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Vladimir Vysotsky

Index Vladimir Vysotsky

Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky (p; 25 January 1938 – 25 July 1980) was a Russian singer-songwriter, poet, and actor whose career had an immense and enduring effect on Soviet and Russian culture. [1]

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A Hero of Our Time

A Hero of Our Time (Герой нашего времени, Geroy nashego vremeni) is a novel by Mikhail Lermontov, written in 1839, published in 1840, and revised in 1841.

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Alcoholism, also known as alcohol use disorder (AUD), is a broad term for any drinking of alcohol that results in mental or physical health problems.

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Aleksandr Demyanenko

Aleksandr Sergeievich Demyanenko (Алекса́ндр Серге́евич Демья́ненко; May 30, 1937 – August 22, 1999) was a Russian film and theater actor.

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Aleksandr Stolper

Aleksandr Borisovich Stolper (Александр Борисович Столпер; 12 August 1907, Dvinsk (now Daugavpils) – 12 January 1979, Moscow) was a Russian/Soviet film director and screenwriter.

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Alexander Blok

Alexander Alexandrovich Blok (a; 7 August 1921) was a Russian lyrical poet.

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Alexander Mitta

Alexander Naumovich Mitta (Алекса́ндр Нау́мович Митта́; born 28 March 1933 in Moscow) is a Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Alexander Stein

Alexander Petrovich Stein (Александр Петрович Штейн, born Rubinstein, 28 September 1906 – 5 October 1993) was a Soviet Russian writer, playwright, scriptwriter and memoirist.

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Alexei Venediktov

Alexei Alexeyevich Venediktov (Алексе́й Алексе́евич Венеди́ктов; born 18 December 1955) is a Russian journalist, editor-in-chief, host and co-owner at Echo of Moscow, January 1, 2016 (in Russian) of the Echo of Moscow radio station, as well as the president of Echo TV Russia.

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.

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Alla Demidova

Alla Sergeyevna Demidova (А́лла Серге́евна Деми́дова; born 29 September 1936, Moscow) is a Russian actress internationally acclaimed for the tragic parts in innovative plays staged by Yuri Lyubimov in the Taganka Theatre.

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Alternate bass

In music, alternate bass is a performance technique on many instruments where the bass alternates between two notes, most often the root and the fifth of a triad or chord.

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Anatoly Efros

Anatoly Vasilievich Efros (Анато́лий Васи́льевич Э́фрос; July 3, 1925, Kharkiv — January 13, 1987, Moscow) was a Russian and Soviet theatre director.

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Andrei Sinyavsky

Andrei Donatovich Sinyavsky (Андре́й Дона́тович Синя́вский, 8 October 1925 in Moscow – 25 February 1997 in Paris) was a Russian writer, dissident, political prisoner, emigrant, Professor of Sorbonne University, magazine founder and publisher.

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Andrei Voznesensky

Andrei Andreyevich Voznesensky (Андре́й Андре́евич Вознесе́нский, May 12, 1933 – June 1, 2010) was a Soviet and Russian poet and writer who had been referred to by Robert Lowell as "one of the greatest living poets in any language." He was one of the "Children of the '60s," a new wave of iconic Russian intellectuals led by the Khrushchev Thaw.

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Anna Akhmatova

Anna Andreyevna Gorenkoa; Анна Андріївна Горенко, Anna Andriyivna Horenko (– 5 March 1966), better known by the pen name Anna Akhmatova (Анна Ахматова), was one of the most significant Russian poets of the 20th century.

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Anton Chekhov

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (ɐnˈton ˈpavɫəvʲɪtɕ ˈtɕɛxəf; 29 January 1860 – 15 July 1904) was a Russian playwright and short-story writer, who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short fiction in history.

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Armenians (հայեր, hayer) are an ethnic group native to the Armenian Highlands.

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An astronaut or cosmonaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft.

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Balkanton was a state-owned record manufacturing company in Bulgaria founded in 1952.

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Bard (Soviet Union)

The term bard (bard) came to be used in the Soviet Union in the early 1960s, and continues to be used in Russia today, to refer to singer-songwriters who wrote songs outside the Soviet establishment, similarly to folk singers of the American folk music revival.

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Belarusfilm (Беларусьфільм, Беларусьфильм) is the main film studio of Belarus.

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Belarusians (беларусы, biełarusy, or Byelorussians (from the Byelorussian SSR), are an East Slavic ethnic group who are native to modern-day Belarus and the immediate region. There are over 9.5 million people who proclaim Belarusian ethnicity worldwide, with the overwhelming majority residing either in Belarus or the adjacent countries where they are an autochthonous minority.

