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Index Waterline

The waterline is the line where the hull of a ship meets the surface of the water. [1]

32 relations: American Bureau of Shipping, Atlantic Ocean, Ballast tank, Buoyancy, Bureau Veritas, Classification society, Coffin ship (insurance), Displacement (ship), DNV GL, Draft (hull), Forecastle, Freeboard (nautical), Germanischer Lloyd, Hull (watercraft), Hull speed, Indian Register of Shipping, International Convention on Load Lines, List of Onedin Line episodes, Lloyd's Register, Lumber, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, Plimsoll shoe, Registro Italiano Navale, Sailing, Sailing ballast, Samuel Plimsoll, Seawater, SS London (1864), Stability conditions, Water, Waterline length, Wind wave.

American Bureau of Shipping

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is a classification society, with a mission to promote the security of life, property and the natural environment, primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities.

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Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest of the world's oceans with a total area of about.

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Ballast tank

A ballast tank is a compartment within a boat, ship or other floating structure that holds water, which is used as ballast to provide stability for a vessel.

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In physics, buoyancy or upthrust, is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an immersed object.

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Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas S. A. (formerly BVQI, Bureau Veritas Quality International) is an international certification agency.

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Classification society

A classification society (however called) is a non-governmental organization that establishes and maintains technical standards for the construction and operation of ships and offshore structures.

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Coffin ship (insurance)

Coffin ship is the name given to any ship that has been overinsured and is therefore worth more to its owners sunk than afloat.

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Displacement (ship)

The displacement or displacement tonnage of a ship is its weight, expressed in long tons of water its hull displaces.

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DNV GL is an international accredited registrar and classification society headquartered in Høvik, Norway.

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Draft (hull)

The draft or draught of a ship's hull is the vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull (keel), with the thickness of the hull included; in the case of not being included the draft outline would be obtained.

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The forecastle (abbreviated fo'c'sle or fo'c's'le) is the upper deck of a sailing ship forward of the foremast, or the forward part of a ship with the sailors' living quarters.

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Freeboard (nautical)

In sailing and boating, a vessel's freeboard is the distance from the waterline to the upper deck level, measured at the lowest point of sheer where water can enter the boat or ship.

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Germanischer Lloyd

The Germanischer Lloyd SE was a classification society based in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

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Hull (watercraft)

The hull is the watertight body of a ship or boat.

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Hull speed

Hull speed or displacement speed is the speed at which the wavelength of the boat's bow wave (in displacement mode) is equal to the boat length.

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Indian Register of Shipping

Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) is an internationally recognized, independent ship classification society, founded in India in 1975.

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International Convention on Load Lines

The International Convention on Load Lines (CLL), was signed in London on 5 April 1966, amended by the 1988 Protocol and further revised in 2003.

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List of Onedin Line episodes

This episode list shows details of the 91 episodes of the BBC television series The Onedin Line.

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Lloyd's Register

Lloyd's Register Group Limited (LR) is a technical and business services organisation and a maritime classification society, wholly owned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to research and education in science and engineering.

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Lumber (American English; used only in North America) or timber (used in the rest of the English speaking world) is a type of wood that has been processed into beams and planks, a stage in the process of wood production.

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Nippon Kaiji Kyokai

is a ship classification society.

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Plimsoll shoe

A plimsoll shoe, plimsoll, plimsole or pumps (British English; see other names below) is a type of athletic shoe with a canvas upper and rubber sole developed as beachwear in the 1830s by the Liverpool Rubber Company.

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Registro Italiano Navale

RINA was founded in Genoa in 1861 under the name REGISTRO ITALIANO NAVALE, by the "Associazione della Mutua Assicurazione Marittima" (Mutual Marine Insurance Association), to meet the needs of Italian maritime operators, as had already occurred in Great Britain and France.

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Sailing employs the wind—acting on sails, wingsails or kites—to propel a craft on the surface of the water (sailing ship, sailboat, windsurfer, or kitesurfer), on ice (iceboat) or on land (land yacht) over a chosen course, which is often part of a larger plan of navigation.

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Sailing ballast

Ballast is used in sailboats to provide moment to resist the lateral forces on the sail.

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Samuel Plimsoll

Samuel Plimsoll (10 February 1824 – 3 June 1898) was an English politician and social reformer, now best remembered for having devised the Plimsoll line (a line on a ship's hull indicating the maximum safe draft, and therefore the minimum freeboard for the vessel in various operating conditions).

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Seawater, or salt water, is water from a sea or ocean.

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SS London (1864)

SS London was a British steamship which sank in the Bay of Biscay on 11 January 1866.

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Stability conditions

The Stability conditions of watercraft are the various standard loading configurations to which a ship, boat, or offshore platform may be subjected.

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Water is a transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth's streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms.

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Waterline length

The waterline length (originally Load Waterline Length, abbreviated to LWL) is the length of a ship or boat at the point where it sits in the water.

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Wind wave

In fluid dynamics, wind waves, or wind-generated waves, are surface waves that occur on the free surface of bodies of water (like oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, canals, puddles or ponds).

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterline

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