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Urban renewal

Index Urban renewal

Urban renewal (also called urban regeneration in the United Kingdom, urban renewal or urban redevelopment in the United States) is a program of land redevelopment in cities, often where there is urban decay. [1]

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Abahlali baseMjondolo

Abahlali baseMjondolo (Shack Dwellers), also known as AbM or the red shirts,Richard Pithouse, ‘Our Struggle is Thought, on the Ground, Running'.

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Adaptive reuse

Adaptive reuse refers to the process of reusing an old site or building for a purpose other than which it was built or designed for.

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Africville was a small community located on the southern shore of Bedford Basin, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, which existed from the early 1800s to the 1960s, and has been continually occupied from 1970 to the present through a protest on the grounds.

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Allen Road

William R. Allen Road, also known as Allen Road and The Allen is a short expressway, super-4 expressway, and arterial road in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Angela Burdett-Coutts, 1st Baroness Burdett-Coutts

Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, 1st Baroness Burdett-Coutts (21 April 1814 – 30 December 1906), born Angela Georgina Burdett, was a nineteenth-century philanthropist, the daughter of Sir Francis Burdett, 5th Baronet and Sophia, formerly Coutts, daughter of banker Thomas Coutts.

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Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic (República Argentina), is a federal republic located mostly in the southern half of South America.

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Atlanta is the capital city and most populous municipality of the state of Georgia in the United States.

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Barcelona is a city in Spain.

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Berman v. Parker

Berman v. Parker, is a landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court that interpreted the Takings Clause ("nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation") of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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Big business

No description.

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Big City Plan

The Big City Plan is a major development plan for the city centre of Birmingham, England.

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Bilbao (Bilbo) is a city in northern Spain, the largest city in the province of Biscay and in the Basque Country as a whole.

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Boston is the capital city and most populous municipality of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States.

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A bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles without closing the way underneath such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle.

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Bristol is a city and county in South West England with a population of 456,000.

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital and most populous city of Argentina.

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Castleford is a town in the metropolitan borough of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.

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Central Park

Central Park is an urban park in Manhattan, New York City.

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Christopher Addison, 1st Viscount Addison

Christopher Addison, 1st Viscount Addison, (19 June 1869 – 11 December 1951) was a British medical doctor and politician.

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Civic Arena (Pittsburgh)

Civic Arena (formerly the Civic Auditorium and later Mellon Arena) was an arena located in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Clerkenwell is an area of central and north London, England.

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Community development

The United Nations defines community development as "a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems." It is a broad term given to the practices of civic leaders, activists, involved citizens and professionals to improve various aspects of communities, typically aiming to build stronger and more resilient local communities.

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Community Development Block Grant

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), one of the longest-running programs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, funds local community development activities such as affordable housing, anti-poverty programs, and infrastructure development.

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Commuting is periodically recurring travel between one's place of residence and place of work, or study, and in doing so exceed the boundary of their residential community.

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Controlled-access highway

A controlled-access highway is a type of highway which has been designed for high-speed vehicular traffic, with all traffic flow and ingress/egress regulated.

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Cost overrun

A cost overrun, also known as a cost increase, underrated or budget overrun, involves unexpected costs incurred in excess of budgeted amounts due to an underestimation of the actual cost during budgeting.

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County of London

The County of London was a county of England from 1889 to 1965, corresponding to the area known today as Inner London.

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Culture is the social behavior and norms found in human societies.

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Daniel Burnham

Daniel Hudson Burnham, (September 4, 1846 – June 1, 1912) was an American architect and urban designer.

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Devil's Acre

The Devil's Acre was a notorious slum near Westminster Abbey in Victorian London.

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Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh, colloquially referred to as the Golden Triangle, and officially the Central Business District, is the urban downtown center of Pittsburgh.

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Dublin is the capital of and largest city in Ireland.

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East End of London

The East End of London, usually called the East End, is the historic core of wider East London, east of the Roman and medieval walls of the City of London, and north of the River Thames.

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East Liberty (Pittsburgh)

East Liberty is a culturally diverse neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's East End.

