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Psaeropterella punctifrons and Schizophora

Shortcuts: Differences, Similarities, Jaccard Similarity Coefficient, References.

Difference between Psaeropterella punctifrons and Schizophora

Psaeropterella punctifrons vs. Schizophora

Psaeropterella punctifrons is a species of ulidiid or picture-winged fly in the genus Psaeropterella of the family Ulidiidae. Schizophora is a section of true flies containing 78 families, which are collectively referred to as muscoids, althoughtechnicallythe term "muscoid" should be limited to flies in the superfamily Muscoidea; this is an example of informal, historical usage persisting in the vernacular.

Similarities between Psaeropterella punctifrons and Schizophora

Psaeropterella punctifrons and Schizophora have 5 things in common (in Unionpedia): Acalyptratae, Animal, Arthropod, Fly, Insect.


Acalyptratae is a subsection of Schizophora, commonly referred to as the acalyptrate muscoids (or simply acalyptrates).

Acalyptratae and Psaeropterella punctifrons · Acalyptratae and Schizophora · See more »


Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Animalia (also called Metazoa).

Animal and Psaeropterella punctifrons · Animal and Schizophora · See more »


An arthropod (from Greek arthro-, joint + podos, foot) is an invertebrate animal having an exoskeleton (external skeleton), a segmented body, and jointed appendages.

Arthropod and Psaeropterella punctifrons · Arthropod and Schizophora · See more »


True flies are insects of the order Diptera (from the Greek di.

Fly and Psaeropterella punctifrons · Fly and Schizophora · See more »


Insects (from Latin insectum, a calque of Greek ἔντομον, "cut into sections") are a class of invertebrates within the arthropod phylum that have a chitinous exoskeleton, a three-part body (head, thorax and abdomen), three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes and one pair of antennae.

Insect and Psaeropterella punctifrons · Insect and Schizophora · See more »

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Psaeropterella punctifrons and Schizophora Comparison

Psaeropterella punctifrons has 8 relations, while Schizophora has 21. As they have in common 5, the Jaccard index is 17.24% = 5 / (8 + 21).


This article shows the relationship between Psaeropterella punctifrons and Schizophora. To access each article from which the information was extracted, please visit:

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