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Aaron Thibeaux "T-Bone" Walker (May 28, 1910 – March 16, 1975) was a critically acclaimed American blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who was an influential pioneer and innovator of the jump blues and electric blues sound. [1]

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African American

African American, also referred to as Black American or Afro-American, is an ethnic group of Americans (citizens or residents of the United States) with total or partial ancestry from any of the native populations of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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All About Jazz

All About Jazz is a jazz music website for enthusiasts and industry professionals based in Philadelphia in the United States.

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All Media Network

All Media Network (formerly All Media Guide (AMG) and AllRovi), is an American company that owns and maintains AllMusic, AllGame, AllMovie, SideReel, and Celebified.

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AllMusic (previously known as All Music Guide or AMG) is an online music guide service website.

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American Folk Blues Festival

The American Folk Blues Festival was a music festival that toured Europe as an annual event for several years beginning in 1962.

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Atlantic Records

Atlantic Records (also still historically known as Atlantic Recording Corporation) is a major American record label best known for its numerous recordings of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, jazz, and hip hop.

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B.B. King

Riley B. King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015), known by his stage name B.B. King, was an American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

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A bandleader is the leader of a band of musicians.

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The banjo is a four-, five- or (occasionally) six-stringed instrument with a thin membrane stretched over a frame or cavity as a resonator, called the head.

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Black & Blue Records

Black & Blue Records is a French record label specializing in swing jazz and blues.

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Black & White Records

Black & White Record Co. (aka Black & White Recording Company) was an American record company and label active in recording blues and jazz artists from 1943 to 1949.

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Blind Lemon Jefferson

"Blind" Lemon Jefferson (born Lemon Henry Jefferson; September 24, 1893 – December 19, 1929) was an American blues and gospel singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Texas.

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Blues is a genre and musical form that originated in African-American communities in the "Deep South" of the United States around the end of the 19th century.

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Blues Foundation

The Blues Foundation is an American nonprofit corporation, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, that is affiliated with more than 175 Blues organizations from various parts of the world.

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Blues Hall of Fame

The Blues Hall of Fame is a music museum located in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Bronchopneumonia or bronchial pneumonia or Bronchogenic pneumonia (not to be confused with lobar pneumonia) is the acute inflammation of the walls of the bronchioles.

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Brunswick Records

Brunswick Records is a United States-based record label with a history dating back almost a century.

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Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just as Bad)

"Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just as Bad)" (commonly referred to as "Stormy Monday") is a song written and recorded by American blues electric guitar pioneer T-Bone Walker.

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Capitol Records

Capitol Records, LLC is an American record label that is part of the Capitol Music Group and is a wholly owned division of Universal Music Group.

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Central Avenue (Los Angeles)

Central Avenue is a major north-south thoroughfare in the central portion of the Los Angeles, California metropolitan area.

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Charly Records

Charly Records is a British record label that specialises in reissued material.

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The Cherokee (Cherokee Ani-Yunwiya (ᎠᏂᏴᏫᏯ) are a Native American tribe indigenous to the Southeastern United States (principally Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina). They speak Cherokee, an Iroquoian language. In the 19th century, historians and ethnographers recorded their oral tradition that told of the tribe having migrated south in ancient times from the Great Lakes region, where other Iroquoian-speaking peoples were. By the 19th century, European settlers in the United States called the Cherokee one of the "Five Civilized Tribes", because they had adopted numerous cultural and technological practices of the European American settlers. The Cherokee were one of the first, if not the first, major non-European ethnic group to become U.S. citizens. Article 8 in the 1817 treaty with the Cherokee stated Cherokees may wish to become citizens of the United States. Note: Article 8 in the 1817 treaty as quoted, is mostly about certain land use rights (East of the Mississippi), which might be retained by certain "Indians" if they met certain conditions -- namely, if they "wish to become citizens of the United States". However, in so doing, Article 8 implies that such "Indians" (living East of the Mississippi) who "wish to become citizens of the United States", could (would be allowed to) become citizens of the United States. It seems to (be worded so as to) anticipate a future (after 1817) in which lands West of the Mississippi would remain (territories of, or) outside the boundaries of, the United States. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the Cherokee Nation has more than 314,000 members, the largest of the 566 federally recognized Native American tribes in the United States. In addition, numerous groups claiming Cherokee lineage, some of which are state-recognized, have members who are among those 819,000-plus people claiming Cherokee ancestry on the US census. Of the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes, the Cherokee Nation and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians (UKB) have headquarters in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The UKB are mostly descendants of "Old Settlers," Cherokee who migrated to Arkansas and Oklahoma about 1817. They are related to the Cherokee who were forcibly relocated there in the 1830s under the Indian Removal Act. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is on the Qualla Boundary in western North Carolina, and are descendants of those who resisted or avoided relocation. In addition, there are numerous Cherokee heritage groups throughout the United states, such as the satellite communities sponsored by the Cherokee Nation.

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Chicago blues

The Chicago blues is a form of blues music indigenous to Chicago, Illinois.

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Chuck Berry

Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry (born October 18, 1926) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music.

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Columbia Records

Columbia Records is an American flagship recording label, under the ownership of Sony Music Entertainment, operating under the Columbia Music Group.

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Dallas is a major city in Texas and is the largest urban center of the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States.

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Dave Bartholomew

David Louis "Dave" Bartholomew (born December 24, 1918) is an American musician, band leader, composer, arranger and record producer, prominent in the music of New Orleans throughout the second half of the 20th century.

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Delmark Records

Delmark Records is the oldest American jazz and blues independent record label.

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Double bass

The double bass is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra.

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Duke Records

Duke Records was an American record label, started in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1952 by David James Mattis (WDIA program director and DJ) and Bill Fitzgerald, owners of Tri-State Recording Company.

