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Well (Chinese constellation)

Index Well (Chinese constellation)

The Well mansion (井宿, pinyin: Jǐng Xiù; Japanese: chichiri-boshi) is one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. [1]

16 relations: Auriga (constellation), Cancer (constellation), Canis Major, Canis Minor, Carina (constellation), Chinese constellations, Columba (constellation), Constellation, Gemini (constellation), Monoceros, Orion (constellation), Pinyin, Puppis, Sirius, Twenty-Eight Mansions, Vermilion Bird.

Auriga (constellation)

Auriga is one of the 88 modern constellations; it was among the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy.

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Cancer (constellation)

Cancer is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac.

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Canis Major

Canis Major is a constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere.

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Canis Minor

Canis Minor is a small constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere.

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Carina (constellation)

Carina is a constellation in the southern sky.

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Chinese constellations

Traditional Chinese astronomy has a system of dividing the celestial sphere into asterisms or constellations, known as "officials" (Chinese xīng guān).

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Columba (constellation)

Columba is a small, faint constellation created in the late sixteenth century.

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A constellation is a group of stars that are considered to form imaginary outlines or meaningful patterns on the celestial sphere, typically representing animals, mythological people or gods, mythological creatures, or manufactured devices.

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Gemini (constellation)

Gemini is one of the constellations of the zodiac.

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Monoceros (Greek: Μονόκερως) is a faint constellation on the celestial equator.

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Orion (constellation)

Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world.

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Hanyu Pinyin Romanization, often abbreviated to pinyin, is the official romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China and to some extent in Taiwan.

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Puppis is a constellation in the southern sky.

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Sirius (a romanization of Greek Σείριος, Seirios,."glowing" or "scorching") is a star system and the brightest star in the Earth's night sky.

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Twenty-Eight Mansions

The Twenty-Eight Mansions, hsiu, xiu or sieu are part of the Chinese constellations system.

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Vermilion Bird

The Vermilion bird is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations.

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Mansion of Jing, Mansion of Jǐng, Well (constellation).


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Well_(Chinese_constellation)

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