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T1, T01, T.1 or T-1 may refer to. [1]

74 relations: A514 steel, AC NM AE T1 mine, AP NM AE T1 mine, Île-de-France tramway Line 1, BAE Systems Hawk, Bentley T-series, Blackburn Dart, Caparo T1, Cork encoding, CWS T-1, Cyber-shot, Cyclin T1, De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk, Digital Signal 1, EE-T1 Osório, Eurofighter Typhoon variants, Folland Gnat, Ford T platform, Fuji T-1, G7a torpedo, GALNT1, Grob G 109, Grob G 115, HD 92063, HMNZS Matai (T01), Hospedia, Light-emitting diode, Lockheed T2V SeaStar, LSWR T1 class, Lyon tramway, M1 motorway (Republic of Ireland), M6 Toll, Malaysia Federal Route T1, Mercedes-Benz TN, MV Transpacific (T-1), North Shore, Northern & Western Line, OS T1000, Palomar–Leiden survey, Percival Prentice, Percival Prince, Percival Provost, PRR T1, Raytheon T-1 Jayhawk, Reading T-1, Ribonuclease T1, Scottish Aviation Bulldog, Short Tucano, Slingsby Falcon, Sopwith Cuckoo, Soyuz T-1, ..., Spin–lattice relaxation, T visa, T-carrier, T-series (Toronto subway car), T1 General, T1 Light Tank, T1 space, Tatra T1, Tau1 Aquarii, Terminator (character concept), Terrible One, The Temple of Elemental Evil, Thoracic spinal nerve 1, Thoracic vertebrae, TNM staging system, TORRO scale, Torus, Tour T1, Truronian, TTBB, UltraSPARC T1, USS T-1, Volkswagen Type 2, Yugoslav torpedo boat T1. Expand index (24 more) »

A514 steel

A514 is a particular type of high strength steel, which is quenched and tempered alloy steel, with a yield strength of 100,000 psi (100 ksi or approximately 700 MPa).

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AC NM AE T1 mine

The AC NM AE T1 (Mina Anti-Carro Não-Magnética Auto Explosiva modelo T1) is a Brazilian minimum metal anti-tank blast mine.

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AP NM AE T1 mine

The Min AP NM AE T1 (Mina Anti-Pessoal Não-Magnética Auto Explosiva modelo T1) is a small Brazilian minimum metal anti-personnel mine.

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Île-de-France tramway Line 1

Île-de-France tramway Line 1 (usually called simply T1) is a tramway operated by the Régie autonome des transports parisiens (Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports; RATP) just outside the city limits of Paris, connecting Les Courtilles with Noisy-le-Sec, parallel to the Paris northern city limit.

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BAE Systems Hawk

The BAE Systems Hawk is a British single-engine, jet-powered advanced trainer aircraft.

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Bentley T-series

The Bentley T-Series is an automobile which was produced by Bentley Motors Limited in the United Kingdom from 1965 to 1980.

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Blackburn Dart

The Blackburn Dart was a British carrier-based torpedo bomber biplane, manufactured by Blackburn Aircraft, which first flew in 1921.

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Caparo T1

The Caparo T1 is a British mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-seat automobile built by Caparo Vehicle Technologies, founded by design director Ben Scott-Geddes and engineering director Graham Halstead, engineers formerly involved in the development of the McLaren F1.

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Cork encoding

The Cork (also known as T1 or EC) encoding is a character encoding used for encoding glyphs in fonts.

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The CWS T-1 was the first serially-built car manufactured in Poland.

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Cyber-shot is Sony's line of point-and-shoot digital cameras introduced in 1996.

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Cyclin T1

Cyclin-T1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CCNT1 gene.

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De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk

The de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk is a tandem, two-seat, single-engined primary trainer aircraft which was the standard primary trainer for the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Air Force and several other air forces through much of the post-Second World War years.

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Digital Signal 1

Digital Signal 1 (DS1, sometimes DS-1) is a T-carrier signaling scheme devised by Bell Labs.

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EE-T1 Osório

The Engesa EE-T1 Osório was a Brazilian main battle tank prototype.

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Eurofighter Typhoon variants

The Eurofighter Typhoon is in service with five nations: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria.

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Folland Gnat

The Folland Gnat is a small, swept-wing British subsonic jet trainer and light fighter aircraft developed by Folland Aircraft for the Royal Air Force.

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Ford T platform

The Ford T platform is Ford Motor Company's large SUV automobile platform.

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Fuji T-1

The Fuji T-1 was Japan's first jet-powered trainer aircraft.

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G7a torpedo

The G7a (T1) was the standard issue Kriegsmarine torpedo during the early years of World War II.

