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Index Bristol

Bristol is a city and county in South West England with a population of 456,000. [1]

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Alexander Stopford Catcott, Alexandra Boyd, Alf Matthews, Alf Nelmes, Alf Oakes, Alfie Biggs, Alfie Boe, Alfred Allen, Baron Allen of Fallowfield, Alfred Dearlove, Alfred Downing Fripp (artist), Alfred Frank Hardiman, Alfred Hall-Davis, Alfred Henry Brown, Alfred Hudd, Alfred John Raymond, Alfred Morris (accountant), Alfred Pippard, Alfred the Gorilla, Alice Chestre, Alice Evans, Alice Roberts, Alien 4 (album), Alison Gill, Alistair Bunkall, Alive and Cooking, All Is Yes, All Night Long Tour, All Saints' Church, Bristol, All Saints' Church, Newchurch, All Star Wrestling, All the Lights in the Sky, All the Plans, All This Life, All You Need Is Now (concert tour), Alleged Lunatics' Friend Society, Allen Bathurst, Lord Apsley, Allen Lane, Allflaws, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, Allied Breweries, Allied Domecq, Allison McGourty, Almina Herbert, Countess of Carnarvon, Almondsbury, Almondsbury F.C., Almondsbury Interchange, Almondsbury Town A.F.C., Alo Creevey, Alpha (band), AlphaSphere (instrument), Altar, Alterian, Altran Praxis, Alveston, Amalric-Frédéric Buscarlet, Amazon (yacht), Ambassador Theatre Group, Amber Reed, Amebix, Amelia Bayntun, Amelia Dyer, America Meredith, Ames Hellicar, Amesbury and Military Camp Light Railway, Amici Forever, Amos Simon Cottle, Amputated (band), Amy Sedgwick, Amy Wadge, Amy Willerton, Amyas Borton, Anchor Society, Ancient Aliens, Andalusia Academy, Anderson & Lembke, Andes to Amazon, André Gagnaux, Andrée Peel, Andrea Green (athlete), Andres Carciente, Andrew Adamatzky, Andrew Barker (merchant), Andrew Bracey, Andrew Crosse, Andrew Flintoff, Andrew Gifford, Andrew Harvey (journalist), Andrew Hilton, Andrew Hutchings, Andrew Ibrahim, Andrew Miller (novelist), Andrew Nisbet, Andrew Norman, Andrew Pennington, Andrew Pierce, Andrew Pitman, Andrew Pope, Andrew Pozzi, Andrew Richardson (tennis), Andrew Selby, Andrew Sherborne, Andrew Tate, Andrew Turton, Andrew Vowles, Andrew Wilson (presenter), Andrew Wynter, Andy Byatt, Andy Cairns 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Anthony Jacobs, Baron Jacobs, Anthony Marshall (cricketer), Anthony Milner, Anthony Norris Groves, Anthony Pulis, Anthony Sawyer, Anthony Windows, Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers, Anti-Aircraft Command, Anti-austerity movement in the United Kingdom, Anti-Fascist Action, Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003, Antigua honeymoon murders, Antiques Roadshow (series 27), Antiques Roadshow (series 29), Antiques Roadshow (series 30), Antlers Gallery, Antonio Williams, Antony Woodward, Anttix, Apartment (Bristol band), Apocryphon Tour, Apollonian gasket, Appalachia Service Project, Appeal To Reason Tour, Appetite for Destruction Tour, Approved Premises, April 1949, April 30, April Pearson, Aquila (TV series), Archibald Fargus, Archibald Hill, Archibald Matthias Dunn, Archie Annan, Archie Garrett, Archie Stephens, Are You Scared To Get Happy?, Arena (web browser), Argyll Foods, Ariel Motorcycles, ARKive, Arlingham, Armada House, Bristol, Armine Sandford, Armstrong Hall, Arnaq, Arniston (East Indiaman), Arno's Court Triumphal Arch, Arnold Crowther, Arnold Ridley, Arnold Wathen Robinson, Arnolfini, Arnos Vale, Arnos Vale Cemetery, Arnost Zvi Ehrman, Arriva, Arriva TrainCare, Arriva UK Trains, Arron Banks, Art Objects (band), Art Satherley, Arth - The Destination, Arthur Barrow (cricketer), Arthur Brough, Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, Arthur Creech Jones, Arthur Eustace Morgan, Arthur Eustace Southon, Arthur Guinness II, Arthur Lyon Bowley, Arthur Mannering Tyndall, Arthur Mills Lea, Arthur Milton, Arthur Morris, Arthur Morris with the Australian cricket team in England in 1948, Arthur Nichols, Arthur Nott, Arthur Peck (aviator), Arthur Penduck, Arthur Pickering, Arthur Rendle Short, Arthur Richards, 1st Baron Milverton, Arthur Robinson (cricketer, born 1855), Arthur Serjeant, Arthur Spear, Arthur Weare, Arthur Wilberforce Jose, Arthur Young (actor), Articulated buses in London, Artie Moore, Artikal Music UK, Artists Open House, As with Gladness Men of Old, ASDAN, Ashestoangels, Ashley (Bristol ward), Ashley Down, Ashley Fox, Ashley Hill railway station, Ashley Pharoah, Ashton Avenue Bridge, Ashton Court, Ashton Court Festival, Ashton Gate Brewery Co, Ashton Gate railway station, Ashton Gate Stadium, Ashton Gate, Bristol, Ashton Park School, Ashton Vale, Aspects (band), Assembly of God Bethlehem Ministry (Congregations), Assizes, Asylosaurus, Atlantic slave trade, Atlantis Resources, Atlas Professionals, Atom Heart Mother World Tour, Attack! Pro Wrestling, Aubrey Williams, Audley Harrison, Audley Miller, Audley Richards, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, August 1924, August Closs, Augustus Agar, Aurigny, Aurora St Christopher's School, Aust, Austin Friary, Bristol, Austin Stevens, Australian cricket team in England and North America in 1878, Australian cricket team in England in 1884, Australian cricket team in England in 1888, Australian cricket team in England in 2005, Australian peers and baronets, Australian women's cricket team in England and Ireland in 2015, Authority (album), Auto-Sleepers, Avon (county), Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, Avon Bridge, Avon Calling, Avon Cities Jazz Band, Avon County Council, Avon County Council election, 1993, Avon County Council elections, Avon Fire and Rescue Service, Avon Gorge, Avon Green Belt, Avon House, Bristol, Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, Avon Valley Railway, Avonmouth, Avonmouth Bridge, Avonmouth Docks, Avonmouth Docks railway station, Avonmouth Light Railway, Avonmouth Old Boys, Avonmouth railway station, Avonmouth railway station (Bristol Port Railway and Pier), Avonside Engine Company, Avonside Locomotive Works, Awake, our drowsy souls, Awam Amkpa, Azela Robinson, Aztec West, Ælfric Harrison, Łańcut, B Bond Warehouse, B roads in Zone 3 of the Great Britain numbering scheme, B roads in Zone 4 of the Great Britain numbering scheme, B&Q, B+H Ocean Carriers, BA CityFlyer, BA Connect, Babington House, Babington, Somerset, Back from the Edge Tour, Back in Black Tour, Backwell, Backwell School, Badger (occupation), Badgerline, Badminton railway line, Badminton School, Baedeker Blitz, BAFA National Leagues, Bahá'í Faith in the United Kingdom, Bahá'í timeline, Bailey of Bristol, Bakers Dolphin, Balfour Beatty, Balibo Five, Balsall Heath, Baltic people in the United Kingdom, Bangladesh national cricket team, Bangladeshi cricket team in England in 2005, Bangladeshi cricket team in England in 2010, Banksia paludosa, Banksy, Baptist Mills, Bristol, Bar, Barbadian British, Barbados–United Kingdom relations, Barbara Blaugdone, Barbara Janke, Barbara Kellerman, Barbara Reynolds, Barbarian F.C., Barbecue murders, Barbershop music, Bare-faced Messiah, Bark at the Moon Tour, Barney Nightingale, Barney Platts-Mills, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, Barnstaple, Baron Berkeley, Baron Dulverton, Barrington Tabb, Barrow Gurney, Barrow Gurney Reservoirs, Barrow Hospital, Barry Barker, Barry Docks railway station, Barry Girling, Barry Island Pleasure Park, Barry Lewis (cook), Barry Pilton, Barry Railway Company, Barry Salvage, Barry Sullivan (stage actor), Barry Watkins, Bars and Melody, Bartholomew Roberts, Barton Hill, Bristol, Barton Regis Rural District, Basil Charles Elwell French, Basil Cottle, Basil Davidson, Basil Greenhill, Basingstoke railway station, Bass Generation, Bath Abbey, Bath Ales, Bath and North East Somerset, Bath and North Somerset District Football League, Bath Blitz, Bath Bus Company, Bath bus station, Bath Rugby, Bath, Somerset, Bathurst Basin, Batman rapist, Battle of Britain, Battle of Fishguard, Battle of Flamborough Head, Battle of Langport, Battle of Lincoln (1141), Battle of Roundway Down, Battle of Shrewsbury, Battle of Tewkesbury, Baulk road, BBC Big Screen, BBC Breakfast, BBC Cymru Wales, BBC English Regions, BBC Focus, BBC Hereford & Worcester, BBC Home Service, BBC Manchester, BBC Natural History Unit, BBC One 'Balloon' idents, BBC Points West, BBC Radio, BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Symphony Orchestra, BBC West, BCFM, Beachley, Beak (album), Beak (band), Beaminster, Beatnik Filmstars, Beaufort War Hospital, Beaumont Cranfield, Beautiful Garbage World Tour, Beck, Bogert & Appice, Beddoe Rees, Bedfont, Bedford Pim, Bedminster Down School, Bedminster F.C., Bedminster railway station, Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Bedminster, Bristol, Bedminster, New Jersey, Beechingstoke, Beetham Tower, Manchester, Begbrook, Being Human (UK TV series), Beira, Mozambique, Beki Bondage, Belfast Blitz, Belinda Carlisle, Belluton, Ben Appleby, Ben Christo, Ben Cleverley, Ben Collins (racing driver), Ben Ellwood, Ben Gascoigne, Ben Green (mathematician), Ben Haenow (album), Ben Hamilton-Baillie, Ben Morgan, Ben Small, Ben Starr (actor), Ben Tillett, Ben Westbeech, Bench (British clothing brand), Benedict Ako, Benjamin Beddome, Benjamin Brain, Benjamin Davies (Hebraist), Benjamin Herschel Babbage, Benjamin Hobhouse, Benjamin Libet, Benjamin Pickman Jr., Benjamin Wills Newton, Bentalls, Beohar Rammanohar Sinha, Bereans, Berghaus, Berkeley Castle, Berkeley family, Berkeley Hundred, Berkeley Hunt, Berkeley Nuclear Power Station, Berkeley Square (TV series), Berkeley Square, Bristol, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, Bernard Bloodworth, Bernard Dunstan, Bernard Lovell, Berni Inn, Bert Batten, Bert Bennett, Bert Harris, Bert Hawkins, Bert Hodge Hill, Bert Hoyle, Bert Tann, Bertha (drag boat), Berthold Lubetkin, Bertie Charles Gardner, Bertram Charles Hill, Bertram de Criol, Bertram Thomas, Berwick, Gloucestershire, Bespoked, Best Buy Europe, Beth Gibbons, Beth Rowley, Bethan Knights, Betty Driver, Betty Warren, Beverley Thompson, Bewell's Cross, Bewys Cross, Beyond River Cottage, Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls World Tour, BG BEN Newspaper, Bhatra, Bickley Wood, Bids for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Bierkeller Theatre, Big Brother 11 (UK), Big Brother 2 (Bulgaria), Big Brother 8 (UK), Bilbie family, Bill Bailey, Bill Bann, Bill Coldwell, Bill Ferrar, Bill Green (RAF officer), Bill Haley's New Comets, Bill Horton (rugby league), Bill Meakes, Bill Murch, Bill Pickering (footballer), Bill Pocock, Bill Roberts (footballer, born 1908), Bill Roost, Bill Smith (Canadian musician), Bill Strang (engineer), Bill Whatley (trade unionist), Billhook, Billie Jean King, Billie Jean King career statistics, Billy Boyd (footballer), Billy Budd, Billy Butlin, Billy Clark (footballer, born 1881), Billy Coggins, Billy Corkhill, Billy Daniels (footballer), Billy Dee, Billy Gerrish, Billy Heath, Billy Hughes, Billy Talent II Tour, Bim (pop duo), Bio bus, BioBlitz, BioCity Nottingham, Bioliquids, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, Birhan Dagne, Birkdale (ship), Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway, Birmingham and Gloucester Railway, Birmingham City L.F.C., Birmingham West Suburban Railway, Birnbeck Pier, Bishop of Bristol, Bishop of Clifton, Bishop Sutton, Bishop's Cleeve, Bishopston, Bristol, Bishopsworth, Bitton, BJS, Black and White Café, Black British, Black Castle, Bristol, Black Celebration Tour, Black Country dialect, Black Death in England, Black Down, Somerset, Black Roots (band), Black Swan Data, Black Unity and Freedom Party, Blackbeard, Blackberry Hill Hospital, Blackburn Meadows, Blackfriars, Bristol, Blackout Tour, Blacks Outdoor Retail, Blagdon, Blagdon Lake, Blaise Castle Estate, Blaise Hamlet, Blake Morgan LLP, Blake's Lock, Blanket, Blasco de Garay, Blasting St. Vincent's Rock, Clifton, Bleeps.gr, Blindness and education, Blizzard of Ozz Tour, BLK Art Group, BLM (law firm), Blobotics, Blodwen, Blomer's rivulet, Blonde (duo), Bloodhound SSC, Blue (English band), Blue (Scottish band), Blue Islands, Blue Reef Aquarium, Blue Riband, Bluecoat school, Blues Funeral, BOAC Flight 777, Bob Adams (footballer), Bob Ajisafe, Bob Anderson (footballer), Bob Baker (scriptwriter), Bob Dylan World Tour 1966, Bob Haines, Bob Taylor (GC), Bob Woolmer, Bob Young (footballer, born 1886), Bobby & Co., Bobby Campbell (Scottish footballer), Bobby Ford, Bobby Jones (footballer, born 1938), Bobby Reid (footballer, born 1993), Bobby Williams (footballer, born 1940), Boca 45, Body Talk Tour, Bodyshockers, Boeing UK, Bolexbrothers, Bombsite, Bon Jovi Live, Bonaventure, Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador, Bones + Longing, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Boo! (TV series), Book of Jasher (Pseudo-Jasher), Book Works, Books LLC, Boomtown, Bordeaux, Bornish, Borough status in the United Kingdom, Boroughs incorporated in England and Wales 1835–1882, Boss (architecture), Boston Tea Party (café chain), Botai culture, Bottom Live 2003: Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour, Bottom Live 3: Hooligan's Island, Bourne House, East Woodhay, Bournemouth Airport, Bow Street Runners, Bower Ashton, Box Tunnel, Box, Gloucestershire, Boxers Tour, Boy Tour, BPP Law School, BR Standard Class 6, Bradford on Avon, Bradley Stoke, Bradley Stoke Community School, Brady Haran, Brandon Hill, Bristol, Brandon Trust, Brass, Brean Down, Brean Down Fort, Brean Leisure Park, Breidden Hill, Breitling Orbiter, Brendan, Brendan Phelan, Brendel Anstey, Brennus, Brent Larkham, Brentry, BrewDog, Brian Barder, Brian Barron, Brian Bevan (footballer), Brian Clark (footballer, born 1943), Brian Clark (writer), Brian Jones (aeronaut), Brian May, Brian Savegar, Brian Shantry, Brian Williams (footballer, born 1955), Brick, Bridewell Palace, Bridge Learning Campus, Bridgeyate, Bridgnorth, Bridgnorth Cliff Railway, Bridgwater, Bridgwater and Taunton Canal, Bridport, Brighton, Brighton Voice, Brightside Group, Brigstock Weaver, Brigus, Brislington, Brislington Brook, Brislington East (ward), Brislington F.C., Brislington House, Brislington railway station, Brislington West (ward), Bristol & District Cricket Association, Bristol & West, Bristol (disambiguation), Bristol (European Parliament constituency), Bristol (UK Parliament constituency), Bristol (Whitchurch) Airport, Bristol + Bath Marathon, Bristol Aeroplane Company, Bristol Aeroplane Company F.C., Bristol Airport, Bristol Airport Rail Link, Bristol and Bath Railway Path, Bristol and Bath Science Park, Bristol and Bath Tennis Club, Bristol and District Football League, Bristol and District Rugby Football Combination, Bristol and Exeter Railway, Bristol and Exeter Railway 4-2-2 locomotives, Bristol and Exeter Railway 4-2-4T locomotives, Bristol and Gloucester Railway, Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Bristol and Gloucestershire Railway, Bristol and North Somerset Railway, Bristol and South Wales Union Railway, Bristol Archives, Bristol Arena, Bristol Ariel Rowing Club, Bristol Aztecs, Bristol Bach Choir, Bristol Bath Road depot, Bristol Bears, Bristol Bill, Bristol Bisons RFC, Bristol Blitz, Bristol blue glass, Bristol board, Bristol Boat Race, Bristol Bridge, Bristol Brunel Academy, Bristol Built-up Area, Bristol Bulldogs, Bristol Bus Boycott, Bristol bus station, Bristol Byzantine, Bristol Cars, Bristol Castle, Bristol Cathedral, Bristol Cathedral Choir School, Bristol Cenotaph, Bristol Central (UK Parliament constituency), Bristol Central by-election, 1943, Bristol Central Library, Bristol Channel, Bristol Channel (TV station), Bristol child sex abuse ring, Bristol Choral Society, Bristol Christian Fellowship, Bristol city centre, Bristol City Council, Bristol City Council election, 1986, Bristol City Council elections, Bristol City F.C., Bristol City Line, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol City Stadium, Bristol City W.F.C., Bristol City W.F.C. (1990s), Bristol Coalfield, Bristol Combination Cup, Bristol Combination Cyril Parsons Bowl, Bristol Combination Vase, Bristol Commercial Vehicles, Bristol Community Church, Bristol Community Health, Bristol Constabulary, Bristol Corporation of the Poor, Bristol County, Bristol County Ground, Bristol Crown Court, Bristol derby, Bristol Development Corporation, Bristol Diamonds, Bristol Dinosaur Project, Bristol Dockers, Bristol Downs Association Football League, Bristol East (UK Parliament constituency), Bristol Energy, Bristol Ensemble, Bristol Evening World Tournament, Bristol Eye Hospital, Bristol Feeder Canal, Bristol Ferry Boats, Bristol Festival of Ideas, Bristol Festival of Nature, Bristol Filton Airport, Bristol Flyers, Bristol Free School, Bristol Freighter, Bristol Gateway School, Bristol General Steam Navigation Company, Bristol Grammar School, Bristol Guild of Applied Art, Bristol Handball Club, Bristol Harbour, Bristol Harbour Festival, Bristol Harbour Railway, Bristol High Cross, Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, Bristol Hotel, Odessa, Bristol in the English Civil War, Bristol Industrial Museum, Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, Bristol International Exhibition, Bristol International Kite Festival, Bristol Jamia Mosque, Bristol Ladies, Bristol Law School, Bristol LH, Bristol Live Magazine, Bristol Manor Farm F.C., Bristol Marina, Bristol Mercury, Bristol Mercury (newspaper), Bristol Metropolitan Academy, Bristol Miners' Association, Bristol Naturalists' Society, Bristol News, Bristol North (UK Parliament constituency), Bristol North East (UK Parliament constituency), Bristol North West (UK Parliament constituency), Bristol Observer, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Bristol Omnibus Company, Bristol Open, Bristol Packers, Bristol Packet (1801 ship), Bristol Packet Boat Trips, Bristol park and ride, Bristol Parkway railway station, Bristol Pitbulls, Bristol Port Railway and Pier, Bristol Post, Bristol Pound, Bristol Premier Combination, Bristol Pride, Bristol RE, Bristol Record Society, Bristol Renaissance Faire, Bristol Reservoirs, Bristol riots, Bristol Roller Derby, Bristol Rovers F.C., Bristol Rovers F.C.