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Index T-64

The T-64 is a Soviet second-generation main battle tank introduced in the early 1960s. [1]

107 relations: Alexander Alexandrovich Morozov, Anti-tank missile, Armed Forces of Transnistria, Autoloader, Azimuth, Battles of Khalkhin Gol, Bender, Moldova, BT tank, Carousel, CBRN defense, Centurion (tank), Chelyabinsk, Chieftain (tank), Coincidence rangefinder, Continuous track, Diesel fuel, Dissolution of the Soviet Union, Donetsk People's Republic, Fiberglass, First Chechen War, Gas turbine, Grenade, Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, Heavy tank, High-explosive anti-tank warhead, Hungary, Iron Curtain, Jüterbog, Kerosene, Kharkiv, Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau, Kiev Military District, Kilogram-force, Kirov Plant, Kontakt-5, Kubinka, Laser, Lenin Prize, List of tanks of the Soviet Union, Lists of armoured fighting vehicles, Luhansk People's Republic, M60 Patton, Main battle tank, Malyshev Factory, Military engineering vehicle, Missile, Mitrailleuse, Moldovan Ground Forces, Moscow, Multifuel, ..., NATO, Night vision, Nizhny Tagil, Novorossiya (confederation), NSV machine gun, Obus, Odessa, Odessa Military District, Opposed-piston engine, Perm, PK machine gun, Power-to-weight ratio, Radio, Reactive armour, Remote weapon station, Royal Ordnance L7, Russian Ground Forces, Saint Petersburg, Sapper, Smoothbore, Soviet Army, Soviet Union, Soviet–Afghan War, Steven Zaloga, Submarine snorkel, T-10 tank, T-12 antitank gun, T-14 Armata, T-54/T-55, T-62, T-72, T-80, T-84, T-90, T-95, Tandem-charge, Telemeter, Torsion bar suspension, Transmission (mechanics), Transnistria, Transnistria War, Ukraine, United States Department of State, Vehicle armour, Vehicle snorkel, Viktor Suvorov, War in Donbass, Warsaw Pact, Weapon mount, 20th Guards Army, 2A46 125 mm gun, 2nd Guards Tank Army, 32nd Guards Tank Division, 3rd Shock Army, 40th Army (Soviet Union), 9K112 Kobra, 9M119 Svir/Refleks. Expand index (57 more) »

Alexander Alexandrovich Morozov

Alexander Aleksandrovich Morozov (Oleksándr Oleksándrovych Morózov, 16 on October (29) 1904, Bezhitsa, nowadays within Bryansk – 1979) – the Soviet designer of tanks, the general – the major-engineer (1945), the doctor of technical sciences (1972), twice Hero of the Socialistic Work (1942, 1974).

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Anti-tank missile

An anti-tank missile (ATM), anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) or anti-armor guided weapon, is a guided missile primarily designed to hit and destroy heavily armored military vehicles.

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Armed Forces of Transnistria

The Armed Forces of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Вооружённые силы Приднестровской Молдавской Республики; Vooruzhyonniye Sily Pridnestrovskoy Moldavskoy Respubliki, Форцеле армате але Републичий Молдовенешть Нистрене; Forțele armate ale Republicii Moldovenești Nistreene, Збройні сили Придністровської Молдавської Республіки; Zbroini syly Prydnistrovśkoi Moldavśkoi Respubliky), are the military forces of the semi-recognised state of Transnistria.

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In armored warfare, an autoloader or auto-loader is a mechanical aid or replacement for the personnel that load ordnance into crew-served weapons, such as tanks and artillery.

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An azimuth (from the pl. form of the Arabic noun "السَّمْت" as-samt, meaning "the direction") is an angular measurement in a spherical coordinate system.

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Battles of Khalkhin Gol

The Battles of Khalkhyn Gol were the decisive engagements of the undeclared Soviet–Japanese border conflicts fought among the Soviet Union, Mongolia, Japan and Manchukuo in 1939.

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Bender, Moldova

Bender, Monitorul Oficial al Republicii Moldova, no.

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BT tank

The BT tanks (translit, lit. "fast moving tank" or "high-speed tank") were a series of Soviet light tanks produced in large numbers between 1932 and 1941.