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Polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 1 is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the GALNT1 gene.

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Grob G 109

The Grob G109 is a light aircraft developed by Grob Aircraft AG of Mindelheim Mattsies in Germany.

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Grob G 115

The Grob G 115 is a general aviation fixed-wing aircraft, primarily used for flight training.

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HD 92063

HD 92063, also known as t¹ Carinae (t¹ Car), is a star in the constellation Carina.

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HMNZS Matai (T01)

HMNZS Matai (T01) was a Marine Department lighthouse tender which was requisitioned by the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) and converted into a minesweeper.

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Hospedia Ltd is a provider of bedside communication and entertainment units in UK hospitals.

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Light-emitting diode

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source.

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Lockheed T2V SeaStar

The Lockheed T2V SeaStar, later called the T-1 SeaStar, was a turbojet trainer aircraft for the U.S. Navy that entered service in May 1957.

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LSWR T1 class

The London and South Western Railway T1 class was a class of fifty 0-4-4T steam tank locomotives designed for suburban passenger work, designed by William Adams and built between 1888–1896.

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Lyon tramway

The Lyon tramway (Tramway de Lyon) comprises 6 lines, 5 lines operated by TCL and one by Rhônexpress in the city of Lyon in Rhône-Alpes, France.

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M1 motorway (Republic of Ireland)

The M1 motorway (Mótarbhealach M1) is a motorway in Ireland.

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M6 Toll

The M6 Toll, also called the Birmingham North Relief Road (BNRR) and marketed as the M6toll, connects M6 Junction 3a at the Coleshill Interchange to M6 Junction 11A at Wolverhampton with of six-lane motorway.

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Malaysia Federal Route T1

The Malaysia Federal Route T1 or Jalan Merang is a road connected to the Malaysia Federal Route 3685 and Jalan Tengku Omar.

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Mercedes-Benz TN

In 1977 Mercedes-Benz introduced a new van/truck (a.k.a. transporter), called T1 internally.

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MV Transpacific (T-1)

MV Transpacific (2006 - 2012), also known as Bonito (2002 - 2006), also known as Turcas II (2001 - 2002), also known as Nikolay Shalavin (2001) is an oil tanker under long-term charter to the United States Military Sealift Command (MSC).

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North Shore, Northern & Western Line

The North Shore, Northern & Western Line (numbered T1, coloured yellow) is a commuter rail line operated by Sydney Trains in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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OS T1000

T1000 and T1300 were two rapid transit train classes used on Oslo Metro in Oslo, Norway.

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Palomar–Leiden survey

The Palomar–Leiden survey was a collaborative effort between astronomical institutions to study minor planets with visual magnitudes greater than 20.

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Percival Prentice

The Percival Prentice is a basic trainer of the Royal Air Force in the early post-war period.

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Percival Prince

The Percival Prince was a British light transport of the early postwar period.

New!!: T1 and Percival Prince · See more »

Percival Provost

The Percival P.56 Provost was a British ab initio trainer that was developed for the Royal Air Force in the 1950s as a replacement for the Percival Prentice.

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The Pennsylvania Railroad's 52 T1 class duplex-drive 4-4-4-4 steam locomotives, introduced in 1942 (2 prototypes) and 1945-1946 (50 production), were their last steam locomotives built and their most controversial.

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Raytheon T-1 Jayhawk

The Raytheon T-1 Jayhawk is a twin-engined jet aircraft used by the United States Air Force for advanced pilot training.

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Reading T-1

The Reading T-1 is a class of 4-8-4 "Northern"-type steam locomotives owned by the Reading Company.

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Ribonuclease T1

Ribonuclease T1 (guanyloribonuclease, Aspergillus oryzae ribonuclease, RNase N1, RNase N2, ribonuclease N3, ribonuclease U1, ribonuclease F1, ribonuclease Ch, ribonuclease PP1, ribonuclease SA, RNase F1, ribonuclease C2, binase, RNase Sa, guanyl-specific RNase, RNase G, RNase T1, ribonuclease guaninenucleotido-2'-transferase (cyclizing), ribonuclease N3, ribonuclease N1) is a fungal endonuclease that cleaves single-stranded RNA after guanine residues, i.e., on their 3' end; the most commonly studied form of this enzyme is the version found in the mold Aspergillus oryzae.

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Scottish Aviation Bulldog

The Scottish Aviation Bulldog is a British two-seat side-by-side (with optional third seat) training aircraft designed by Beagle Aircraft as the B.125 Bulldog.