–Swindon Town F.C. rivalry, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol School, Bristol Schools Philharmonia, Bristol Shakespeare Festival, Bristol shot tower, Bristol Siddeley, Bristol Silents, Bristol slave trade, Bristol Sonics, Bristol South (UK Parliament constituency), Bristol South East (UK Parliament constituency), Bristol South East by-election, 1950, Bristol South East by-election, 1961, Bristol South East by-election, 1963, Bristol Spaceplanes, Bristol St Philip's railway station, Bristol Storm, Bristol Supertram, Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy, Bristol Telephones F.C., Bristol Temple Meads railway station, Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, Bristol Township, Fillmore County, Minnesota, Bristol Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, Bristol Trades Council, Bristol Tramways, Bristol Troubadour Club, Bristol Type 146, Bristol underground scene, Bristol Uniforms, Bristol Wagon & Carriage Works, Bristol Water, Bristol West (UK Parliament constituency), Bristol West by-election, 1957, Bristol Zoo, Bristol, Connecticut, Bristol, Georgia, Bristol, Indiana, Bristol, Maine, Bristol, New Hampshire, Bristol, Pennsylvania, Bristol, Quebec, Bristol, Rhode Island, Bristol, South Dakota, Bristol, Tennessee, Bristol, Texas, Bristol, West Virginia, Bristol24-7, Bristol–Exeter line, Bristolian, Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (cycle 9), Britain in Bloom, Britain's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent (series 2), Britain's Got Talent (series 4), Britain's Got Talent (series 5), Britain's Missing Top Model, Britain's Next Top Model (cycle 1), British African-Caribbean people, British and Irish Cup, British and Irish Modern Music Institute, British Bangladeshi, British Basketball League, British Bred Produce Stakes, British Business Bank, British Caledonian in the 1980s, British Cellophane, British Chess Championship, British co-operative movement, British Coachways, British Construction Industry Awards, British Cypriots, British Empire, British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, British European Airways, British Heavyweight Championship, British Indian, British Indo-Caribbean people, British industrial narrow-gauge railways, British Jamaican, British Open Tag Team Championship, British Organic Geochemical Society, British Overseas Airways Corporation, British Paraorchestra, British Rail Class 153, British Rail Class 166, British Rail Class 43 (HST), British Rail Class 769, British Rail Classes 251 and 261, British records in Olympic weightlifting, British Science Association, British Steel Tour, British Welterweight Championship, BritishJET, Britrock Must Be Destroyed, Broad Street, Bristol, Broadcasting House, Bristol, Broadchurch, Broadchurch (series 1), Broadchurch (series 2), Broadlands Academy, Broadmead, Broadway Project, Brockley Combe, Brockley, Somerset, Brockweir, Broken Frame Tour, Bronnt Industries Kapital, Bronze and brass ornamental work, Brookland Hall, Brough Fletcher, Browns Restaurants, BRS, Bruce Campbell (ornithologist), Bruce High Quality Foundation, Bruce Smith (musician), Brunel Award, Bruno Langley, Brush pot, Bryan Bush, Bryan Isaac, Brymon Airways, BS postcode area, BT Tower (disambiguation), Buckingham Baptist Chapel, Buckland Dinham, Buckland, Oxfordshire, Budockshed, Bugler Coaches, Bugs in Amber, Building Design Partnership, Buildings and architecture of Bristol, Bullock's Park, Bunce Island, Bunny Johnson, Bunty Longrigg, Bupa, Burges Salmon, Burgh Walls Camp, Burghfield, Burnet James, Burnett, Somerset, Burton, Wiltshire, Bus transport in Cardiff, Buscot, Buses in Bristol, Busicom, Busiest airports by continent, Business park, Butler v Rice, Byberry, Philadelphia, Bybrook River, Bye Bye Havana, Byron Vincent, Byzantine architecture, Byzantine Revival architecture, C. & J. Clark, C. H. Sisson, C. R. M. F. Cruttwell, C. T. C. Wall, Cabinet of Curiosities (album), Cabot Circus, Cabot Square, Montreal, Cabot Tower, Bristol, Cabot, Bristol, Cabvision, Cachorro López, Cadbury Heath, Cadbury Heath F.C., Cadena Cafes Limited, CADSTAR, Caenorhabditis elegans, Caer, Caerphilly Heart Disease Study, Café wall illusion, Cage to Rattle Tour, Cal (2013 film), Calabar, Calamine (mineral), Calamine brass, Caldicot, Monmouthshire, Caledonia Place, Bristol, Called Back (novel), Callington Road Hospital, Callum Braley, Callum Evans, Cally Taylor, Calne, Calvert railway station, Calvert, Buckinghamshire, Cambrian Airways, Cambridge Camden Society, Cambridge, Gloucestershire, Cameley, Camelford water pollution incident, Cameron Balloons, Cameron D-38, Camp for Climate Action, Canadian Auto Workers, Canadian Confederation, Canals of the United Kingdom, Canyon, Capital (radio network), Capper Pass and Son, Captain Alexander Smollett, Captive white tigers, Cara Romero, Carbon8 Aggregates, Carboniferous Limestone, Carcass (band), Cardiff, Cardiff Central railway station, Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra, Cardiff Redhawks, Carew Reynell (bishop), Carillion, Carl Lygo, Carling O'Keefe, Carmarthen Furnace Bank, Carmel Christian School, Bristol, Carmel College, Oxfordshire, Carnew, Carol Vorderman, Carole Caplin, Caroline Holmyard, Caroline Kwambai, Caroline Righton, Carriage Works, Bristol, Carrie & Lowell Tour, Cartas de Inglaterra, Cary Castle, Cary Grant, Cash and Curry, Casimir (band), Castle Combe Circuit, Castle Park, Bristol, Castle Ward, Castlemead, Castlemorton Common Festival, Castles and Town Walls of King Edward in Gwynedd, Casualty (series 1), Casualty (series 2), Casualty (series 32), Casualty (TV series), Casualty@Holby City, Catbrain, Catch a Fire Tour, Cathedral school, Catherine B. Gulley, Catherine Johnson (playwright), Catherine Stephens, Countess of Essex, Catherine Talbot, Catherine Winkworth, Catholic Church in England and Wales, Cathy Bakewell, Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville, Cathy Barry, Cauda Pavonis, Cavan Scott, Cave baronets, Caves (band), Ceawlin of Wessex, Cecil Parry, Cedd Moses, Cedric Bucknall, Celebrate the Bullet, Central Electricity Generating Board, Central Police Station, Bristol, Centre for Alternative Technology, Centre for Device Thermography and Reliability, Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information, Ceremonial counties of England, Challenge International de Tourisme 1930, Champs-sur-Marne, Change Tour, Channel Airways, Channel View Publications, Chaos UK, Chaotic Dischord, Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne, Chapman Taylor, Chapter II (Benga album), Charfield, Charfield railway disaster, Charfield railway station, Charles Albert Keeley, Charles Alford (priest), Charles Anthony Schott, Charles Atmore, Charles Baggs, Charles Bampfylde, Charles Bernard (civil servant), Charles Bernard (cricketer), Charles Bonham-Carter, Charles Branwhite, Charles Clark (lecturer), Charles Cornish, Charles Coulson, Charles Coventry (Zimbabwean cricketer), Charles Daubeny (priest), Charles Davis (theologian), Charles Dibdin the younger, Charles Dyer (architect), Charles Edward Bright, Charles Francis Hansom, Charles Gerard, 1st Earl of Macclesfield, Charles Gilpin (politician), Charles Goulding, Charles Grace, Charles Hayes Higgins, Charles Herbert Mayo, Charles Hill & Sons, Charles Jarman, Charles King-Turner, Charles Lacy Sweet, Charles Lagus, Charles McArthur, Charles Oswald Miles, Charles Page Eden, Charles Parsons Knight, Charles Pullin, Charles Radbourn, Charles Ranken, Charles Ransford, Charles Read (RAAF officer), Charles Regnart, Charles Robert Cockerell, Charles Robert Thatcher, Charles Santley, Charles Southwell, Charles Stephens (daredevil), Charles Taylor (cricketer, born 1881), Charles Terrot, Charles Underwood, Charles Walter Allfrey, Charles Wathen, Charles Watts (secularist), Charles Wesley, Charles Wesley junior, Charles Wesley's House, Charles Wetherell, Charles Williams (priest), Charles Willing, Charles Wreford-Brown, Charlie Cox, Charlie Davis (footballer), Charlie Jones (musician), Charlie Jordan (DJ), Charlie Townsend, Charlie Walker (English cricketer), Charlotte Jane, Charlotte Mary Brame, Charlotte Sharman, Charlton, Bristol, Chatterton (opera), Cheapside, Cheddar Valley line, Cheddar Yeo, Cheese Lane Shot Tower, Cheltenham, Cheltenham and Great Western Union Railway, Chelwood, Chepstow, Chepstow Castle, Cherie Blair, Chester Shot Tower, Chesterfield, Chesterfield Road, Cheswick, South Gloucestershire, Chevrolet Volt, Chevvy Pennycook, Chew Magna, Chew Stoke, Chew Stoke flood of 1968, Chew Valley, Chew Valley Lake, Chew Valley School, Chewton Keynsham, Chewton Mendip, Chhatri, Chikinki, Chilcompton, Children of the Stones, Children's Hospice South West, Chill (radio station), Chilled beam, Chintan Upadhyay, Chippenham, Chippenham by-election, 1943, Chipping Norton, Chipping Sodbury, Chittening, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (musical), Chocolate, Chocolate bar, Choke (music collective), Chris Bailey (tennis), Chris Bostock, Chris Brooker, Chris Chapman (producer), Chris Chivers, Chris Coles, Chris Cox (magician), Chris Cozens, Chris Crowe, Chris Dent, Chris Garland, Chris Gilmour, Chris Greenman, Chris Honor, Chris Julian (speedway rider), Chris Lines, Chris Mason (darts player), Chris McClaren, Chris McNab, Chris Ramsey (footballer), Chris Roper, Chris Sanigar, Chris Scott (cricketer, born 1964), Chris Serle, Chris Taylor (cricketer, born 1976), Chris Vance (actor), Chris White (saxophonist), Chris Wood (golfer), Chris Worthy, Chrissie Wellington, Christ Church with St Ewen, Bristol, Christ Church, Clifton Down, Christian Brethren of Malaysia, Christian Ignatius Borissow, Christian Malford, Christian Malford Halt railway station, Christianity in the 19th century, Christina Scull, Christmas Steps, Bristol, Christopher Bassett, Christopher Bennet, Christopher Bowen, Christopher Budd (cricketer), Christopher Carleill, Christopher Challis, Christopher Cheboiboch, Christopher Columbus, Christopher Fowler (minister), Christopher Fry, Christopher Fyfe, Christopher Gadsden, Christopher Holder, Christopher Hutton, Christopher Idle (hymnwriter), Christopher Parsons, Christopher Robbins, Christopher Sadler, Christopher Sharp (barrister), Christopher Smith (director), Christopher Walton, Chronological list of saints and blesseds in the 12th century, Chronology of Provisional Irish Republican Army actions (1970–79), Chronology of Provisional Irish Republican Army actions (1990–99), Chuck Murphy, Church Congress, Church of All Saints, Clifton, Church of All Saints, Kingston Seymour, Church of England parish church, Church of Holy Trinity, Hotwells, Church of Holy Trinity, Stapleton, Church of St Gregory, Weare, Church of St John the Baptist, 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Trip (series 7), Coalbrookdale, Coast (TV series), Coastal Motor Boat, Coastal Shipping Publications, Coasts (band), Cobourg Hotel, Cock throwing, Cod fisheries, Cod Steaks ltd, Codename: Kyril, Col Needham, Cold wave, Coldharbour Lane, Colin Brittan, Colin Chisholm (medical writer), Colin Cramb, Colin Mitchell (cricketer), Colin Pillinger, Colin Sleeman, Colin Tarrant, Colin Waldron, College Green, Bristol, Colonel Dudley Thornton, Colour Me Free!, Colston bun, Colston Hall, Colston Tower, Colston's Girls' School, Colston's School, Colstons Almshouses, Combe Hay Manor, Combined authority, Comic Expo, Comic Festival, Commercial Rooms, Bristol, Committee of 100 (United Kingdom), Commonwealth Institute, Communiqué Tour, Community forests in England, Community organizing, Community radio, Community Radio Awards (UK), Company of Merchant Adventurers of London, Compton Dando, Compton Martin, Con Sullivan (footballer), Concorde aircraft histories, Conduct Unbecoming (play), Cone of Silence 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Heathfield railway station, Crowded House, Crown Court, Cube Microplex, Cullompton, Culprate, Culture of Bristol, Culture of Somerset, Culverhouse Cross, Cumberland Basin (Bristol), Cumbria Shield, Curious Pastimes, Curo, Curtis Banks, Curzon Memories App, Cuthbert Godwin, CVS Business Rates, Cycling demonstration towns, Cycling England, Cyclone Carmen, Cyclones Anne and Christina, Cyd Hayman, Cyril Bence, Cyril Bridge, Cyril Cleverdon, Cyril Handley Bird, Cyril King (footballer), Cyril Raymond, Cyril Williams, D-cam, Dabbl, Daddy G, Daf Palfrey, Daily Mail Circuit of Britain air race, Daines Barrington, Dakota Blue Richards, Dale Marshall (painter), Damariscotta, Maine, Damien Hirst, Damien Roberts, Dan Catsis, Dan Robinson (athlete), Dan Severn, Dan Tuohy, Dan Watchurst, Dan-Air, DanceX, Dangerous Sports Club, Danie Visser, Daniel Burges, Daniel Defoe, Daniel Gookin, Daniel Guilford Wait, Daniel Hill (actor), Daniel Johnson (pirate), Daniel Mazur, Danila Vassilieff, Danny Boy Collins, Danny Chard, Danny Coles, Danny Coughlan, Danny McNamara, Danny Rose (footballer, born 1988), Danny Williams (boxer), Daphne Heard, Daphne Wright, Dark Side of the Moon Tour, Darren Barry, Darren Jones (politician), Darren Peacock, Dart Group, Dartmoor Beast, Dartmouth Harbour, Dauntsey railway station, Dauntsey Vale, Dave Alex Riddett, Dave Attwood, Dave Guest (bodybuilder), Dave Hilton (rugby union), Dave Raggett, Dave Thompson (comedian), David Alesworth, David Allen (cricketer), David and Jonathan (band), David Bowers (director), David Briggs (English musician), David Bright (footballer), David Broke, David Burnside (footballer), David Cashman, David Charles (hymn-writer), David Dimbleby, David Drew (dancer), David Edward Theomin, David Evans (Somerset cricketer, born 1928), David Francolini, David G. P. Taylor, David Garmston, David Goldsmith (footballer), David Gordon Hines, David Graveney, David Gray (cricketer), David Haines (artist), David Hillier, David Hulin, David Hume, David Inshaw, David J. Rodger, David Jardine (barrister), David Jenkins (footballer), David Jennings (tutor), David Jewell, David Kidner, David Lloyd (police commissioner), David Lloyd George, David Luckman, David Mail, David May (computer scientist), David Nath, David Noton, David Orme Masson, David Prowse, David Pyle, David R. Jones (biologist), David Robinson (film critic), David Rodgers, David Rowell & Co., David Ryall, David Shute, David Smith (Gloucestershire cricketer), David Stancliffe, David Staniforth (footballer), David Stone (footballer), David Syme Russell, David Telling, David Watkins (British politician), David Wenham (theologian), David Wilshire, Davide Carbone, Davies Turner, Davyhulme Sewage Works, Dawn Bowden, Dawn Gibbins, Dawn Primarolo, Day One (band), Day/night cricket in England, Daybrook railway station, Days of Light, Days of May, DB Cargo UK, De Havilland Albatross, De Lacy O'Leary, Dead Silence Tour, Deal or No Deal (UK game show), Debenhams, Deborah Blum, Deborah Kerr, Debut (Björk album), Decca Aitkenhead, December 1974, December 5, Decoder (duo), Deep Purple European Tour, Defence Analytical Services and Advice, Defence Procurement Agency, Defibrillatour, Definitely Maybe Tour, Dejan Petrović, Del Fontaine, Delta Air Transport, Demographics of British Bangladeshis, Demography of Bristol, Demography of the United Kingdom, Demon Seed, Demonym, Denis Saurat, Dennis Andries, Dennis Avoth, Dennis Chitty, Dennis Dart, Dennis Orme, Dennis Priestley, Denny Island, Denzil Hale, Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol, Derby, Derby railway station, Derek Balmer, Derek Bentley case, Derek Clark, Derek Eaton, Derek Gallop, Derek Jenkins (painter), Derek Palmer (priest), Derek Robinson (novelist), Derry Hill, Des Kelly, Descendants of the Bounty mutineers, DESG, Desmond Brayley, Baron Brayley, Desmond Carter, Desmond Chute, Desmond Hawkins, Desperate Men Theatre Company, Detritus (band), Developer! 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Developer!, Development corporation, Development of stadiums in English football, Devizes, Devon White (footballer), Devonshire Regiment, Devonwall, Dexter Dalwood, Diachronous, Diana Beck, Diana Darvey, Diana Moran, Diana Wynne Jones, Diane Barron, Diarmuid Byron O'Connor, Diary of a Madman Tour, DICE (Ticketing Company), Dick King-Smith, Dick Lilley, Dick Parsons (British Army officer), Dick Penny, Dick Plumb, Dick Poole (cyclist), Dick Sheppard (footballer), Didcot, Didcot Parkway railway station, Diderik von Cappelen, Didn't It Rain (Hugh Laurie album), Digital 5, Digitech Studio School, Dinantian, Dingles (department store), Dings Crusaders Rugby Football Club, Dino Zamparelli, Diocese of Bristol, Dion Boucicault, Dire Straits Tour, Directly elected mayors in England and Wales, Dirk Gently (TV series), Dirk Maggs, Disability abuse, Disappearance of Cheryl Grimmer, Disco in Dream, Disney Junior (UK and Ireland), Disorder (band), Dissolution of the Monasteries, Distorted Ghost, Disused railway stations on the Bristol to Exeter Line, Ditcheat, Dive In Tour, Dixie Brown, Dizraeli, DJ Derek, DJ Die, DNA Tour, Dobunni, Dock, Wharf, Riverside and General Labourers' Union, Dockland Settlements, Doctor Dolittle's Circus, Doctor Who (series 8), Dodington, Gloucestershire, Dolk (artist), Dolly Martin, Dominic Adams, Dominic Barber, Dominic Barclay, Dominic Dromgoole, Dominic Lash, Dominic Mohan, Dominique Blain, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Don Cameron (balloonist), Don Clark (footballer), Don Mottram, Don't Call It a Sum-Back Tour, Donal F. Early, Donald Adams, Donald Hewlett, Donald Johnson (British politician), Donald Kendrick, Donald Morgan, Donald Pleasence, Donald Ross (surgeon), Donald Wilkins, Dongola, Donna Jackson, Donogh O'Brien, 4th Earl of Thomond, Doppler effect, Dora Greenwell, Dorcas Dole, Dorchester, Dorset, Dore and Totley railway station, Doreen Wicks, Dorothy Cross, Dorothy Hazard, Dorothy Peto, Dorset, Dorset and Somerset Canal, Dot to Dot Festival, Doug Anderson (photographer), Doug Hele, Doug Hillard, Doug Naysmith, Doug Perkins, Doughty Street Chambers, Douglas (motorcycles), Douglas Cleverdon, Douglas Darling, Douglas Dragonfly, Douglas F.C., Douglas Fox (organist), Douglas Freeman, Douglas Hugh Everett, Douglas Hyde (author), Douglas Mark III, Douglas N. 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Wedel, Eadgyth, Eadnoth the Constable, Eamon McAnaney, Earley, Earlswood, Monmouthshire, Early 1990s recession, Early life of Samuel Johnson, Earnshill House, EarthCARE, Earthling (band), Earthtones World Tour, East Acton tube station, East Bristol Jazz Club, East Dundry, East Harptree, East of Eden (band), East Scotland Warriors, Easton in Gordano, Easton, Bristol, Eastville Stadium, Eastville, Bristol, Eats Everything, Ebbw Vale Steelworks, Ebenezer Sibly, Economic geography of the United Kingdom, Economic history of Birmingham, Economics of English towns and trade in the Middle Ages, Economy of Bristol, Economy of England in the Middle Ages, Economy of Leeds, Economy of Liverpool, Economy of Manchester, Economy of Wales, Ed Hughes (composer), Ed Morrison (rugby union), Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood, Eddie Hanlon, Eddie Hapgood, Eddie Large, Eddy (surname), Edgar Purnell Hooley, Edgar Thomas, Edith Claypole, Edith Hannam, Edith Mary Brown, Edmond Deane, Edmund Burke (Thomas), Edmund Butcher, Edmund Calamy (historian), Edmund Dummer (naval engineer), Edmund Fry, Edmund Haythorne, Edmund Heath, Edmund King (cricketer, born 1907), Edmund Mortimer (1302–1331), Edmund Sedding, Edmund Taylor (cricketer), Edmund Withypoll, Eduardo Milán, Educate Together, Education in Bristol, Edward (1806 ship), Edward Alcock (artist), Edward Alleyn, Edward Barry (writer), Edward Bird, Edward Bishop, Baron Bishopston, Edward Bunker (Mormon), Edward Charleton, 5th Baron Cherleton, Edward Chetwynd, Edward Clifford, Edward Colston, Edward Fitzgerald (barrister), Edward Ford (surgeon), Edward Goodland, Edward Greenly, Edward Greville, Edward H. Bennett, Edward H. Bennett House and Studio, Edward Harford, Edward Harwood, Edward Heylyn, Edward Hill (New Zealand politician), Edward Hodges, Edward Hodges Baily, Edward II of England, Edward John Dunn, Edward John Trelawny, Edward John White, Edward Joseph Hansom, Edward Lessimore, Edward Litt Laman Blanchard, Edward Loder, Edward Long Fox (physician), Edward Long Fox (psychiatrist), Edward MacLysaght, Edward Orpen Moriarty, Edward Patey, Edward Popham (died 1586), Edward Powell, Edward R. Pease, Edward Randolph, Edward Scott (politician), Edward Sheppard, Edward Short (Canadian judge), Edward Spry, Edward Spurway, Edward St John Daniel, Edward Stanford, Edward Steinkopff, Edward Tagart, Edward Thache, Edward Thache Jr., Edward Thornbrough, Edward Villiers Rippingille, Edward Wadham, Edward Whalley, Edward White (composer), Edward William Godwin, Edward Williams (composer), Edward Woods (engineer), Edward Woore, Edwin Cole (RAF officer), Edwin Hayes, EE Limited, EFL Championship, EFL League One, Egerton Bagot Byrd Levett-Scrivener, Egerton Hall, Ego Has Landed Tour, Eileen Quinlan, Eisteddfod, Elaine Paige, Eldon Insurance, Eleanor de Montfort, Princess of Wales, Eleanor, Fair Maid of Brittany, Electric Guitars, Electric Six, Electrical telegraph, Elijah Waring, Elis James and John Robins, Elisabethschule Marburg, Elisha Smith Robinson, Elizabeth Bath, Elizabeth Blackwell, Elizabeth Branch, Elizabeth Casson, Elizabeth Filkin, Elizabeth Fraser, Elizabeth Garvie, Elizabeth Germain, Elizabeth Inverarity, Elizabeth Lachlan, Elizabeth Lucar, Elizabeth Magill, Elizabeth Pierrepont, Duchess of Kingston-upon-Hull, Elizabeth Scott (hymnwriter), Elizabeth Shaw (confectionery company), Elizabeth Spriggs, Elizabeth Younge, Ella (novel), Ellen Sharples, Ellen Thomas (actress), Elliott & Fry, Ellis Crompton, Ellis Genge, Elmwood (Cambridge, Massachusetts), Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Elsie Griffin, Elton John 2004 Tour, Elvis Comrie, Elyes Gabel, Eman Kellam, Emersons Green, Emika (album), Emily Biwott, Emily Blackwell, Emily Diamond, Emily Webley-Smith, Emma Cons, Emma Jane Hogbin, Emma Martin (socialist), Emma Paterson, Emma Shaw Colcleugh, Emma Stevens, Emmanuel Macron, Emmie Owen, Empress Matilda, Empty Pools, Emptyset, Emrys Evans (rugby), Ems (ship), Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, Endgame Tour, Engineering College (English specialist school), Engineers House, England, England 2018 FIFA World Cup bid, England A Team Triangular Series in 2014, England and Wales mayoral referendums, England in the Late Middle Ages, England national football team results (1872–99), England national football team results (1900–29), England national under-21 football team results, England national under-21 football team results (1976–99), England women's national football team results – 2010s, English Americans, English Civil War, English Colts Club Knockout Cup, English delftware, English feudal barony, English heraldry, English language in England, English language in southern England, English mayoral referendums, 2012, English overseas possessions, English passive voice, English Poor Laws, English Professional Championship, English Reformation, English Shinty Association, English whisky, English women's football clubs in international competitions, English-language vowel changes before historic /l/, Enid Stacy, Enmore (1858), Entente Florale, Enter Air, Enter the Vaselines, Ents24, Environment Agency, Environment in Bristol, Ephraim Chiume, Epiphany Rising, EQUATOR Network, Equestrian statue of William III, Bristol, Equestrian statue of William III, London, Eremites Friary, Bristol, Eric Buchan, Eric Dolman, Eric Jelen, Eric Lester, Ernest Alderwick, Ernest Bethell, Ernest Bevin, Ernest Frank Richardson, Ernest Giles, Ernest J. 