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V Air

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V Air was a Taiwanese low-cost airline based in Taipei. [1]

26 relations: Airbus A320 family, Airline seat, Chairman, Chiang Mai International Airport, Chief executive officer, Chief operating officer, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Corporate identity, Datong District, Taipei, Don Mueang International Airport, Formosan black bear, Franchising, Fukuoka Airport, Gimhae International Airport, Haneda Airport, Ibaraki Airport, Kansai International Airport, Low-cost carrier, Naha Airport, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Public relations officer, Siem Reap International Airport, Taipei, Taiwan, Taoyuan International Airport, TransAsia Airways.

Airbus A320 family

The Airbus A320 family consists of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliners manufactured by Airbus.

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Airline seat

An airline seat is a seat on an airliner in which passengers are accommodated for the duration of the journey.

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The chairman (also chairperson, chairwoman or chair) is the highest officer of an organized group such as a board, a committee, or a deliberative assembly.

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Chiang Mai International Airport

Chiang Mai International Airport (ท่าอากาศยานเชียงใหม่) is an international airport serving Chiang Mai, the capital city of Chiang Mai Province in Thailand.

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Chief executive officer

Chief executive officer (CEO) is the position of the most senior corporate officer, executive, administrator, or other leader in charge of managing an organization especially an independent legal entity such as a company or nonprofit institution.

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Chief operating officer

The chief operating officer (COO), also called the chief operations officer, is one of the highest-ranking executive positions in an organization, comprising part of the "C-Suite".

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Chubu Centrair International Airport

is an international airport on an artificial island in Ise Bay, Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture, south of Nagoya in central Japan.

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Corporate identity

A corporate identity or corporate image is the manner which a corporation, firm or business presents themselves to the public (such as customers and investors as well as employees).

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Datong District, Taipei

Datong District or Tatung is a district of Taipei City, Taiwan.

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Don Mueang International Airport

Don Mueang International Airport (ท่าอากาศยานดอนเมือง,, or colloquially as สนามบินดอนเมือง) (aka Bangkok International Airport) is one of two international airports serving Greater Bangkok, the other one being Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

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Formosan black bear

The Formosan black bear (臺灣黑熊, Ursus thibetanus formosanus), also known as the white-throated bear, is a subspecies of the Asiatic black bear.

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Franchising is based on a marketing concept which can be adopted by an organisation as a strategy for business expansion.

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Fukuoka Airport

, formerly known as Itazuke Air Base, is an international and domestic airport located east of Hakata Station in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan.

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Gimhae International Airport

Gimhae International Airport (김해 국제공항), commonly known as Gimhae Airport (formerly Kimhae International Airport) is located on the western end of Busan, South Korea.

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Haneda Airport

, commonly known as, Tokyo Haneda Airport, and Haneda International Airport, is one of the two primary airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Area, and is the primary base of Japan's two major domestic airlines, Japan Airlines (Terminal 1) and All Nippon Airways (Terminal 2), as well as Air Do, Skymark Airlines, Solaseed Air, and StarFlyer.

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Ibaraki Airport

Ibaraki Airport is an airport in the city of Omitama, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

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Kansai International Airport

is an international airport located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay off the Honshu shore, southwest of Ōsaka Station, located within three municipalities, including Izumisano (north),.

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Low-cost carrier

A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (also known as ''no-frills'', ''discount'' or budget carrier or airline, or LCC) is an airline without most of the traditional services provided in the fare, resulting in lower fares and fewer comforts.

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Naha Airport

is a second class airport located west of the city hall in Naha, Okinawa.

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Ninoy Aquino International Airport

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Ninoy Aquino) or NAIA, formerly known and still commonly referred to as Manila International Airport as well as its codename Nichols Field (Nichols), is the airport serving Manila and its surrounding metropolitan area.

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Public relations officer

The public relations officer (PRO) or chief communications officer (CCO) or corporate communications officer is the head of communications, public relations, and/or public affairs in an organization.

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Siem Reap International Airport

Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport (អាកាសយានដ្ឋានអន្តរជាតិសៀមរាបអង្គរ Aéroport International de Siem Reap-Angkor) serves Siem Reap, a popular tourist destination due to nearby Angkor Wat.

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Taipei, officially known as Taipei City, is the capital and a special municipality of Taiwan (officially known as the Republic of China, "ROC").

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Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), is a state in East Asia.

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Taoyuan International Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is an international airport serving Taipei and northern Taiwan.

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TransAsia Airways

TransAsia Airways (TNA) (lit. "Renaissance" Airways) was a Taiwanese airline based in Neihu District in Taipei.

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Wei Hang, 威航.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_Air

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