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Index Sundsvall

Sundsvall is a city and the seat of Sundsvall Municipality in Västernorrland County, Sweden. [1]

69 relations: Alnö IF, Anders Abraham Grafström, Anders Graneheim, Bengt Lindström, Carl Strandlund, Carl-Herman Tillhagen, Central European Summer Time, Central European Time, Charlotte Kalla, Continental climate, Counties of Sweden, Country, Djurgårdens IF, Elin Ek (actress), Erik Ringmar, Forestry, Fredrik Ericsson, Fredrik Modin, Garmarna, GIF Sundsvall, Gina Dirawi, Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf Stream, Harry Ahlin, Helen Sjöholm, Henrik Zetterberg, Idol (Swedish TV series), IF Sundsvall Hockey, IFK Sundsvall, Jessica Falk, Kevin Walker (Swedish footballer), Kjell Lönnå, Kovlands IF, Kovlands Ishockeyförening, Max Magnus Norman, Medelpad, Melodifestivalen 2012, Melodifestivalen 2013, Mid Sweden University, Municipalities of Sweden, Nordisk familjebok, Per Collinder, Provinces of Sweden, Russian Pillage of 1719–21, Selånger FK, Selånger SK, Selånger SK Bandy, Sidsjö-Böle IF, Sigrid Hjertén, Singer-songwriter, ..., Stad (Sweden), Stan Hasselgård, Statistics Sweden, Stenstaden, Stockholm, Subarctic, Sund IF, Sundsvall Dragons, Sundsvall Municipality, Sundsvall Regional Hospital, Sundsvall–Timrå Airport, Sundsvalls DFF, Sweden, Swedish Americans, Swedish Social Democratic Party, Umeå city fire, Västernorrland County, Yohio, 1888 Sundsvall fire. Expand index (19 more) »

Alnö IF

Alnö IF is a Swedish football club located in Alnö, just outside Sundsvall in Medelpad.

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Anders Abraham Grafström

Anders Abraham Grafström (10 January 1790 – 24 July 1870) was a Swedish historian, priest and poet.

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Anders Graneheim

Anders Graneheim (born May 3, 1962 in Timrå, Sweden) is a Swedish bodybuilder.

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Bengt Lindström

Bengt Karl Erik Lindström (September 3, 1925, Berg Municipality — January 29, 2008) was a Swedish artist.

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Carl Strandlund

Carl Strandlund (5 March 1899 – December 1974) was a Swedish-born American inventor and entrepreneur.

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Carl-Herman Tillhagen

Carl-Herman Tillhagen (17 December 1906 - 28 May 2002) was a Swedish folklorist and ethnologist who did extensive research on Scandinavian folklore.

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Central European Summer Time

Central European Summer Time (CEST), sometime referred also as Central European Daylight Time (CEDT), is the standard clock time observed during the period of summer daylight-saving in those European countries which observe Central European Time (UTC+1) during the other part of the year.

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Central European Time

Central European Time (CET), used in most parts of Europe and a few North African countries, is a standard time which is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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Charlotte Kalla

Marina Charlotte Kalla (born 22 July 1987) is a Swedish cross-country skier who has been competing at international level since the 2003–04 season.

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Continental climate

Continental climates are defined in the Köppen climate classification as having the coldest month with the temperature never rising above 0.0° C (32°F) all month long.

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Counties of Sweden

The counties of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges län) are the top-level geographic subdivisions of Sweden.

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A country is a region that is identified as a distinct national entity in political geography.

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Djurgårdens IF

Djurgårdens Idrottsförening, usually shortened as Djurgårdens IF – commonly known as Djurgården (or informally Djurgår'n); abbreviated as DIF – is a Swedish sports club with several departments, located in Stockholm.

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Elin Ek (actress)

Elin Ek (born 28 December 1976 in Sundsvall, Sweden) is a radio and television actress who plays the character Grynet on Sveriges Television (SVT).

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Erik Ringmar

Erik Ringmar teaches political science at Lund University, Sweden.