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Curse of Treasure Island, Jim Johnston (English musician), Jim'll Paint It, Jimmy Benefield, Jimmy Brain, Jimmy Copley, Jimmy Haydon, Jimmy Heale, Jimmy Jay, Jimmy Morgan, Jimmy Watson (footballer, born 1914), Jisc, JJ (Skins series 3), JJ Bird, JLS Tour, Jo Durie, Jo Jo in the Stars, Joachim Gans, Joan Sanderson, Joan Vaux (lady-in-waiting), Joanna Bool, Joanna Sawyer, Joanne King, João Fernandes Lavrador, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Job Scott, Jock McLean, Jock Tait, Jock Taylor (footballer, born 1909), Jodi Taylor, Jody Wisternoff, Joe Anyinsah, Joe Berger (illustrator), Joe Broad, Joe Bryan, Joe Burnell, Joe Calzaghe, Joe Cottle, Joe Davis (footballer, born 1938), Joe Jordan, Joe Kissock, Joe Lennox, Joe Mason (aid worker), Joe Nicholls, Joe Powell (English footballer), Joe Sims (actor), Joe Volk, Joe Walter (footballer), Johann Cloppenburg, Johannes Ruysch, John Addington Symonds, John Addington Symonds (physician), John Akomfrah, John Alexander (Australian politician), John Alexander Fraser Roberts, John Allen Wedgwood, John Ambrose Fleming, John Anderdon, John Antes, John Ash (divine), John Balance, John Barclay (Berean), John Barker (Bristol MP), John Barron (academic), John Bassett (died 1551), John Bateman-Champain, John Baughan, John Beddoe, John Beech Austin, John Belasyse, 1st Baron Belasyse, John Benbow, John Bessant, John Bethune (footballer), John Betjeman, John Bishop Estlin, John Blake (rugby union), John Bond (banker), John Brockway (swimmer), John Brown (footballer, born July 1940), John Bucknell, John Bulmer (Independent minister), John Burley Waring, John Cabot, John Cabot Academy, John Caldwell (boxer), John Cannan, John Cary (businessman), John Challis, John Chenhall, John Church Dempsey, John Churchill (judge), John Clark Marshman, John Clark Monks, John Clyn, John Collee, John Collett Ryland, John Collins (musician/researcher), John Cooke (Oxford University cricketer), John Cosh, John Cotterell, John Cox (director), John Craven, John Creed (politician), John Cruger, John Currie (sportsman), John Curtis (MP), John Dalton, John Daunt, John de Bayeux, John Desborough, John Dickinson Stationery, John Doughty (MP), John Dukinfield, John Dundas (RAF officer), John Dunning, 1st Baron Ashburton, John E Vistic, John E. Morgan, John Eagles, John Ebling, John Edward Aloysius Steggall, John Edwards (Siôn Treredyn), John Evan Thomas, John Evans (19th-century writer), John Everett, John Faber Sr., John Foot (historian), John Fortune, John Foster (essayist), John Fowler (Catholic scholar), John Frost (Chartist), John G. Robinson, John Gilbert Winant, John Glanville, John Goodchild, John Goodyer, John Gordon (merchant), John Guthrie (cricketer), John Guy (governor), John Gwako, John Hammond (weather forecaster), John Harvey & Sons, John Hegley, John Henry Greville Smyth, John Herbert Parsons, John Heylyn, John Hilsey, John Hippisley (1530–1570), John Hobhouse, 1st Baron Broughton, John Holbrook, John Hooper (bishop), John Hore, John Horwood, John Howard Hinton, John Iles, John Inverdale, John Junor (rugby union), John Juyn, John Kendrew, John Kenneth MacKenzie, John Kenyon (patron), John Kimber, John King (Master of Charterhouse), John Kingman, John Kingsley Cook, John Knight (died 1683), John Knox, John Lambe (M5 rapist), John Lane (metallurgist), John Lee Dumas, John Leifchild, John Leland (antiquary), John Lennard, John Lennon's jukebox, John Leonard Knapp, John Lewis (antiquarian), John Locke, John Lockhart-Ross, John Loudon McAdam, John Lowell, John Lysaght and Co., John Macey, John Madden (director), John Malchair, John Mathew Gutch, John Medley, John Michael Rysbrack, John Michell (writer), John Minsterworth, John Moffat (physicist), John Moore (British author), John Mortimore (cricketer), John Mucknell, John Neild, John Nike, John Norris (priest), John Norton (architect), John O. Limb, John Ogilby, John Oldmixon, John Otway, John Palmer (postal innovator), John Parish, John Payne Ltd, John Penn ("the American"), John Perry (musician), John Pettus (courtier), John Phillips (pirate), John Pinney, John Piper (artist), John Player & Sons, John Pond, John Prior Estlin, John Purvey, John Quick (actor), John Raymond Hobbs, John Redcliffe-Maud, Baron Redcliffe-Maud, John Reeve (actor), John Richard Easonsmith, John Robins (comedian), John Robinson (cricketer, born 1909), John Ross Dix, John Ruiz, John Rut, John Ryland, John Samuel Budgett, John Samuel Miller, John Saxbee, John Scandrett Harford, John Scott (composer), John Sellars (footballer), John Selwyn Gilbert, John Seymour (1425–1463), John Seymour (died 1464), John Sibbick, John Simmons (painter), John Spiers (entrepreneur), John Stanton (cricketer), John Straffen, John Strahan, John Stuart Mackenzie, John Sullivan (Gloucestershire cricketer), John Summerson, John Taylor (VC), John the Painter, John Thomas Perceval, John Thynne, John Tidmarsh, John Tiller (priest), John Tobin (dramatist), John Trevanion, John Twynyho, John Valentine Stevens, John Ward (footballer, born 1951), John Ward (prophet), John Warner (actor), John Watkins (writer), John Watkins Brett, John Wesley, John White (South Australian painter), John Whitehead (physician), John Whitson, John Williams Wilson, John Witty, John Wood, the Younger, John Wren (footballer), John Yeamans, John Young (died 1589), John Zachary Young, Johnny Ball, Johnny Johnson (RAF officer), Johnny Watkins, Johnny Williams (footballer, born 1935), Joker (musician), Jolly & Son, Jon French, Jon Kennedy, Jon Klein (musician), Jon Richardson (comedian), Jon Robyns, Jon Vickers (rugby union), Jonathan Campbell (theologian), Jonathan Dimbleby, Jonathan Edwards Ryland, Jonathan Miller, Jonathan Sewell, Jonathan Wheatley, Jonathan White (cricketer), Jongleurs, Jonny Dollar, Jonti Picking, José Maria de Eça de Queirós, Joseph Austin Benwell, Joseph Benson, Joseph Brain, Joseph Brittan, Joseph Burke (botanist), Joseph Cooper (broadcaster), Joseph Dodge Weston, Joseph Esmond Riddle, Joseph Feilden, Joseph Fry (type-founder), Joseph Gardiner (New South Wales politician), Joseph Glasco, Joseph Griffiths Swayne, Joseph Hornblower, Joseph Huntley, Joseph J. Little, Joseph Jackson (Bristol MP), Joseph Kay (architect), Joseph Martin (general), Joseph Mason Cox, Joseph McGann, Joseph Nicholds, Joseph Paulo, Joseph Storrs Fry, Joseph Storrs Fry II, Joseph Swetnam, Joseph Walter, Joseph Wilcocks, Josephine Butler, Josh Gare, Josh Klein-Davies, Josh Low, Joshua Marshman, Joshua Thomas, Josiah Hooper, Josiah Tucker, Josie Gibson, Josie Pearson, Josser Watling, JT McNamara, Juan Williams Rebolledo, Jubilee River, Judd Trump, JudoScotland, Juha (1937 film), Julia Blake, Julia Chambers, Julia Cumberlege, Baroness Cumberlege, Julian Besag, Julian Dicks, Julian Richer, Julian Stair, Julie Burchill, Julie Cox, Julie Driscoll Tippetts, Juliet Ace, Juliette Winter, Julio Bashmore, Julius Francis, July 1935, July 1956, July 5, June 1914, June 1965, Jungle music, Junior World Series of Indoor Cricket, Junius Spencer Morgan, Junk (novel), Junularo Esperantista Brita, Just 1 Page, Justin Fletcher, Justin Lee Collins, K Foundation Burn a Million Quid, K. S. Narayanaswamy, Kainos, Kala Tour, Kamau Leverock, Kampfgeschwader 100, Kampfgeschwader 51, Kampfgeschwader 55, Kampfgeschwader 6, Kanalkampf, Kano (rapper), Kara Tointon, Karen Lee, Karen MacLeod, Karim family, Karl Haas (conductor), Karol Beck, Kat Fletcher, Kate Bishop (actress), Kate Dobbin, Kate Nelligan, Kate Reed, Kate Rich, Kate Sedley, Kate Terry, Katharine Furse, Katharine Glasier, Katharine Merry, Katherine Press, Kathleen Hale, Kathleen Warner, Kathryn White, Katie Chapman, Katie Dawkins, Katie Swan, Katie Walker, Kays Catalogues, Keeping Up Appearances, Keir Simmons, Keith Curle, Keith Fear, Keith Floyd, Keith Miller, Keith Miller with the Australian cricket team in England in 1948, Keith Newton (prelate), Keith Piper (artist), Keith Rowlands, Keith Tippett, Kelly Evernden, Kelston, Kelston Lock, Kelston Park, Kelston toll road, Ken Blackburn (actor), Ken Kinnersley, Ken Rosewall career statistics, Ken Simmons, Kennet and Avon Canal, Kenneth Clark (priest), Kenneth Grange, Kenneth Hunt (cricketer), Kenneth Pridie, Kenny Stephens, Kent County Cricket Club in 2005, Kent County Cricket Club in 2009, Kent County Cricket Club in 2011, Kent County Cricket Club in 2012, Kent County Cricket Club in 2014, Kent County Cricket Club in 2015, Kent County Cricket Club in 2016, Kent County Cricket Club in 2018, Kerbdog, Keren Woodward, Kerry McCarthy, Kerry-Anne Mendoza, Keston Sutherland, Kev F. Sutherland, Kevin Austin, Kevin Davis, Kevin Greening, Kevin Lepage, Kevin Mabbutt, Kevin McNally, Kevin Pietersen, Keynsham, Keynsham Abbey, Keynsham Humpy Tumps, Keynsham railway station, Ki Longfellow, Kid Carpet, Kids Company, Kieran Parselle, Killer World Tour, Kim Chin-kyung, Kimberley Nixon, King Street Theatre, King Street, Bristol, King William Ale House, King's Oak Academy, Kings Heath Stadium, Kings Weston Hill, Kings Weston House, Kings Weston Roman Villa, Kingsdon, Somerset, Kingsley Hall, Bristol, Kingsley Plantation, Kingsweston (ward), Kingsweston School, Kingswood (UK Parliament constituency), Kingswood College (South Africa), Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, Kinver, Kiri (TV series), Kirk Jones (director), Kirkcaldy, Kirsty Mackay, Kiss (UK radio station), Kiss 101, Kiss of Death (TV drama), Kitty Brucknell, Kitty Gordon, Kleeneze, Knights Templar in England, Knot garden, Knowle Cricket Club Ground, Knowle Stadium, Knowle West, Knowle, Bristol, KOAN Sound, Kosheen, KPMG, Kris Marshall, Kristian Hauger, Kroppenstedt, Krust, Kumamoto, Kwik Save, Kyle Egan, Kyren Wilson, Kyuss Lives! Tour, L&F Jones, L-vocalization, L. G. Pine, L. Harrison Matthews, Lacy Walter Giles Yea, Laddie Cliff, Ladyfest, Lakeshore, Bristol, Lakota (club), Lamar Powell, Lamb (band), Lamorna Watts, Lamplighters Marsh, Land Yeo, Lando Norris, Langley and Swinehead Hundred, Lant Carpenter, Larry Godfrey, Larry Lloyd, Larry Stabbins, Las Iguanas, Laser Quest, Last Shop Standing (film), Latin American migration to the United Kingdom, Latin Press, Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce, Laura Jean (album), Laura Oldfield Ford, Lauren Aquilina, Lauren Henderson, Laurence Aldersey, Laurence Broderick, Lavernock Battery, Law centre, Law of the Jungle (album), Lawrence Cotter, Lawrence Hill railway station, Lawrence Hill, Bristol, Lawrence Ogilvie, Lawrence Prince, Lawrence Watts, Lawrence Weaver, Lawrence Weston, Bristol, Lawson Butt, Laya Lewis, Légion Noire, Le Building, League 1 (rugby league), Learie Constantine, Leave.EU, Lebanese wine, Led Zeppelin United Kingdom Tour 1970, Led Zeppelin United Kingdom Tour Summer 1969, Lee Archer (footballer), Lee Evans (comedian), Lee Haskins, Lee Maddison, Lee McQueen, Lee Probert, Lee Rogers (footballer, born 1967), Lee Sheriden, Lee Zabek, Left Side Brain, Legal Practice Course, Lehlo Ledwaba, Leigh Brownlee, Leigh Delamere services, Leigh Woods National Nature Reserve, Leigh Woods, Somerset, Len Hodges, Lending library, Leo de Gale, Leon Hawthorne, Leonard Corbett, Leonard Cornwell, Leonard Cox, Leonard Trolley, Leopold Hartley Grindon, Les Golledge, Les Scadding, Lesley Cowley, Leslie Baker (film executive), Leslie Crowther, Leslie Fernandez, Leslie Fleetwood Bates, Leslie Frise, Leslie Howard, Leslie I. Poste, Leslie Maygar, Let's Get Ready to Rhumble, Letters Tour, Lettonie (restaurant), Levett, Lewes Free Presbyterian Church, Lewin's Mead, Lewin's Mead Unitarian meeting house, Lewis Haldane, Lewis Hogg, Libby Houston, Library, Light at the End of the World Live, Light rail in Bristol, Lights (Ellie Goulding album), Lightvessels in Ireland, Lightvessels in the United Kingdom, Like It Is: Yes at the Bristol Hippodrome, Lily Elsie, Lily Owsley, Limebreach Wood, Limerick Athenaeum, Lincoln, England, Linda Ruth Williams, Lindsay Duncan, Lindsay Parsons, Lindsay Tasman Ride, Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey, Linus (band), Linzi Drew, Lionel Barthez, Lionel de Nicéville, Lionel Howard Cox, Lisa Aziz, Lisa Faulkner, Lisbee Stainton, Lissan House, List of 2010s deaths in rock and roll, List of 2017 March for Science locations, List of 2018 Women's March locations, List of 7-foot gauge railway locomotive names, List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1935–39), List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1950–54), List of accidents and incidents involving the Vickers Viscount, List of adjectivals and demonyms for cities, List of administrative counties and county boroughs of England by population in 1971, List of Aer Lingus destinations, List of Air France destinations, List of Air Training Corps squadrons, List of aircraft engine manufacturers, List of airliner shootdown incidents, List of airports by IATA code: B, List of airports by IATA code: F, List of airports by ICAO code: E, List of airports in the United Kingdom and the British Crown Dependencies, List of American football teams in the United Kingdom, List of Anglo-Catholic churches, List of Anglo-Catholic churches in England, List of Angolan records in athletics, List of animal sanctuaries, List of aquaria, List of architecture schools, List of arms of the county councils of England, List of Army Cadet Force units, List of art museums, List of ASL Airlines Belgium destinations, List of assassinations in fiction, List of Australian architects, List of BA CityFlyer destinations, List of Baltic records in athletics, List of bands from Bristol, List of bascule bridges, List of BBC newsreaders and reporters, List of BBC properties, List of Being Human episodes, List of bicycle-sharing systems, List of Big Brother (UK) housemates, List of Big Brother 11 housemates (UK), List of Big Brother 8 housemates (UK), List of Billy Graham's crusades, List of Björk concert tours, List of botanical gardens in the United Kingdom, List of bridges in the United Kingdom, List of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. seasons, List of Bristol City F.C. seasons, List of Bristol Rovers F.C. players, List of Bristol Rovers F.C. players (25–99 appearances), List of Bristol Rovers F.C. seasons, List of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model contestants, List of Britain's Got Talent finalists (series 8), List of British Airways destinations, List of British divisions in World War II, List of British film studios, List of British pornographic actors, List of British private narrow-gauge railways, List of British records in athletics, List of British records in finswimming, List of Brussels Airlines destinations, List of brutalist structures, List of buns, List of burn centres in the United Kingdom, List of bus rapid transit systems, List of bus stations in Wales, List of busiest ports in Europe, List of busking locations, List of Cameroonian records in athletics, List of campus radio stations, List of canyons, List of cemeteries in England, List of centuries in women's One Day International cricket, List of ceremonial counties in England by gross value added, List of ceremonial counties of England, List of children's hospitals, List of Christian Brothers schools, List of Christians in science and technology, List of Christmas markets, List of Church of England dioceses, List of church restorations and alterations by G. E. Street, List of church restorations and alterations by Thomas Rickman, List of churches in Bristol, List of churches preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust in Southwest England, List of cities and counties in Virginia, List of cities by GDP, List of cities claimed to be built on seven hills, List of cities in the European Union by population within city limits, List of cities in the United Kingdom, List of cities with defensive walls, List of City Learning Centres in England, List of city nicknames in the United Kingdom, List of city squares, List of city squares by size, List of civil parishes in England, List of clergy educated at Jesus College, Oxford, List of Clipper Round the World Yacht Race results, List of closed railway stations in Britain: A, List of closed railway stations in Britain: C, List of closed railway stations in Britain: D-F, List of closed railway stations in Britain: S, List of closed stadiums by capacity, List of college towns, List of colleges in the United Kingdom offering higher education courses, List of commercial buildings by Alfred Waterhouse, List of Commissioners' churches in southwest England, List of compositions by Michael Tippett, List of concert halls, List of conservation areas in England, List of conservative evangelical Anglican churches in England, List of Conservative Party (UK) MPs, List of constituencies in South West England, List of Coronation Street characters (1968), List of Coronation Street characters (2017), List of counties in Massachusetts, List of counties in Rhode Island, List of counties of the United Kingdom, List of country houses in the United Kingdom, List of county court venues in England and Wales, List of courts in England and Wales, List of craters on Mars: A–G, List of cricket grounds by capacity, List of Cricket World Cup centuries, List of Cricket World Cup five-wicket hauls, List of crossings of the Atlantic Ocean, List of Crown Court venues in England and Wales, List of current first-class cricket teams, List of Dave's One Night Stand episodes, List of deaths in rock and roll, List of defunct motorcycle speedway teams in the United Kingdom, List of department stores of the United Kingdom, List of dialling codes in the United Kingdom, List of dissenting academies (1660–1800), List of district health authorities in England and Wales, List of domestic works by Alfred Waterhouse, List of drinks named after places, List of DTT channels in the United Kingdom, List of early British private locomotive manufacturers, List of early British railway companies, List of early settlers of Rhode Island, List of earthquakes in 2018, List of earthquakes in the British Isles, List of EastEnders characters (1988), List of EastEnders characters (1990), List of EastEnders characters (1997), List of EasyJet destinations, List of ecclesiastical restorations and alterations by J. L. Pearson, List of EFL Championship clubs, List of EFL League One clubs, List of EFL League Two clubs, List of Einsatzgruppen, List of electoral wards in Bristol, List of electoral wards in England by constituency, List of electronic color code mnemonics, List of Elton John and Ray Cooper concert tours, List of Empire ships (A), List of Empire ships (Ca–Cl), List of Empire ships (K), List of Empire ships (L), List of Empire ships (M), List of Empire ships (R), List of Empire ships (U–Z), List of England national rugby union team results 1900–09, List of England One Day International cricket records, List of English abbeys, priories and friaries serving as parish churches, List of English counties by highest point, List of English Defence League demonstrations, List of English districts, List of English districts and their ethnic composition, List of English districts by area, List of English districts by population, List of English districts by population density, List of English Football League and National League stadiums with terracing, List of English inventions and discoveries, List of English records in athletics, List of English rugby union stadiums by capacity, List of equestrian statues in the United Kingdom, List of European stadiums by capacity, List of events during the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II, List of Fairtrade settlements, List of fatal accidents in motorboat racing, List of festivals in the United Kingdom, List of fictional counties, List of fictional towns in television, List of FIPS region codes (S–U), List of first-class cricket centuries by W. G. Grace, List of five-wicket hauls in women's One Day International cricket, List of Football League Championship stadiums, List of football stadiums in England, List of former cathedrals in Great Britain, List of former Christian Science churches, societies and buildings, List of Freedom of the City recipients (military), List of frigate classes of the Royal Navy, List of funicular railways, List of gay villages, List of generic forms in place names in Ireland and the United Kingdom, List of geothermal springs in the United Kingdom, List of Global Group stations, List of Gloucestershire County Cricket Club grounds, List of Gloucestershire cricket captains, List of