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T35 (classification)

Index T35 (classification)

T35 (T for ''track'') is a disability sport classification for disability athletics' running competitions. [1]

30 relations: Ataxia, Athetosis, Australian Paralympic Committee, Cerebral palsy, Club throw, Disabled sports, Discus throw, Dynamic equilibrium, Erinn Walters, Fu Xinhan, Hypertonia, International Paralympic Committee, Isis Holt, Javelin, Mechanical equilibrium, Oxana Corso, Paralympic athletics, Rachael Dodds, Shot put, Sophia Warner, Spastic diplegia, Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association, T32 (classification), T33 (classification), T34 (classification), T36 (classification), T37 (classification), T38 (classification), Track and field, 2016 Summer Paralympics.


Ataxia is a neurological sign consisting of lack of voluntary coordination of muscle movements that includes gait abnormality.

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Athetosis is a symptom characterized by slow, involuntary, convoluted, writhing movements of the fingers, hands, toes, and feet and in some cases, arms, legs, neck and tongue.

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Australian Paralympic Committee

The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) is the National Paralympic Committee in Australia for the Paralympic Games movement.

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Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood.

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Club throw

The club throw is an athletic throwing event where the object is to throw a wooden club.

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Disabled sports

Disabled sports, also adaptive sports or parasports, are sports played by persons with a disability, including physical and intellectual disabilities.

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Discus throw

The discus throw is a track and field event in which an athlete throws a heavy disc—called a discus—in an attempt to mark a farther distance than their competitors.

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Dynamic equilibrium

In chemistry, a dynamic equilibrium exists once a reversible reaction ceases to change its ratio of reactants/products, but substances move between the chemicals at an equal rate, meaning there is no net change.

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Erinn Walters

Erinn Walters (born 11 May 1995) is an Australian athletics competitor.

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Fu Xinhan

Fu Xinhan (born November 27, 1984) is a Paralympian athlete from China competing mainly in category T35 sprint and F35 throwing events.

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Hypertonia is a term sometimes used synonymously with spasticity and rigidity in the literature surrounding damage to the central nervous system, namely upper motor neuron lesions.

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International Paralympic Committee

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC; Internationales Paralympisches Komitee) is an international non-profit organisation and the global governing body for the Paralympic Movement.

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Isis Holt

Isis Holt (born 3 July 2001) is a Paralympic athlete from Australia competing in T35 sprint events.

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A javelin is a light spear designed primarily to be thrown, historically as a ranged weapon, but today predominantly for sport.

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Mechanical equilibrium

In classical mechanics, a particle is in mechanical equilibrium if the net force on that particle is zero.

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Oxana Corso

Oxana Corso (born 9 July 1995 in Saint Petersburg) is an Italian Paralympic athlete.

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Paralympic athletics

Paralympic athletics is a disabled sport practiced by athletes with a physical disability who have competed at separate international events since 1952.

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Rachael Dodds

Rachael Dodds (born 26 November 1994) is an Australian athletics competitor.

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Shot put

The shot put (pronounced) is a track and field event involving "throwing"/"putting" (throwing in a pushing motion) a heavy spherical object—the shot—as far as possible.

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Sophia Warner

Sophia Warner (born 23 May 1974) is a Paralympian track and field athlete from England competing mainly in T35 sprint events.

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Spastic diplegia

Spastic diplegia, historically known as Little's Disease, is a form of cerebral palsy (CP) that is a chronic neuromuscular condition of hypertonia and spasticity—manifested as an especially high and constant "tightness" or "stiffness"—in the muscles of the lower extremities of the human body, usually those of the legs, hips and pelvis.

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Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association

The Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association is the peak body for sport, recreation and fitness for people with a physical disability or vision impairment in the Australian state of Queensland.

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T32 (classification)

T32 is disability sport classification for track events in disability athletics.

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T33 (classification)

T33 and CP3 are disability sport classification for disability athletics.

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T34 (classification)

T34 is a disability sport classification for disability athletics.

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T36 (classification)

T36 is a disability sport classification for disability athletics.

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T37 (classification)

T37 is a disability sport classification for disability athletics in track and jump events.

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T38 (classification)

T38 and CP8 are disability sport classification for disability athletics intended for people with cerebral palsy.

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Track and field

Track and field is a sport which includes athletic contests established on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing.

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2016 Summer Paralympics

The 2016 Summer Paralympics, the 15th Summer Paralympic Games, were a major international multi-sport event for athletes with disabilities governed by the International Paralympic Committee, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 7 September to 18 September 2016.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T35_(classification)

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