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Yachats, Oregon

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Yachats is a small coastal city in Lincoln County, Oregon, United States. [1]

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Agate is a rock consisting primarily of cryptocrystalline silica, chiefly chalcedony, alternating with microgranular quartz.

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The Alsea were a Native American tribe of Western Oregon.

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Alsea language

Alsea or Alsean (also Yakonan) was two closely related speech varieties spoken along the central Oregon coast.

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Alsea River

The Alsea River flows from Alsea, an unincorporated community in the coastal mountains of the U.S. state of Oregon, to the Pacific Ocean near the city of Waldport.

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American black bear

The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is a medium-sized bear native to North America.

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Area codes 541 and 458

North American area code 541 covers the majority of Oregon in terms of surface area, except the northwest part of the state.

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Arthur Frommer

Arthur B. Frommer (born July 17, 1929) is a travel writer, publisher and consumer advocate, and the founder of the Frommer's series of travel guides and Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine.

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Bald eagle

The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus, from Greek ἅλς, hals "sea", αἰετός aietos "eagle", λευκός, leukos "white", κεφαλή, kephalē "head") is a bird of prey found in North America.

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Black-tailed deer

Two forms of black-tailed deer or blacktail deer that occupy coastal woodlands in the Pacific Northwest are subspecies of the mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus).

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The bodhrán (or,; plural bodhráin or bodhráns) is an Irish frame drum ranging from in diameter, with most drums measuring.

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British Columbia

British Columbia (BC; Colombie-Britannique) is the westernmost province of Canada, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

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Cape Perpetua

Cape Perpetua is a large forested headland projecting into the Pacific Ocean on the central Oregon Coast in Lincoln County, Oregon.

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Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall (but more commonly) is a concert venue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, United States, located at 881 Seventh Avenue, occupying the east side of Seventh Avenue between West 56th Street and West 57th Street, two blocks south of Central Park.

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Celtic music

Celtic music is a broad grouping of music genres that evolved out of the folk music traditions of the Celtic people of Western Europe.

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A census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population.

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Central Oregon Coast Range

The Central Oregon Coast Range is the middle section of the Oregon Coast Range, in the Pacific Coast Ranges physiographic region, and located in the west-central portion of the state of Oregon, United States roughly between the Salmon River and the Umpqua River and the Willamette Valley and the Pacific Ocean.

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Chinook salmon

The Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is the largest species in the Pacific salmon genus Oncorhynchus.

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A city is a large human settlement.

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Civilian Conservation Corps

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States for unemployed, unmarried men.

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Cleft of the Rock Light

Cleft of the Rock Light is a privately owned lighthouse located on the Pacific coast of the U.S. state of Oregon, south of Yachats on Cape Perpetua.

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Coho salmon

The coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch; Karuk: achvuun) is a species of anadromous fish in the salmon family, one of the several species of Pacific salmon.

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Community (ecology)

In ecology, a community is a group or association of populations of two or more different species occupying the same geographical area and in a particular time, also known as a biocoenosis The term community has a variety of uses.

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Coos Bay

Coos Bay is an S-shaped inlet where the Coos River enters the Pacific Ocean, approximately 10 miles (16 km) long and two miles (three km) wide, on the Pacific Ocean coast of southwestern Oregon in the United States.

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Coos Bay, Oregon

Coos Bay (Coos language: Atsixiis) is a city located in Coos County, Oregon, United States, where the Coos River enters Coos Bay on the Pacific Ocean.

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Coos people

Coos people are an indigenous people of the Northwest Plateau, living in Oregon.

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The cougar (Puma concolor), also commonly known as the mountain lion, puma, panther, or catamount, is a large felid of the subfamily Felinae native to the Americas.

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Covered bridge

A covered bridge is a timber-truss bridge with a roof and siding which, in most covered bridges, create an almost complete enclosure.

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Cummins Creek Wilderness

The Cummins Creek Wilderness is a wilderness area in the Siuslaw National Forest within the Oregon Coast.

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The order Cyatheales, which includes the tree ferns, is a taxonomic division of the fern class, Polypodiopsida.

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Cyclopia (plant)

Cyclopia, better known by the common name Honeybush, or Heuningbos in Afrikaans, is a genus of some 20 species of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae, of the subfamily Faboideae.

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Dalmatian dog

The Dalmatian is a breed of medium-sized dog, noted for its unique black or liver spotted coat and mainly used as a carriage dog in its early days.

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A demonym (δῆμος dẽmos "people, tribe", ὄόνομα ónoma "name") is a word that identifies residents or natives of a particular place, which is derived from the name of that particular place.

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Devils Churn

Devils Churn is a narrow inlet of the Pacific Ocean in Lincoln County, Oregon, United States, south of Yachats.