golf courses in the United Kingdom, List of Grand Designs episodes, List of Great British Trees, List of Great Western Railway heritage sites, List of guided busways and BRT systems in the United Kingdom, List of gurdwaras in the United Kingdom, List of gymnasts at the 2016 Summer Olympics, List of half marathon races, List of highwaymen, List of hip hop genres, List of Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks, List of historical reenactment events, List of hospitals in England, List of hot springs, List of hotels in the United Kingdom, List of ICW events, List of improvisational theatre companies, List of independent schools in England, List of indoor arenas in Europe, List of indoor arenas in the United Kingdom, List of international airports by country, List of international cricket centuries by Rahul Dravid, List of international cricket centuries by Ricky Ponting, List of international cricket centuries by Sachin Tendulkar, List of international cricket five-wicket hauls on English cricket grounds, List of international men's cricket grounds in England and Wales, List of international rugby union tries by Jonah Lomu, List of international under-19 cricket records, List of inventions named after places, List of Irish exonyms, List of jazz venues, List of Jedward concert tours, List of Jessie J concert tours, List of jesters, List of Jewish architects, List of Joan Baez concerts, List of Jon Anderson concert tours, List of Kelly Rowland live performances, List of Kenya Airways destinations, List of kite festivals, List of KLM Cityhopper destinations, List of KLM destinations, List of Knights Templar sites, List of Lancashire County Cricket Club records, List of largest United Kingdom-based law firms, List of Latin phrases (V), List of Latvian records in athletics, List of law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom, Crown dependencies and British Overseas Territories, List of leaning towers, List of lesbian periodicals, List of LGBT events, List of licensed and localized editions of Monopoly: Europe, List of life peerages (1958–1979), List of life peerages (2010–present), List of Little Britain characters, List of Little Miss characters, List of localities in England by population, List of locks on the Kennet and Avon Canal, List of London Transport locomotives, List of long course swimming pools in the United Kingdom, List of long-distance footpaths in the United Kingdom, List of longest suspension bridge spans, List of Lufthansa destinations, List of major crimes in the United Kingdom, List of marathon races in Europe, List of mayors of Bristol, List of members of the Westminster Assembly, List of metropolitan areas in the United Kingdom, List of metropolitan economies in the United Kingdom, List of monastic houses in Bristol, List of mosques in the United Kingdom, List of Most Haunted episodes, List of motor racing tracks, List of motorways in the United Kingdom, List of mottos, List of Murdoch Mysteries episodes, List of museum ships, List of museums in Bristol, List of music venues, List of National Cycle Network routes, List of National Hockey League players born in the United Kingdom, List of national nature reserves in Somerset, List of National Trust properties in England, List of National Trust properties in Somerset, List of natural history museums, List of Neos destinations, List of new churches by G. E. Street, List of new churches by Thomas Rickman, List of New Zealand rugby union Test matches, List of newspapers in the United Kingdom, List of NHS regional health authorities (before 1996), List of NHS Regional Hospital Boards (1947–1974), List of Nirvana concerts, List of Nobel laureates by Secondary School affiliation, List of non-ecclesiastical works by J. L. Pearson, List of non-ecclesiastical works by Thomas Rickman, List of numbered roads in the British Isles, List of NUTS regions in the European Union by GDP, List of objects that have gone over Niagara Falls, List of Occitans, List of Occupy movement protest locations, List of Odonata species of Great Britain, List of Old Cliftonians, List of oldest surviving ships, List of Olympic torch relays, List of One Day International cricket grounds, List of organists and assistant organists of Bath Abbey, List of paintings by Anthony van Dyck, List of pals battalions, List of Parliamentary Boroughs and associated County Constituencies 1832–1918, List of Parliamentary constituencies in Avon, List of Parliamentary constituencies in Bristol, List of Parliamentary constituencies in Gloucestershire, List of Peckett and Sons railway locomotives, List of Peep Show episodes, List of Pennsylvania state historical markers in Bucks County, List of people who died in traffic collisions, List of pioneering solar buildings, List of places called Bristol, List of places in Avon, List of places in Gloucestershire, List of planetariums, List of Playboy Playmates of 1966, List of police forces of the United Kingdom, List of political and geographic subdivisions by total area from 0.1 to 250 square kilometers, List of population centers by latitude, List of population centers by longitude, List of portrait drawings by Hans Holbein the Younger, List of postcode areas in the United Kingdom, List of postcode districts in the United Kingdom, List of pre-nationalisation UK electric power companies, List of Premier League clubs, List of Presidents of Co-operative Congress, List of primary destinations on the United Kingdom road network, List of Primary Urban Areas in England by population, List of prisoners with whole-life orders, List of prisons in the United Kingdom, List of professional wrestling promotions in Great Britain and Ireland, List of Protestant martyrs of the English Reformation, List of protests against Executive Order 13769, List of public art in Bristol, List of public art in Somerset, List of pubs named Carpenters Arms, List of punk rock bands, 0–K, List of punk rock bands, L–Z, List of Question Time episodes, List of R5 concert tours, List of radio stations in the United Kingdom, List of rail accidents (1920–1929), List of rail accidents (2000–09), List of rail accidents (before 1880), List of railway bridges and viaducts in the United Kingdom, List of railway lines in Great Britain, List of Ramones concerts, List of real tennis organizations, List of record labels from Bristol, List of recreational vehicle manufacturers, List of Renaissance fairs, List of residences of Joseph Haydn, List of Restoration candidates, List of Ricky Ponting's achievements and statistics, List of River-class frigates, List of road junctions in the United Kingdom: B, List of road junctions in the United Kingdom: C, List of road junctions in the United Kingdom: G, List of road junctions in the United Kingdom: H, List of road junctions in the United Kingdom: L, List of road junctions in the United Kingdom: S, List of road junctions in the United Kingdom: T, List of roads in Amman, List of rock formations in the United Kingdom, List of roller derby leagues, List of rolling stock preserved on the West Somerset Railway, List of Royal Navy shore establishments, List of rugby union stadiums by capacity, List of rural and urban districts in England in 1973, List of rural districts formed in England and Wales 1894–1974, List of Ryanair destinations, List of Sabena destinations, List of Salvation Army corps in the United Kingdom in 1900, List of sandstones, List of scheduled monuments in North Somerset, List of schools in Bristol, List of science museums, List of science parks in the United Kingdom, List of Seychellois records in athletics, List of ship launches in 1666, List of ship launches in 1668, List of ship launches in 1945, List of shipping facilities of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway, List of ships built at John I. Thornycroft & Company, Woolston, List of ships captured in the 18th century, List of shipwrecks in 1747, List of shipwrecks in 1748, List of shipwrecks in 1749, List of shipwrecks in 1750, List of shipwrecks in 1751, List of shipwrecks in 1752, List of shipwrecks in 1753, List of shipwrecks in 1755, List of shipwrecks in 1757, List of shipwrecks in 1758, List of shipwrecks in 1760, List of shipwrecks in 1761, List of shipwrecks in 1762, List of shipwrecks in 1763, List of shipwrecks in 1764, List of shipwrecks in 1765, List of shipwrecks in 1766, List of shipwrecks in 1767, List of shipwrecks in 1768, List of shipwrecks in 1769, List of shipwrecks in 1770, List of shipwrecks in 1771, List of shipwrecks in 1772, List of shipwrecks in 1773, List of shipwrecks in 1774, List of shipwrecks in 1775, List of shipwrecks in 1776, List of shipwrecks in 1777, List of shipwrecks in 1779, List of shipwrecks in 1780, List of shipwrecks in 1781, List of shipwrecks in 1782, List of shipwrecks in 1783, List of shipwrecks in 1784, List of shipwrecks in 1785, List of shipwrecks in 1786, List of shipwrecks in 1787, List of shipwrecks in 1788, List of shipwrecks in 1789, List of shipwrecks in 1790, List of shipwrecks in 1791, List of shipwrecks in 1792, List of shipwrecks in 1793, List of shipwrecks in 1794, List of shipwrecks in 1795, List of shipwrecks in 1796, List of shipwrecks in 1797, List of shipwrecks in 1798, List of shipwrecks in 1799, List of shipwrecks in 1800, List of shipwrecks in 1801, List of shipwrecks in 1802, List of shipwrecks in 1803, List of shipwrecks in 1804, List of shipwrecks in 1805, List of shipwrecks in 1806, List of shipwrecks in 1807, List of shipwrecks in 1808, List of shipwrecks in 1809, List of shipwrecks in 1810, List of shipwrecks in 1811, List of shipwrecks in 1812, List of shipwrecks in 1813, List of shipwrecks in 1814, List of shipwrecks in 1815, List of shipwrecks in 1816, List of shipwrecks in 1817, List of shipwrecks in 1818, List of shipwrecks in 1819, List of shipwrecks in 1820, List of shipwrecks in 1821, List of shipwrecks in 1822, List of shipwrecks in 1823, List of shipwrecks in 1824, List of shipwrecks in 1825, List of shipwrecks in 1826, List of shipwrecks in 1827, List of shipwrecks in 1828, List of shipwrecks in 1829, List of shipwrecks in 1851, List of shipwrecks in 1853, List of shipwrecks in 1856, List of shipwrecks in 1875, List of shipwrecks in 1877, List of shipwrecks in 1878, List of shipwrecks in 1888, List of shipwrecks in 1895, List of shipwrecks in 1900, List of shipwrecks in 1924, List of shipwrecks in 1956, List of shipwrecks in 1963, List of shipwrecks in April 1830, List of shipwrecks in April 1831, List of shipwrecks in April 1835, List of shipwrecks in April 1837, List of shipwrecks in April 1839, List of shipwrecks in April 1840, List of shipwrecks in April 1841, List of shipwrecks in April 1843, List of shipwrecks in April 1844, List of shipwrecks in April 1845, List of shipwrecks in April 1915, List of shipwrecks in August 1830, List of shipwrecks in August 1831, List of shipwrecks in August 1837, List of shipwrecks in August 1839, List of shipwrecks in August 1841, List of shipwrecks in August 1843, List of shipwrecks in August 1844, List of shipwrecks in August 1845, List of shipwrecks in December 1830, List of shipwrecks in December 1832, List of shipwrecks in December 1833, List of shipwrecks in December 1834, List of shipwrecks in December 1835, List of shipwrecks in December 1836, List of shipwrecks in December 1837, List of shipwrecks in December 1838, List of shipwrecks in December 1839, List of shipwrecks in December 1840, List of shipwrecks in December 1841, List of shipwrecks in December 1844, List of shipwrecks in December 1845, List of shipwrecks in February 1830, List of shipwrecks in February 1832, List of shipwrecks in February 1833, List of shipwrecks in February 1837, List of shipwrecks in February 1838, List of shipwrecks in February 1839, List of shipwrecks in February 1840, List of shipwrecks in February 1843, List of shipwrecks in February 1844, List of shipwrecks in February 1845, List of shipwrecks in January 1832, List of shipwrecks in January 1833, List of shipwrecks in January 1834, List of shipwrecks in January 1836, List of shipwrecks in January 1837, List of shipwrecks in January 1838, List of shipwrecks in January 1839, List of shipwrecks in January 1840, List of shipwrecks in January 1841, List of shipwrecks in January 1842, List of shipwrecks in January 1843, List of shipwrecks in January 1845, List of shipwrecks in January 1846, List of shipwrecks in July 1836, List of shipwrecks in July 1839, List of shipwrecks in July 1843, List of shipwrecks in July 1844, List of shipwrecks in June 1832, List of shipwrecks in June 1838, List of shipwrecks in June 1839, List of shipwrecks in June 1842, List of shipwrecks in March 1830, List of shipwrecks in March 1831, List of shipwrecks in March 1832, List of shipwrecks in March 1833, List of shipwrecks in March 1834, List of shipwrecks in March 1835, List of shipwrecks in March 1836, List of shipwrecks in March 1837, List of shipwrecks in March 1838, List of shipwrecks in March 1839, List of shipwrecks in March 1840, List of shipwrecks in March 1841, List of shipwrecks in March 1843, List of shipwrecks in March 1844, List of shipwrecks in March 1846, List of shipwrecks in May 1830, List of shipwrecks in May 1832, List of shipwrecks in May 1839, List of shipwrecks in May 1841, List of shipwrecks in May 1842, List of shipwrecks in May 1844, List of shipwrecks in May 1845, List of shipwrecks in May 1846, List of shipwrecks in November 1831, List of shipwrecks in November 1834, List of shipwrecks in November 1835, List of shipwrecks in November 1836, List of shipwrecks in November 1837, List of shipwrecks in November 1839, List of shipwrecks in November 1840, List of shipwrecks in November 1841, List of shipwrecks in November 1842, List of shipwrecks in November 1843, List of shipwrecks in November 1844, List of shipwrecks in November 1845, List of shipwrecks in November 1846, List of shipwrecks in October 1834, List of shipwrecks in October 1835, List of shipwrecks in October 1836, List of shipwrecks in October 1838, List of shipwrecks in October 1839, List of shipwrecks in October 1840, List of shipwrecks in October 1841, List of shipwrecks in October 1842, List of shipwrecks in October 1843, List of shipwrecks in October 1844, List of shipwrecks in October 1846, List of shipwrecks in September 1833, List of shipwrecks in September 1834, List of shipwrecks in September 1836, List of shipwrecks in September 1837, List of shipwrecks in September 1838, List of shipwrecks in September 1839, List of shipwrecks in September 1840, List of shipwrecks in September 1841, List of shipwrecks in September 1842, List of shipwrecks in September 1843, List of shipwrecks in September 1844, List of shipwrecks in September 1845, List of shipwrecks in the 15th century, List of shipwrecks in the 1700s, List of shipwrecks in the 1740s, List of shipwrecks in the 17th century, List of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands, List of shipwrecks of Cornwall, List of shipwrecks of Cornwall (19th century), List of shipwrecks of Cornwall (20th century), List of shipwrecks of the Seven Stones Reef, List of shopping centres in the United Kingdom, List of shopping centres in the United Kingdom by size, List of shopping streets and districts by city, List of short film festivals, List of sister cities in Europe, List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest by Area of Search, List of smart cards, List of snooker ranking tournaments, List of solved missing persons cases, List of Somerset County Cricket Club grounds, List of Somerset first-class cricket records, List of Somerset towers, List of species occurring in Britain at a single location, List of sports team names and mascots derived from indigenous peoples, List of Sri Lankan records in athletics, List of stadiums in England, List of stadiums in the United Kingdom by capacity, List of statues of Queen Victoria, List of suburban and commuter rail systems, List of suicide sites, List of systems engineering universities, List of tallest buildings and structures in Bristol, List of tallest buildings and structures in the United Kingdom by usage, List of tallest buildings by United Kingdom settlement, List of tallest church buildings, List of Teachers (UK TV series) characters, List of technology centers, List of telephone area name changes in the United Kingdom, List of television programmes set, produced or filmed in Manchester, List of tennis tournaments, List of The Apprentice candidates (UK series nine), List of the Beatles' live performances, List of the busiest airports in Europe, List of the busiest airports in the British Isles, List of The Secret Millionaire episodes, List of the Smiths' live performances, List of The X Factor finalists (UK series 11), List of The X Factor 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Chart number ones of 2009, List of UK street choirs, List of unitary authorities of England, List of United Kingdom locations: Bre-Bri, List of United Kingdom Parliament constituencies, List of universities in England, List of university hospitals, List of unsolved murders in the United Kingdom, List of Upstairs, Downstairs (1971 TV series) episodes, List of urban areas in the United Kingdom, List of urban districts formed in England and Wales 1894–95, List of US places named for non-US places, List of Wallace and Gromit characters, List of wards in Bristol by population, List of watershed topics, List of WAZA member zoos and aquariums, List of windmills in the United Kingdom, List of Wizz Air destinations, List of women's One Day International cricket grounds, List of women's Twenty20 International cricket grounds, List of works by Arnold Wathen Robinson, List of works by Charles Holden, List of World War II prisoner-of-war camps in the United Kingdom, List of world's fairs, List of 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Commission for England (1972), Local Government Commission for England (1958–1967), Local Government Commission for England (1992), Local justice area, Local Plus, Local television in the United Kingdom, Local World, Local-express lanes, Loch-class frigate, Locking, Somerset, Lockleaze, Lodge Causeway, Lodge Hill, Bristol, Lois Pryce, Lola Shoneyin, Lolene, Lonan (parish), London and Bristol Company, London Borough of Hounslow, London Missionary Society, London, Midland and Scottish Railway, Long Ashton, Long Ashton Research Station, Long Newnton, Long-distance calling, Longman, Longwell Green, Longwell Green Coachworks, Lope and Antilope, Lord Chamberlain's Men, Lord George Graham, Lord Hugh Seymour, Lord Lieutenant of Bristol, Lord's Wood, Pensford, Lorenzo Hoopes, Lost Highway Tour, Lottery Winners (band), Lou Brown, Loud and Intimate Tour, Louder Than Concorde Tour, Louis Carey, Louis Thompson, Louis Zangwill, Louisa Grace Bartolini, Louisa Warwick, Louise Marwood, Louise Tucker, Love at First Sting World Tour, Love Productions, Love Revolution Tour, Love Undercover (album), Love.Live.Life, Lover's Leap, Lowell family, Lower Wick, LPHC No.3 R.H. Smyth, Luíz Antônio dos Santos, Lucas Serme, Lucius Gwynn, Lucketts Travel, LuckyMe, Lucy Beaumont, Lucy Bradshaw, Luke Bateman (trade unionist), Luke Eves, Luke Foxe, Luke Gernon, Luke Hedger, Luke Heslop, Luke Hodges, Luke Massey, Lulsgate Aerodrome, Lulsgate Plateau, Lundy, Lungs Tour, Lupine Howl, Lupino Lane, Luxury train, Lychnis chalcedonica, Lydia Rogers White, Lympne Airport, Lyn Harding, Lyng, Somerset, Lynmouth, Lynmouth Lifeboat Station, Lynn Farleigh, Lynne Cooke, Lynne Franks, Lynton, Lysaght (Australian company), Lyudmila Biktasheva, M Shed, M. J. Seaton, M32 motorway, M4 bus lane, M4 corridor, M4 motorway, M49 motorway, M5 motorway, Mabel FitzRobert, Countess of Gloucester, Macadam, MacDonald Critchley, Machines of Hate Tour, Mad Max (franchise), Maddy Rosenberg, Made in Bristol, Made Television, Madge Kendal, Maes Knoll, Magazines + TV Screens Tour, Magdalen King-Hall, Magnus Mills, Magor, Monmouthshire, Maidenhead, Maidenhead Bridge, Maidenhead Railway Bridge, Mail coach, Main sequence, Maisie Williams, Make Votes Matter, Malachai (band), Malcolm Evans (computer programmer), Malcolm Keen, Malvern Hills, Malvern Line, Malvern Link, Malvern Water (bottled water), Man and Myth, Manado, Manatee, Manchester and Milford Railway, Manchester Royal School of Medicine, Mangotsfield, Mangotsfield railway station, Mangotsfield School, Mangotsfield United F.C., Manilla (money), Manley James (VC), Manningford, Manor Hall, Bristol, Manor of Iron Acton, Manor of Siston, Manualism (hand music), Manx2, Maps of castles in England by county: B–K, Maracatu, Marc Isambard Brunel, Marcel Breuer, March 1941, Marcis Liors Skadmanis, Marcus Browning, Marcus Evelyn Collins, Marcus Gilbert (actor), Marcus Stewart, Marcus Trescothick, Marek Stachowski, Margaret