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Forestry is the science and craft of creating, managing, using, conserving, and repairing forests, woodlands, and associated resources to meet desired goals, needs, and values for human and environment benefits.

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Fredrik Ericsson

Fredrik Ericsson (14 March 1975 in Sundsvall, Sweden – 6 August 2010 at K2) was a Swedish mountaineer and extreme skier.

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Fredrik Modin

Jan Fredrik "Freddy" Modin (born 8 October 1974) is a Swedish former professional ice hockey left winger who played 14 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) and most notably won the Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2003–04 season.

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Garmarna is a Swedish folk rock band.

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GIF Sundsvall

Gymnastik- och Idrottsföreningen Sundsvall, more commonly known as GIF Sundsvall or simply Sundsvall, are a Swedish professional football club based in Sundsvall.

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Gina Dirawi

Gina Dirawi (جينا ديراوي; born 11 December 1990) is a Swedish television presenter, singer-songwriter, radio personality, blogger, comedian and actress.

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Gulf of Bothnia

The Gulf of Bothnia (Pohjanlahti; Bottenhavet) is the northernmost arm of the Baltic Sea.

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Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream, together with its northern extension the North Atlantic Drift, is a warm and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and stretches to the tip of Florida, and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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Harry Ahlin

Harry Ahlin (14 April 1900 – 31 July 1969) was a Swedish film actor.

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Helen Sjöholm

Marie Helen Sjöholm (born 10 July 1970) is a Swedish singer, actress and musical theatre performer who lives in Gamla Enskede in Stockholm.

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Henrik Zetterberg

Henrik Zetterberg (born 9 October 1980) is a Swedish professional ice hockey forward and captain of the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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Idol (Swedish TV series)

Idol is a Swedish reality-competition talent show which was broadcast on TV4.

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IF Sundsvall Hockey

IF Sundsvall Hockey is a Swedish ice hockey club based in Sundsvall.

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IFK Sundsvall

IFK Sundsvall is a Swedish football club located in Sundsvall.

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Jessica Falk

Jessica Falk (born 14 July 1973 in Sundsvall, Sweden) is a Swedish singer-songwriter and musician.

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Kevin Walker (Swedish footballer)

Kevin Edward Bertil Walker (born 3 August 1989) is a Swedish footballer and singer.

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Kjell Lönnå

Kjell Lönnå (born June 13, 1936) is a Swedish choir leader, composer and TV host.

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Kovlands IF

Kovlands IF is a Swedish football club located in Kovland.

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Kovlands Ishockeyförening

Kovlands Ishockeyförening (Kovlands Ice Hockey Club, also called Kovland Hockey, abbreviated "Kovlands IshF" or "KIF") is a Swedish ice hockey club founded in 2000 when the ice hockey section of Kovlands IF split off to form an independent club.

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Max Magnus Norman

Cal Henrik Max Magnus Norman (born July 30, 1973) is a Swedish artist, painter, and sculptor.

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Medelpad is a historical province or landskap in the north of Sweden.

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Melodifestivalen 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 is a Swedish song contest that was held between 4 February and 10 March 2012.

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Melodifestivalen 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013 was the Swedish music competition that selected the 53rd Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

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Mid Sweden University

Mid Sweden University (Mittuniversitetet) is a Swedish state university located in the region around the geographical center of Sweden, with two campuses in the cities of Östersund and Sundsvall, (until summer 2016 also in the city of Härnösand).

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Municipalities of Sweden

The municipalities of Sweden (Sveriges kommuner) are its lower-level local government entities.

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Nordisk familjebok

Nordisk familjebok (Nordic Family Book) is a Swedish encyclopedia that was published in print form between 1876 and 1957, and that is now fully available in digital form via Project Runeberg at Linköping University.

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Per Collinder

Per Collinder (22 May 1890 – 6 December 1974) was a Swedish astronomer.

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Provinces of Sweden

The provinces of Sweden (Sveriges landskap) are historical, geographical and cultural regions.

