sun Microsystems, and later by Oracle Corporation after its acquisition of Sun.

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The SPARC T3 microprocessor (previously known as UltraSPARC T3, codenamed Rainbow Falls, and also known as UltraSPARC KT or Niagara-3 during development) is a multithreading, multi-core CPU produced by Oracle Corporation (previously Sun Microsystems).

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The SPARC T4 is a SPARC multicore microprocessor introduced in 2011 by Oracle Corporation.

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The SPARC64 V (Zeus) is a SPARC V9 microprocessor designed by Fujitsu.

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The SPARCstation, SPARCserver and SPARCcenter product lines were a series of SPARC-based computer workstations and servers in desktop, desk side (pedestal) and rack-based form factor configurations, developed and sold by Sun Microsystems.

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Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Stanford University

Stanford University (officially Leland Stanford Junior University, colloquially the Farm) is a private research university in Stanford, California.

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Stanford University Network

The Stanford University Network, also known as SUN, SUNet or SU-Net is the campus computer network for Stanford University.

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Stanford University School of Engineering

Stanford University School of Engineering is one of the schools of Stanford University.

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Star Division

The German software company Star Division (also spelled Star-Division) was founded in 1985 by the 16-year-old Marco Börries in Lüneburg as a garage company.

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StarOffice, known briefly as Oracle Open Office before being discontinued in 2011, was a proprietary office suite.

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Storage Technology Corporation

Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek or STK; a.k.a. STC until about 1983), is a data storage technology company headquartered in Redwood Shores, San Francisco Bay Area, California.

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Strongtalk is a Smalltalk environment with optional static typing support.

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Sun acquisition by Oracle

The acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation was completed on January 27, 2010.

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Sun Blade

Sun Blade is a line of blade server computer systems sold by Sun Microsystems from 2006 onwards.

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Sun Blade (workstation)

The Sun Blade series is a computer workstation line based on the UltraSPARC microprocessor family, developed and sold by Sun Microsystems from 2000 to 2006.

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Sun Cloud

Sun Cloud was an on-demand Cloud computing service operated by Sun Microsystems prior to its acquisition by Oracle Corporation.

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Sun Constellation System

Sun Constellation System is an open petascale computing environment introduced by Sun Microsystems in 2007.

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Sun Enterprise

Sun Enterprise is a range of UNIX server computers produced by Sun Microsystems from 1996 to 2001.

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Sun Fire

Sun Fire is a series of server computers introduced in 2001 by Sun Microsystems (since 2010, part of Oracle Corporation).

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Sun Fire 15K

The Sun Fire 15K (codenamed Starcat) was an enterprise-class server computer from Sun Microsystems based on the SPARC V9 processor architecture.

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Sun Fire X4500

The Sun Fire X4500 data server (code named Thumper) integrates server and storage technologies.

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Sun Industry Standards Source License

The Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL) is now a retired free and open source license, recognized as such by the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

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Sun Java System

Sun Java System was a brand used by Sun Microsystems to market computer software.

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Sun Java Workstation

Sun Java Workstation was a line of computer workstations sold by Sun Microsystems from 2004 to 2006, based on the AMD Opteron microprocessor family.

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Sun Modular Datacenter

Sun Modular Datacenter (Sun MD, known in the prototype phase as Project Blackbox) is a portable data center built into a standard 20-foot intermodal container (shipping container) manufactured and marketed by Sun Microsystems (acquired in 2010 by Oracle Corporation).

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Sun Netra

The Sun Netra brand has been used for a variety of server computers from Sun Microsystems since 1994.

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Sun ONE was a brand under which Sun Microsystems marketed server software products from 2002 to 2003.

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Sun Open Storage

Sun Open Storage was an open source computer data storage platform developed by Sun Microsystems.

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Sun Ray

The Sun Ray from Oracle is a stateless thin client solution aimed at corporate environments, originally introduced by Sun Microsystems in September 1999 and discontinued by Oracle in 2014.

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Sun StorageTek 5800 System

The Sun StorageTek 5800 System (codename: Honeycomb) is an object-based storage system from Sun Microsystems that uses a symmetric clustered design with both processing and storage functions within a system cell.

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Sun Ultra series

The Sun Ultra series is a discontinued line of workstation and server computers developed and sold by Sun Microsystems, comprising two distinct generations.