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Eddie Vinson

Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson (December 18, 1917 – July 2, 1988) was an American jump blues, jazz, bebop and R&B alto saxophonist and blues shouter.

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Electric blues

Electric blues refers to any type of blues music distinguished by the use of electric amplification for musical instruments.

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Evenin' Blues

Evenin' Blues is an album by blues vocalist Jimmy Witherspoon, which was recorded in 1963 and released on the Prestige label.

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Every Day I Have the Blues

"Every Day I Have the Blues" is a blues song that has been performed in a variety of styles.

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Gig (music)

Gig is slang for a musical engagement in which musicians are hired.

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Grammy Award for Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording

The Grammy Award for Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording was awarded from 1960 to 1986.

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Hamburg (local pronunciation; Low German/Low Saxon: Hamborg), officially Freie und Hansestadt HamburgConstitution of Hamburg (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg), is the second largest city in Germany and the eighth largest city in the European Union.

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Imperial Records

Imperial Records is a United States based label started in 1947 by Lewis Robert Chudd (1911–1998) and reactivated in 2006 by EMI which owned the label and back catalogue at that time.

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Jack McVea

Jack McVea (November 5, 1914 – December 27, 2000) was an African American, swing, blues, and rhythm and blues woodwind player; he played clarinet and tenor and baritone saxophone.

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Jann Wenner

Jann Simon Wenner (born January 7, 1946) is the co-founder and publisher of the popular culture biweekly Rolling Stone, as well as the current owner of Men's Journal and Us Weekly magazines.

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Jimi Hendrix

James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

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Jimmy Witherspoon

Jimmy Witherspoon (August 8, 1920 – September 18, 1997) was an American jump blues singer.

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Jump blues

Jump blues is an up-tempo blues usually played by small groups and featuring horns.

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Les Hite

Les Hite (February 13, 1903 in DuQuoin, Illinois – February 6, 1962 in Santa Monica, California) was an American jazz bandleader.

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Linden, Texas

Linden is a city in Cass County, Texas, United States.

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List of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, established in 1983 and located in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, is dedicated to recording the history of some of the best-known and most influential musicians, bands, producers, and others that have in some major way influenced the music industry, particularly in the area of rock and roll.

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Lloyd Glenn

Lloyd Glenn (November 21, 1909 — May 23, 1985) was an American R&B pianist, bandleader and arranger, who was a pioneer of the "West Coast" blues style.

New!!: T-Bone Walker and Lloyd Glenn · See more »

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, officially the City of Los Angeles and often known by its initials L.A., is the second-largest city in the United States, the most populous city in the U.S. state of California, and the county seat of Los Angeles County.

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Louis Jordan

Louis Thomas Jordan (July 8, 1908 – February 4, 1975) was a pioneering American musician, songwriter and bandleader who enjoyed his greatest popularity from the late 1930s to the early 1950s.

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A mandolin (mandolino; literally "small mandola") is a musical instrument in the lute family and is usually plucked with a plectrum or "pick".

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Mean Old World

"Mean Old World" is a blues song recorded by American blues electric guitar pioneer T-Bone Walker in 1942.

New!!: T-Bone Walker and Mean Old World · See more »

Memphis Slim

Memphis Slim (September 3, 1915 – February 24, 1988) was an American blues pianist, singer, and composer.

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Modern Records

Modern Records was an American record label formed in 1945 in Los Angeles by the Bihari brothers.

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A multi-instrumentalist is a musician who plays two or more musical instruments.

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Music publisher (popular music)

In the music industry, a music publisher (or publishing company) is responsible for ensuring the songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially.

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Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff is a borough of Dallas, Texas, United States that was formerly a separate town located in Dallas County; Dallas annexed Oak Cliff in 1903.

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Polydor Records

Polydor Records is a British record label that operates as part of Universal Music Group.

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Reprise Records

Reprise Records is a major American record label, founded in 1960 by Frank Sinatra.

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Rhythm and blues

Rhythm and blues, often abbreviated as R&B or RnB, is a genre of popular African-American music that originated in the 1940s.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a museum located on the shore of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

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Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is a biweekly magazine that focuses on popular culture.

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Stroke, also known as cerebrovascular accident (CVA), cerebrovascular insult (CVI), or brain attack, is when poor blood flow to the brain results in cell death.

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Teddy Buckner

Teddy Buckner (July 16, 1909 in Sherman, Texas – September 22, 1994 in Los Angeles, California) was a jazz trumpeter associated with Dixieland music.

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Tenor saxophone

The tenor saxophone is a medium-sized member of the saxophone family, a group of instruments invented by Adolphe Sax in the 1840s.

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Texas blues

Texas blues is a subgenre of blues.

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The Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band were an American rock band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969 by brothers Duane Allman (slide guitar and lead guitar) and Gregg Allman (vocals, keyboards, songwriting), as well as Dickey Betts (lead guitar, vocals, songwriting), Berry Oakley (bass guitar), Butch Trucks (drums), and Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson (drums).

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A trumpet is a musical instrument.

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The ukulele (from ukulele; British English: ukelele) sometimes abbreviated to uke, is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.

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The violin, also called a fiddle, is a string instrument, usually with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

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West Coast blues

The West Coast blues is a type of blues influenced by jazz and jump blues, with strong piano-dominated sounds and jazzy guitar solos, which originated from Texas blues players who relocated to California in the 1940s.

New!!: T-Bone Walker and West Coast blues · See more »

Willie Dixon

William James "Willie" Dixon (July 1, 1915 – January 29, 1992) was an American blues musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger and record producer.

New!!: T-Bone Walker and Willie Dixon · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-Bone_Walker

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