Ann Neve, Margaret Chilton, Margaret Critchley, Margaret de Clare, Baroness Badlesmere, Margaret Irwin, Margaret Scott (author), Maria Czaplicka, Mariela González, Marine Current Turbines, Maritime history, Maritime history of England, Maritime history of the United Kingdom, Marjorie Arnfield, Marjorie Frances Bruford, Mark Alban, Mark Borkowski, Mark Boyle (Moneyless Man), Mark Coombes, Mark Dudbridge, Mark Godbeer, Mark Guy Pearse, Mark Hanbury Beaufoy, Mark Harrington (painter), Mark Hofmann, Mark Johnston-Allen, Mark Kidel, Mark Linfield, Mark Newman, Mark Olver (comedian), Mark Pearn, Mark Regan, Mark Smulian, Mark Stewart (musician), Mark Taylor (television), Mark Watson, Mark Whiteley, Mark Wilson Jones, Mark Woodrow, Mark Wright (politician), Market Dojo, Market House, Newtownards, Market town, Marketplace, Marlborough Street, Marlon Jackson (footballer), Marlon Reid, Marlwood School, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Marsh Street, Marsha de Cordova, Marshall, Sons & Co., Marshfield, Gloucestershire, Marsick Stradivarius, Marsupilami (band), Martin Blunos, Martin Frobisher, Martin Gerrard, Martin Glossop, Martin Halstead, Martin Honert, Martin Jones (cricketer), Martin Kelner, Martin Kiszko, Martin Levine, Martin Parr, Martin Pring, Martin Richards (police officer), Martin Thomas (historian), Martina Topley-Bird, Martyn Ball, Martyn Jarrett, Martyn Rogers, Marvin Brown, Marvin Rees, Marwan El Shorbagy, Marxman, Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck, Mary Bird Lake, Mary Bradbury, Mary Bristow, Mary Carpenter, Mary Clifford, Mary Ellen Bagnall-Oakeley, Mary Estlin, Mary Fedden, Mary le Port Street, Bristol, Mary Lobel, Mary Perkins, Mary Poppins (musical), Mary Renault, Mary Robinson (poet), Mary Rose Young, Mary Rudge, Mary Shelley, Mary Sophia Allen, Mary Stuart O'Donnell, Mary Tanner, Mary Wright Sewell, Mary: A Fiction, Mashrafe Mortaza, Massachusetts ship Tyrannicide (1776), Massey Poyntz, Massimo Dell'Acqua, Massive Attack, Massive Attack discography, Masterclass Media Foundation, Masters M55 discus world record progression, Masters M60 discus world record progression, Masters M65 discus world record progression, Mat Dan, Mateus Fernandes, Mather Brown, Matoaka (1853 ship), Matt Bryant (footballer), Matt Bulman, Matt Cardle, Matt Corker, Matt Elliott (musician), Matt Groves, Matt Hayfield, Matt Hill (footballer), Matt O'Mahoney, Matt Thorne, Matt Willis, Matt Windows, Matt Woosey, Matthew (ship), Matthew Clark, Matthew Davenport Hill, Matthew Good, Matthew Hewlett, Matthew Kane (actor), Matthew Webb (footballer), Matthias de l'Obel, Maura Dooley, Mauretania Public House, Maurice Berkeley, 3rd Baron Berkeley, Maurice Berkeley, 3rd Viscount Fitzhardinge, Maurice Daly (rugby union), Maurice Dando, Maurice de Berkeley, Maurice de Berkeley, 2nd Baron Berkeley, Maurice de Gaunt, Maurice Denys, Maurice Neale, Maurice of the Palatinate, Maurice Roberts (footballer), Maurice Rogers, Maurice Stonefrost, Mavis Ehlert, Max More, Max Walters, Maximum Joy, Maxinquaye, May 1942, May 20, Maya Jama, Mayfest (Bristol), Mayfield Park, Bristol, Mayor of Bristol, Mayor of Newport, Mayors in England, Maypole, Mazgani, MBDA, MBT LAW, McFarlane v Relate Avon Ltd, Meander (1855), Mechanize Tour, Media in Cornwall, Median strip, Medina-class gunboat, Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins, Meet the Ancestors, Meeting House Hill, Meettheboss, Meg Lanning, Megabus (Europe), Megalopolis, Mehetabel Wesley Wright, Meiko Scientific, Melbury Bubb, Melinda Hammond, Melksham, Melvin Burgess, Memorial Stadium (Bristol), Memphis Blues Tour, Mendip Cave Registry and Archive, Mendip Hills, Mendip transmitting station, Meon Valley Railway, Merchant Hall, Merchant Venturers Almshouses, Merchants' Academy, Mercia, Mercia Mudstone Group, Merlin Cinemas, Mesh (band), MetaComCo, MetaDesign, Metal for Muthas Tour, Metaphra, MetroBus (Bristol), Metropolis 2000 (Dream Theater tour), Metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties of England, Metropolitan county, Metropolitan Railway steam locomotives, MetroWest (Bristol), Metsuo, Mewburn Ellis, Mexico women's national football team, MGM Resorts International, Michael Aldridge, Michael Bear (Lord Mayor), Michael Beaumont, 22nd Seigneur of Sark, Michael Becher, Michael Byrne (footballer, born 1880), Michael Cates, Michael Coady (rugby), Michael Coles (cricketer), Michael Cronin (actor), Michael Dillon, Michael Dudley, Michael Edmonds (artist), Michael Foster (English judge), Michael Green (cricketer, born 1891), Michael Hanlon, Michael Heal, Michael Hofmann, Michael Hordern, Michael Julian Drake, Michael Kay (cricketer), Michael Manser, Michael Marks, Michael McGowan (politician), Michael Pitman, Michael Redgrave, Michael Riley (film producer), Michael Sanderson, Michael Truman, Michael Watts, Michael Wells (pathologist), Michaela Tabb, Michelle Goodman, Michelle Thorne, Microbrewery, Mid Rhondda F.C., Mid-Norfolk Railway, Midanbury, Midland Railway, Midnight Rendezvous, Midsomer Norton, Miguel Cullen, Miguel Mendonca, Mihaela Botezan, Mike Adams (footballer), Mike Bailey (actor), Mike Barrett (footballer), Mike Bullen, Mike Dilger, Mike Disney, Mike Ford (footballer), Mike Green (footballer, born July 1989), Mike Hodges, Mike Hooper (footballer), Mike Mahoney (footballer), Mike Marrone, Mike Rafter, Mike Smith (cricketer, born 1967), Mike Thresher, Mike Titcomb, Mike Trought, Mike Veale, Miles baronets, Miles Cooper letter bomb campaign, Miles de Cogan, Miles Giffard, Miles Jackson, Miles Normandale, Miles Townsend, Milford and Pembrokeshire Bank, Military Aviation Authority, Military base, Military career of Keith Miller, Milk Hill, Milk Link, Millennium Square, Bristol, Millerism, Millicent Mackenzie, Millicent Taylor, Milton Johns, Minehead, Minnie Louise Haskins, 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J. 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Nick Rose, Nick Sheppard, Nick Stringer, Nick Tanner (footballer), Nick Walker (artist), Nick Warren, Nicky Johns, Nicky Wilshire, Nicola Hicks, Nigel De Brulier, Nigel Hall (sculptor), Nigel Harvie Bennett, Nigel Martyn, Nigel Marven, Nigel Scott, Nigel Terry, Nigel Wright (record producer), Night Driver Tour 2017, Night On Earth (band), Night Terrors (Doctor Who), Night Visions Tour, Nightingale Valley Halt railway station, Nights at the Circus, Nik Kershaw, Nile Street, Bath, Nili Abramski, Nina Frances Layard, Nina Needs to Go!, Nino Firetto, Nintendo 3DS, Nipper, Nisbets, NLM CityHopper, No Atlas, No Plan B (band), No Rest for the Wicked Tour, No. 118 Squadron RAF, No. 263 Squadron RAF, No. 501 Squadron RAF, No5 Chambers, Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, Noel Edmonds, Noel Hood, Noel Richards, Non-metropolitan county, None but the Lonely Heart (film), None of the above, Nonesuch, Norah Fry, Nordic Windpower, Norman Beaton, Norman Bowler, Norman Brook, 1st Baron Normanbrook, Norman de Jersey, Norman Eshley, Norman Hackforth, Norman Hardy, Norman Hargreaves-Mawdsley, Norman Potter, Norman Smith (journalist), Norman Sykes, Norman Tozer, North America, North Bristol NHS Trust, North Bristol Post 16 Centre, North Common, South Gloucestershire, North Fringe of Bristol, North Hants Militia, North Haven, Maine, North Somerset, North Somerset Cricket League, North Somerset Levels, North Somerset Show, North Warwickshire Line, North Wraxall, Northamptonshire County Cricket Club in 2005, Northavon (UK Parliament constituency), North–South divide in the United Kingdom, Northcliffe Media, Northern Belle Train, Northern Rhodesia Police, Northern soul, Northern Star Tour, Northern Stormwater Interceptor, Bristol, Northmoor, Dulverton, Northway, Gloucestershire, Norton Malreward, Norton Manor Camp, Norton Radstock College, Not Accepted Anywhere album tour, Nottingham Victoria railway station, Nova Scotia, Bristol, November 26, Nuța Olaru, Nuthin' Fancy Tour, NUTS statistical regions of 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Through the Night World Tour, One Minute Science, One More Kiss (film), One Redcliff Street, Bristol, One-Day Internationals in England in 2005, OnePoll, Only Fools and Horses, Onslaught (band), Onyx (Cornish band), Opaline glass, Open Brethren, Open for Engagements, Open top buses in Weston-super-Mare, Open-source cola, OpenCola (drink), OpenDocument adoption, Operation Crossbow, Operation Pluto, Operation Steinbock, Ora (Rita Ora album), Orchard School Bristol, Order of Free Gardeners, Organ console, Organ scholar, Original 106.5 (Bristol), Orkney Ferries, Orphanage, Os Maias, Osborne Clarke, Osborne-Gibbes baronets, Osi Rhys Osmond, Osman Ali Baig, Oswald Burton, Oswald Watt, Our Version of Events Tour, Out of the Game Tour, Out-of-town shopping centres in the United Kingdom, Outport, Over, South Gloucestershire, Ovo Energy, Owais Shah, Owen Connellan (politician), Owlpen Manor, Oxford, Oxford Castle, Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway, Oxygen Thief, P & A Campbell, 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Patchway, Patchway railway station, Patricia Broadfoot, Patrick Dorehill, Patrick Doyle (businessman), Patrick du Val, Patrick Duff, Patrick Eisdell Moore, Patrick Hart, Patrick Holden, Patrick Jenkin, Patrick Kearon, Patrick Makau Musyoki, Paul Agostino, Paul Annacone, Paul Ayshford Methuen, 4th Baron Methuen, Paul Bird (cricketer), Paul Bonson, Paul Brown (lawn bowls), Paul Chamberlin, Paul Chantler, Paul Cheesley, Paul Conneally, Paul Dalrymple Butler, Paul Dirac, Paul Dunkels, Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize, Paul Falconer Poole, Paul Henry (broadcaster), Paul Hinshelwood, Paul Hutchins, Paul Ingle, Paul Lavers, Paul Lewis Hancock, Paul Mardon, Paul Merton's Secret Stations, Paul Potts, Paul Stephenson (civil rights campaigner), Paul Stevens (English footballer), Paul Vaessen, Paul W Draper, Paul Wassif, Paula Radcliffe, Paulton, Paulton Rovers F.C., PC World (retailer), Peaches Golding, Peasedown St John, Pebble Mill Studios, Peckett and Sons, Peckett W4 class, Pedro de 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J. 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The Front Line (TV series), The Full Monteverdi, The Galleries, Bristol, The Gay Gordons (musical), The Girls Tour, The Goodies, The Gourock Times, The Great British Bake Off (series 3), The Great British Bake Off (series 8), The Great Interior Design Challenge, The Great Pottery Throw Down, The Great Western Chorus of Bristol, The Great Western Cotton Factory, The Great Western Railway in West Wales, The Grinning Man (musical), The Guardians (novel), The Halcyon Days Tour, The Haunted Manor, The Heads (British band), The Heart of Everything World Tour, The History Man, The Hit Parade (group), The Holographic Principle World Tour, The Hounds of Baskerville, The House of Eliott, The House That Dirt Built, The Hum, The Invisible Circus (circus troupe), The Ivory Game, The Jacques, The Johnson Gang, The Keep Calm & Play Louder Tour, The Kestrels, The King's Head, Bristol, The Kings Ferry, The KVB, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Tour, The Lark Ascending, The Last Passenger, The Last Poets, The Leper of Saint Giles, The Lido, Bristol, The Living and the Dead (TV series), The Logic of Chance, The Lonely Hearts Club Tour, The Lucy poems, The Maire of Bristowe is Kalendar, The Mall Fund, The Man and The Journey Tour, The Manhattan Transfer Live, The Mars Volta tours, The Merchants Daughter of Bristow, The Mighty Boosh Live: Future Sailors Tour, The Mild Mild West, The Mission (band), The Mummers, The Nova Saints, The Office Group, The Old Duke, The Old Lodge, Bristol, The Old Vic, The One Network, The Other Side of the Underneath, The Outsider (1981 film), The Overtones, The Path of Totality Tour, The Pierces, The Pigs, The Pop Group, The Professionals (band), The Quatermass Xperiment, The Racecourse, Northampton, The Railway Detective, The Rainbow, The Ratbites from Hell, The Real Inspector Hound, The Return of the Priest Tour, The Ride Tour, The Right Honourable, The Rolling Stones 1964 tours, The Rolling Stones 1965 tours, The Rolling Stones 1966 tours, The Rolling Stones 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10,000 BC (TV show), 100th (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery, 103rd Regiment of Foot (1794), 109th Regiment of Foot (1761), 10th Anniversary Acoustic World Tour, 113th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1155, 11th Signal Brigade and Headquarters West Midlands, 1320s in England, 133rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1370s in England, 1373, 14 and 15 King Street, Bristol, 1470s in England, 1490s in England, 1497, 1498, 1500s in England, 1502, 1566 in Ireland, 15th century in Canada, 15th century in literature, 1610, 1643 in England, 1645, 1645 in England, 1656 in England, 1679 in England, 17 King Street, Bristol, 1701 to 1725 in sports, 1738 in Great Britain, 1738 in science, 1742 in architecture, 1747 in Great Britain, 1752 English cricket season, 1752 in poetry, 1755, 175th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1760 in architecture, 1766 in Great Britain, 1770 in architecture, 1784 in Great Britain, 1786 in Great Britain, 1794 in literature, 1794 in science, 1795 in literature, 1795 in poetry, 1798 in literature, 1799 in science, 1806 in Wales, 1815 in Wales, 1817 in South Africa, 1823 in architecture, 1831 in the United Kingdom, 1832 in literature, 1837 in science, 1837 in the United Kingdom, 1840s, 1841 in rail transport, 1843, 1843 in the United Kingdom, 1848 English cricket season, 1858 in architecture, 1862 in the United Kingdom, 1864 in architecture, 1871 in rail transport, 1875 in rail transport, 1884–85 Eastville Rovers F.C. season, 1885–86 Eastville Rovers F.C. season, 1886–87 Eastville Rovers F.C. season, 1887–88 Eastville Rovers F.C. season, 1888–89 Eastville Rovers F.C. season, 1889 in literature, 1889–90 Eastville Rovers F.C. season, 1890, 1890 in the United Kingdom, 1890–91 Eastville Rovers F.C. season, 1891–92 Eastville Rovers F.C. season, 1891–92 St. Mary's F.C. season, 1892–93 Eastville Rovers F.C. season, 1898–99 British Home Championship, 1902 in Wales, 1904–05 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 1908 Home Nations Championship, 1911–12 Kangaroo tour of Great Britain, 1912–13 British Home Championship, 1912–13 South Africa rugby union tour of Europe, 1914, 1914 in the United Kingdom, 1916 in Scotland, 1920 in the United Kingdom, 1920–21 Southampton F.C. season, 1921–22 Southampton F.C. season, 1922 International Lawn Tennis Challenge, 1923–24 Southampton F.C. season, 1926–27 New Zealand Māori rugby union tour, 1927 UK & Ireland Greyhound Racing Year, 1927–28 Southampton F.C. season, 1928 UK & Ireland Greyhound Racing Year, 1928–29 Southampton F.C. season, 1929–30 Southampton F.C. season, 1930–31 Southampton F.C. season, 1931–32 South Africa rugby union tour of Britain and Ireland, 1931–32 Southampton F.C. season, 1935 Western Airways Cardiff DH.84 crash, 1936 in Ireland, 1937–38 Colchester United F.C. season, 1938 in aviation, 1938–39 Colchester United F.C. season, 1940 in the United Kingdom, 1942, 1942 in aviation, 1947 English cricket season, 1950 in architecture, 1950–51 Colchester United F.C. season, 1950–51 FA Cup, 1951–52 Colchester United F.C. season, 1951–52 South Africa rugby union tour of Europe, 1952–53 Colchester United F.C. season, 1953–54 Colchester United F.C. season, 1953–54 New Zealand rugby union tour of Britain, Ireland, France and North America, 1954–55 Colchester United F.C. season, 1956, 1956 Davis Cup, 1956 in the United Kingdom, 1957–58 Australia rugby union tour of Britain, Ireland and France, 1958, 1958 in Scotland, 1958 in the United Kingdom, 1960 Individual Speedway World Championship, 1960–61 Colchester United F.C. season, 1960–61 Ipswich Town F.C. season, 1962–63 Colchester United F.C. season, 1963 Davis Cup, 1963–64 Colchester United F.C. season, 1964 Davis Cup, 1964–65 Colchester United F.C. season, 1965 Gillette Cup, 1966 in the United Kingdom, 1966–67 Colchester United F.C. season, 1967–68 FA Cup, 1968 Gillette Cup, 1969 Davis Cup, 1969–70 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1969–70 South Africa rugby union tour of Britain and Ireland, 1970 FIM Motocross World Championship, 1970 Gillette Cup, 1970–71 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1971 FIM Motocross World Championship, 1971 Gillette Cup, 1971 World Championship Tennis circuit, 1971–72 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1972 Bristol Open, 1972 Grand Prix (tennis), 1972 Women's Tennis Circuit, 1972–73 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1972–73 England Hockey League season, 1973 Gillette Cup, 1973–74 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1974 Bristol bombing, 1974 Gillette Cup, 1974–75 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1975 Gillette Cup, 1975–76 Australia rugby union tour of Britain, Ireland and the United States, 1975–76 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1976 Gillette Cup, 1976–77 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1977 Benson & Hedges Cup, 1977 Gillette Cup, 1977–78 Anglo-Scottish Cup, 1977–78 Arsenal F.C. season, 1977–78 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1977–78 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 1978 Davis Cup Europe Zone, 1978 Individual Speedway World Championship, 1978–79 Arsenal F.C. season, 1978–79 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1979 Gillette Cup, 1979–80 Anglo-Scottish Cup, 1979–80 Arsenal F.C. season, 1979–80 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1980, 1980 Davis Cup Europe Zone, 1980 St. Pauls riot, 1980–81 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1980–81 Football League, 1981 Bristol Open, 1981 Brixton riot, 1981 Grand Prix (tennis), 1981 NatWest Trophy, 1982 Bristol Open, 1982 Fiji rugby union tour of Great Britain and Canada, 1982 Grand Prix (tennis), 1982 NatWest Trophy, 1982–83 Cardiff City F.C. season, 1982–83 Colchester United F.C. season, 1983 Bristol Open, 1983 Cricket World Cup, 1983 Cricket World Cup Group A, 1983 Grand Prix (tennis), 1983 NatWest Trophy, 1983 Professional Players Tournament, 1983–84 Colchester United F.C. season, 1984 Bristol Open, 1984 Grand Prix (tennis), 1984 NatWest Trophy, 1984–85 Arsenal F.C. season, 1985 Bristol Open, 1985 Grand Prix (tennis), 1985 NatWest Trophy, 1986 Bristol Open, 1986 Grand Prix (tennis), 1986 NatWest Trophy, 1986–87 Colchester United F.C. season, 1987 Benson & Hedges Cup, 1987 Bristol Open, 1987 Grand Prix (tennis), 1987 NatWest Trophy, 1987–88 Courage League, 1988 Australia rugby union tour of England, Scotland and Italy, 1988 Bristol Open, 1988 Davis Cup, 1988 Football League play-offs, 1988 Grand Prix (tennis), 1988 NatWest Trophy, 1988 Refuge Assurance Cup, 1988–89 Courage League, 1989 Benson & Hedges Cup, 1989 Bristol Open, 1989 English Professional Championship, 1989 Grand Prix (tennis), 1989 NatWest Trophy, 1989–90 Courage Area League South, 1989–90 Courage League, 1989–90 Football League, 1989–90 Full Members' Cup, 1989–90 in English football, 1990 ATP Challenger Series, 1990 Full Members' Cup Final, 1990 in the United Kingdom, 1990 NatWest Trophy, 1990 Solheim Cup, 1990–91 Courage League, 1990–91 Courage League National Division Three, 1990–91 FA Cup, 1990–91 Middlesbrough F.C. season, 1990–91 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 1991 NatWest Trophy, 1991 New Year Honours, 1991–92 Blackburn Rovers F.C. season, 1991–92 Courage League National Division Three, 1991–92 English Premiership (rugby union), 1991–92 Liverpool F.C. season, 1991–92 Newcastle United F.C. season, 1991–92 Southampton F.C. season, 1991–92 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 1992 in art, 1992 NatWest Trophy, 1992 Solheim Cup, 1992 Strachan Open, 1992–93 Courage League National Division Three, 1992–93 English Premiership (rugby union), 1992–93 Football League Cup, 1992–93 Newcastle United F.C. season, 1992–93 Norwich City F.C. season, 1992–93 Portsmouth F.C. season, 1992–93 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 1993 Benson & Hedges Cup, 1993 European League, 1993 NatWest Trophy, 1993–94 Colchester United F.C. season, 1993–94 Courage League Division 4, 1993–94 English Premiership (rugby union), 1993–94 Football League Cup, 1993–94 Fulham F.C. season, 1993–94 Liverpool F.C. season, 1993–94 Norwich City F.C. season, 1993–94 Portsmouth F.C. season, 1993–94 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 1994 Football League First Division play-off Final, 1994 NatWest Trophy, 1994 Solheim Cup, 1994–95 Burnley F.C. season, 1994–95 Courage League National Division Three, 1994–95 English Premiership (rugby union), 1994–95 Norwich City F.C. season, 