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Elephant and Castle

The Elephant and Castle is an area around a major road junction in South London, England, in the London Borough of Southwark.

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England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

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Environmental racism

Environmental racism is a term used to describe environmental injustice within a racialized context.

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Fallsville Splash Park

Fallsville Splash Park was a water park located in Niagara Falls, New York.

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Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956

The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act (Public Law 84-627), was enacted on June 29, 1956, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the bill into law.

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FreshMinistries is an interfaith, non-profit organization based in Jacksonville, Florida whose goal is to eradicate poverty, improve race relations and build stronger communities.

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G.I. Bill

The Serviceman's Readjustment Act of 1944, also known as the G.I. Bill, was a law that provided a range of benefits for returning World War II veterans (commonly referred to as G.I.s).

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Gentrification is a process of renovation of deteriorated urban neighborhoods by means of the influx of more affluent residents.

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George Peabody

George Peabody (February 18, 1795 – November 4, 1869) was an American financier and philanthropist.

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Georges-Eugène Haussmann

Georges-Eugène Haussmann, commonly known as Baron Haussmann (27 March 180911 January 1891), was a prefect of the Seine Department of France chosen by Emperor Napoleon III to carry out a massive urban renewal program of new boulevards, parks and public works in Paris that is commonly referred to as Haussmann's renovation of Paris.

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Glazing (window)

Glazing, which derives from the Middle English for 'glass', is a part of a wall or window, made of glass.

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Government Center, Boston

Government Center is an area in downtown Boston, centered on City Hall Plaza.

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Great Depression

The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the 1930s, beginning in the United States.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, officially known as the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), is the capital of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

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A highway is any public or private road or other public way on land.

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Hill District (Pittsburgh)

The Hill District is a historic black collection of neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Hispanic and Latino Americans

Hispanic Americans and Latino Americans (Estadounidenses hispanos) are people in the United States who are descendants of people from countries of Latin America and Spain.

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Housing Act of 1949

The American Housing Act of 1949 (Title V of P.L. 81-171) was a landmark, sweeping expansion of the federal role in mortgage insurance and issuance and the construction of public housing.

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Housing Act of 1954

The Housing Act of 1954,, passed during the Dwight D. Eisenhower Administration, comprised a series of amendments to the National Housing Act of 1934.

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Housing Market Renewal Initiative

The Housing Market Renewal Initiative (HMRI) or Housing Market Renewal (HMR) Pathfinders programme was a controversial Cole, Ian and Flint, John Addressing housing affordability, clearance and relocation issues in the Housing Market Renewal Pathfinders; Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2007, scheme of demolition, refurbishment and new-building which ran in the UK between 2002 and 2011 and aimed "to renew failing housing markets in nine designated areas of the North and Midlands of England.".

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Housing, Town Planning, &c. Act 1919

The Housing, Town Planning, &c.

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Interwar period

In the context of the history of the 20th century, the interwar period was the period between the end of the First World War in November 1918 and the beginning of the Second World War in September 1939.

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Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Florida and the largest city by area in the contiguous United States.

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James Baldwin

James Arthur "Jimmy" Baldwin (August 2, 1924 – December 1, 1987) was an American novelist and social critic.

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Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs (née Butzner; May 4, 1916 – April 25, 2006) was an American-Canadian journalist, author, and activist who influenced urban studies, sociology, and economics.

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Josefov (also Jewish quarter; Josefstadt) is a town quarter and the smallest cadastral area of Prague, Czech Republic, formerly the Jewish ghetto of the town.

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Joseph Alioto

Joseph Lawrence Alioto (February 12, 1916 – January 29, 1998) was the 36th mayor of San Francisco, California, from 1968 to 1976.

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Lendlease Group

Lendlease Group is a multinational construction, property and infrastructure company headquartered in Barangaroo, Sydney, Australia.

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In art, graphic design and typography, lettering refers to the creation of hand-drawn letters to apply to an object or surface.

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Levittown, New York

Levittown, formerly Island Trees, is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County, New York on Long Island.