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Belgrade (Beograd / Београд, meaning "White city",; names in other languages) is the capital and largest city of Serbia.

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Belgrade International Theatre Festival

The Belgrade International Theatre Festival (abbr. BITEF) is a theatre festival that takes place every September annually in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Bertolt Brecht

Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht (10 February 1898 – 14 August 1956), known professionally as Bertolt Brecht, was a German theatre practitioner, playwright, and poet.

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Blatnaya pesnya

Blatnaya pesnya (p, criminals' song) or Blatnyak (p) is a genre of Russian song characterized by depictions of criminal subculture and the urban underworld which are often romanticized and have criminally-perverted humor in nature.

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Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman, May 24, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter, author, and painter who has been an influential figure in popular music and culture for more than five decades.

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Bobby Fischer

Robert James Fischer (March 9, 1943January 17, 2008) was an American chess grandmaster and the eleventh World Chess Champion.

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The Bolsheviks, originally also Bolshevists or Bolsheviki (p; derived from bol'shinstvo (большинство), "majority", literally meaning "one of the majority"), were a faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) which split apart from the Menshevik faction at the Second Party Congress in 1903.

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Brel may refer to.

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Brief Encounters (film)

Brief Encounters (Korotkiye vstrechi) is a 1967 Soviet romantic drama directed by Kira Muratova.

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Bulat Okudzhava

Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava (Була́т Ша́лвович Окуджа́ва; ბულატ ოკუჯავა) (May 9, 1924 – June 12, 1997) was a Soviet and Russian poet, writer, musician, novelist, and singer-songwriter of Georgian-Armenian ancestry.

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Chloral hydrate

Chloral hydrate is a geminal diol with the formula C2H3Cl3O2.

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Clinical death

Clinical death is the medical term for cessation of blood circulation and breathing, the two necessary criteria to sustain human and many other organisms' lives.

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Compact disc

Compact disc (CD) is a digital optical disc data storage format that was co-developed by Philips and Sony and released in 1982.

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Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment (Pre-reform Russian: Преступленіе и наказаніе; post-reform prʲɪstʊˈplʲenʲɪje ɪ nəkɐˈzanʲɪje) is a novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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Culture of the Soviet Union

The culture of the Soviet Union passed through several stages during the Soviet Union's 69-year existence.

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Dan Rather

Daniel Irvin Rather Jr. (born October 31, 1931) is an American journalist and the former news anchor for the CBS Evening News. He currently anchors a newscast called The News with Dan Rather at The Young Turks and was previously managing editor and anchor of the television news magazine Dan Rather Reports on the cable channel AXS TV.

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Dangerous Tour (film)

Dangerous Tour (Opasnye gastroli) is a 1969 Soviet adventure musical film directed by Georgi Yungvald-Khilkevich.

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Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

Direct Line with Vladimir Putin (Прямая линия с Владимиром Путиным) is annual special television program and a Q&A show mostly broadcast live by Russia-1, Russia 24, RT and Channel One Russia and Mayak, Vesti FM and Radio of Russia radio stations.

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Dmitry Kabalevsky

Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky (Дми́трий Бори́сович Кабале́вский; 14 February 1987), HSL, PAU, was a Russian composer.

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East Germany

East Germany, officially the German Democratic Republic (GDR; Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDR), existed from 1949 to 1990 and covers the period when the eastern portion of Germany existed as a state that was part of the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War period.

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Eberswalde is a major town and the administrative seat of the district Barnim in the German Federal State (Bundesland) of Brandenburg, about 50 km northeast of Berlin.

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Edmond Keosayan

Edmond Gareginovich Keosayan (Էդմոնդ Քյոսայան; Эдмонд Гарегинович Кеосаян; 9 October 1936 – 21 April 1994) was an Armenian Soviet film director and musician.

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Eksmo (Эксмо) is one of the largest publishing houses in Russia.

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France, officially the French Republic (République française), is a sovereign state whose territory consists of metropolitan France in Western Europe, as well as several overseas regions and territories.

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French Communist Party

The French Communist Party (Parti communiste français, PCF) is a communist party in France.

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Frunze Dovlatyan

Frunze Vaghinaki Dovlatyan (Ֆրունզե Վաղինակի Դովլաթյան; May 26, 1927 in Gavar – August 30, 1997 in Yerevan) was an Armenian film director and actor.