1994–95 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 1995 Benson & Hedges Cup, 1995 in music, 1995 NatWest Trophy, 1995–96 Burnley F.C. season, 1995–96 Courage League Division 4, 1995–96 English Premiership (rugby union), 1995–96 Newcastle United F.C. season, 1996 in England, 1996 in the United Kingdom, 1996 Solheim Cup, 1996–97 Burnley F.C. season, 1996–97 Courage League National Division Three, 1996–97 English Premiership (rugby union), 1997 Football League play-offs, 1997 NatWest Trophy, 1997 New Zealand rugby union tour of Britain and Ireland, 1997 Tonga rugby union tour of Great Britain, 1997–98 Burnley F.C. season, 1997–98 English Premiership, 1997–98 National League 2 South, 1998 England Monarchs season, 1998 Football League play-offs, 1998 Football League Second Division play-off Final, 1998 NatWest Trophy, 1998 Solheim Cup, 1998–99 Allied Dunbar Premiership Two, 1998–99 Arsenal F.C. season, 1998–99 Burnley F.C. season, 1998–99 Fulham F.C. season, 1998–99 Manchester City F.C. season, 1998–99 National League 2 South, 1998–99 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 1998–99 Southampton F.C. season, 1998–99 West Bromwich Albion F.C. season, 1998–99 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 1999 Benson & Hedges Super Cup, 1999 Cricket World Cup, 1999 in architecture, 1999 in England, 1999 in the United Kingdom, 1999 NatWest Trophy, 1999 Rugby World Cup, 1999–2000 Burnley F.C. season, 1999–2000 English Premiership, 1999–2000 FA Cup, 1999–2000 Football League Trophy, 1999–2000 Gillingham F.C. season, 1999–2000 National League 2 South, 1999–2000 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 1st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade, 2-4-0, 20 Years Paranoid, 2000 Benson & Hedges Cup, 2000 NatWest Trophy, 2000 Solheim Cup, 2000–01 English Premiership, 2000–01 National Division Three South, 2000–01 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2000–01 Reading F.C. season, 2001 Benson & Hedges Cup, 2001 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy, 2001 County Championship, 2001 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, 2001 NatWest Series, 2001–02 English Premiership, 2001–02 National Division Three South, 2001–02 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2002 Benson & Hedges Cup, 2002 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy, 2002 County Championship, 2002–03 Bristol City F.C. season, 2002–03 English Premiership, 2002–03 Gillingham F.C. season, 2002–03 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2002–03 West Bromwich Albion F.C. season, 2003 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy, 2003 Football League play-offs, 2003 NatWest Series, 2003–04 Grimsby Town F.C. season, 2003–04 National Division One, 2003–04 National Division Three South, 2003–04 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2003–04 Portsmouth F.C. season, 2003–04 West Bromwich Albion F.C. season, 2003–04 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 2004 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy, 2004 Football League play-offs, 2004 Football League Second Division play-off Final, 2004 June rugby union tests, 2004 NatWest Series, 2004 Twenty20 Cup, 2004–05 Football League Trophy, 2004–05 Grimsby Town F.C. season, 2004–05 National Division One, 2004–05 National Division Three South, 2004–05 Portsmouth F.C. season, 2004–05 Swansea City A.F.C. season, 2004–05 West Bromwich Albion F.C. season, 2005 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy, 2005 Kuşadası minibus bombing, 2005 Solheim Cup, 2005–06 AFC Wimbledon season, 2005–06 English Premiership, 2005–06 Grimsby Town F.C. season, 2005–06 Milton Keynes Dons F.C. season, 2005–06 National Division Three South, 2005–06 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2005–06 West Bromwich Albion F.C. season, 2006 in comics, 2006 Turner Prize, 2006 Twenty20 Cup, 2006–07 Colchester United F.C. season, 2006–07 Coventry City F.C. season, 2006–07 EDF Energy Cup, 2006–07 English Premiership, 2006–07 Football League Trophy, 2006–07 Grimsby Town F.C. season, 2006–07 Milton Keynes Dons F.C. season, 2006–07 National Division Three South, 2006–07 Wycombe Wanderers F.C. season, 2007 Football League play-offs, 2007 in comics, 2007 in cricket, 2007 Indoor Cricket World Cup, 2007 Solheim Cup, 2007 South Africa rugby union tour of Europe, 2007–08 Barnsley F.C. season, 2007–08 Coventry City F.C. season, 2007–08 Crystal Palace F.C. season, 2007–08 EDF Energy Cup, 2007–08 English Premiership, 2007–08 FA Cup, 2007–08 Fulham F.C. season, 2007–08 Hull City A.F.C. season, 2007–08 Manchester City F.C. season, 2007–08 National Division Three South, 2007–08 Norwich City F.C. season, 2007–08 Watford F.C. season, 2007–08 West Ham United F.C. season, 2007–08 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 2008 English cricket season, 2008 Football League Championship play-off Final, 2008 Football League play-offs, 2008 Friends Provident Trophy, 2008 in Ireland, 2008 PDC Pro Tour, 2008 Twenty20 Cup Midlands/Wales/West Division, 2008–09 Bristol City F.C. season, 2008–09 Cardiff City F.C. season, 2008–09 Cheltenham Town F.C. season, 2008–09 Coventry City F.C. season, 2008–09 Crystal Palace F.C. season, 2008–09 EDF Energy Cup, 2008–09 English Premiership, 2008–09 European Challenge Cup pool stage, 2008–09 Leeds United F.C. season, 2008–09 Milton Keynes Dons F.C. season, 2008–09 National Division Three South, 2008–09 Norwich City F.C. season, 2008–09 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2008–09 Swansea City A.F.C. season, 2008–09 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 2009 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, 2009 Iranian presidential election protests, 2009 Twenty20 Cup Midlands/Wales/West Division, 2009–10 AFC Ajax season, 2009–10 Aldershot Town F.C. season, 2009–10 Blackpool F.C. season, 2009–10 British and Irish Cup, 2009–10 Cardiff City F.C. season, 2009–10 Colchester United F.C. season, 2009–10 Crystal Palace F.C. season, 2009–10 Football League Championship, 2009–10 in English football, 2009–10 Leeds United F.C. season, 2009–10 National League 2 South, 2009–10 Newcastle United F.C. season, 2009–10 Norwich City F.C. season, 2009–10 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2009–10 RFU Championship, 2009–10 Southampton F.C. season, 2009–10 Watford F.C. season, 2009–10 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 2010 Friends Provident t20, 2010 in England, 2010 in the United Kingdom, 2010–11 A.F.C. Bournemouth season, 2010–11 Aldershot Town F.C. season, 2010–11 Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. season, 2010–11 British and Irish Cup, 2010–11 Cardiff City F.C. season, 2010–11 Colchester United F.C. season, 2010–11 Coventry City F.C. season, 2010–11 Crystal Palace F.C. season, 2010–11 Football League Championship, 2010–11 Football League One, 2010–11 Ipswich Town F.C. season, 2010–11 Leeds United F.C. season, 2010–11 Leicester City F.C. season, 2010–11 Leyton Orient F.C. season, 2010–11 National League 2 South, 2010–11 Norwich City F.C. season, 2010–11 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 2010–11 Notts County F.C. season, 2010–11 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2010–11 Portsmouth F.C. season, 2010–11 Queens Park Rangers F.C. season, 2010–11 RFU Championship, 2010–11 Rochdale A.F.C. season, 2010–11 Scunthorpe United F.C. season, 2010–11 Southampton F.C. season, 2010–11 Swansea City A.F.C. season, 2010–11 Watford F.C. season, 2010–11 West Bromwich Albion F.C. season, 2011 Clydesdale Bank 40, 2011 County Championship, 2011 England riots, 2011 Friends Life t20, 2011 in British television, 2011 in England, 2011 in the United Kingdom, 2011 Safari Sevens, 2011–12 Aldershot Town F.C. season, 2011–12 Aston Villa F.C. season, 2011–12 Barnsley F.C. season, 2011–12 Bristol Rovers F.C. season, 2011–12 British and Irish Cup, 2011–12 Burton Albion F.C. season, 2011–12 Cardiff City F.C. season, 2011–12 Colchester United F.C. season, 2011–12 Cornish Pirates RFC season, 2011–12 Coventry City F.C. season, 2011–12 Crawley Town F.C. season, 2011–12 Crystal Palace F.C. season, 2011–12 Doncaster Rovers F.C. season, 2011–12 FA Cup, 2011–12 FA Women's Cup, 2011–12 Football League Championship, 2011–12 Football League Two, 2011–12 Hull City A.F.C. season, 2011–12 Leicester City F.C. season, 2011–12 Leyton Orient F.C. season, 2011–12 National League 2 South, 2011–12 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 2011–12 Oxford United F.C. season, 2011–12 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2011–12 Portsmouth F.C. season, 2011–12 RFU Championship, 2011–12 Southampton F.C. season, 2011–12 Southend United F.C. season, 2011–12 UEFA Women's Champions League, 2011–12 West Bromwich Albion F.C. season, 2012 Carterton hot air balloon crash, 2012 Clydesdale Bank 40, 2012 County Championship, 2012 FA Women's Cup Final, 2012 Friends Life t20, 2012 in British television, 2012 Summer Olympics torch relay, 2012 United Kingdom fuel crisis, 2012–13 Accrington Stanley F.C. season, 2012–13 Barnet F.C. season, 2012–13 Barnsley F.C. season, 2012–13 Blackpool F.C. season, 2012–13 Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. season, 2012–13 Bristol City F.C. season, 2012–13 British and Irish Cup, 2012–13 Cardiff City F.C. season, 2012–13 Coventry City F.C. season, 2012–13 Crystal Palace F.C. season, 2012–13 FA Cup, 2012–13 FA Women's Cup, 2012–13 Fleetwood Town F.C. season, 2012–13 Football League Championship, 2012–13 Football League Two, 2012–13 Huddersfield Town A.F.C. season, 2012–13 Hull City A.F.C. season, 2012–13 Leeds United F.C. season, 2012–13 Leicester City F.C. season, 2012–13 Leyton Orient F.C. season, 2012–13 National League 2 South, 2012–13 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 2012–13 Peterborough United F.C. season, 2012–13 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2012–13 RFU Championship, 2012–13 Rochdale A.F.C. season, 2012–13 Rotherham United F.C. season, 2012–13 Sheffield United F.C. season, 2012–13 Southampton F.C. season, 2012–13 Southend United F.C. season, 2012–13 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 2013 County Championship, 2013 Friends Life t20, 2013 in art, 2013 Rugby League World Cup, 2013 Rugby League World Cup Group D, 2013 Yorkshire Bank 40, 2013–14 Accrington Stanley F.C. season, 2013–14 Bristol City F.C. season, 2013–14 Bristol Rovers F.C. season, 2013–14 British and Irish Cup, 2013–14 British Basketball League season, 2013–14 Carlisle United F.C. season, 2013–14 Cheltenham Town F.C. season, 2013–14 Coventry City F.C. season, 2013–14 Crystal Palace F.C. season, 2013–14 F.C. Halifax Town season, 2013–14 FA Cup, 2013–14 Fleetwood Town F.C. season, 2013–14 Football League One, 2013–14 Football League Trophy, 2013–14 Football League Two, 2013–14 Hartlepool United F.C. season, 2013–14 Leyton Orient F.C. season, 2013–14 Milton Keynes Dons F.C. season, 2013–14 National League 2 South, 2013–14 Newport County A.F.C. season, 2013–14 Notts County F.C. season, 2013–14 Oxford United F.C. season, 2013–14 Peterborough United F.C. season, 2013–14 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2013–14 Portsmouth F.C. season, 2013–14 Preston North End F.C. season, 2013–14 Reading F.C. season, 2013–14 RFU Championship, 2013–14 Rochdale A.F.C. season, 2013–14 Scunthorpe United F.C. season, 2013–14 Tranmere Rovers F.C. season, 2013–14 Watford F.C. season, 2013–14 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 2014 County Championship, 2014 NatWest t20 Blast, 2014 Omega Pharma–Quick-Step season, 2014 Royal London One-Day Cup, 2014 Special Honours, 2014 Tour of Britain, 2014–15 Barnsley F.C. season, 2014–15 Bristol City F.C. season, 2014–15 Bristol Rovers F.C. season, 2014–15 British and Irish Cup, 2014–15 British Basketball League season, 2014–15 Chester F.C. season, 2014–15 Chesterfield F.C. season, 2014–15 Colchester United F.C. season, 2014–15 Coventry City F.C. season, 2014–15 Crawley Town F.C. season, 2014–15 Crewe Alexandra F.C. season, 2014–15 Doncaster Rovers F.C. season, 2014–15 F.C. Halifax Town season, 2014–15 FA Cup, 2014–15 Fleetwood Town F.C. season, 2014–15 Football Conference, 2014–15 Football League One, 2014–15 Football League Trophy, 2014–15 Gillingham F.C. season, 2014–15 Grimsby Town F.C. season, 2014–15 Leyton Orient F.C. season, 2014–15 Milton Keynes Dons F.C. season, 2014–15 National League 2 South, 2014–15 Notts County F.C. season, 2014–15 Oxford United F.C. season, 2014–15 Peterborough United F.C. season, 2014–15 Preston North End F.C. season, 2014–15 RFU Championship, 2014–15 Rochdale A.F.C. season, 2014–15 Scunthorpe United F.C. season, 2014–15 Swindon Town F.C. season, 2014–15 UEFA Women's Champions League knockout phase, 2014–15 Walsall F.C. season, 2014–15 West Ham United F.C. season, 2015 Conference Premier play-off Final, 2015 County Championship, 2015 in the United Kingdom, 2015 NatWest t20 Blast, 2015 Rugby World Cup, 2015–16 Blackburn Rovers F.C. season, 2015–16 Bolton Wanderers F.C. season, 2015–16 Brentford F.C. season, 2015–16 Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. season, 2015–16 Bristol City F.C. season, 2015–16 Bristol Rovers F.C. season, 2015–16 British and Irish Cup, 2015–16 British Basketball League season, 2015–16 Cambridge United F.C. season, 2015–16 Cardiff City F.C. season, 2015–16 Carlisle United F.C. season, 2015–16 Charlton Athletic F.C. season, 2015–16 Crawley Town F.C. season, 2015–16 Derby County F.C. season, 2015–16 Exeter City F.C. season, 2015–16 FA Cup, 2015–16 Football League Championship, 2015–16 Football League Cup, 2015–16 Football League Trophy, 2015–16 Football League Two, 2015–16 Fulham F.C. season, 2015–16 Hartlepool United F.C. season, 2015–16 Huddersfield Town A.F.C. season, 2015–16 Hull City A.F.C. season, 2015–16 Ipswich Town F.C. season, 2015–16 Korfball League & Promotion Division promotion/relegation play-off, 2015–16 Leeds United F.C. season, 2015–16 Leyton Orient F.C. season, 2015–16 Luton Town F.C. season, 2015–16 Mansfield Town F.C. season, 2015–16 Middlesbrough F.C. season, 2015–16 Milton Keynes Dons F.C. season, 2015–16 Morecambe F.C. season, 2015–16 National League 2 South, 2015–16 Newport County A.F.C. season, 2015–16 Northampton Town F.C. season, 2015–16 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 2015–16 Notts County F.C. season, 2015–16 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2015–16 Preston North End F.C. season, 2015–16 Queens Park Rangers F.C. season, 2015–16 Reading F.C. season, 2015–16 RFU Championship, 2015–16 Rotherham United F.C. season, 2015–16 Sheffield Wednesday F.C. season, 2015–16 Swindon Town F.C. season, 2015–16 West Bromwich Albion F.C. season, 2015–16 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 2015–16 Wycombe Wanderers F.C. season, 2016 Bill Beaumont Cup, 2016 BMC Racing Team season, 2016 County Championship, 2016 Etixx–Quick-Step season, 2016 NatWest t20 Blast, 2016 Royal London One-Day Cup, 2016 Tour of Britain, 2016 Women's Cricket Super League, 2016–17 Anglo-Welsh Cup, 2016–17 Aston Villa F.C. season, 2016–17 Barnsley F.C. season, 2016–17 Blackburn Rovers F.C. season, 2016–17 Bolton Wanderers F.C. season, 2016–17 Brentford F.C. season, 2016–17 Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. season, 2016–17 Bristol City F.C. season, 2016–17 Bristol Rovers F.C. season, 2016–17 British Basketball League season, 2016–17 Burton Albion F.C. season, 2016–17 Bury F.C. season, 2016–17 Cardiff City F.C. season, 2016–17 Charlton Athletic F.C. season, 2016–17 Chesterfield F.C. season, 2016–17 Coventry City F.C. season, 2016–17 Crawley Town F.C. season, 2016–17 Derby County F.C. season, 2016–17 EFL Championship, 2016–17 EFL Cup, 2016–17 EFL League One, 2016–17 EFL Trophy, 2016–17 English Premiership, 2016–17 FA Cup, 2016–17 Fleetwood Town F.C. season, 2016–17 Fulham F.C. season, 2016–17 Gillingham F.C. season, 2016–17 Huddersfield Town A.F.C. season, 2016–17 Hull City A.F.C. season, 2016–17 Ipswich Town F.C. season, 2016–17 Korfball League & Promotion Division promotion/relegation play-off, 2016–17 Leeds United F.C. season, 2016–17 Millwall F.C. season, 2016–17 Milton Keynes Dons F.C. season, 2016–17 National League 2 South, 2016–17 Newcastle United F.C. season, 2016–17 Norwich City F.C. season, 2016–17 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 2016–17 Oldham Athletic A.F.C. season, 2016–17 Peterborough United F.C. season, 2016–17 Port Vale F.C. season, 2016–17 Portsmouth F.C. season, 2016–17 Premier League Cup, 2016–17 Preston North End F.C. season, 2016–17 Queens Park Rangers F.C. season, 2016–17 Reading F.C. season, 2016–17 Rochdale A.F.C. season, 2016–17 Rotherham United F.C. season, 2016–17 Scunthorpe United F.C. season, 2016–17 Sheffield United F.C. season, 2016–17 Sheffield Wednesday F.C. season, 2016–17 Shrewsbury Town F.C. season, 2016–17 Southend United F.C. season, 2016–17 Swansea City A.F.C. season, 2016–17 Swindon Town F.C. season, 2016–17 Walsall F.C. season, 2016–17 Wigan Athletic F.C. season, 2016–17 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 2017 County Championship, 2017 Marylebone Cricket Club University Matches, 2017 NatWest t20 Blast, 2017 Royal London One-Day Cup, 2017 Women's Cricket Super League, 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup, 2017–18 Blackburn Rovers F.C. season, 2017–18 Blackpool F.C. season, 2017–18 Bolton Wanderers F.C. season, 2017–18 Brentford F.C. season, 2017–18 Bristol Rovers F.C. season, 2017–18 British and Irish Cup, 2017–18 British Basketball League season, 2017–18 Bury F.C. season, 2017–18 Cardiff City F.C. season, 2017–18 Charlton Athletic F.C. season, 2017–18 EFL Championship, 2017–18 EFL Cup, 2017–18 EFL League One, 2017–18 FC Twente season, 2017–18 Fulham F.C. season, 2017–18 Hull City A.F.C. season, 2017–18 Ipswich Town F.C. season, 2017–18 Leeds United F.C. season, 2017–18 Manchester City F.C. season, 2017–18 National League 2 South, 2017–18 Northampton Town F.C. season, 2017–18 Norwich City F.C. season, 2017–18 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 2017–18 Oxford United F.C. season, 2017–18 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2017–18 Portsmouth F.C. season, 2017–18 Preston North End F.C. season, 2017–18 Queens Park Rangers F.C. season, 2017–18 Reading F.C. season, 2017–18 RFU Championship, 2017–18 Rotherham United F.C. season, 2017–18 Sheffield United F.C. season, 2017–18 Sheffield Wednesday F.C. season, 2017–18 Sunderland A.F.C. season, 2017–18 Swindon Town F.C. season, 2017–18 Wigan Athletic F.C. season, 2017–18 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. season, 2017–2018 Romanian protests, 2018 County Championship, 2018 England women's Tri-Nation Series, 2018 Marylebone Cricket Club University Matches, 2018 Royal London One-Day Cup, 2018 t20 Blast, 2018–19 A.F.C. Bournemouth season, 2018–19 Bristol City F.C. season, 2018–19 Cardiff City F.C. season, 2018–19 Charlton Athletic F.C. season, 2018–19 EFL Championship, 2018–19 EFL League One, 2018–19 Exeter City F.C. season, 2018–19 Middlesbrough F.C. season, 2018–19 National League 2 South, 2018–19 Norwich City F.C. season, 2018–19 Nottingham Forest F.C. season, 2018–19 Plymouth Argyle F.C. season, 2018–19 Premiership Rugby, 2019 Cricket World Cup, 2019 Cricket World Cup Group Stage, 20th century road schemes in Bristol, 21st-century modernisation of the Great Western main line, 289 Commando Troop, Royal Artillery, 289th Engineer Combat Battalion (United States), 28th (North Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot, 2:54, 3 (telecommunications), 30th (Surrey) Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery, 32 King Street, Bristol, 35 King Street, Bristol, 36 (Eastern) Signal Regiment, 37 and 39 Jamaica Street, Bristol, 39 (Skinners) Signal Regiment, 3D Monster Maze, 3rd Armored Division (United States), 4-2-2, 4-meter band, 4mations, 5G, 5th Anti-Aircraft Division (United Kingdom), 6 King Street, Bristol, 60 (Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars) Signal Squadron, 61 Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol, 614th Tank Destroyer Battalion, 61st (South Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot, 6th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, 7 and 8 King Street, Bristol, 79th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, 7th Battalion, Essex Regiment, 7th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers, 8th & Ocean, 8th Anti-Aircraft Division (United Kingdom), 9th Anti-Aircraft Division (United Kingdom). 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/DRIVE is an automotive network and popular YouTube channel with web video series dedicated to car reviews, driving adventures, motorsports coverage, and detailed looks at the manufacturing of high-end cars.