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List of planned cities

This is a list of planned cities (sometimes known as planned communities or new towns) by country.

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List of urban planners

List of urban planners chronological by initial year of plan.

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London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom.

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London County Council

London County Council (LCC) was the principal local government body for the County of London throughout its existence from 1889 to 1965, and the first London-wide general municipal authority to be directly elected.

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles (Spanish for "The Angels";; officially: the City of Los Angeles; colloquially: by its initials L.A.) is the second-most populous city in the United States, after New York City.

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Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson (August 27, 1908January 22, 1973), often referred to by his initials LBJ, was an American politician who served as the 36th President of the United States from 1963 to 1969, assuming the office after having served as the 37th Vice President of the United States from 1961 to 1963.

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A megaproject is an extremely large-scale investment project.

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Ministry of Works (United Kingdom)

The Ministry of Works was a department of the UK Government formed in 1943, during World War II, to organise the requisitioning of property for wartime use.

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Napoleon III

Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte (born Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte; 20 April 1808 – 9 January 1873) was the President of France from 1848 to 1852 and as Napoleon III the Emperor of the French from 1852 to 1870.

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New South

New South, New South Democracy or New South Creed is a slogan in the history of the American South, after 1877.

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New Urbanism

New Urbanism is an urban design movement which promotes environmentally friendly habits by creating walkable neighborhoods containing a wide range of housing and job types.

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New York (state)

New York is a state in the northeastern United States.

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New York City

The City of New York, often called New York City (NYC) or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the American state of New York.

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Niagara Falls Convention and Civic Center

Niagara Falls Convention and Civic Center was an indoor multi-purpose venue in Niagara Falls, New York, with a capacity of 10,000 people.

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Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls is a city in Niagara County, New York, United States.

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Niagara Scenic Parkway

The Niagara Scenic Parkway (known as the Robert Moses State Parkway until 2016) is an long north–south highway in western Niagara County, New York, in the United States.

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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia (Latin for "New Scotland"; Nouvelle-Écosse; Scottish Gaelic: Alba Nuadh) is one of Canada's three maritime provinces, and one of the four provinces that form Atlantic Canada.

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Occidental Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (often abbreviated Oxy in reference to its ticker symbol) is an American multinational petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Houston, Texas with operations in the United States, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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Old Nichol

The Old Nichol, also known as the Nichol or the Old Nichol Street Rookery, was an area of housing in the East End of London, between High Street, Shoreditch, and Hackney Road in the north, and Spitalfields in the south.

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Overspill estate

An overspill estate is a housing estate planned and built for the housing of excess population in urban areas, both from the natural increase of population and often in order to rehouse people from decaying inner city areas, usually as part of the process of slum clearance.

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A park is an area of natural, semi-natural or planted space set aside for human enjoyment and recreation or for the protection of wildlife or natural habitats.

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Parliament of the United Kingdom

The Parliament of the United Kingdom, commonly known as the UK Parliament or British Parliament, is the supreme legislative body of the United Kingdom, the Crown dependencies and overseas territories.

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Peabody Trust

The Peabody Trust was founded in 1862 as the 'Peabody Donation Fund' and now brands itself simply as Peabody.

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Peninsular Malaysia

Peninsular Malaysia also known as Malaya or West Malaysia, is the part of Malaysia which lies on the Malay Peninsula and surrounding islands.

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People's Action Party

The People's Action Party (abbreviation: PAP) is a major right-wingPartido de Ação Popular political party in Singapore.

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Phase I environmental site assessment

In the United States, an environmental site assessment is a report prepared for a real estate holding that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities.

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Pittsburgh is a city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States, and is the county seat of Allegheny County.

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Planned community

A planned community, or planned city, is any community that was carefully planned from its inception and is typically constructed on previously undeveloped greenfield land.

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Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales (Tywysog Cymru) was a title granted to princes born in Wales from the 12th century onwards; the term replaced the use of the word king.

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Principles of intelligent urbanism

Principles of intelligent urbanism (PIU) is a theory of urban planning composed of a set of ten axioms intended to guide the formulation of city plans and urban designs.