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Douglas fir

Pseudotsuga menziesii, commonly known as Douglas fir, Douglas-fir and Oregon pine, is an evergreen conifer species native to western North America.

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Eighth grade

Eighth grade is the term used for the year of education in the US.

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Embothrium is a genus of two to eight species (depending on taxonomic interpretation) in the plant family Proteaceae, native to southern South America, in Chile and adjacent western Argentina; the genus occurs as far south as Tierra del Fuego.

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An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of brackish water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea.

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Federal Information Processing Standards

Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) are publicly announced standards developed by the United States federal government for use in computer systems by non-military government agencies and government contractors.

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Florence, Oregon

Florence is a coastal city in Lane County, in the U.S. state of Oregon.

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Frommer's is a travel guidebook series created by Arthur Frommer.

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Geographic Names Information System

The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) is a database that contains name and locative information about more than two million physical and cultural features located throughout the United States of America and its territories.

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Gray whale

The gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus), also known as the grey whale,Britannica Micro.: v. IV, p. 693.

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Grevillea is a diverse genus of about 360 species of evergreen flowering plants in the family Proteaceae, native to rainforest and more open habitats in Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Sulawesi and other Indonesian islands east of the Wallace Line.

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Gulf of Alaska

The Gulf of Alaska (Golfe d'Alaska) is an arm of the Pacific Ocean defined by the curve of the southern coast of Alaska, stretching from the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island in the west to the Alexander Archipelago in the east, where Glacier Bay and the Inside Passage are found.

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Heceta Head Light

Heceta Head Light is a lighthouse on the Oregon Coast 13 miles (21 km) north of Florence, and 13 miles (21 km) south of Yachats in the United States.

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Homestead Acts

The Homestead Acts were several United States federal laws under which an applicant, upon the satisfaction of certain conditions, could acquire ownership of land, typically called a "homestead.” In all, more than 270 million acres of public land, or nearly 10% of the total area of the U.S., was transferred to 1.6 million homesteaders; most of the homesteads were west of the Mississippi River.

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A hunter-gatherer is a human living in a society in which most or all food is obtained by foraging (collecting wild plants and pursuing wild animals), in contrast to agricultural societies, which rely mainly on domesticated species.

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International Phonetic Alphabet

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet.

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James Cook

Captain James Cook (7 November 1728Old style date: 27 October14 February 1779) was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy.

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Kindergarten (from German, literally meaning 'garden for the children') is a preschool educational approach based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.

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King post

A king post (or king-post or kingpost) is a central vertical post used in architectural or bridge designs, working in tension to support a beam below from a truss apex above (whereas a crown post, though visually similar, supports items above from the beam below).

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Lane Community College

Lane Community College is a two-year college located in Eugene, Oregon, United States, on a 314-acre campus in southeast Eugene, with additional facilities in downtown Eugene, Florence, Cottage Grove, and the Lane Aviation Academy at Eugene Airport.

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Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a complex of buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

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Lincoln County School District (Oregon)

The Lincoln County School District is a public school district in the U.S. state of Oregon.

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Lincoln County, Oregon

Lincoln County is a county located in the U.S. state of Oregon.

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List of counties in Oregon

The following is a list of 36 counties in the U.S. state of Oregon.

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Marbled murrelet

The marbled murrelet (Brachyramphus marmoratus) is a small seabird from the North Pacific.

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Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognised union between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between those spouses, as well as between them and any resulting biological or adopted children and affinity (in-laws and other family through marriage).

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Mayor–council government

The mayor–council government system is a system of organization of local government.

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A midden (also kitchen midden or shell heap) is an old dump for domestic waste which may consist of animal bone, human excrement, botanical material, mollusc shells, sherds, lithics (especially debitage), and other artifacts and ecofacts associated with past human occupation.

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Montane ecosystems

Montane ecosystems refers to any ecosystem found in mountains.

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Municipal corporation

A municipal corporation is the legal term for a local governing body, including (but not necessarily limited to) cities, counties, towns, townships, charter townships, villages, and boroughs.

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Mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi, including their genetic and biochemical properties, their taxonomy and their use to humans as a source for tinder, medicine, food, and entheogens, as well as their dangers, such as toxicity or infection.

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National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society (Audubon) is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to conservation.

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Newport, Oregon

Newport is a city in Lincoln County, Oregon, United States.

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News-Times (Newport)

The News-Times is a bi-weekly newspaper published in Newport, Oregon, United States.

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Ninth grade

Ninth grade, freshman year, or grade 9 is the ninth post-kindergarten year of school education in some school systems.

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North Fork of the Yachats Bridge

The North Fork of the Yachats Bridge is a covered bridge in Lincoln County in the U.S. state of Oregon.

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Northern spotted owl

The northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) is one of three spotted owl subspecies.

