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Unit injector

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Unit injector (UI) is an integrated direct fuel injection system for diesel engines, combining the injector nozzle and the injection pump in a single component. [1]

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Aptiv PLC (stylised as •APTIV•, formerly known as Delphi Automotive PLC) is a global technology company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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Bar (unit)

The bar is a metric unit of pressure, but is not approved as part of the International System of Units (SI).

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A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.

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A camshaft is a shaft to which a cam is fastened or of which a cam forms an integral part.

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Caterpillars are the larval stage of members of the order Lepidoptera (the insect order comprising butterflies and moths).

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Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc. is an American Fortune 100 corporation which designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets and sells machinery, engines, financial products and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network.

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Combustion chamber

A combustion chamber is that part of an internal combustion engine (ICE) in which the fuel/air mix is burned.

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Commercial vehicle

A commercial vehicle is any type of motor vehicle used for transporting goods or paying passengers.

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Common rail

Common rail direct fuel injection is a direct fuel injection system for diesel engines.

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Cummins Inc. is an American Fortune 500 corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, filtration, and power generation products.

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Cylinder head

In an internal combustion engine, the cylinder head (often informally abbreviated to just head) sits above the cylinders on top of the cylinder block.

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Detroit Diesel

Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) is an American diesel engine manufacturer headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, United States and a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America, itself a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Daimler AG.

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Diesel engine

The diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition or CI engine), named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel which is injected into the combustion chamber is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to mechanical compression (adiabatic compression).

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Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel in general is any liquid fuel used in diesel engines, whose fuel ignition takes place, without any spark, as a result of compression of the inlet air mixture and then injection of fuel.

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Electro-Motive Diesel

Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) is an American manufacturer of diesel-electric locomotives, locomotive products and diesel engines for the rail industry.

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Electronically controlled unit injector

An electronically controlled unit injector (EUI) is a unit injector (UI) with electronic control.

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EMD 710

The EMD 710 is a line of diesel engines built by Electro-Motive Diesel (previously General Motors' Electro-Motive Division).

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Engine control unit

An engine control unit (ECU), also commonly called an engine control module (ECM), is a type of electronic control unit that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance.

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Ford Power Stroke engine

Power Stroke is a name used by a family of diesel engines for trucks produced by Ford Motor Company since 1994.

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Frederick Lamplough

Frederick Lamplough was a British engineer who invented the diesel injector (Unit Injector).

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Fuel injection

Fuel injection is the introduction of fuel in an internal combustion engine, most commonly automotive engines, by the means of an injector.

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Fuel pump

A fuel pump is a frequently (but not always) essential component on a car or other internal combustion engined device.

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General Motors

General Motors Company, commonly referred to as General Motors (GM), is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services.

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Great Britain

Great Britain, also known as Britain, is a large island in the north Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of continental Europe.

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Injection pump

An Injection Pump is the device that pumps diesel (as the fuel) into the cylinders of a diesel engine.

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A steam injector is typically used to deliver cold water to a boiler against its own pressure using its own live or exhaust steam, replacing any mechanical pump.

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Internal combustion engine

An internal combustion engine (ICE) is a heat engine where the combustion of a fuel occurs with an oxidizer (usually air) in a combustion chamber that is an integral part of the working fluid flow circuit.

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Land Rover

Land Rover is a car brand that specialises in four-wheel-drive vehicles, owned by British multinational car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, which has been owned by India's Tata Motors since 2008.

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A locomotive or engine is a rail transport vehicle that provides the motive power for a train.

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Navistar DT engine

The Navistar DT engine family is a line of mid-range inline-6 diesel engines.

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Navistar International

Navistar International Corporation (formerly International Harvester Company) is an American holding company, that owns the manufacturer of International brand commercial trucks, IC Bus school and commercial buses, Workhorse brand chassis for motor homes and step vans, and is a private label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines for the pickup truck, van, and SUV markets.

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Navistar T444E engine

The Navistar T444E is a Diesel V8 engine manufactured by Navistar International Corporation.

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North America

North America is a continent entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and almost all within the Western Hemisphere; it is also considered by some to be a northern subcontinent of the Americas.

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A nozzle is a device designed to control the direction or characteristics of a fluid flow (especially to increase velocity) as it exits (or enters) an enclosed chamber or pipe.

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Overhead camshaft

Overhead camshaft, commonly abbreviated to OHC, is a valvetrain configuration which places the camshaft of an internal combustion engine of the reciprocating type within the cylinder heads ("above" the pistons and combustion chambers) and drives the valves or lifters in a more direct manner compared with overhead valves (OHV) and pushrods.

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Pascal (unit)

The pascal (symbol: Pa) is the SI derived unit of pressure used to quantify internal pressure, stress, Young's modulus and ultimate tensile strength.

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Plunger pump

A plunger pump is a type of positive displacement pump where the high-pressure seal is stationary and a smooth cylindrical plunger slides through the seal.

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Robert Bosch GmbH

Robert Bosch GmbH, or Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.

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Scania AB

Scania AB, formerly AB Scania-Vabis, is a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles – specifically heavy trucks and buses.

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SDI (engine)

The SDI engine is a design of naturally aspirated (NA) direct injection diesel engine developed and produced by Volkswagen Group for use in cars and vans, along with marine engine (Volkswagen Marine).

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Solenoid valve

A solenoid valve is an electromechanical device in which the solenoid uses an electric current to generate a magnetic field and thereby operate a mechanism which regulates the opening of fluid flow in a valve.

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A truck or lorry is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo.

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Turbocharged direct injection

Turbocharged direct injection or TDI is a design of turbodiesel engines featuring turbocharging and cylinder-direct fuel injection that was developed and produced by the Volkswagen Group (VW AG).

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Two-stroke diesel engine

A two-stroke diesel engine is a diesel engine that works in two strokes.

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Unit pump

The Unit Pump system is a modular high-pressure diesel injection system, which is closely related to the Unit Injector system UI, and is designed for use in commercial vehicle diesel engines.

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United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

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United States Navy

The United States Navy (USN) is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the United States.

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V8 engine

A V8 engine is an eight-cylinder V configuration engine with the cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two sets (or banks) of four, with all eight pistons driving a common crankshaft.

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Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a compact car produced by the German manufacturer Volkswagen since 1974, marketed worldwide across seven generations, in various body configurations and under various nameplates – such as the Volkswagen Rabbit in the United States and Canada (Mk1 and Mk5), and as the Volkswagen Caribe in Mexico (Mk1).

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Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen AG, known internationally as the Volkswagen Group, is a German multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

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Volkswagen Group of America

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (sometimes referred to as Volkswagen of America, abbreviated to VWoA), is the North American operational headquarters, and subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group of automobile companies of Germany.

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Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is a compact car/small family car manufactured and marketed by Volkswagen since 1979.

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Volkswagen New Beetle

The Volkswagen New Beetle is a compact car, introduced by Volkswagen in 1997, drawing heavy inspiration from the exterior design of the original Beetle.

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Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks (Volvo Lastvagnar) (stylized as VOLVO) is a global truck manufacturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, owned by AB Volvo.

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Winton Motor Carriage Company

The Winton Motor Carriage Company was a pioneer United States automobile manufacturer based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_injector

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