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Public Health Act 1875

The Public Health Act 1875 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, one of the Public Health Acts, and a significant step in the advance of public health in Britain.

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Public housing in the United Kingdom

Public housing in the United Kingdom provided the majority of rented accommodation in the country until 2011.

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Public housing in the United States

Public housing in the United States is administered by federal, state and local agencies to provide subsidized assistance for low-income households.

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Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero, also known within the urban planning community as the Puerto Madero Waterfront, is a barrio (district) of the Argentine capital at Buenos Aires CBD, occupying a significant portion of the Río de la Plata riverbank and representing the latest architectural trends in the city of Buenos Aires.

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Rainbow Centre Factory Outlet

Rainbow Centre Factory Outlet was an enclosed outlet mall in downtown Niagara Falls, New York, that operated from 1982 to 2000.

New!!: Urban renewal and Rainbow Centre Factory Outlet · See more »

Reconstruction (architecture)

Reconstruction is a term in architectural conservation whose precise meaning varies, depending on the context in which they are used.

New!!: Urban renewal and Reconstruction (architecture) · See more »


Redevelopment is any new construction on a site that has pre-existing uses.

New!!: Urban renewal and Redevelopment · See more »

Reform movement

A reform movement is a type of social movement that aims to bring a social or political system closer to the community's ideal.

New!!: Urban renewal and Reform movement · See more »

Richard King Mellon

Richard King Mellon (June 19, 1899 – June 3, 1970), commonly known as R.K., was an American financier, general, and philanthropist from the Pittsburgh suburb of Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro (River of January), or simply Rio, is the second-most populous municipality in Brazil and the sixth-most populous in the Americas.

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Robert Moses

Robert Moses (December 18, 1888 – July 29, 1981) was an American public official who worked mainly in the New York metropolitan area.

New!!: Urban renewal and Robert Moses · See more »

Rowland Plumbe

Rowland Plumbe, also known as Roland Plumbe (2 February 1838, Whitechapel – 2 April 1919, Willesden), was an English architect, famous for being the author of many residential schemes across London, many being considered the first examples of the Victorian Garden City.

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San Fernando Valley

The San Fernando Valley is an urbanized valley in Los Angeles County, California, defined by the mountains of the Transverse Ranges circling it.

New!!: Urban renewal and San Fernando Valley · See more »

San Francisco

San Francisco (initials SF;, Spanish for 'Saint Francis'), officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California.

New!!: Urban renewal and San Francisco · See more »


Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia.

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A slum is a highly populated urban residential area consisting mostly of closely packed, decrepit housing units in a situation of deteriorated or incomplete infrastructure, inhabited primarily by impoverished persons.

New!!: Urban renewal and Slum · See more »

Slum clearance

Slum clearance, slum eviction or slum removal is an urban renewal strategy used to transform low income settlements with poor reputation into another type of development or housing.

New!!: Urban renewal and Slum clearance · See more »

Slum upgrading

Slum upgrading is an urban renewal strategy which consists of a demolition to slums, undertaken cooperatively by large corporations to make way for hotels and various other institutions.

New!!: Urban renewal and Slum upgrading · See more »

Small business

Small businesses are privately owned corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships that have fewer employees and/or less annual revenue than a regular-sized business or corporation.

New!!: Urban renewal and Small business · See more »

South Africa

South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is the southernmost country in Africa.

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Southwark is a district of Central London and part of the London Borough of Southwark.

New!!: Urban renewal and Southwark · See more »

Southwest Corridor (Massachusetts)

The Southwest Corridor or Southwest Expressway was a project designed to bring an eight-lane highway into the City of Boston from a direction southwesterly of downtown.

New!!: Urban renewal and Southwest Corridor (Massachusetts) · See more »

St James's Park

St James's Park is a park in the City of Westminster, central London.

New!!: Urban renewal and St James's Park · See more »

Stratford, London

Stratford is a town and parish in London, in the London Borough of Newham.

New!!: Urban renewal and Stratford, London · See more »

Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court of the United States (sometimes colloquially referred to by the acronym SCOTUS) is the highest federal court of the United States.