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A carousel (American English: from French carrousel and Italian carosello), roundabout (British English), or merry-go-round, is a type of amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders.

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CBRN defense

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN defense or CBRNE defense) is protective measures taken in situations in which chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear warfare (including terrorism) hazards may be present.

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Centurion (tank)

The Centurion was the primary British main battle tank of the post-Second World War period.

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Chelyabinsk (a) is a city and the administrative center of Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, located in the northeast of the oblast, south of Yekaterinburg, just to the east of the Ural Mountains, on the Miass River, on the border of Europe and Asia.

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Chieftain (tank)

The FV4201 Chieftain was the main battle tank of the United Kingdom during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. The main battle tank was further improved by being the first tank in service to incorporate the Chobham armour upgrades. A development of the Centurion, the Chieftain introduced the supine (reclining backwards) driver position to British design enabling a heavily sloped hull with reduced height. A new powerpack and improved transmission gave it higher speed than the Centurion despite being heavier due to major upgrades to armour protection and the armament. It remained in service until replaced by the Challenger 1 which shared a large number of the Chieftain's features.

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Coincidence rangefinder

A coincidence rangefinder (stereoscopic, parallax, or split-image rangefinder) is a type of rangefinder that uses mechanical and optical principles to allow an operator to determine the distance to a visible object.

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Continuous track

Continuous track, also called tank tread or caterpillar track, is a system of vehicle propulsion in which a continuous band of treads or track plates is driven by two or more wheels.

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Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel in general is any liquid fuel used in diesel engines, whose fuel ignition takes place, without any spark, as a result of compression of the inlet air mixture and then injection of fuel.

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Dissolution of the Soviet Union

The dissolution of the Soviet Union occurred on December 26, 1991, officially granting self-governing independence to the Republics of the Soviet Union.

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Donetsk People's Republic

The Donetsk People's Republic (DPR or DNR, dɐˈnʲɛtskəjə nɐˈrodnəjə rʲɪˈspublʲɪkə, Донецька Народна Республіка) is a proto-state in the Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine recognized only by the partially recognized South Ossetia.

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Fiberglass (US) or fibreglass (UK) is a common type of fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber.

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First Chechen War

The First Chechen War (Пе́рвая чече́нская война́), also known as the First Chechen Сampaign (Пе́рвая чече́нская кампа́ния) or First Russian-Chechen war, was a rebellion by the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria against the Russian Federation, fought from December 1994 to August 1996.

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Gas turbine

A gas turbine, also called a combustion turbine, is a type of continuous combustion, internal combustion engine.

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A grenade is a small weapon typically thrown by hand.

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Group of Soviet Forces in Germany

The Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (1954–1988) (Группа советских войск в Германии, ГСВГ), also known as the Group of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany (1945–1954) and the Western Group of Forces (1988–1994) were the troops of the Soviet Army in East Germany.

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Heavy tank

A heavy tank was a class of tank that generally provided better armour protection as well as equal or greater firepower than tanks of lighter classes, often at the cost of mobility and manoeuvrability and, particularly, expense.

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High-explosive anti-tank warhead

A high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead is a type of shaped charge explosive that uses the Munroe effect to penetrate thick tank armor.

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Hungary (Magyarország) is a country in Central Europe that covers an area of in the Carpathian Basin, bordered by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the northeast, Austria to the northwest, Romania to the east, Serbia to the south, Croatia to the southwest, and Slovenia to the west.

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Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain was the name for the boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War II in 1945 until the end of the Cold War in 1991.

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Jüterbog is a historic village in north-eastern Germany, in the Teltow-Fläming district of Brandenburg.

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Kerosene, also known as paraffin, lamp oil, and coal oil (an obsolete term), is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid which is derived from petroleum.

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Kharkiv (Ха́рків), also known as Kharkov (Ха́рьков) from Russian, is the second-largest city in Ukraine.

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Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau

Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (Харківське Конструкторське Бюро з Машинобудування ім.), often simply called Morozov Design Bureau or abbreviated KMDB, is a state-owned company in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which designs armoured vehicles, including the T-80UD and T-84 main battle tanks, as well as military prime movers.

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Kiev Military District

The Kiev Military District was a military district of the Imperial Russian Army and subsequently of the Red Army and Soviet Armed Forces.