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Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Mikhailovich DostoevskyHis name has been variously transcribed into English, his first name sometimes being rendered as Theodore or Fedor.

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Galina Brezhneva

Galina Leonidovna Brezhneva (Галина Леонидовна Брежнева; 18 April 1928 – 30 June 1998) was the daughter of Soviet politician and longtime General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and Viktoria Brezhneva.

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Gennadi Poloka

Gennadi Ivanovich Poloka (Генна́дий Ива́нович Поло́ка; 15 July 1930, Kuybyshev – 5 December 2014, Moscow) was a Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter, producer and actor.

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Georges Brassens

Georges Brassens (22 October 1921 – 29 October 1981) was a French singer-songwriter and poet.

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Georges Marchais

Georges René Louis Marchais (7 June 1920 – 16 November 1997) was the head of the French Communist Party (PCF) from 1972 to 1994, and a candidate in the French presidential elections of 1981.

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Georgi Yungvald-Khilkevich

Georgi Yungvald-Khilkevich (22 October 1934 – 11 November 2015) was a Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, theatre director and set designer.

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Georgia (country)

Georgia (tr) is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.

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German language

German (Deutsch) is a West Germanic language that is mainly spoken in Central Europe.

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Gorky Film Studio

Gorky Film Studio (Киностудия имени Горького) is a film studio in Moscow, Russian Federation.

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The Gulag (ГУЛАГ, acronym of Главное управление лагерей и мест заключения, "Main Camps' Administration" or "Chief Administration of Camps") was the government agency in charge of the Soviet forced labor camp system that was created under Vladimir Lenin and reached its peak during Joseph Stalin's rule from the 1930s to the 1950s.

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Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California.

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How Czar Peter the Great Married Off His Moor

How Czar Peter the Great Married Off His Moor (Сказ про то, как царь Пётр арапа женил, Skaz pro to, kak tsar Pyotr arapa zhenil) is a 1976 musical film directed by the Russian filmmaker Aleksandr Mitta.

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Human condition

The human condition is "the characteristics, key events, and situations which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality".

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Hungarian People's Republic

The Hungarian People's Republic (Magyar Népköztársaság) was a one-party socialist republic (communist state) from 20 August 1949 to 23 October 1989.

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Igor Kokhanovsky

Igor Vasilyevich Kokhanovsky (Игорь Васильевич Кохано́вский, born 2 April 1937 in Moscow, USSR) is a Soviet, Russian bard, poet and lyricist whose songs recorded, among others, Anna German, Sofia Rotaru, Klavdiya Shulzhenko, Lyudmila Zykina and Vladimir Vysotsky, his classmate and friend.

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Intervention (1968 film)

Intervention (Interventsiya) is a 1968 Russian adventure film directed by Gennadi Poloka.

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Iosif Kheifits

Iosif Yefimovich Kheifits (Іосіф Яўхімавіч Хейфіц; – 24 April 1995) was a Soviet film director, winner of two Stalin Prizes (1941, 1946), People's Artist of USSR (1964), Hero of Socialist Labor (1975).

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Jacek Kaczmarski

Jacek Kaczmarski (22 March 1957, Warsaw – 10 April 2004, Gdańsk) was a Polish singer, songwriter, poet and author.

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Jews (יְהוּדִים ISO 259-3, Israeli pronunciation) or Jewish people are an ethnoreligious group and a nation, originating from the Israelites Israelite origins and kingdom: "The first act in the long drama of Jewish history is the age of the Israelites""The people of the Kingdom of Israel and the ethnic and religious group known as the Jewish people that descended from them have been subjected to a number of forced migrations in their history" and Hebrews of the Ancient Near East.

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Joe Dassin

Joseph Ira Dassin (5 November 1938 – 20 August 1980) was an American-born French singer-songwriter.

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John Reed (journalist)

John Silas "Jack" Reed (October 22, 1887 – October 17, 1920) was an American journalist, poet, and socialist activist, best remembered for Ten Days That Shook the World, his first-hand account of the Bolshevik Revolution.

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Joseph Brodsky

Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky (Ио́сиф Алекса́ндрович Бро́дский; 24 May 1940 – 28 January 1996) was a Russian and American poet and essayist.

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Key (music)

In music theory, the key of a piece is the group of pitches, or scale, that forms the basis of a music composition in classical, Western art, and Western pop music.

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The KGB, an initialism for Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (p), translated in English as Committee for State Security, was the main security agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 until its break-up in 1991.