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Sun Visualization System

Sun Visualization System was a sharable visualization product introduced by Sun Microsystems in January 2007.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Sun Visualization System · See more »

Sun WorkShop TeamWare

Sun WorkShop TeamWare (later Forte TeamWare, then Forte Code Management Software) is a distributed source code revision control system made by Sun Microsystems.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Sun WorkShop TeamWare · See more »

SUN workstation

The SUN workstation was a modular computer system designed at Stanford University in the early 1980s.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and SUN workstation · See more »

Sun xVM

Sun xVM was a product line from Sun Microsystems that addressed virtualization technology on x86 platforms.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Sun xVM · See more »


Sun-1 was the first generation of UNIX computer workstations and servers produced by Sun Microsystems, launched in May 1982.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Sun-1 · See more »


The Sun-2 series of UNIX workstations and servers was launched by Sun Microsystems in November 1983.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Sun-2 · See more »


Sun-3 is a series of UNIX computer workstations and servers produced by Sun Microsystems, launched on September 9, 1985.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Sun-3 · See more »


Sun-4 is a series of Unix workstations and servers produced by Sun Microsystems, launched in 1987.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Sun-4 · See more »


The Sun386i (codenamed Roadrunner) is a discontinued hybrid UNIX workstation/PC compatible computer system produced by Sun Microsystems, launched in 1988.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Sun386i · See more »


SunOS is a Unix-branded operating system developed by Sun Microsystems for their workstation and server computer systems.

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A supercomputer is a computer with a high level of performance compared to a general-purpose computer.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is a Linux-based operating system developed by SUSE.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and SUSE Linux Enterprise · See more »

Symmetric multiprocessing

Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) involves a multiprocessor computer hardware and software architecture where two or more identical processors are connected to a single, shared main memory, have full access to all input and output devices, and are controlled by a single operating system instance that treats all processors equally, reserving none for special purposes.

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Synopsys, Inc., an American company, is the leading company by sales in the Electronic Design Automation industry.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Synopsys · See more »

Tarantella, Inc.

Tarantella was a line of products developed by a branch of the company Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) since 1993.

New!!: Sun Microsystems and Tarantella, Inc. · See more »

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (תֵּל אָבִיב,, تل أَبيب) is the second most populous city in Israel – after Jerusalem – and the most populous city in the conurbation of Gush Dan, Israel's largest metropolitan area.

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TeraGrid was an e-Science grid computing infrastructure combining resources at eleven partner sites.

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Texas Advanced Computing Center

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin, United States, is an advanced computing research center that provides comprehensive advanced computing resources and support services to researchers in Texas and across the USA.

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The Mercury News

The Mercury News (formerly San Jose Mercury News, often locally known as The Merc) is a morning daily newspaper published in San Jose, California, United States.

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The New York Times

The New York Times (sometimes abbreviated as The NYT or The Times) is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership.

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The Register

The Register (nicknamed El Reg) is a British technology news and opinion website co-founded in 1994 by Mike Magee, John Lettice and Ross Alderson.

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The Washington Post

The Washington Post is a major American daily newspaper founded on December 6, 1877.

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TheStreet, Inc. is an American financial news and services website founded by Jim Cramer and Martin Peretz.

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Thin client

A thin client is a lightweight computer that has been optimized for remoting into a server-based computing environment.

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Thinking Machines Corporation

Thinking Machines Corporation was a supercomputer manufacturer and Artificial Intelligence company,founded in Waltham, Massachusetts, in 1983 by Sheryl Handler and W. Daniel "Danny" Hillis to turn Hillis's doctoral work at MIT on massively parallel computing architectures into a commercial product known as the Connection Machine.

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Ticker symbol

A ticker symbol or stock symbol is an abbreviation used to uniquely identify publicly traded shares of a particular stock on a particular stock market.

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, officially, is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan and has been the capital since 1869.

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The TOP500 project ranks and details the 500 most powerful non-distributed computer systems in the world.

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Trondheim (historically Kaupangen, Nidaros and Trondhjem) is a city and municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway.

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Trusted Solaris

Trusted Solaris is a discontinued security-evaluated operating system based on Solaris by Sun Microsystems, featuring a mandatory access control model.

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Tsubame (supercomputer)

Tsubame is a series of supercomputers that operates at the GSIC Center at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, designed by Satoshi Matsuoka.

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The UltraSPARC is a microprocessor developed by Sun Microsystems and fabricated by Texas Instruments, introduced in mid-1995.

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The UltraSPARC IV Jaguar and follow-up UltraSPARC IV+ Panther are microprocessors designed by Sun Microsystems and manufactured by Texas Instruments.