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Russian Pillage of 1719–21

The Russian Pillage (Swedish: Rysshärjningarna), is the name for the action of the Imperial Russian Fleet toward the Swedish civilian population along the Swedish east coast, as well as expeditions and the raids of single unit in the inland, during the finishing years of the Great Northern War in 1719–1721.

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Selånger FK

Selånger FK is a Swedish football club located in Selånger in Västernorrland County.

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Selånger SK

Selånger SK is a sports club in Sundsvall, Sweden, established in 1921.

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Selånger SK Bandy

Selånger SK Bandy is a bandy club in Sundsvall, Sweden, and part of the sports club alliance Selånger SK.

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Sidsjö-Böle IF

Sidsjö-Böle IF is a Swedish football club located in Sundsvall.

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Sigrid Hjertén

Sigrid Hjertén (27 October 1885–24 March 1948), was a Swedish modernist painter.

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Singer-songwriters are musicians who write, compose, and perform their own musical material, including lyrics and melodies.

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Stad (Sweden)

Stad (Swedish: "town; city"; plural städer) is a Swedish term that historically has used for urban centers of various sizes.

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Stan Hasselgård

Sten Åke Henry "Stan" Hasselgård (October 4, 1922, Sundsvall, Sweden - November 23, 1948, Decatur, Illinois) was a Swedish jazz clarinetist.

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Statistics Sweden

Statistics Sweden (Statistiska centralbyrån, SCB) is the Swedish government agency responsible for producing official statistics regarding Sweden.

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Stenstaden, the Stone City, is the name of the historical centre of Sundsvall in Sweden.

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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the most populous city in the Nordic countries; 952,058 people live in the municipality, approximately 1.5 million in the urban area, and 2.3 million in the metropolitan area.

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The subarctic is a region in the Northern Hemisphere immediately south of the true Arctic and covering much of Alaska, Canada, Iceland, the north of Scandinavia, Siberia, and the Shetland Islands.

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Sund IF

Sund IF is a Swedish football club located in Sundsbruk in Sundsvall Municipality, Västernorrland County.

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Sundsvall Dragons

Sundsvall Dragons was a professional Swedish basketball club from Sundsvall.

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Sundsvall Municipality

Sundsvall Municipality (Sundsvalls kommun) is a municipality in Västernorrland County, northern Sweden, where the city Sundsvall is the seat.

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Sundsvall Regional Hospital

Sundsvall Regional Hospital is one of three hospitals in the Västernorrland County.

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Sundsvall–Timrå Airport

Sundsvall–Timrå Airport is about 21 km north of Sundsvall, 8 km east of Timrå and 32 km south of Härnösand, Sweden.

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Sundsvalls DFF

Sundsvalls DFF (Sundsvalls damfotbollsförening) is a women's association football-club from Sundsvall, Sweden.

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Sweden (Sverige), officially the Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish), is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe.

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Swedish Americans

Swedish Americans (Svenskamerikaner) are an American ethnic group of people who have ancestral roots from Sweden.

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Swedish Social Democratic Party

The Swedish Social Democratic Party (Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti, SAP; literally, "Social Democratic Workers' Party of Sweden"), contesting elections as the Arbetarepartiet–Socialdemokraterna ('The Workers' Party – The Social Democrats'), usually referred to just as the 'Social Democrats' (Socialdemokraterna); is the oldest and largest political party in Sweden.

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Umeå city fire

The Great Fire of Umeå took place in 1888 and destroyed most of the city of Umeå in Sweden.

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Västernorrland County

Västernorrland County (Västernorrlands län) is a county (län) in the north of Sweden.

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Kevin Johio Lucas Rehn Eires (born July 12, 1995), better known by his stage name, is a Swedish singer and songwriter currently active in Japan.

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1888 Sundsvall fire

The 1888 Sundsvall fire (Sundsvallsbranden 1888) was a fire in Sundsvall, Sweden on 25 June 1888.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sundsvall

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