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A Beautiful Lie Tour

The A Beautiful Lie Tour was a worldwide concert tour by American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars, in support of their second studio album A Beautiful Lie (2005).

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A Big Night in with Darren Hayes Tour

A Big Night in with Darren Hayes Tour was the third tour undertaken by Australian singer-songwriter Darren Hayes as a solo artist.

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A Day at the Races Tour

The A Day at the Races Tour was a concert tour by the British rock band Queen, supporting their late 1976 album A Day at the Races.

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A Gert Lush Christmas

A Gert Lush Christmas is a British one-off comedy-drama film first broadcast on BBC Two on 26 December 2015.

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A Grand Day Out

A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit, later marketed as A Grand Day Out, is a 1989 British stop motion animated short film directed and animated by Nick Park at Aardman Animations in Bristol.

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A Life of Grime

A Life of Grime (a play on the expression A Life of Crime) is a BBC reality series following the work of environmental health inspectors.

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A Night at the Opera Tour

The A Night at the Opera Tour was a concert tour in 1975 by Queen to promote ''A Night at the Opera''.

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A roads in Zone 3 of the Great Britain numbering scheme

List of A roads in zone 3 in Great Britain starting west of the A3 and south of the A4 (roads beginning with 3).

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A roads in Zone 4 of the Great Britain numbering scheme

List of A roads in zone 4 in Great Britain starting north of the A4 and south/west of the A5 (roads beginning with 4).

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A Sense of Purpose Tour

A Sense of Purpose Tour was a concert tour by Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames in support of the act's ninth studio album, A Sense of Purpose, which was released in April 2008.

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A Voyage to the South Sea, and Round the World

A Voyage to the South Sea, and Round the World is a 1712 book by Edward Cooke, about a real-life trip around the world in two ships, under the command of Woodes Rogers.

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A Wear

A-Wear was an Irish chain of women's clothing stores with a wide number of operations in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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A Woman a Man Walked By

A Woman a Man Walked By is the second collaborative studio album English alternative rock musicians PJ Harvey and John Parish, released on 27 March 2009 by Island Records.

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A-List (Conservative)

The Conservative A-List or Priority List was a list of United Kingdom candidates drawn up by Conservative Central Office at the behest of David Cameron after his election as party leader in December 2005, aimed as a means of broadening the number of Conservative Members of Parliament, potential Peers of the Realm and MEPs from minority groups and women as well as other preferred candidates for candidature.

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A-Z of Rude Health

A-Z of Rude Health was a medical series taking a lighthearted look at sexual health.

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A. G. E. Blake

Anthony George Edward Blake, usually known as A.G.E. Blake or Anthony Blake (born 1939), is a philosophical thinker and author, dealing primarily in the fields of intelligence, LogoVisual thinking (LVT), the philosophy of thought and the works of G. I. Gurdjieff.

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A. H. Hawke

Alfred Herbert Hawke (7 February 1881 – 11 May 1958) was a British photographer and postcard publisher based in Helston, Cornwall.

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A. J. Potter

Archibald James (Archie) Potter (22 September 1918 – 5 July 1980) was an Irish composer and teacher, who wrote hundreds of works including operas, a mass, and four ballets, as well as orchestral and chamber music.

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A. V. Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Hillsborough

Albert Victor Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Hillsborough, (1 May 1885 – 11 January 1965) was a British Labour Co-operative politician.

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A303 road

The A303 is a trunk road in southern England, running between Basingstoke in Hampshire and Honiton in Devon via Stonehenge.

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A350 road

The A350 is a north-south primary route in southern England, that runs from the M4 motorway in Wiltshire to Poole in Dorset.

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A36 road

The A36 is a trunk road and primary route in southwest England that links the port city of Southampton to the city of Bath.

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A369 road

The A369 is an A road running from Ashton Gate junction with the A370 and the A3029 to Portishead in South West England.

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A37 road

The A37 is a major road in south west England.

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A370 road

The A370 is a primary road in England running from Bath Road, near Temple Meads railway station in the city of Bristol to Weston-super-Mare before continuing to the village of East Brent in Somerset.

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A38 road

The A38, part of which is also known as the Devon Expressway, is a major A-class trunk road in England.

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A4 road (England)

The A4 is a major road in England from Central London to Avonmouth via Heathrow Airport, Reading, Bath and Bristol.

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A4018 road

The A4018 is an A-road connecting the city centre of Bristol to the M5 motorway at Cribbs Causeway.

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A403 road

The A403 is a main road near Bristol and the Severn Estuary.

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A417 road

The A417 is a main road in England running from Streatley, Berkshire to Hope under Dinmore, Herefordshire.

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A4174 road

The A4174 is a major ring road in England which runs around the northern and eastern edge of Bristol, mainly in South Gloucestershire, and through the southern suburbs of the city.

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A420 road

The A420 is a road between Bristol and Oxford in England.

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A431 road

The A431 is an A road running from Bristol to Bath in England.

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A432 road

The A432 is a road running from Bristol to Old Sodbury.

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A48(M) motorway

The A48(M) is a motorway in Wales between Cardiff and Newport.

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Aardman Animations

Aardman Animations, Ltd., also known as Aardman Studios, or simply as Aardman, is a British animation studio based in Bristol.

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Aardman filmography

Aardman Animations is an animation studio in Bristol, which produces stop motion and computer animated features, shorts, TV series and a selection of adverts.

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Aaron Brown (footballer, born 1980)

Aaron Wesley Brown (born 14 March 1980 in Bristol) is an English professional footballer who is currently player-coach at Paulton Rovers.

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Aaron Crossley Hobart Seymour

Aaron Crossley Hobart Seymour (1789–1870) was an Anglo-Irish religious author and hymn-writer.

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A–Z Series

The A–Z Series is a series of singles by alternative rock band Ash.

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An abbey is a complex of buildings used by members of a religious order under the governance of an abbot or abbess.

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Abbey of Saint-Victor, Paris

The Abbey of Saint Victor, Paris, also known as Royal Abbey and School of Saint Victor, was an abbey near Paris, France.

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Abbots Leigh

Abbots Leigh is a village and civil parish in Somerset, England, about west of the centre of Bristol.

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Abbots of Shrewsbury

The recorded abbots of Shrewsbury run from c 1087, a scant four years after Shrewsbury Abbey's foundation, to 1540, its dissolution under Thomas Cromwell.

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Abdul Razzaq (cricketer)

Abdul Razzaq (Urdu: عبد الرزاق, born 2 December 1979) is a former Pakistani cricketer, who played all formats of the game.

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Abels Shipbuilders

Abels Shipbuilders Ltd was a ship and boat builder in Bristol, England.

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Aberarth, Ceredigion, Wales is a small seaside village situated towards the southern end of Cardigan Bay between Aberystwyth and Cardigan.

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Abingdon-on-Thames, also known as Abingdon on Thames or just Abingdon, is a historic market town and civil parish in the ceremonial county of Oxfordshire, England.

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Abner Chipu

Abner Chipu (born 2 January 1972) is a retired South African long-distance runner.

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Abolitionism in the United Kingdom

Abolitionism in the United Kingdom was the movement in the late 18th and early 19th centuries to end the practice of slavery, whether formal or informal, in the United Kingdom, the British Empire and the world, including ending the Atlantic slave trade.

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Abraham Darby I

Abraham Darby, in his later life called Abraham Darby the Elder, now sometimes known for convenience as Abraham Darby I (14 April 1678 – 8 March 1717) was the first and best known of several men of that name.

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Abraham Roberts

General Sir Abraham Roberts (11 April 1784 – 28 December 1873) was a British East India Company Army general who served nearly 50 years in India.

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Absolute Radio 90s

Absolute Radio 90s is a spin-off service from Absolute Radio.

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Abuse is the improper usage or treatment of an entity, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit.

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Academy Cinema (Bristol)

The Academy Cinema is a historic building on Cheltenham Road in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol, England.

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Access to Music

Access to Music (now) was a UK-based independent training provider which specialised in industry-focused popular music and creative education.

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Accidentally on Purpose Tour

To support the album the band announced their biggest headlining tour to date.

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ACCU (organisation)

ACCU, previously known as Association of C and C++ Users, is a non-profit user group of people interested in software development, dedicated to raising the standard of computer programming.

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Acker Bilk

Bernard Stanley "Acker" Bilk, (28 January 1929 – 2 November 2014) was an English clarinettist and vocalist known for his appearance – goatee, bowler hat and striped waistcoat – and breathy, vibrato-rich, lower-register clarinet style.

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Acorn Computers

Acorn Computers Ltd. was a British computer company established in Cambridge, England, in 1978.

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Act for the Relief of the Poor 1601

The Poor Relief Act 1601 (43 Eliz 1 c 2) was an Act of the Parliament of England.

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Action for Blind People

Action for Blind People was a national sight loss charity in the United Kingdom, that provided help and support to blind and partially sighted people of all ages.

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Ada Hitchins

Ada Florence Remfry Hitchins (26 June 1891 – 4 January 1972) was the principal research assistant of British chemist Frederick Soddy, who won the Nobel prize in 1921 for work on radioactive elements and the theory of isotopes.

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Ada Vachell

Ada Vachell or Ada Marian Vachell or Sister Ada (27 December 1866 – 29 December 1923) was a worker for people with disabilities in Bristol.

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Adam Boulton

Thomas Adam Babington Boulton (born 15 February 1959) is a British journalist and broadcaster who is currently the Editor-at-large of Sky News, and presenter of All Out Politics & Week In Review.

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Adam of Usk

Adam of Usk (Adda o Frynbuga, c. 1352 – 1430) was a Welsh priest, canonist, and late medieval historian and chronicler.

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Adam Shantry

Adam John Shantry (born 13 November 1982) is an English cricketer.

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Adela Blanche Stewart

Adela Blanche Stewart (1846–1910) was a notable New Zealand homemaker and writer.

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Adeliza of Louvain

Adeliza of Louvain, sometimes known in England as Adelicia of Louvain, also called Adela and Aleidis; (c. 1103 – 23 April 1151) was Queen of England from 1121 to 1135, as the second wife of King Henry I. She was the daughter of Godfrey I, Count of Louvain.

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Adjoa Andoh

Adjoa Andoh (born 14 January 1963) is a British film, television, stage and radio actress.

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Adlertag ("Eagle Day") was the first day of Unternehmen Adlerangriff ("Operation Eagle Attack"), which was the codename of a military operation by Nazi Germany's Luftwaffe (German air force) to destroy the British Royal Air Force (RAF).

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Administrative structure of the field forces of the British Army

The field forces of the British Army after the Army 2020 Refine reforms are organised, in garrison, as.

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Adnan Virk

Adnan Virk (born July 29, 1978) is a Canadian sports anchor, currently working for ESPN.

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Adolph Malan

Adolph Gysbert Malan, (24 March 1910 – 17 September 1963), better known as Sailor Malan, was a South African World War 2 fighter pilot and flying ace in the Royal Air Force who led No. 74 Squadron RAF during the Battle of Britain.

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Adrian Bird (footballer)

Adrian Lee Bird (born 8 July 1969) is an English former professional footballer who played 27 games in the Football League for Birmingham City.

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Adrian Boult

Sir Adrian Cedric Boult, CH (8 April 1889 – 22 February 1983) was an English conductor.

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Adrian Hollis

Adrian Swayne Hollis (2 August 1940 – 26 February 2013) was an English classical scholar and correspondence chess grandmaster (title awarded in 1976).

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Adriano Ferreira

Adriano Ferreira (born March 16, 1974) is a former professional tennis player from Brazil.

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Adventure playground

An adventure playground is a specific type of playground for children.

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Adventure-class ship

The Adventure-class ship was a class of eight 44-gun sailing two-decker warships of the Royal Navy, classed as a fifth rate like a frigate, but carrying two complete decks of guns, a lower battery of 18-pounders and an upper battery of 12-pounders.

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Aerospace Bristol

Aerospace Bristol is an aerospace museum at Filton, to the north of Bristol, England.

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Aerospace industry in the United Kingdom

The aerospace industry of the United Kingdom is the fourth-largest national aerospace industry in the world and the third largest in Europe, with a global market share of 6.4% in 2016.

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Aerospace manufacturer

An aerospace manufacturer is a company or individual involved in the various aspects of designing, building, testing, selling, and maintaining aircraft, aircraft parts, missiles, rockets, or spacecraft.

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Afraid of Heights Tour

The Afraid of Heights Tour was a concert tour by Canadian rock band Billy Talent in support of their album, Afraid of Heights, which was released on July 29, 2016.

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African Company of Merchants

The African Company of Merchants or Company of Merchants Trading to Africa was a British Chartered Company operating from 1752 to 1821 in the Gold Coast area of modern Ghana.

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African immigration to Europe

African immigrants in Europe are either born in Africa or are of African descent but live in Europe.

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African Steamship Company

The African Steamship Company was a British shipping line in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Afrika Eye

Afrika Eye is a film festival founded in 2005 in Bristol, England by Simon Bright and Ingrid Sinclair (the director of Flame (1996 film). It is described as 'the South West's biggest festival of African films and culture, held annually at Watershed (Bristol). It includes talks, exhibitions, workshops, cross-cultural entertainment as well as screenings of features, shorts and documentaries by filmmakers from, or with roots in, Africa.'.

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After All the Wishing…

After All The Wishing... is an album by Bristol musician Jim Johnston.

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After Laughter Tour

The After Laughter Tour is the fourth concert tour by American band Paramore, in support of their fifth album After Laughter (2017).

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After the Ball (musical)

After the Ball is a musical by Noël Coward, based on Lady Windermere's Fan.

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Afterlife (TV series)

Afterlife (stylised as afterlife) is a British television drama series, produced by independent production company Clerkenwell Films for the ITV network.

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Age of Discovery

The Age of Discovery, or the Age of Exploration (approximately from the beginning of the 15th century until the end of the 18th century) is an informal and loosely defined term for the period in European history in which extensive overseas exploration emerged as a powerful factor in European culture and was the beginning of globalization.

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Aggi Crew

The Aggi Crew were a criminal drug gang based in the St Paul's district of Bristol.

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Agnes Claypole Moody

Agnes Mary Claypole Moody (January 1, 1870 - 1954) was an American zoologist and professor of natural science.

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Agnes Miegel

Agnes Miegel (9 March 1879 in Königsberg, East Prussia – 26 October 1964 in Bad Salzuflen, West Germany) was a German author, journalist, and poet.

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Agrosaurus (Greek agros meaning 'field' and sauros meaning 'lizard', "field lizard") is the name given to the remains of what was originally believed to be a Triassic prosauropod from Australia.

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Aguelmis Rojas

Aguelmis Rojas de Armas also Aquelmis Rojas (born March 28, 1978) is a male long-distance runner from Cuba.

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Aikaterini Gegisian

Aikaterini Gegisian (Էկատերինի Գեգիսյան) is a visual artist of Greek-Armenian heritage living and working in London.

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Air Scotland

Air Scotland was a low-cost airline based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Air Southwest

Air Southwest was a British airline founded by Sutton Harbour Holdings in 2003.

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Airbus (band)

Airbus is a rock band from Portishead, near the city of Bristol in the UK.

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Airbus A340

The Airbus A340 is a long-range, four-engine, wide-body commercial passenger jet airliner that was developed and produced by the European aerospace company Airbus.

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Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet airliner manufactured by multi-national manufacturer Airbus.

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Société Airlinair is a French regional airline based in Rungis, France, operating scheduled regional flights (some of which are on behalf of Air France), and aircraft lease services.

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An airship or dirigible balloon is a type of aerostat or lighter-than-air aircraft that can navigate through the air under its own power.

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Airways International Cymru

Airways International Cymru was an airline based in Cardiff, Wales formed by Red Dragon Travel, at the time a leading Welsh travel agency and tour operator.

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Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi

Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi (born 17 March 1980) is a Pakistani professional tennis player.

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An aisle is, in general (common), a space for walking with rows of seats on both sides or with rows of seats on one side and a wall on the other.

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Akwa Akpa

Akwa Akpa, known to European colonists as Old Calabar or Duke Town, was an Efik city-state that flourished in the 19th century in what is now southern Nigeria.

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Al Jones

Alun Ashworth-Jones (31 October 1945 – 1 June 2008), known as Al Jones, was an influential English folk and blues songwriter, guitarist and singer, noted for his distinctive and original folk-rock guitar style and his often darkly humorous lyrics.

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Alan Chalmers

Alan Francis Chalmers (born 1939) is a British-Australian philosopher of science and associate professor at the University of Sydney.

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Alan K. Parrish

Alan K. Parrish is a professor of religious education at Brigham Young University (BYU) who has written books and articles related to American education and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), most notably a biography of John A. Widtsoe.

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Alan McClatchey

Alan McClatchey (born 16 September 1956) is a British former swimmer who competed at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and won a bronze medal as a member of the British 4x200-metre freestyle relay with Gordon Downie, David Dunne and Brian Brinkley.

