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Index T4

T4 or T-4 may refer to. [1]

37 relations: Aktion T4, Île-de-France tramway Line 4, CD4, Dayton-Wright Messenger, Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line, Electroencephalography, Enterobacteria phage T4, Fluorescent-lamp formats, Heathrow Terminal 4, Income taxes in Canada, Kawasaki T-4, Lockheed Martin Compact Fusion Reactor, M1 Armored Car, Non-small-cell lung carcinoma, Normal space, OS T1000, RDX, Soyuz T-4, SPARC T4, Spinal nerve, Sukhoi T-4, T-4 Atomic Demolition Munition, T4 (Channel 4), Tatra T4, Tekken 4, Terminator Salvation, Text Template Transformation Toolkit, Thaden T-4, The Four T's, Thyroid hormones, Tiyas Military Airbase, To Tell the Truth, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Traveller (role-playing game), Vertebral column, 10–20 system (EEG), 4T.

Aktion T4

Aktion T4 (German) was a postwar name for mass murder through involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany.

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Île-de-France tramway Line 4

Line 4 of the Tramways in Île-de-France or the T4 is an long tram-train line operated by the SNCF.

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In molecular biology, CD4 (cluster of differentiation 4) is a glycoprotein found on the surface of immune cells such as T helper cells, monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells.

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Dayton-Wright Messenger

The Dayton-Wright T-4 Messenger was a light, single-seat reconnaissance aircraft built in the United States by the Dayton-Wright Company in 1918 in the hope of gaining a production contract from the United States Army.

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Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line

The Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line (numbered T4, coloured azure blue) is a commuter railway line in the eastern and southern suburbs of Sydney and is a part of the Sydney Trains network.

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Electroencephalography (EEG) is an electrophysiological monitoring method to record electrical activity of the brain.

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Enterobacteria phage T4

Enterobacteria phage T4 is a bacteriophage that infects Escherichia coli bacteria.

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Fluorescent-lamp formats

Since their introduction as a commercial product in 1939, many different types of fluorescent lamp have been introduced.

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Heathrow Terminal 4

Heathrow Terminal 4 is an airport terminal at Heathrow Airport, the main airport serving London, England, situated to the south of the southern runway, next to the cargo terminal.

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Income taxes in Canada

Income taxes in Canada constitute the majority of the annual revenues of the Government of Canada, and of the governments of the Provinces of Canada.

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Kawasaki T-4

The Kawasaki T-4 is a Japanese subsonic intermediate jet trainer aircraft used by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.

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Lockheed Martin Compact Fusion Reactor

The Lockheed Martin Compact Fusion Reactor is a nuclear fusion reactor.

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M1 Armored Car

The M1 Armored Car was a four-wheel drive American armored car tested by the Ordnance Department in 1931 and briefly in 1932.

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Non-small-cell lung carcinoma

Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) is any type of epithelial lung cancer other than small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC).

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Normal space

In topology and related branches of mathematics, a normal space is a topological space X that satisfies Axiom T4: every two disjoint closed sets of X have disjoint open neighborhoods.

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OS T1000

T1000 and T1300 were two rapid transit train classes used on Oslo Metro in Oslo, Norway.

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RDX is the organic compound with the formula (O2NNCH2)3.

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Soyuz T-4

Soyuz T-4 was a Soviet space mission which launched the crew of Salyut 6 EO-6, the sixth and final long-duration crew of the Salyut 6 space station.

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The SPARC T4 is a SPARC multicore microprocessor introduced in 2011 by Oracle Corporation.

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Spinal nerve

A spinal nerve is a mixed nerve, which carries motor, sensory, and autonomic signals between the spinal cord and the body.

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Sukhoi T-4

The Sukhoi T-4, or "Aircraft 100", or "Project 100", or "Sotka" was a Soviet high-speed reconnaissance, anti-ship and strategic bomber aircraft that did not proceed beyond the prototype stage.

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T-4 Atomic Demolition Munition

The T4 Atomic Demolition Munitions (ADM) were modified versions of the W9 nuclear artillery shells.

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T4 (Channel 4)

T4 was a scheduling slot on Channel 4 (T4 Saturday usually 9 am until 2 pm) and E4 (T4 Sunday usually 9 am until 5 pm).

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Tatra T4

T4 is the name of a tram produced by ČKD Tatra.

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Tekken 4

is a 2001 fighting video game developed and published by Namco as the fifth main installment in the Tekken series.

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Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation is a 2009 American military science fiction action film directed by McG and written by John Brancato and Michael Ferris.

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Text Template Transformation Toolkit

Microsoft's Text Template Transformation Toolkit (usually referred to as "T4") is a template based text generation framework included with Visual Studio.

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Thaden T-4

The Thaden T-4 Argonaut was a 1930s American four-seat all-metal cabin monoplane built by the Thaden Metal Aircraft Company of San Francisco, California.

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The Four T's

The Four T's or 4 T's may refer to.

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Thyroid hormones

Thyroid hormones are two hormones produced and released by the thyroid gland, namely triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4).

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Tiyas Military Airbase

The Tiyas Military Airbase, also known as the T-4 Airbase is a Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) base located in the Homs Governorate, north of Tiyas, and west of the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria.

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To Tell the Truth

To Tell the Truth is an American television panel game show in which four celebrity panelists are presented with three contestants (the "team of challengers", each an individual or pair) and must identify which is the "central character" whose unusual occupation or experience has been read out by the show's moderator/host.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction is a 2014 American science fiction action film based on the Transformers franchise.

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Traveller (role-playing game)

Traveller is a science fiction role-playing game, first published in 1977 by Game Designers' Workshop.

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Vertebral column

The vertebral column, also known as the backbone or spine, is part of the axial skeleton.

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10–20 system (EEG)

The 10–20 system or International 10–20 system is an internationally recognized method to describe and apply the location of scalp electrodes in the context of an EEG exam, Polysomnograph sleep study, or voluntary lab research/experiment.

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4T or 4-T may refer to.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T4

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