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Kiev or Kyiv (Kyiv; Kiyev; Kyjev) is the capital and largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper.

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Kira Muratova

Kira Heorhiyivna Muratova (Кіра Георгіївна Мура́това; née Korotkova, 5 November 1934 – 6 June 2018) was a Ukrainian award-winning film director, screenwriter and actress, known for her unusual directorial style.

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Klara Rumyanova

Klara Mikhailovna Rumyanova (Кла́ра Миха́йловна Румя́нова; 8 December 1929, Leningrad – 18 September 2004, Moscow) was a Soviet and Russian actress and singer.

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Komsomolskaya Pravda

Komsomolskaya Pravda (Комсомо́льская пра́вда; lit. "Komsomol Truth") is a daily Russian tabloid newspaper, founded on 13 March 1925.

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Korolyov, Moscow Oblast

Korolyov or Korolev (p) is an industrial city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, well known as the cradle of Soviet and Russian space exploration.

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L'Humanité ("Humanity"), is a French daily newspaper.

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La Scala

La Scala (abbreviation in Italian language for the official name Teatro alla Scala) is an opera house in Milan, Italy.

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Language barrier

A language barrier is a figurative phrase used primarily to refer to linguistic barriers to communication, i.e. the difficulties in communication experienced by people or groups speaking different languages, or even dialects in some cases.

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Kinostudiya "Lenfilm" (Киностудия Ленфильм) was a production unit of the Cinema of the Soviet Union, with its own film studio, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, formerly Leningrad, R.S.F.S.R. Today OAO "Kinostudiya Lenfilm" is a corporation with its stakes shared between private owners and several private film studios, which are operating on the premises.

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Lenta.ru (Лента.Ру; stylised as LƐNTA·RU) is a Moscow-based online newspaper in Russian language, owned by Rambler Media Group which belongs to Prof-Media.

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Leonid Brezhnev

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev (a; Леоні́д Іллі́ч Бре́жнєв, 19 December 1906 (O.S. 6 December) – 10 November 1982) was a Soviet politician who led the Soviet Union from 1964 to 1982 as the General Secretary of the Central Committee (CC) of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), presiding over the country until his death and funeral in 1982.

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Life of Galileo

Life of Galileo, also known as Galileo, is a play by the twentieth-century German dramatist Bertolt Brecht with incidental music by Hanns Eisler.

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List of minor planets: 2001–3000

#FA8072 | 2078 Nanking || 1975 AD || January 12, 1975 || Nanking || Purple Mountain Obs.

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Little Tragedies (1979 film)

Little Tragedies (Маленькие трагедии) is a 1979 Soviet television miniseries directed by Mikhail Shveytser, based on works by Alexander Pushkin.

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Liza Minnelli

Liza May Minnelli (born March 12, 1946) is an American actress and singer.

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A lyricist or lyrist is a person who writes lyrics—words for songs—as opposed to a composer, who writes the song's melody.

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Lyudmila Zhuravleva

Lyudmila Vasilyevna Zhuravleva (Людмила Васильевна Журавлёва, Людмила Василівна Журавльова; born 22 May 1946) is a Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian astronomer, who worked at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in Nauchnij, where she discovered 213 minor planets.

New!!: Vladimir Vysotsky and Lyudmila Zhuravleva · See more »


Magadan (p) is a port town and the administrative center of Magadan Oblast, Russia, located on the Sea of Okhotsk in Nagayev Bay (within Taui Bay) and serving as a gateway to the Kolyma region.

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Marina Vlady

Marina Vlady (born Marina Catherine de Poliakoff-Baydaroff; 10 May 1938) is a French actress.

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Mark Bernes

Mark Naumovich Bernes (Ма́рк Нау́мович Берне́с) (Nezhin, Chernigov Governorate, Russian Empire - August 16, 1969, Moscow, Soviet Union) was a Soviet actor and singer of Jewish ancestry (his father's last name was Neumann),.

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Maternity hospital

A maternity hospital specializes in caring for women during pregnancy and childbirth.

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Mayor of Moscow

The Mayor of the City of Moscow is head of the executive branch of the political system in Moscow, the Government of Moscow.

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Márta Mészáros

Márta Mészáros (born 19 September 1931) is a Hungarian screenwriter and film director.

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Melodiya, is a Russian (formerly Soviet) record label.

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Mihail Chemiakin

Mihail Mikhailovich Chemiakin (or Shemyakin, Михаил Михайлович Шемякин, born 4 May 1943) is a Russian painter, stage designer, sculptor and publisher, and a controversial representative of the nonconformist art tradition of St. Petersburg.