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Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC T1 microprocessor, known until its 14 November 2005 announcement by its development codename "Niagara", is a multithreading, multicore CPU.

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Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC T2 microprocessor is a multithreading, multi-core CPU.

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UniSoft Corporation is an American software developer established in 1981, originally focused on the development of Unix ports for various computer architectures.

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University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin (UT, UT Austin, or Texas) is a public research university and the flagship institution of the University of Texas System.

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Unix (trademarked as UNIX) is a family of multitasking, multiuser computer operating systems that derive from the original AT&T Unix, development starting in the 1970s at the Bell Labs research center by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and others.

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UNIX System V

UNIX System V (pronounced: "System Five") is one of the first commercial versions of the Unix operating system.

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Unix wars

The Unix wars were the struggles between vendors of the Unix computer operating system in the late 1980s and early 1990s to set the standard for Unix thenceforth.

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The United Nations University - Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) is a joint research and training institute of United Nations University and Maastricht University, based in Maastricht in the southeastern part of the Netherlands.

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USA Today

USA Today is an internationally distributed American daily, middle-market newspaper that serves as the flagship publication of its owner, the Gannett Company.

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Utility computing

Utility computing, or The Computer Utility, is a service provisioning model in which a service provider makes computing resources and infrastructure management available to the customer as needed, and charges them for specific usage rather than a flat rate.

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Vaughan Pratt

Vaughan Pratt (born on April 12, 1944) is a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, who was an early pioneer in the field of computer science.

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VAX is a discontinued instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in the mid-1970s.

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Version 7 Unix

Seventh Edition Unix, also called Version 7 Unix, Version 7 or just V7, was an important early release of the Unix operating system.

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vi is a screen-oriented text editor originally created for the Unix operating system.

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Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla (Gurmukhi: ਵਿਨੋਦ ਖੋਸਲਾ; born 28 January 1955) is an Indian American billionaire engineer, businessman and venture capitalist.

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Virtual desktop

In computing, a virtual desktop is a term used with respect to user interfaces, usually within the WIMP paradigm, to describe ways in which the virtual space of a computer's desktop environment is expanded beyond the physical limits of the screen's display area through the use of software.

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Oracle VM VirtualBox (formerly Sun VirtualBox, Sun xVM VirtualBox and Innotek VirtualBox) is a free and open-source hypervisor for x86 computers currently being developed by Oracle Corporation.

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In computing, virtualization refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices, and computer network resources.

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Wabi (software)

Wabi is a discontinued commercial software application from Sun Microsystems that implements the Windows Win16 API specification on Solaris; a version for Linux was also released by Caldera Systems.

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Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web and other information on the Internet.

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Web browser

A web browser (commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for accessing information on the World Wide Web.

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Whitfield Diffie

Bailey Whitfield 'Whit' Diffie (born June 5, 1944) is an American cryptographer and one of the pioneers of public-key cryptography along with Martin Hellman and Ralph Merkle.

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Wind River Systems

Wind River Systems, also known as Wind River, is an Alameda, California-based wholly owned subsidiary of TPG Capital.

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A workstation is a special computer designed for technical or scientific applications.

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World Wide Web Consortium

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web (abbreviated WWW or W3).

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Write once, run anywhere

"Write once, run anywhere" (WORA), or sometimes "write once, run everywhere" (WORE), was a slogan created by Sun Microsystems to illustrate the cross-platform benefits of the Java language.

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x86 is a family of backward-compatible instruction set architectures based on the Intel 8086 CPU and its Intel 8088 variant.

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Xeon is a brand of x86 microprocessors designed, manufactured, and marketed by Intel, targeted at the non-consumer workstation, server, and embedded system markets.

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In computing, Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable.

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ZDNet is a business technology news website published by CBS Interactive, along with TechRepublic.

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Zembly (styled zembly) was a browser-based development environment from Sun Microsystems that enabled social programming of applications for Facebook, Meebo, OpenSocial, iPhone web applications, and other social platforms, as well as web widgets.

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ZFS is a combined file system and logical volume manager designed by Sun Microsystems and now owned by Oracle Corporation.

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.pkg (Package) files are used to install software and other files onto a certain device, operating system, or filesystem, such as the macOS, iOS, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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32-bit microcomputers are computers in which 32-bit microprocessors are the norm.

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64-bit computing

In computer architecture, 64-bit computing is the use of processors that have datapath widths, integer size, and memory address widths of 64 bits (eight octets).

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