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Index Yi

Yi or YI may refer to. [1]

30 relations: Binary prefix, Dongyi, Hou Yi, House of Yi, I Ching, Lee (Korean surname), Lu Yi, Nuosu language, Serbia and Montenegro, Wu Yi (politician), Yí River, Yi (Chinese surname), Yi (Confucianism), Yi (Cyrillic), Yi (dinosaur), Yi (editor), Yi (husbandman), Yi (vessel), Yi County, Yi Jianlian, Yi people, Yi Prefecture, Yi River (Henan), Yi script, Yi Siling, Yi Sun-sin, Yi Yuanji, Yiddish, Yii, Zun.

Binary prefix

A binary prefix is a unit prefix for multiples of units in data processing, data transmission, and digital information, notably the bit and the byte, to indicate multiplication by a power of 2.

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The Dongyi or Eastern Yi was a collective term, referring to ancient peoples who lived in eastern China during the prehistory of ancient China and in lands located in the Shandong peninsula and some other eastern parts of ancient China.

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Hou Yi

Hou Yi was a mythological Chinese archer.

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House of Yi

The House of Yi or Korean Imperial Household, also called the Yi Dynasty or known as Yi clan of Jeonju, was the household of Joseon and the Korean Empire, consisting of the descendants of Yi Seonggye, the founder of Joseon, known by his posthumous name, Taejo ("highest ancestor").

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I Ching

The I Ching,.

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Lee (Korean surname)

Lee is the typical romanization of the common South Korean surname I (Hangul 이), North Korean surname Ri (리).

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Lu Yi

Lu Yi may refer to.

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Nuosu language

Nuosu or Nosu (pronunciation: Nuosuhxop), also known as Northern Yi, Liangshan Yi, and Sichuan Yi, is the prestige language of the Yi people; it has been chosen by the Chinese government as the standard Yi language (in Mandarin: Yí yǔ, 彝語/彝语) and, as such, is the only one taught in schools, both in its oral and written forms.

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Serbia and Montenegro

Serbia and Montenegro (Srbija i Crna Gora, Србија и Црна Гора; SCG, СЦГ), officially the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro (Državna Zajednica Srbija i Crna Gora, Државна Заједница Србија и Црна Гора), was a country in Southeast Europe, created from the two remaining federal republics of Yugoslavia after its breakup in 1992.

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Wu Yi (politician)

Wu Yi (born November 1938) is a retired Chinese politician.

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Yí River

The Yí River (Spanish, Río Yí) is a river in Uruguay.

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Yi (Chinese surname)

Yì is a Chinese surname, in Cantonese it is transliterated as Yick or Yik, the Chinese commercial code (CCC) of which is 2496.

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Yi (Confucianism)

Yi,, literally "justice, righteousness; meaning," is an important concept in Confucianism.

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Yi (Cyrillic)

Yi (Ї ї; italics: Ї ї) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.

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Yi (dinosaur)

Yi is a genus of scansoriopterygid dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic of China.

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Yi (editor)

Yi is a text editor written and extensible in Haskell.

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Yi (husbandman)

Yi (Chinese: 益, Yì; millennium BCE) was a culture hero in Chinese mythology who helped Shun and Yu the Great control the Great Flood; he served afterwards as a government minister and a successor as ruler of the empire.

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Yi (vessel)

A yi is a shape used in ancient Chinese ritual bronzes.

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Yi County

Yi County may refer to the following counties in China.

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Yi Jianlian

Yi Jianlian (born October 27, 1984) is a Chinese professional basketball player for the Guangdong Southern Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

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Yi people

The Yi or Nuosuo people (historically known as Lolo) are an ethnic group in China, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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Yi Prefecture

Yi Prefecture or Yizhou may refer to.

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Yi River (Henan)

The Yi River (Chinese: 伊河; Pinyin: Yī Hé) is a tributary of the Luo River in the province of Henan, China.

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Yi script

The Yi script (Yi: ꆈꌠꁱꂷ nuosu bburma) is an umbrella term for two scripts used to write the Yi languages; Classical Yi (an ideogram script), and the later Yi Syllabary.

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Yi Siling

Yi Siling (born May 6, 1989 in Guiyang, Hunan) is a Chinese female sport shooter specializing in 10 meter air rifle events, she is the gold medalists for 2012 Olympics, 2010 World Championships and 2010 Asian Games.

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Yi Sun-sin

Yi Sun-sin (April 28, 1545 – December 16, 1598) was a Korean naval commander famed for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imjin war in the Joseon Dynasty, who became an exemplar of conduct to both the Koreans and Japanese.

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Yi Yuanji

Yi Yuanji (Wade-Giles: I Yüan-chi) (c. 1000, Changsha, Hunan – c. 1064) was a Northern Song Dynasty painter, famous for his realistic paintings of animals.

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Yiddish (ייִדיש, יידיש or אידיש, yidish/idish, "Jewish",; in older sources ייִדיש-טײַטש Yidish-Taitsh, Judaeo-German) is the historical language of the Ashkenazi Jews.

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Yii is an open source, object-oriented, component-based MVC PHP web application framework.

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The zun or yi, used until the Northern Song (960–1126) is a type of Chinese ritual bronze or ceramic wine vessel with a round or square vase-like form, sometimes in the shape of an animal, first appearing in the Shang dynasty.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yi

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