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Mikhail Baryshnikov

Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov (p; Mihails Barišņikovs; born January 27, 1948), nicknamed "Misha" (Russian diminutive of the name "Mikhail"), is a Latvian and American dancer, choreographer, and actor.

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Mikhail Lermontov

Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov (p; –) was a Russian Romantic writer, poet and painter, sometimes called "the poet of the Caucasus", the most important Russian poet after Alexander Pushkin's death in 1837 and the greatest figure in Russian Romanticism.

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Mikhail Pugovkin

Mikhail Ivanovich Pugovkin (Михаи́л Ива́нович Пу́говкин; July 13, 1923, Rameshki, Chukhlomsky District of Kostroma Oblast — July 25, 2008, Moscow) (aged 85) was a Soviet and Russian comic actor named a People's Artist of the USSR in 1988.

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Mikhail Schweitzer

Mikhail (or Moisei/Moses) Abramovich Schweitzer (Михаил (Моисей) Абрамович Швейцер, 16 February 1920, Perm, RSFSR - 2 June 2000, Russia) was an outstanding Soviet film director, People's Artist of the RSFSR and People's Artist of the USSR.

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Mikhail Suslov

Mikhail Andreyevich Suslov (Михаи́л Андре́евич Су́слов; 25 January 1982) was a Soviet statesman during the Cold War.

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Mikhail Tal

Mikhail Nekhemyevich Tal (Mihails Tāls; Михаил Нехемьевич Таль, Mikhail Nekhem'evich Tal,; sometimes transliterated Mihails Tals or Mihail Tal; 9 November 1936 – 28 June 1992) was a Soviet Latvian chess Grandmaster and the eighth World Chess Champion (from 1960 to 1961).

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Mikhail Zoshchenko

Mikhail Mikhailovich Zoshchenko (Михаи́л Миха́йлович Зо́щенко; – July 22, 1958) was a Soviet author and satirist.

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Milan (Milano; Milan) is a city in northern Italy, capital of Lombardy, and the second-most populous city in Italy after Rome, with the city proper having a population of 1,380,873 while its province-level municipality has a population of 3,235,000.

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Moscow (a) is the capital and most populous city of Russia, with 13.2 million residents within the city limits and 17.1 million within the urban area.

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Moscow Art Theatre

The Moscow Art Theatre (or MAT; Московский Художественный академический театр (МХАТ), Moskovskiy Hudojestvenny Akademicheskiy Teatr (МHАТ)) is a theatre company in Moscow.

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Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre

The Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre is a theatre company in Moscow created in 1950 on the base of Alexander Tairov's Chamber Theatre, which was founded in 1914 and shut down in 1949 for ideological reasons. The theatre is based in the Russian capital's centre, at Tverskoy Boulevard, 23.

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Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering or MGSU (Russian: Московский Государственный Строительный Университет - МГСУ) is a higher education institution located in Moscow, Russia.

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Mosfilm (Мосфильм, Mosfil’m) is a film studio that is among the largest and oldest in the Russian Federation and in Europe.

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Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus (ɪlʲˈbrus; Минги тау, Miñi taw,; Ӏуащхьэмахуэ, ’Wāśhamāxwa) is the highest mountain in Europe, and the tenth most prominent peak in the world.

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Mountaineering is the sport of mountain climbing.

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MP3 (formally MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III) is an audio coding format for digital audio.

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MSU Faculty of Journalism

The MSU Faculty of Journalism is a faculty of the Moscow State University.

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Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky in Koszalin

The Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky in Koszalin (Muzeum Włodzimierza Wysockiego w Koszalinie) is a private museum dedicated to Russian singer and actor Vladimir Vysotsky in Koszalin, Poland.

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Myocardial infarction

Myocardial infarction (MI), commonly known as a heart attack, occurs when blood flow decreases or stops to a part of the heart, causing damage to the heart muscle.

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Nash Sovremennik

Nash Sovremennik (Наш современник, Our Contemporary) is a Russian literary magazine, founded in 1956, as a successor to the Yearly Almanac.

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Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany is the common English name for the period in German history from 1933 to 1945, when Germany was under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler through the Nazi Party (NSDAP).

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New York City

The City of New York, often called New York City (NYC) or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

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New York, New York (1977 film)

New York, New York is a 1977 American musical drama film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Mardik Martin and Earl Mac Rauch based on a story by Rauch.