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An ocean (the sea of classical antiquity) is a body of saline water that composes much of a planet's hydrosphere.

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Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region on the West Coast of the United States.

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Oregon Blue Book

The Oregon Blue Book is the official directory and fact book for the U.S. state of Oregon prepared by the Oregon Secretary of State and published by the Office of the Secretary's Archives Division.

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Oregon Coast Community College

Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) is a community college in Oregon, serving students in Lincoln County.

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Oregon Coast Trail

The Oregon Coast Trail (OCT) is a long-distance hiking route along the Pacific coast of Oregon in the United States.

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Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is the chief regulatory agency of the government of the U.S. state of Oregon responsible for protecting and enhancing the state's natural resources and managing sanitary and toxic waste disposal.

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Oregon Economic and Community Development Department

The Oregon Business Development Department (OBDD) dba Business Oregon is a government agency of the U.S. state of Oregon, providing support of economic and community development and cultural enhancement through administration of a variety of programs of incentives, financial support, and technical assistance to businesses, nonprofit organizations and community groups, industries, and local and regional governments and districts.

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Oregon Geographic Names

Oregon Geographic Names is a compilation of the origin and meaning of place names in the U.S. state of Oregon, published by the Oregon Historical Society.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Oregon Geographic Names · See more »

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD), officially known (in state law) as the State Parks and Recreation Department, is the government agency of the U.S. state of Oregon which operates its system of state parks.

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Oregon State Police

The Oregon State Police (OSP) is a law enforcement agency of the U.S. state of Oregon.

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The osprey or more specifically the western osprey (Pandion haliaetus) — also called sea hawk, river hawk, and fish hawk — is a diurnal, fish-eating bird of prey with a cosmopolitan range.

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Pacific Time Zone

The Pacific Time Zone (PT) is a time zone encompassing parts of western Canada, the western United States, and western Mexico.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Pacific Time Zone · See more »

Peace Harbor Hospital

Peace Harbor Hospital is a 21-bed acute care facility and a Level IV Trauma Center.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Peace Harbor Hospital · See more »

Picea sitchensis

Picea sitchensis, the Sitka spruce, is a large, coniferous, evergreen tree growing to almost 100 m (330 ft) tall, with a trunk diameter at breast height that can exceed 5 m (16 ft).

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Pioneer Telephone Cooperative (Oregon)

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative is a cooperatively owned telecommunications business that provides telephone service in a region of western Oregon, including parts of four counties.

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A pit-house (or pithouse) is a building that is partly dug into the ground, and covered by a roof.

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Population density

Population density (in agriculture: standing stock and standing crop) is a measurement of population per unit area or unit volume; it is a quantity of type number density.

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Queen Anne style architecture

The Queen Anne style in Britain refers to either the English Baroque architectural style approximately of the reign of Queen Anne (reigned 1702–1714), or a revived form that was popular in the last quarter of the 19th century and the early decades of the 20th century (when it is also known as Queen Anne revival).

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Race and ethnicity in the United States Census

Race and ethnicity in the United States Census, defined by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the United States Census Bureau, are self-identification data items in which residents choose the race or races with which they most closely identify, and indicate whether or not they are of Hispanic or Latino origin (the only categories for ethnicity).

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Race and ethnicity in the United States Census · See more »

Radiocarbon dating

Radiocarbon dating (also referred to as carbon dating or carbon-14 dating) is a method for determining the age of an object containing organic material by using the properties of radiocarbon, a radioactive isotope of carbon.

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Rainbow trout

The rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is a trout and species of salmonid native to cold-water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America.

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Rhamnus purshiana

Rhamnus purshiana (cascara buckthorn, cascara, bearberry, and in the Chinook Jargon, chittem and chitticum; syn. Frangula purshiana, Rhamnus purshianus) is a species of buckthorn native to western North America from southern British Columbia south to central California, and eastward to northwestern Montana.

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island, officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, is a state in the New England region of the United States.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Rhode Island · See more »

Riparian zone

A riparian zone or riparian area is the interface between land and a river or stream.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Riparian zone · See more »

Rock Creek Wilderness

The Rock Creek Wilderness is a wilderness area comprising within the Siuslaw National Forest on the Oregon Coast.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Rock Creek Wilderness · See more »

Roosevelt elk

The Roosevelt elk (Cervus canadensis roosevelti), also known as Olympic elk, is the largest of the four surviving subspecies of elk in North America.

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Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital

Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital is a 25-bed acute care medical facility located in Newport, Oregon, United States.

