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Th or TH may refer to. [1]

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Eth (uppercase: Ð, lowercase: ð; also spelled edh or eð) is a letter used in Old English, Middle English, Icelandic, Faroese (in which it is called edd), and Elfdalian.

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Pronunciation of English ⟨th⟩

In English, the digraph th represents in most cases one of two different phonemes: the voiced dental fricative (as in this) and the voiceless dental fricative (thing).

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Raya Airways

Raya Airways Sdn Bhd (doing business as Raya Airways) is a cargo airline with its head office in the Raya Airways Centre in the Cargo Complex of Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang, Selangor, Malaysia.

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Style guide

A style guide (or manual of style) is a set of standards for the writing and design of documents, either for general use or for a specific publication, organization, or field.

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T helper cell

The T helper cells (Th cells) are a type of T cell that play an important role in the immune system, particularly in the adaptive immune system.

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Taiwan Historica

The Taiwan Historica (TH) is an institution located in Chung Hsing New Village, Nantou City, Nantou County, Taiwan established to compile the common history of Taiwan Province.

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Technische Hochschule

A Technische Hochschule (plural: Technische Hochschulen, abbreviated TH) is a type of university focusing on engineering sciences in Germany.

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Technische Hogeschool

A Technische Hogeschool (TH, Technical College) in the Netherlands is a type of educational institution for higher education, where mainly (industrial) technical training is given like for engineer, bachelor in electronics, mechanics or automotive technology.

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Telegraph Herald

The Telegraph Herald, locally referred to as the TH, is a daily newspaper published in Dubuque, Iowa, for the population of Dubuque and surrounding areas in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

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Terminologia Histologica

The Terminologia Histologica (TH) is a controlled vocabulary for use in cytology and histology.

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Territory of Hawaii

The Territory of Hawaii or Hawaii Territory was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from August 12, 1898, until August 21, 1959, when most of its territory, excluding Palmyra Island and the Stewart Islands, was admitted to the Union as the fiftieth U.S. state, the State of Hawaii.

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Th (digraph)

Th is a digraph in the Latin script.

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Thai Airways Company

Thai Airways Company or Thai Airways (TAC; เดินอากาศไทย) was the domestic flag carrier of Thailand.

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Thai language

Thai, Central Thai, or Siamese, is the national and official language of Thailand and the first language of the Central Thai people and vast majority Thai of Chinese origin.

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A thermie (th) is a non-SI metric unit of heat energy, part of the metre-tonne-second system sometimes used by European engineers.

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Thomson (unit)

The thomson (symbol: Th) is a unit that has appeared infrequently in scientific literature relating to the field of mass spectrometry as a unit of mass-to-charge ratio.

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Thorium is a weakly radioactive metallic chemical element with symbol Th and atomic number 90.

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Thorn (letter)

Thorn or þorn (Þ, þ) is a letter in the Old English, Gothic, Old Norse and modern Icelandic alphabets, as well as some dialects of Middle English.

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Thursday is the day of the week between Wednesday and Friday.

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Thyroid hormones

Thyroid hormones are two hormones produced and released by the thyroid gland, namely triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4).

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Tyrosine hydroxylase

Tyrosine hydroxylase or tyrosine 3-monooxygenase is the enzyme responsible for catalyzing the conversion of the amino acid L-tyrosine to L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA).

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Voiced dental fricative

The voiced dental fricative is a consonant sound used in some spoken languages.

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Voiceless dental fricative

The voiceless dental non-sibilant fricative is a type of consonantal sound used in some spoken languages.

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.th is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Thailand.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TH

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