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Nikita Khrushchev

Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev (15 April 1894 – 11 September 1971) was a Soviet statesman who led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War as the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, and as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, or Premier, from 1958 to 1964.

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Nikolai Erdman

Nikolay Robertovich Erdman (a;, Moscow — 10 August 1970) was a Soviet dramatist and screenwriter primarily remembered for his work with Vsevolod Meyerhold in the 1920s.

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Odessa Film Studio

Odessa Film Studio (Одеська кіностудія художніх фільмів) is the first film studio established in Ukraine (Odessa).

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Oleg Yankovsky

Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky (Оле́г Ива́нович Янко́вский; 23 February 1944 – 20 May 2009) was a Soviet/Russian actor who had excelled in psychologically sophisticated roles of modern intellectuals.

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Orenburg Oblast

Orenburg Oblast (Оренбу́ргская о́бласть, Orenburgskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast).

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Ostankino Tower

Ostankino Tower (Останкинская телебашня, Ostankinskaya telebashnya) is a television and radio tower in Moscow, Russia, owned by the Moscow branch of unitary enterprise Russian TV and Radio Broadcasting Network.

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Pannonia Film Studio

Pannonia Film Studio (also known as MAFILM Pannónia Filmstúdió) is the largest animation studio in Hungary, based in the capital of Budapest.

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Phonograph record

A phonograph record (also known as a gramophone record, especially in British English, or record) is an analog sound storage medium in the form of a flat disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove.

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Poland (Polska), officially the Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska), is a country located in Central Europe.

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Pyotr Demichev

Pyotr Nilovich Demichev (Пётр Нилович Демичев; 10 August 2010) was a Soviet-Russian political figure.

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Radioman (RM) was a rating for United States Navy and United States Coast Guard enlisted personnel, specializing in communications technology.

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Reds (film)

Reds is a 1981 American epic drama film co-written, produced, and directed by Warren Beatty.

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Riga (Rīga) is the capital and largest city of Latvia.

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Robert De Niro

Robert Anthony De Niro Jr. (born August 17, 1943) is an American actor, producer, and director.

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Robert Rozhdestvensky

Robert Ivanovich Rozhdestvensky (Ро́берт Ива́нович Рожде́ственский; 20 June 1932 – 19 August 1994) was a Soviet poet who broke with socialist realism in the 1950s–1960s and, along with such poets as Andrey Voznesensky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, and Bella Akhmadulina, pioneered a newer, fresher, and freer style of poetry in the Soviet Union.

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Rostov-on-Don (p) is a port city and the administrative center of Rostov Oblast and the Southern Federal District of Russia.

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Russia-1 (Россия-1) is a state-owned Russian television channel first aired on 22 March 1951 as Programme One in the Soviet Union.

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Russian culture

Russian culture has a long history.

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Russian guitar

The Russian guitar (sometimes referred to as a "Gypsy guitar") is an acoustic seven-string guitar that was developed in Russia toward the end of the 18th century: it shares most of its organological features with the Spanish guitar, although some historians insist on English guitar ascendancy.

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Russian literature

Russian literature refers to the literature of Russia and its émigrés and to the Russian-language literature of several independent nations once a part of what was historically Rus', the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union.

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Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Russian SFSR or RSFSR; Ru-Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика.ogg), also unofficially known as the Russian Federation, Soviet Russia,Declaration of Rights of the laboring and exploited people, article I or Russia (rɐˈsʲijə; from the Ρωσία Rōsía — Rus'), was an independent state from 1917 to 1922, and afterwards the largest, most populous, and most economically developed union republic of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1991 and then a sovereign part of the Soviet Union with priority of Russian laws over Union-level legislation in 1990 and 1991.

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Russian traditional music

Russian traditional music specifically deals with the folk music traditions of the ethnic Russian people.

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Russians (русские, russkiye) are an East Slavic ethnic group native to Eastern Europe. The majority of Russians inhabit the nation state of Russia, while notable minorities exist in other former Soviet states such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and the Baltic states. A large Russian diaspora also exists all over the world, with notable numbers in the United States, Germany, Israel, and Canada. Russians are the most numerous ethnic group in Europe. The Russians share many cultural traits with their fellow East Slavic counterparts, specifically Belarusians and Ukrainians. They are predominantly Orthodox Christians by religion. The Russian language is official in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, and also spoken as a secondary language in many former Soviet states.