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Scotland (Alba) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Scotland · See more »

Signal Corps (United States Army)

The United States Army Signal Corps (USASC) develops, tests, provides, and manages communications and information systems support for the command and control of combined arms forces.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Signal Corps (United States Army) · See more »


The Siletz are a Native American tribe from Oregon and an Indigenous people of the Northwest Plateau.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Siletz · See more »

Siletz Reservation

The Siletz Reservation is a 5.852 sq mi (15.157 km²) Indian reservation in Lincoln County, Oregon, United States, owned by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Siletz Reservation · See more »

Siuslaw National Forest

The Siuslaw National Forest is a national forest in western Oregon in the United States.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Siuslaw National Forest · See more »


Smallpox was an infectious disease caused by one of two virus variants, Variola major and Variola minor.

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Smelt (fish)

Smelts are a family of small fish, the Osmeridae, found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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Smelt Sands State Recreation Site

Smelt Sands State Recreation Site is a state park in the U.S. state of Oregon, administered by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Smelt Sands State Recreation Site · See more »

Sneaker wave

A sneaker wave, sleeper wave, or in Australia a king wave is a disproportionately large coastal wave that can sometimes appear in a wave train without warning.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Sneaker wave · See more »

Tide pool

Tide pools or rock pools are shallow pools of seawater that form on the rocky intertidal shore.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Tide pool · See more »

Tillamook, Oregon

The city of Tillamook is the county seat of Tillamook County, Oregon, United States.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Tillamook, Oregon · See more »

Tin whistle

The tin whistle, also called the penny whistle, English flageolet, Scottish penny whistle, tin flageolet, Irish whistle, Belfast Hornpipe, feadóg stáin (or simply feadóg) and Clarke London FlageoletThe Clarke Tin Whistle By Bill Ochs is a simple, six-holed woodwind instrument.

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Tsuga heterophylla

Tsuga heterophylla, the western hemlock or western hemlock-spruce, is a species of hemlock native to the west coast of North America, with its northwestern limit on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, and its southeastern limit in northern Sonoma County, California.

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Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease usually caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB).

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Twelfth grade

Twelfth grade, senior year, or grade 12 is the final year of secondary school in North America.

New!!: Yachats, Oregon and Twelfth grade · See more »

U.S. Route 101

U.S. Route 101, or U.S. Highway 101 (US 101) is a north–south United States Numbered Highway that runs through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington, on the West Coast of the United States.

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U.S. Route 101 in Oregon

U.S. Route 101 (US 101), is a major north–south U.S. Highway in Oregon that runs through the state along the coastline near the Pacific Ocean.

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U.S. state

A state is a constituent political entity of the United States.

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Umpqua people

The Umpqua are any of several distinct groups (Lower Umpqua (Kuitsh), Upper Umpqua proper (Etnemitane) and Cow Creek Band of Upper Umpqua) of Native Americans that live in present-day south central Oregon in the United States.

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United States Census Bureau

The United States Census Bureau (USCB; officially the Bureau of the Census, as defined in Title) is a principal agency of the U.S. Federal Statistical System, responsible for producing data about the American people and economy.

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United States Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the country's seven uniformed services.

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United States Geological Survey

The United States Geological Survey (USGS, formerly simply Geological Survey) is a scientific agency of the United States government.

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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14.

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Victorian decorative arts

Victorian decorative arts refers to the style of decorative arts during the Victorian era.

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VirtualTourist (often written VT) was a free, travel-oriented community website featuring user-contributed travel guides for locations worldwide.

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Wakonda Beach State Airport

Wakonda Beach State Airport is a public airport located three miles (4.8 km) southwest of Waldport in Lincoln County, Oregon, USA.

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Waldport High School

Waldport High School is a public high school in Waldport, Oregon, United States.

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Waldport, Oregon

Waldport is a city in Lincoln County, Oregon, United States.

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Washington (state)

Washington, officially the State of Washington, is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

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Wedding vow renewal ceremony

A wedding vow renewal ceremony is a ceremony in which a married couple renew or reaffirm their wedding vows.

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A wetland is a land area that is saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally, such that it takes on the characteristics of a distinct ecosystem.

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Wi-Fi or WiFi is technology for radio wireless local area networking of devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards.

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William Bright

William Bright (August 13, 1928 Oxnard, California – October 15, 2006 Louisville, Colorado) was an American linguist who specialized in Native American and South Asian languages and descriptive linguistics.

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Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site

The Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site is a state park in southern Lincoln County, Oregon, in the town of Yachats.

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Yachats River

The Yachats River is a short river on the central Oregon coast, about west-north-west of Eugene.

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Yachats State Recreation Area

The Yachats State Recreation Area is a state park in southern Lincoln County, Oregon, in the central district of the town of Yachats.

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ZIP Code

ZIP Codes are a system of postal codes used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) since 1963.

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2010 United States Census

The 2010 United States Census (commonly referred to as the 2010 Census) is the twenty-third and most recent United States national census.

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