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Sustainability is the process of change, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations.

New!!: Urban renewal and Sustainability · See more »

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is a modern art gallery located in London.

New!!: Urban renewal and Tate Modern · See more »


A tax (from the Latin taxo) is a mandatory financial charge or some other type of levy imposed upon a taxpayer (an individual or other legal entity) by a governmental organization in order to fund various public expenditures.

New!!: Urban renewal and Tax · See more »

Temple Bar, Dublin

Temple Bar (Barra an Teampaill) is an area on the south bank of the River Liffey in central Dublin, Ireland.

New!!: Urban renewal and Temple Bar, Dublin · See more »

Temporary use

Temporary use of empty spaces is a practice in urbanism aiming to revitalize empty spaces in urban areas, especially abandoned and decaying buildings.

New!!: Urban renewal and Temporary use · See more »

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

The Death and Life of Great American Cities is a 1961 book by writer and activist Jane Jacobs.

New!!: Urban renewal and The Death and Life of Great American Cities · See more »


Toronto is the capital city of the province of Ontario and the largest city in Canada by population, with 2,731,571 residents in 2016.

New!!: Urban renewal and Toronto · See more »

United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

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United States Department of Veterans Affairs

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a federal Cabinet-level agency that provides near-comprehensive healthcare services to eligible military veterans at VA medical centers and outpatient clinics located throughout the country; several non-healthcare benefits including disability compensation, vocational rehabilitation, education assistance, home loans, and life insurance; and provides burial and memorial benefits to eligible veterans and family members at 135 national cemeteries.

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Urban decay

Urban decay (also known as urban rot and urban blight) is the process by which a previously functioning city, or part of a city, falls into disrepair and decrepitude.

New!!: Urban renewal and Urban decay · See more »

Urban economics

Urban economics is broadly the economic study of urban areas; as such, it involves using the tools of economics to analyze urban issues such as crime, education, public transit, housing, and local government finance.

New!!: Urban renewal and Urban economics · See more »

Urban planner

An urban planner is a professional who practices in the field of urban planning.

New!!: Urban renewal and Urban planner · See more »

Urban planning

Urban planning is a technical and political process concerned with the development and design of land use in an urban environment, including air, water, and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas, such as transportation, communications, and distribution networks.

New!!: Urban renewal and Urban planning · See more »

Urban renaissance

The urban renaissance of the United Kingdom is the recent period of repopulation and regeneration of many British cities, including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and parts of London after a period of inner city urban decay and suburbanisation during the mid-20th century.

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Urban sprawl

Urban sprawl or suburban sprawl describes the expansion of human populations away from central urban areas into low-density, monofunctional and usually car-dependent communities, in a process called suburbanization.

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War on Poverty

The War on Poverty is the unofficial name for legislation first introduced by United States President Lyndon B. Johnson during his State of the Union address on Wednesday, January 8, 1964.

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Warren, Michigan

Warren is a city in Macomb County in the U.S. state of Michigan.

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West End, Boston

The West End was a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, bounded generally by Cambridge Street to the south, the Charles River to the west and northwest, North Washington Street on the north and northeast, and New Sudbury Street on the east.

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Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign

The Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign is a non-racial popular movement made up of poor and oppressed communities in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Westminster is an area of central London within the City of Westminster, part of the West End, on the north bank of the River Thames.

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Whitechapel is a district in the East End of London, England, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

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Whitecross Street

Whitecross Street is a short street in Islington, in Inner London.

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William Gibbs (businessman)

William Gibbs (1790–1875) was an English businessman, best known as one of three founding partners in Antony Gibbs & Sons, a religious philanthropist, and the owner who developed Tyntesfield in Wraxall, North Somerset.

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World economy

The world economy or global economy is the economy of the world, considered as the international exchange of goods and services that is expressed in monetary units of account (money).

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World War I

World War I (often abbreviated as WWI or WW1), also known as the First World War, the Great War, or the War to End All Wars, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918.

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World War II

World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier.

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