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The kilogram-force (kgf or kgF), or kilopond (kp, from Latin pondus meaning weight), is a gravitational metric unit of force.

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Kirov Plant

The Kirov Plant, Kirov Factory or Leningrad Kirov Plant (LKZ) (Kirovskiy Zavod) is a major Russian machine-building manufacturing plant in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Kontakt-5 is a type of second-generation explosive reactive armour (ERA) originating in the Soviet Union.

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Kubinka (Ку́бинка) is a town in Odintsovsky District of Moscow Oblast, Russia, located on the Setun River, west of Moscow.

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A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.

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Lenin Prize

The Lenin Prize (Ленинская премия, Leninskaya premiya) is one of the awards re-introduced in April 2018 in the Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia, presented to individuals for accomplishments relating to science, literature, arts, architecture, and technology.

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List of tanks of the Soviet Union

This List of tanks of the Soviet Union lists tanks produced by the Soviet Union.

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Lists of armoured fighting vehicles

This is a list of lists of armoured fighting vehicles.

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Luhansk People's Republic

The Luhansk People's Republic (Луганська Народна Республіка), also known as Lugansk People's Republic (lʊˈɡanskəjə nɐˈrodnəjə rʲɪˈspublʲɪkə), usually abbreviated as LPR or LNR, is a landlocked proto-state in eastern Ukraine.

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M60 Patton

The M60 Patton is a main battle tank (MBT) introduced in December 1960.

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Main battle tank

A main battle tank (MBT), also known as a battle tank or universal tank, is a tank that fills the armor-protected direct fire and maneuver role of many modern armies.

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Malyshev Factory

The Malyshev Factory (Zavod imeni V.O. Malysheva, Завод імені В.О. Малишева), formerly the Kharkiv Locomotive Factory (KhPZ), is a state-owned manufacturer of heavy equipment in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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Military engineering vehicle

A military engineering vehicle is a vehicle built for the construction work or for the transportation of combat engineers on the battlefield.

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In modern language, a missile is a guided self-propelled system, as opposed to an unguided self-propelled munition, referred to as a rocket (although these too can also be guided).

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A mitrailleuse (from French mitraille, "grapeshot") is a type of volley gun with multiple barrels of rifle calibre that can fire either multiple rounds at once or several rounds in rapid succession.

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Moldovan Ground Forces

The Moldovan Ground Forces is the land armed forces branch of the Moldovan Armed Forces.

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Moscow (a) is the capital and most populous city of Russia, with 13.2 million residents within the city limits and 17.1 million within the urban area.

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Multifuel, sometimes spelled multi-fuel, is any type of engine, boiler, or heater or other fuel-burning device which is designed to burn multiple types of fuels in its operation.

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO; Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord; OTAN), also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 29 North American and European countries.

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Night vision

Night vision is the ability to see in low-light conditions.

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Nizhny Tagil

Nizhny Tagil (p) is a city in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, located east of the virtual border between Europe and Asia.

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Novorossiya (confederation)

Novorossiya, Novorussia or New Russia (nəvɐˈrosʲɪjə; Novorosiya), also referred to as the Union of People's Republics (sɐˈjus nɐˈrodnɨx rʲɪˈspublʲɪk; Союз народних республік, Soyuz Narodnykh Respublik), is a proposed confederation of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) in eastern Ukraine, both of which share a border with Russia.

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NSV machine gun

The NSV (Russian НСВ Никитина-Соколова-Волкова) is a 12.7mm caliber heavy machine gun of Soviet origin, named after the designers, G. I. Nikitin (Г. И. Никитин), Y. S. Sokolov (Ю. М. Соколов) and V. I. Volkov (В. И. Волков).

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The Obus (French for "cannon shell") was a French automobile manufactured from 1907 until 1908.

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Odessa (Оде́са; Оде́сса; אַדעס) is the third most populous city of Ukraine and a major tourism center, seaport and transportation hub located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea.

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Odessa Military District

The Odessa Military District (Одесский военный округ, ОВО) was a military administrative division of the Imperial Russian military, the Soviet Armed Forces and the Ukrainian Armed Forces and was known under such name from around 1862 to 1998.

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Opposed-piston engine

An opposed-piston engine is a reciprocating internal combustion engine in which each cylinder has a piston at both ends, and no cylinder head.