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Short Tucano

The Short Tucano is a two-seat turboprop basic trainer built by Short Brothers in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Slingsby Falcon

The Slingsby T.1/T.2 Falcon or British Falcon) was a single-seat sport glider produced, in 1931-37, by Fred Slingsby in Scarborough, Yorkshire.

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Sopwith Cuckoo

The Sopwith T.1 Cuckoo was a British biplane torpedo bomber used by the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS), and its successor organization, the Royal Air Force (RAF).

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Soyuz T-1

Soyuz T-1 (Союз Т-1, also called Soyuz T) was a 1979-80 unmanned Soviet space flight, a test flight of a new Soyuz craft which docked with the orbiting Salyut 6 space station.

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Spin–lattice relaxation

Spin–lattice relaxation is the mechanism by which the component of the magnetization vector along the direction of the static magnetic field reaches thermodynamic equilibrium with its surroundings (the "lattice") in nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging.

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T visa

A T visa is a type of visa allowing certain victims of human trafficking and immediate family members to remain and work temporarily in the United States if they agree to assist law enforcement in testifying against the perpetrators.

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The T-carrier is a member of the series of carrier systems developed by AT&T Bell Laboratories for digital transmission of multiplexed telephone calls.

New!!: T1 and T-carrier · See more »

T-series (Toronto subway car)

The T-series rapid transit cars (widely known as the T1 as only one production run was made) are a Toronto subway car model, ordered in 1992 and built in 1995–2001.

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T1 General

The T1 General or T1 (entitled Income Tax and Benefit Return) is the form used in Canada by individuals to file their personal income tax return.

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T1 Light Tank

The Light Tank, T1 was a United States Army light tank of the late 1920s and early 1930s that was only built in prototype form.

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T1 space

In topology and related branches of mathematics, a T1 space is a topological space in which, for every pair of distinct points, each has a neighborhood not containing the other.

New!!: T1 and T1 space · See more »

Tatra T1

The T1 was the first tramcar based on the American Presidents' Conference Committee concept, produced by Czechoslovakian company ČKD Tatra.

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Tau1 Aquarii

Tau1 Aquarii (τ1 Aqr, τ1 Aquarii) is the Bayer designation for a star in the equatorial constellation of Aquarius.

New!!: T1 and Tau1 Aquarii · See more »

Terminator (character concept)

In the ''Terminator'' film series, a terminator is an autonomous robot, typically humanoid, originally conceived as a virtually indestructible soldier, infiltrator and assassin.

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Terrible One

Terrible One is a bicycle company founded in 1998 in Austin, Texas, United States, by BMX professionals Joe Rich and Taj Mihelich.

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The Temple of Elemental Evil

The Temple of Elemental Evil is an adventure module for the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, set in the game's World of Greyhawk campaign setting.

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Thoracic spinal nerve 1

The thoracic spinal nerve 1 (T1) is a spinal nerve of the thoracic segment.

New!!: T1 and Thoracic spinal nerve 1 · See more »

Thoracic vertebrae

In vertebrates, thoracic vertebrae compose the middle segment of the vertebral column, between the cervical vertebrae and the lumbar vertebrae.

New!!: T1 and Thoracic vertebrae · See more »

TNM staging system

The TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours (TNM) is a cancer staging notation system that gives codes to describe the stage of a person's cancer, when this originates with a solid tumor.

New!!: T1 and TNM staging system · See more »

TORRO scale

The TORRO tornado intensity scale (or T-Scale) is a scale measuring tornado intensity between T0 and T11.

New!!: T1 and TORRO scale · See more »


In geometry, a torus (plural tori) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle.

New!!: T1 and Torus · See more »

Tour T1

Tour T1 (also known as the Tour GDF Suez) is an office skyscraper in La Défense, the high-rise business district west of Paris, France.

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Truronian was an English bus and coach operator based in Truro.

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In musical choral notation, TTBB denotes a four-part men's chorus.

New!!: T1 and TTBB · See more »


Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC T1 microprocessor, known until its 14 November 2005 announcement by its development codename "Niagara", is a multithreading, multicore CPU.

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USS T-1 has been the name of more than one United States Navy ship, and may refer to.

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Volkswagen Type 2

The Volkswagen Type 2, known officially (depending on body type) as the Transporter, Kombi or Microbus, or, informally, as the Bus (US) or Camper (UK), is a cabover panel van introduced in 1950 by the German automaker Volkswagen as its second car model.

New!!: T1 and Volkswagen Type 2 · See more »

Yugoslav torpedo boat T1

The Yugoslav torpedo boat T1 was a 250t-class, T-group sea-going torpedo boat built for the Austro-Hungarian Navy as 76 T in 1914.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T1

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