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Volkseigener Betrieb

Index Volkseigener Betrieb

The Publicly Owned Operation (Volkseigener Betrieb; abbreviated VEB) was the main legal form of industrial enterprise in East Germany. [1]

39 relations: Automobilwerk Eisenach, Babelsberg, Combine (enterprise), Dresden, East Germany, Economy of East Germany, Elbewerft Boizenburg, German reunification, Gustav Sobottka, Hans Beimler (communist), Hennigsdorf, HQM Sachsenring GmbH, Jehmlich Orgelbau Dresden, Jenoptik, Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft, Leuna, Lloyd Werft Wismar, Manroland, Market economy, Meissen porcelain, MZ Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk, New Economic System, Orenstein & Koppel, ORWO, Privatization, Socialist emulation, Socialist Unity Party of Germany, Stralsund, Treuhandanstalt, Trust company, VEB Deutsche Schallplatten, VEB Polytechnik, VEB Robotron, VEB Typoart, Vertical integration, Volkseigenes Gut, Volkswerft, Walter Ulbricht, War reparations.

Automobilwerk Eisenach

The Automobilwerk Eisenach (AWE) was an automobile manufacturer in Eisenach, Germany.

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Babelsberg is the largest district of Potsdam, the capital city of the German state of Brandenburg.

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Combine (enterprise)

Combine (Комбинат) is a term for industrial business groups, conglomerates or trusts in the former socialist countries.

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Dresden (Upper and Lower Sorbian: Drježdźany, Drážďany, Drezno) is the capital city and, after Leipzig, the second-largest city of the Free State of Saxony in Germany.

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East Germany

East Germany, officially the German Democratic Republic (GDR; Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDR), existed from 1949 to 1990 and covers the period when the eastern portion of Germany existed as a state that was part of the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War period.

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Economy of East Germany

East Germany had a centrally-planned economy similar to the one in the Soviet Union and other Comecon member states (in contrast to the market economies or mixed economies of capitalist states).

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Elbewerft Boizenburg

Elbewerft Boizenburg was a German shipbuilding company, headquartered in Boizenburg.

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German reunification

The German reunification (Deutsche Wiedervereinigung) was the process in 1990 in which the German Democratic Republic (GDR, colloquially East Germany; German: Deutsche Demokratische Republik/DDR) became part of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG, colloquially West Germany; German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland/BRD) to form the reunited nation of Germany, and when Berlin reunited into a single city, as provided by its then Grundgesetz (constitution) Article 23.

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Gustav Sobottka

Gustav Sobottka (July 12, 1886 – March 6, 1953) was a German politician in East Germany.

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Hans Beimler (communist)

Hans Beimler (2 July 1895 – 1 December 1936) was an active member of the German Communist Party and a deputy in the Reichstag.

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Hennigsdorf is a town in the district of Oberhavel, in Brandenburg, Germany.

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HQM Sachsenring GmbH

HQM Sachsenring GmbH is a Zwickau-based company that supplies chassis and body parts to the automotive industry.

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Jehmlich Orgelbau Dresden

Jehmlich Orgelbau Dresden is a privately owned organ building and restoration company in Dresden, Germany.

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As an integrated photonics group, Jenoptik divides its activities into three segments: Optics & Life Science, Mobility and Defense & Civil Systems.

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Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft

The German expression Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft (English: Agricultural Production Cooperative), or — more commonly — its acronym LPG was the official designation for large, collectivised farms in East Germany, corresponding to Soviet kolkhoz.

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Leuna is a town in Saxony-Anhalt, eastern Germany, south of Merseburg and Halle.

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Lloyd Werft Wismar

Lloyd Werft Wismar (former VEB Mathias-Thesen-Werft Wismar, Aker MTW Werft, Wadan Yards MTW, Nordic Yards Wismar) is a German shipbuilding company, headquartered in Wismar.

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Manroland AG manufactures newspaper web offset presses, commercial web offset presses, and sheetfed offset presses for commercial, publications and packaging printing.

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Market economy

A market economy is an economic system in which the decisions regarding investment, production, and distribution are guided by the price signals created by the forces of supply and demand.

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Meissen porcelain

Meissen porcelain or Meissen china was the first European hard-paste porcelain.

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MZ Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk

Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH, former MZ Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk GmbH is a German motorcycle manufacturer located in Zschopau, Saxony.

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New Economic System

The New Economic System (Neues Ökonomisches System), officially the New Economic System of Planning and Management, was an economic policy that was implemented by the ruling Socialist Unity Party (SED) of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in 1963.

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Orenstein & Koppel

Orenstein & Koppel (normally abbreviated to "O&K") was a major German engineering company specialising in railway vehicles, escalators, and heavy equipment.

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ORWO (for ORiginal WOlfen) is a brand for photographic products and magnetic recording tape.

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Privatization (also spelled privatisation) is the purchase of all outstanding shares of a publicly traded company by private investors, or the sale of a state-owned enterprise to private investors.

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Socialist emulation

Socialist competition or socialist emulation (социалистическое соревнование, "sotsialisticheskoye sorevnovanie", or "соцсоревнование", "sotssorevnovanie") was a form of competition between state enterprises and between individuals practiced in the Soviet Union and in other Eastern bloc states.

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Socialist Unity Party of Germany

The Socialist Unity Party of Germany (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, SED), established in April 1946, was the governing Marxist–Leninist political party of the German Democratic Republic from the country's foundation in October 1949 until it was dissolved after the Peaceful Revolution in 1989.

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Stralsund, (Swedish: Strålsund) is a Hanseatic town in the Pomeranian part of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

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The Treuhandanstalt ("Trust agency"), colloquially referred to as Treuhand, was an agency established by the government of the German Democratic Republic to reprivatize / privatize East German enterprises, Volkseigene Betriebe (VEBs), prior to the German reunification.

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Trust company

A trust company is a corporation, especially a commercial bank, organized to perform the fiduciary of trusts and agencies.

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VEB Deutsche Schallplatten

From the 1950s until the 1980s the VEB Deutsche Schallplatten was the monopolistic music publisher in the German Democratic Republic.

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VEB Polytechnik

VEB Polytechnik was a company from the German Democratic Republic, located in Chemnitz (then called Karl-Marx-Stadt).

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VEB Robotron

VEB Kombinat Robotron was the biggest East German electronics manufacturer.

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VEB Typoart

VEB Typoart was the only type foundry of East Germany.

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Vertical integration

In microeconomics and management, vertical integration is an arrangement in which the supply chain of a company is owned by that company.

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Volkseigenes Gut

The Volkseigenes Gut (German for People-Owned Property; abbreviated VEG) was a state-owned farm in the Communist German Democratic Republic (GDR), corresponding to the Soviet Sovkhoz and the Państwowe Gospodarstwo Rolne in the People's Republic of Poland.

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Volkswerft (Volkswerft Stralsund GmbH) is a shipyard in the hanseatic city of Stralsund on the Strelasund.

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Walter Ulbricht

Walter Ernst Paul Ulbricht (30 June 18931 August 1973) was a German Communist politician.

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War reparations

War reparations are payments made after a war by the vanquished to the victors.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkseigener_Betrieb

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