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Perm (p;Gramota.ru.) is a city and the administrative center of Perm Krai, Russia, located on the banks of the Kama River in the European part of Russia near the Ural Mountains.

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PK machine gun

The PK (Пулемёт Калашникова, transliterated as Pulemyot Kalashnikova, or "Kalashnikov's Machinegun"), is a 7.62x54mmR general-purpose machine gun designed in the Soviet Union and currently in production in Russia.

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Power-to-weight ratio

Power-to-weight ratio (or specific power or power-to-mass ratio) is a calculation commonly applied to engines and mobile power sources to enable the comparison of one unit or design to another.

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Radio is the technology of using radio waves to carry information, such as sound, by systematically modulating properties of electromagnetic energy waves transmitted through space, such as their amplitude, frequency, phase, or pulse width.

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Reactive armour

Reactive armor is a type of vehicle armor that reacts in some way to the impact of a weapon to reduce the damage done to the vehicle being protected.

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Remote weapon station

A remote weapon station, also known as a remote weapon system, (RWS) is a remotely operated weaponized system often equipped with fire-control system for light and medium caliber weapons which can be installed on ground combat vehicle or sea and air-based combat platforms.

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Royal Ordnance L7

The Royal Ordnance L7 is the basic model of Britain's most successful tank gun.

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Russian Ground Forces

The Ground Forces of the Russian Federation (r) are the land forces of the Russian Armed Forces, formed from parts of the collapsing Soviet Army in 1992.

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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg (p) is Russia's second-largest city after Moscow, with 5 million inhabitants in 2012, part of the Saint Petersburg agglomeration with a population of 6.2 million (2015).

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A sapper, also called pioneer or combat engineer, is a combatant or soldier who performs a variety of military engineering duties such as breaching fortifications, demolitions, bridge-building, laying or clearing minefields, preparing field defenses as well as building, and working on road and airfield construction and repair.

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A smoothbore weapon is one that has a barrel without rifling.

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Soviet Army

The Soviet Army (SA; Советская Армия, Sovetskaya Armiya) is the name given to the main land-based branch of the Soviet Armed Forces between February 1946 and December 1991, when it was replaced with the Russian Ground Forces, although it was not taken fully out of service until 25 December 1993.

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Soviet Union

The Soviet Union, officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was a socialist state in Eurasia that existed from 1922 to 1991.

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Soviet–Afghan War

The Soviet–Afghan War lasted over nine years, from December 1979 to February 1989.

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Steven Zaloga

Steven J. Zaloga (born February 1, 1952) is an American historian, defense consultant, and an author on military technology.

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Submarine snorkel

A submarine snorkel is a device which allows a submarine to operate submerged while still taking in air from above the surface.

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T-10 tank

The T-10 (also known as Object 730 or, IS-8) was a Soviet heavy tank of the Cold War, the final development of the IS tank series.

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T-12 antitank gun

2A19 or T-12 is a Soviet smoothbore 100-mm anti-tank gun, which served as the primary towed anti-tank artillery in the Soviet and Bulgarian armies from the early 1960s to the late 1980s.

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T-14 Armata

The T-14 Armata (Т-14 «Армата»; industrial designation "Ob'yekt 148") is a next generation Russian main battle tank based on the Armata Universal Combat Platform.

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The T-54 and T-55 tanks are a series of Soviet main battle tanks introduced in the years following the Second World War.

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The T-62 is a Soviet main battle tank that was first introduced 1961.

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The T-72 is a Soviet second-generation main battle tank that entered production in 1971.

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The T-80 is a third-generation main battle tank (MBT) designed and manufactured in the Soviet Union.

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The T-84 is a Ukrainian main battle tank (MBT), a development of the Soviet T-80 main battle tank.

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The T-90 is a third-generation Russian battle tank that entered service in 1993.

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T-95 is the common informal designation of a Russian fourth generation tank that was under development at Uralvagonzavod before being cancelled in May 2010.

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A tandem-charge or dual-charge weapon is an explosive device or projectile that has two or more stages of detonation.

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The original meaning of telemeter, and still one of the main uses of the word, was a device used to measure distances to remote objects, that is, a rangefinder.