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Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts

Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет культуры и искусств) is a university in Saint-Petersburg, one of the biggest preparation and further training centres for specialists in the field of culture and arts, the leader of humanitarian and creative education in Russia.

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Sergei Yesenin

Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin (sometimes spelled as Esenin; p; – 28 December 1925) was a Russian lyric poet.

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Sergey Bezrukov

Sergey Vitalyevich Bezrukov PAR (Серге́й Вита́льевич Безру́ков, born 18 October 1973) is a Russian screen and stage actor, People's Artist of Russia, the laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation.

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Siberia (a) is an extensive geographical region, and by the broadest definition is also known as North Asia.

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Simone Signoret

Simone Signoret (25 March 192130 September 1985) was a French cinema actress often hailed as one of France's greatest film stars.

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Singer-songwriters are musicians who write, compose, and perform their own musical material, including lyrics and melodies.

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Sovetskaya Rossiya

Sovetskaya Rossiya (Советская Россия, Soviet Russia) is a political newspaper in Russia.

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Soviet Central Asia

Soviet Central Asia refers to the section of Central Asia formerly controlled by the Soviet Union, as well as the time period of Soviet administration (1918–1991).

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Soviet occupation zone

The Soviet Occupation Zone (Sovetskaya okkupatsionnaya zona Germanii, "Soviet Occupation Zone of Germany") was the area of central Germany occupied by the Soviet Union from 1945 on, at the end of World War II.

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Soviet Union

The Soviet Union, officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was a socialist state in Eurasia that existed from 1922 to 1991.

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Stanislav Govorukhin

Stanislav Sergeyevich Govorukhin PAR (Станислав Серге́евич Говорухин; 29 March 1936 – 14 June 2018) was a Soviet and Russian film director.

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Strastnoy Boulevard

Strastnoy Boulevard, (Страстной Бульвар), is a major boulevard in Moscow.

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Substituted amphetamine

Substituted amphetamines are a class of compounds based upon the amphetamine structure; it includes all derivative compounds which are formed by replacing, or substituting, one or more hydrogen atoms in the amphetamine core structure with substituents.

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Taganka Theatre

Taganka Theatre (Театр на Таганке) is a theater located in the Art Nouveau building on Taganka Square in Moscow.

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Taormina Film Fest

Taormina Film Fest, a historic film festival that began in 1955 under the name Rassegna Cinematografica Internazionale di Messina e Taormina.

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Television in the Soviet Union

Television in the Soviet Union was owned, controlled and censored by the state.

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The Alive and the Dead

The Alive and the Dead (Живые и мёртвые) is a 1964 Soviet film directed by Aleksandr Stolper based on the eponymous 1959 novel ''The Living and the Dead'' by Konstantin Simonov.

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The Bad Good Man

The Bad Good Man (Plokhoy khoroshiy chelovek) is a 1973 Soviet drama film based on the novella The Duel by Anton Chekhov.

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The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard (translit) is the last play by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.

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The Flight of Mr. McKinley

The Flight of Mr.

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The Fourth

The Fourth is a Russian 2016 short film written, produced and directed by Kirill Safonov starring Polina Kutepova and Valentin Gaft.

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The Good Person of Szechwan

The Good Person of Szechwan (Der gute Mensch von Sezuan, first translated less literally as The Good Woman of Setzuan) is a play written by the German theatre practitioner Bertolt Brecht, in collaboration with Margarete Steffin and Ruth Berlau.

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The Land of Sannikov

The Land of Sannikov (Zemlya Sannikova) is a Soviet 1974 adventure film about the fictional Sannikov Land loosely based on the novel of the same name by Vladimir Obruchev.

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The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed

The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed (Место встречи изменить нельзя, translit. Mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzya) is a 1979 Soviet five-part television miniseries directed by Stanislav Govorukhin.

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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier refers to a monument dedicated to the services of an unknown soldier and to the common memories of all soldiers killed in any war.

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Two Comrades Were Serving

Two Comrades Were Serving (Служили два товарища, translit. Sluzhili dva tovarishcha) is a 1968 Soviet war film directed by Yevgeni Karelov with a script by Yuli Dunsky and Valeri Frid.

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Union of Soviet Composers

Union of composers of Russian Federation — Russian public organization uniting professional composers and musicologists from 48 regions of Russia.

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USSR State Prize

The USSR State Prize (Госуда́рственная пре́мия СССР, Gosudarstvennaya premiya SSSR) was the Soviet Union's state honor.