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Torsion bar suspension

A front VW Beetle suspension cross-section A torsion bar suspension, also known as a torsion spring suspension (not to be confused with a torsion beam rear suspension), is a general term for any vehicle suspension that uses a torsion bar as its main weight-bearing spring.

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Transmission (mechanics)

A transmission is a machine in a power transmission system, which provides controlled application of the power.

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Transnistria, the self-proclaimed Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR; Приднестровская Молдавская Республика, ПМР; Republica Moldovenească Nistreană, RMN; Република Молдовеняскэ Нистрянэ; Придністровська Молдавська Республіка), and also called Transdniester, Trans-Dniestr, Transdniestria, or Pridnestrovie, is a non-recognized state which controls part of the geographical region Transnistria (the area between the Dniester river and Ukraine) and also the city of Bender and its surrounding localities on the west bank.

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Transnistria War

The Transnistria War was an armed conflict that broke out in November 1990 in Dubăsari (Дубоссáры, Dubossary) between pro-Transnistria forces, including the Transnistrian Republican Guard, militia and Cossack units (which were supported by elements of the Russian 14th Army), and pro-Moldovan forces, including Moldovan troops and police.

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Ukraine (Ukrayina), sometimes called the Ukraine, is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia to the east and northeast; Belarus to the northwest; Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia to the west; Romania and Moldova to the southwest; and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

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United States Department of State

The United States Department of State (DOS), often referred to as the State Department, is the United States federal executive department that advises the President and represents the country in international affairs and foreign policy issues.

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Vehicle armour

Military vehicles are commonly armoured (or armored; see spelling differences) to withstand the impact of shrapnel, bullets, missiles or shells, protecting the personnel inside from enemy fire.

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Vehicle snorkel

A vehicle snorkel is the land-based equivalent of the submarine snorkel which allows submarines to use diesel engines while submerged.

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Viktor Suvorov

Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun, Влади́мир Богда́нович Резу́н, born April 20, 1947, in Barabash, Primorsky Krai, and known as Viktor Suvorov (Ви́ктор Суво́ров), is a Russian writer and a former Soviet military intelligence officer who defected to the United Kingdom.

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War in Donbass

The War in Donbass is an armed conflict in the Donbass region of Ukraine.

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Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Pact, formally known as the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, was a collective defence treaty signed in Warsaw, Poland among the Soviet Union and seven Soviet satellite states of Central and Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

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Weapon mount

A weapon mount is a weapon component used to affix an armament for stabilization.

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20th Guards Army

The 20th Guards Army (originally designated as the 4th Tank Army, 4th Guards Tank Army in 1945, 4th Guards Mechanised Army in 1946, and the 20th Guards Army in 1960 within the Soviet Red Army) is a field army.

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2A46 125 mm gun

The 2A46 (also called D-81TM) is a 125 mm/L48 smoothbore cannon of Soviet origin used in several main battle tanks.

New!!: T-64 and 2A46 125 mm gun · See more »

2nd Guards Tank Army

The 2nd Guards Tank Army was a large military formation of the Red Army and later the Soviet Army.

New!!: T-64 and 2nd Guards Tank Army · See more »

32nd Guards Tank Division

The 32nd Guards Tank Division was a tank formation of the Soviet Army/Soviet Ground Forces.

New!!: T-64 and 32nd Guards Tank Division · See more »

3rd Shock Army

The 3rd Shock Army (Третья ударная армия) was a field army of the Red Army formed during the Second World War.

New!!: T-64 and 3rd Shock Army · See more »

40th Army (Soviet Union)

The 40th Army of the Soviet Union's Soviet Army was an army-level command that participated in World War II from 1941 to 1945 and was reformed specifically for the Soviet War in Afghanistan from 1979 to circa 1990.

New!!: T-64 and 40th Army (Soviet Union) · See more »

9K112 Kobra

The 9K112 Kobra (NATO reporting name: AT-8 Songster) is a SACLOS anti-tank missile system of the Soviet Union.

New!!: T-64 and 9K112 Kobra · See more »

9M119 Svir/Refleks

The 9M119 Svir and 9M119M Refleks are laser beam riding, guided anti-tank missiles developed in the former Soviet Union.

New!!: T-64 and 9M119 Svir/Refleks · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-64

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