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Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic

Uzbekistan is the common English name for the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (Uzbek SSR; Ўзбекистон Совет Социалистик Республикаси, Oʻzbekiston Sovet Sotsialistik Respublikasi; Узбекская Советская Социалистическая Республика, Uzbekskaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika) and later, the Republic of Uzbekistan (Oʻzbekiston Respublikasi, Ўзбекистон Республикаси), that refers to the period of Uzbekistan from 1924 to 1991.

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Uzbekistan, officially also the Republic of Uzbekistan (Oʻzbekiston Respublikasi), is a doubly landlocked Central Asian Sovereign state.

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Vagankovo Cemetery

Vagankovo Cemetery (Vagan'kovskoye Cemetery; Ваганьковское кладбище), established in 1771, is located in the Presnya district of Moscow.

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Valeri Zolotukhin

Valeri Sergeevich Zolotukhin (Валерий Серге́евич Золотухин, 21 June 1941 in Altai Krai, USSR – 30 March 2013 in Moscow, Russia) was a Russian theatrical and cinema actor from the Taganka Theatre.

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Vasily Aksyonov

Vasily Pavlovich Aksyonov (p; August 20, 1932 – July 6, 2009) was a Soviet and Russian novelist.

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Vechernyaya Moskva

Vechernyaya Moskva (Вечерняя Москва, literally Evening Moscow) is a Russian local newspaper published in Moscow since 6 December 1923 daily (except Saturday and Sunday).

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Vertical (1967 film)

Vertical (Вертикаль) is a 1967 Soviet sports drama film directed by Stanislav Govorukhin and Boris Durov.

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Vladimir Konkin

Vladimir Alekseyevich Konkin (Влади́мир Алексе́евич Ко́нкин, born 19 August 1951, Saratov, USSR) is a Soviet/Russian cinema and theatre actor, who appeared in 45 films.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky

Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (Владимир Владимирович Маяковский; – 14 April 1930) was a Russian Soviet poet, playwright, artist, and actor.

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Vladimir Obruchev

Vladimir Afanasyevich Obruchev (Влади́мир Афана́сьевич О́бручев;, Klepenino near Rzhev, Tver Oblast, Russian Empire – June 19, 1956, Moscow, USSR) was a Russian and Soviet geologist who specialized in the study of Siberia and Central Asia.

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Vysotsky. Thank You For Being Alive


New!!: Vladimir Vysotsky and Vysotsky. Thank You For Being Alive · See more »

Warren Beatty

Henry Warren Beatty (né Beaty; born March 30, 1937) is an American actor and filmmaker.

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World War II

World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier.

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Yegor Ligachyov

Yegor Kuzmich Ligachyov (also transliterated as Ligachev; Его́р Кузьми́ч Лигачёв; born 29 November 1920) is a Soviet politician who was a high-ranking official in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU).

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Yekaterinburg (p), alternatively romanized Ekaterinburg, is the fourth-largest city in Russia and the administrative centre of Sverdlovsk Oblast, located on the Iset River east of the Ural Mountains, in the middle of the Eurasian continent, at the boundary between Asia and Europe.

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Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija/Југославија; Jugoslavija; Југославија; Pannonian Rusyn: Югославия, transcr. Juhoslavija)Jugosllavia; Jugoszlávia; Juhoslávia; Iugoslavia; Jugoslávie; Iugoslavia; Yugoslavya; Югославия, transcr. Jugoslavija.

New!!: Vladimir Vysotsky and Yugoslavia · See more »

Yuri Lyubimov

Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov (Ю́рий Петро́вич Люби́мов; 5 October 2014) was a Soviet and Russian stage actor and director associated with the internationally renowned Taganka Theatre, which he founded in 1964.

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Yuri Vizbor

Yuri Vizbor (Юрий Иосифович Визбор; June 20, 1934 – September 17, 1984) was a well-known Soviet bard and poet as well as a theatre and film actor.

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Yury Luzhkov

Yury Mikhaylovich Luzhkov (p; born 21 September 1936) is a Russian politician who was the Mayor of Moscow from 1992 to 2010.

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1980 Summer Olympics

The 1980 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXII Olympiad (r), was an international multi-sport event held in Moscow, Soviet Union, in present-day Russia.

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1st Mountain Division (Wehrmacht)

The 1st Mountain Division (1.) was an elite formation of the German Wehrmacht during World War II, and is remembered for its involvement in multiple large-scale war crimes.

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713 Requests Permission to Land

713 Requests Permission to Land (713 prosit posadku) is a 1962 Soviet disaster film.

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