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Alan Millard (politician)

Alan Major Millard (29 April 1856 – 6 July 1915) was an English solicitor who became an Australian politician.

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Alan Morley

Alan John George Morley MBE (born 25 June 1950 in Bristol, England) is a former English rugby union player.

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Alan Rawlinson

Alan Charles Rawlinson, (31 July 1918 – 27 August 2007) was an Australian airman and fighter ace of World War II.

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Alan Samuel Butler

Alan Butler (22 November 1898 —24 May 1987), full name Alan Samuel Butler, was (claimed his obituary in The Times) the first private aeroplane owner-driver.

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Alan Weeks

Alan Frederick Weeks (8 September 1923, in Bristol – 11 June 1996, in Hove, East Sussex) was a British television sports reporter and commentator.

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Alan Williams (footballer, born 1938)

Alan Williams (3 June 1938 – 18 May 2017) was an English footballer who made more than 550 appearances in the Football League playing as a centre half for Bristol City, Oldham Athletic, Watford, Newport County and Swansea Town.

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Alastair Bressington

Alastair Nigel Bressington (born 28 November 1979) is a former English cricketer and rugby union player.

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Alastair Ross Goobey

Alastair Ross Goobey CBE (6 December 1945 – 2 February 2008) was a leading British investment manager and pension fund manager.

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Albacore-class gunboat (1855)

The Albacore-class gunboat was a class of 98 gunboats built for the Royal Navy in 1855–56 for use in the Crimean War.

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Albert Banfield

Albert John Banfield (5 May 1912 – q3 1970) was an English professional footballer who played as an inside forward in the Football League for Bristol City and York City and was on the books of Clapton Orient without making a league appearance.

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Albert Clapp

Albert Edward Clapp (3 May 1867 – 3 June 1936) was an English professional cricketer who played for Somerset and Shropshire between 1885 and 1895.

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Albert Gingell

Arthur (aka Albert) Gingell (born 30 September 1883 in Bristol - died 20 February 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA) was a British wrestler who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics.

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Albert Hybart

Albert Hybart JP (1865 - 28 January 1945) was a Welsh rugby union forward who played club rugby for Canton Wanderers RFC, Canton RFC, Cardiff and international rugby for Wales.

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Albert North

Albert Edward Charles North (20 December 1877 – 4 June 1933) played first-class cricket for Somerset and Gloucestershire between 1903 and 1912.

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Albert Oehlen

Albert Oehlen (born 1954 in Krefeld, West Germany) is a contemporary German artist.

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Albert Prince-Cox

Captain Albert James Prince-Cox (8 August 1890 – 1967) was a football manager, player and referee, boxer, boxing promoter and a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.

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Albert Waters

Albert Edward Waters (8 May 1902 – 25 June 1985) was an English cricketer.

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Albert Whittle

Albert Edward Mark Whittle (16 September 1877 – 18 March 1917) was a first-class cricketer who played for Warwickshire and Somerset.

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Albion (1813 ship)

Albion was a sailing ship of two decks and three masts, built at Bristol, England, and launched in 1813.

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Albion Rajkumar Banerjee

Sir Albion Rajkumar Banerjee CSI CIE (10 October 1871 – 25 February 1950) was an Indian civil servant and administrator who served as the Diwan of Cochin from 1907 to 1914, Diwan of Mysore kingdom from 1922 to 1926 and as Prime Minister of Kashmir from 1927 to 1929.

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Alderley, Gloucestershire

Alderley (also previously known as Alderleigh) is a village and civil parish in the Stroud district of Gloucestershire, England, about fourteen miles southwest of Stroud and two miles south of Wotton-under-Edge.

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Alderman Proctor's Drinking Fountain

The Alderman Proctor's Drinking Fountain is a historic building on Clifton Down, Bristol, England.

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Aldermaston is a mostly rural, dispersed settlement, civil parish and electoral ward in Berkshire, England.

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Aldersley Junction

Aldersley Junction is the name of the canal junction where the Birmingham Main Line Canal terminates and meets the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal near to Oxley, north Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England.

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Alec Donald

Alexander 'Alec' Donald (born 29 May 1900 in Kirkintilloch) was a professional footballer who played in Scotland, England and the USA in the 1920s and 1930s.

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Alec Mildren

Alec Mildren (1915–1998) was active in Australian motor racing as a driver from 1938 to 1961, and subsequently as the owner of Alec Mildren Racing.

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Alec Winstone

Alec Ethelbert Winstone (14 March 1879 – 29 March 1963) was an English cricketer.

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Alex Ball

Alex Ball (born 4 August 1981) is a footballer who played in The Football League for Bristol City.

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Alex Beresford

Alexander Isaac Beresford (born 17 October 1980) is an English weather presenter for ITV.

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Alex Boyé

Alex Boyé (born August 16, 1970) is a British-American singer and actor.

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Alex Brown (rugby union)

Alex Brown (born 17 May 1979 in Bristol) is a former English rugby union player, who played at lock position.

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Alex da Kid

Alexander Grant (born 27 August 1982), professionally known as Alex da Kid, is a British music producer from Wood Green, London.

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Alex Deakin

Alexander Roy "Alex" Deakin (born 1974 in North Ferriby) is a weatherman for the Met Office.

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Alex Hartley

Alex Hartley (born 1963) is a British artist whose work addresses complicated and sometimes contradictory attitudes toward built environments and landscapes.

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Alex Hutchings (guitarist)

Alex Hutchings is a professional guitarist based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

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Alex Kersey-Brown

Malcolm Alexander "Alex" Kersey-Brown (18 November 1942 – 23 November 2015) was an English-born Welsh rugby union, and professional rugby league footballer of the 1960s and 1970s.

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Alex Lee

Alex Lee (born 16 March 1970 in Bristol) is an English musician.

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Alex Lovell

Alexandra "Alex" Lovell (born 28 March 1973) is an English television presenter.

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Alex Munro (footballer, born 1944)

Alexander 'Alex' Munro (3 October 1944 – 24 May 2009) was a Scottish footballer who spent his career playing in England and South Africa.

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Alex Oliver Quinn

Alex Oliver Quinn (born 1969) is a British sculptor / artist.

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Alex Woodburn

Alex Woodburn is an English professional rugby union player who plays for Gloucester.

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Alexander Arnold (actor)

Alexander ArnoldBirths, Marriages & Deaths Index of England and Wales, 1916–2005 A45B (born 21 December 1992) is an English actor, singer, and musician, best known for his role as Rich Hardbeck in the E4 teen drama Skins.

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Alexander Catcott

The Reverend Alexander Catcott (1725–1779) was an English geologist and theologian born in Bristol, who became the vicar of Temple Church, Bristol and the author of numerous works on science and theology.

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Alexander Day

Alexander Day (also known as Marmaduke Davenport, Esq.) was a British sharper known for cons committed in London in September 1722.

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Alexander Jones (footballer)

Alexander Fletcher Jones (1854 – 16 February 1878) was a Welsh amateur footballer who played at centre-forward for Wales in their second international match against Scotland in March 1877.

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Alexander Khateeb

Alexander Abdelmajeed (Alex) Khateeb (born 8 June 1984) is a British racing driver, currently driving in Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0.

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Alexander L'Estrange

Alexander Richard William L'Estrange (born 7 April 1974) is an English composer of choral music and music for television and an arranger for world-class vocal ensembles.

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Alexander MacEwen

Sir Alexander Malcolm MacEwen (10 January 1875 – 29 June 1941) was a Scottish solicitor, provost and the first leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP).

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Alexander Mackenzie (composer)

Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie KCVO (22 August 184728 April 1935) was a Scottish composer, conductor and teacher best known for his oratorios, violin and piano pieces, Scottish folk music and works for the stage.

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Alexander Selkirk

Alexander Selkirk (167613 December 1721) was a Scottish privateer and Royal Navy officer who spent four years and four months as a castaway (1704–1709) after being marooned by his captain on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific Ocean.

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Alexander Stopford Catcott

Alexander Stopford Catcott (1692–1749) was an English churchman from Bristol, and headmaster of Bristol Grammar School from 1722 to 1743 or 1744.

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Alexandra Boyd

Alexandra Boyd is a British actress, writer and filmmaker.

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Alf Matthews

Alfred William Matthews (28 April 1901 – 1985) was an English professional footballer who made nearly 300 appearances in the Football League playing for Bristol City, Exeter City, Plymouth Argyle and Doncaster Rovers.

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Alf Nelmes

Alfred Nelmes (1871 – February 1940) was an English professional footballer who played as a wing half.

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Alf Oakes

Alfred William Oakes (22 July 1901 – 25 December 1967) was an English professional footballer who made 72 appearances in the Football League playing for Millwall, Birmingham, New Brighton, Wigan Borough and Barnsley.

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Alfie Biggs

Alfred George 'Alfie' Biggs (8 February 1936 – 20 April 2012) was an English professional footballer, who spent the vast majority of his career at Bristol Rovers.

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Alfie Boe

Alfred Giovanni Roncalli Boe (born 29 September 1973) is an English tenor and actor, notably performing in musical theatre.

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Alfred Allen, Baron Allen of Fallowfield

Alfred Walter Henry Allen, Baron Allen of Fallowfield, CBE (7 July 1914 – 14 January 1985) was a British trade unionist and governor of the BBC.

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Alfred Dearlove

Alfred Dearlove (3 August 1869 – 17 March 1955) was an English cricketer.

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Alfred Downing Fripp (artist)

Alfred Downing Fripp (22 April 1822 – 13 March 1895) was a British artist who specialised in watercolours of rural subjects.

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Alfred Frank Hardiman

Alfred Frank Hardiman (21 May 1891 – 17 April 1949) was an English sculptor.

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Alfred Hall-Davis

Alfred George Fletcher Hall-Davis (21 June 1924 – 20 November 1979) was a British Conservative Party politician.

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Alfred Henry Brown

Alfred Henry Brown (1818 – 20 February 1907) was a Station owner and Member of the Queensland Legislative Council.

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Alfred Hudd

Alfred Edmund Hudd (1846 – 7 October 1920) was a native of Clifton, Bristol, England.

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Alfred John Raymond

Alfred John Raymond (1 February 1856 – 14 October 1935) was timber merchant and politician in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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Alfred Morris (accountant)

Alfred Cosier Morris CBE DL (born 12 November 1941)"Morris, Alfred Cosier", Who's Who 2008, A & C Black, 2008; online edn, Oxford University Press, December 2007 is a British academic.

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Alfred Pippard

Alfred John Sutton Pippard MBE FRS (6 April 1891 – 2 November 1969) was a British civil engineer and academic.

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Alfred the Gorilla

Alfred the Gorilla (– 9 March 1948) arrived in Bristol Zoo, in England, in 1930 and became a popular attraction and animal celebrity.

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Alice Chestre

Alice Chestre (sometimes written "Chester" or "Chestour") (died 1485) was a merchant and a benefactor of the city of Bristol, England.

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Alice Evans

Alice Jane Evans is an English actress.

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Alice Roberts

Alice May Roberts (born 19 May 1973) is an English anatomist, osteoarchaeologist, physical anthropologist, palaeopathologist, television presenter and author.

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Alien 4 (album)

Alien 4 is the twentieth studio album by the English space rock group Hawkwind, released in 1995.

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Alison Gill

Alison Gill (born 23 August 1966 in Bristol) is a British rower.

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Alistair Bunkall

Alistair Edward Julian Bunkall is Defence Correspondent for Sky News, the 24-hour television news service operated by Sky Television, part of British Sky Broadcasting.

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Alive and Cooking

Alive and Cooking is an Australian television cooking show hosted by celebrity chef James Reeson.

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All Is Yes

All Is Yes is the 2008 (see 2008 in music) debut album by Get the Blessing (known as The Blessing at the time of its release), the jazz rock quartet based in Bristol, England.

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All Night Long Tour

The All Night Long Tour is the debut concert tour by British pop/R&B singer Alexandra Burke.

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All Saints' Church, Bristol

All Saints is a closed Anglican church in Corn Street, Bristol.

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All Saints' Church, Newchurch

All Saints' Church, Newchurch is a parish church in the Church of England located in Newchurch, Isle of Wight, England.

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All Star Wrestling

All Star Wrestling is a British Professional wrestling promotion also known as All Star Promotions, Superslam Wrestling and Big Time Wrestling and originally known as Wrestling Enterprises (of Birkenhead), run by Brian Dixon and based in Liverpool, England.

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All the Lights in the Sky

All the Lights in the Sky is the debut album by the English Rock band Area 11.

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All the Plans

All the Plans is Starsailor's fourth studio album.

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All This Life

All This Life is the fifth studio album by English rock band Starsailor and was released on 1 September 2017.

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All You Need Is Now (concert tour)

All You Need Is Now was a worldwide concert tour by British new wave band Duran Duran in support of the group's 13th studio album with the same name, which was released exclusively on iTunes on 21 December 2010 and the expanded physical album and various format special packages was released on 22 March 2011.

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Alleged Lunatics' Friend Society

The Alleged Lunatics' Friend Society was an advocacy group started by former asylum patients and their supporters in 19th century Britain.

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Allen Bathurst, Lord Apsley

Allen Algernon Bathurst, Lord Apsley, DSO, MC, TD, DL (3 August 1895 – 17 December 1942) was a British Army officer and Conservative Party politician.

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Allen Lane

Sir Allen Lane (born Allen Lane Williams; 21 September 1902 – 7 July 1970) was a British publisher who together with his brothers Richard and John Lane founded Penguin Books in 1935, bringing high-quality paperback fiction and non-fiction to the mass market.

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Allflaws is an English electronic, industrial and trip hop project, created in 2004 by Gabriel Curran in Bristol, United Kingdom.

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Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris is an architecture practice based in Clerkenwell, London, with offices in Bristol and Oklahoma.

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Allied Breweries

Allied Breweries was the result of a 1961 merger between Ind Coope (of Burton), Ansells (of Birmingham), and Tetley Walker (of Leeds).

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Allied Domecq

Allied Domecq PLC was an international company, headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom, that operated spirits, wine, and quick service restaurant businesses.

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Allison McGourty

Allison McGourty is an award-winning film producer and screenwriter.

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Almina Herbert, Countess of Carnarvon

Almina Herbert, Countess of Carnarvon (15 August 1876 – 8 May 1969), was the wife of George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon, and châtelaine of Highclere Castle in Hampshire.

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Almondsbury is a large village near junction 16 of the M5 motorway, in South Gloucestershire, England, and a civil parish which also includes the villages of Hortham, Gaunt's Earthcott, Over, Easter Compton, Compton Greenfield, and Hallen.

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Almondsbury F.C.

Almondsbury Football Club is a football club based in Almondsbury, near Bristol, England.

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Almondsbury Interchange

The Almondsbury Interchange in South Gloucestershire, is one of the United Kingdom's largest motorway stack interchanges.

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Almondsbury Town A.F.C.

Almondsbury Town Association Football Club was a football club based in Almondsbury, near Bristol, England.

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Alo Creevey

Aloysius Schmeichel "Alo" Creevey is a fictional character from the third generation of the British teen drama Skins.

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Alpha (band)

Alpha is an English post-trip hop group.

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AlphaSphere (instrument)

AlphaSphere is an electronic musical instrument that was designed and developed by nu desine, an award winning company based in Bristol, UK.

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An altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious purposes, and by extension the 'Holy table' of post-reformation Anglican churches.

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Alterian is a campaign management and real-time marketing software company headquartered in Denver, CO with offices in Bristol, UK and Sydney, Australia.

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Altran Praxis

Altran UK (formerly known as Altran Praxis, Praxis High Integrity Systems, Praxis Critical Systems, Altran Xype, Xype and Altran Technologies) is a division of parent company Altran.

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Alveston in South Gloucestershire, England, is a village, civil parish and former manor inhabited in 2014 by about 3000 people The village lies about south of Thornbury and approximately north of Bristol.

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Amalric-Frédéric Buscarlet

Amalric-Frédéric Buscarlet (1836 in Nice – 19 February 1928 in Pau) worked in turn in Italy, Switzerland and France as a minister of the Church of Scotland.

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Amazon (yacht)

Amazon is a long screw schooner ex-steam yacht built in 1885 at the private Arrow Yard of Tankerville Chamberlayne in Southampton.

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Ambassador Theatre Group

The Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) is a major international theatre organisation headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in Woking (head office), London, New York, Sydney, Mannheim and Cologne.

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Amber Reed

Amber Reed (born 3 April 1991) is an English rugby union player.

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Amebix were an English hardcore punk band.

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Amelia Bayntun

Amelia Bayntun (31 March 1919 – January 1988) was an English actress.

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Amelia Dyer

Amelia Elizabeth Dyer (née Hobley; 1837 – 10 June 1896) was one of the most prolific serial-killers in history, murdering infants in her care over a 20-year period in Victorian Britain.

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America Meredith

America Meredith is a Swedish-Cherokee painter, printmaker, educator, and editor of First American Art Magazine, living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Ames Hellicar

Ames Hellicar (2 March 1847 – 27 December 1907) was a New Zealand cricketer.

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Amesbury and Military Camp Light Railway

The Amesbury and Military Camp Light Railway (also known as the Bulford Camp Railway) was a branch line in Wiltshire, England, constructed under a light railway order dated 24 September 1898.

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Amici Forever

Amici Forever is a band of four classically trained singers who mix opera with pop music (operatic pop).

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Amos Simon Cottle

Amos Simon Cottle (1766–1800) was an English translator and poet.

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Amputated (band)

Amputated are a British brutal death metal band from Bristol, England.

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Amy Sedgwick

Amy Sedgwick or Sarah Gardiner (27 October 1835 – 7 November 1897) was a British actress.

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Amy Wadge

Amy Victoria Wadge (born 22 December 1975) is a British singer-songwriter based in Wales but originally from Bristol.

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Amy Willerton

Amy Willerton (born 18 August 1992 in Bristol) is a British TV presenter, model and beauty pageant titleholder.

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Amyas Borton

Air Vice Marshal Amyas Eden Borton, (20 September 1886 – 15 August 1969) was a pilot and commander in the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War and a senior commander in the Royal Air Force during the 1920s.

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Anchor Society

The Anchor Society is a charitable organization based in Bristol, England.

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Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010, on the History channel.

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Andalusia Academy

Andalusia Academy is an independent school in the city of Bristol, England.

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Anderson & Lembke

Anderson & Lembke (A&L) was a Swedish business-to-business advertising agency started in 1963.

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Andes to Amazon

Andes to Amazon is a nature documentary TV series co-produced by the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, England and Animal Planet, first transmitted in the UK on BBC2 in November 2000.

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André Gagnaux

André Gagnaux (died February 1996), who was a Swiss, was the first President of the World Confederation of Billiard Sports (WCBS) and the former President of the Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB).

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Andrée Peel

Andrée Peel (February 3, 1905 – March 5, 2010 (105)) was one of a couple of women known as Agent Rose (the other being Eileen Nearne).

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Andrea Green (athlete)

Andrea Green (born 14 December 1968) is an English long-distance runner, specialising in the half-marathon.

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Andres Carciente

Andres Carciente is a Venezuelan pianist.

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Andrew Adamatzky

Andrew I. Adamatzky (А.) is a Russian and English computer scientist, a professor in the department of computer science at the University of the West of England in Bristol, where he works in the International Center of Unconventional Computing.

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Andrew Barker (merchant)

Andrew Barker (died 1577), was an English merchant.

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Andrew Bracey

Andrew Bracey (born 1978) is an English artist, currently based in Manchester.

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Andrew Crosse

Andrew Crosse (17 June 1784 – 6 July 1855) was a British amateur scientist who was born and died at Fyne Court, Broomfield, Somerset.

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Andrew Flintoff

Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff (born 6 December 1977) is an English former international cricketer and current broadcaster.

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Andrew Gifford

Andrew Gifford (1700–1784) was an English Baptist minister and numismatist.

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Andrew Harvey (journalist)

Andrew Harvey (born 3 March 1944) is a British journalist, who over a period of thirty years has presented most of main television news programmes of the BBC and ITN.

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Andrew Hilton

Andrew Piers Marsden Hilton (born 21 October 1947) is an English actor, theatre director, and author best known for the creation of the Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory company in Bristol in 1999.

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Andrew Hutchings

Andrew William Seymour Hutchings (3 December 1907 – 30 October 1996) was a British trade union leader.

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Andrew Ibrahim

Andrew Philip Michael Ibrahim (born 25 January 1989) is a British Muslim convert, also known as Isa Ibrahim after his conversion to Islam.

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Andrew Miller (novelist)

Andrew Brooke Miller FRSL (born 29 April 1960) is an English novelist.

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Andrew Nisbet

Andrew Nisbet (born August 1960) is a Director of Key West Holdings, which holds his family's interests in catering supplies and property.

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Andrew Norman

Andrew Norman (born 27 June 1980) is a former English professional snooker player from Bristol.

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Andrew Pennington

Andrew James Pennington (1 February 1960 – 28 January 2000) was a British politician, and a posthumous recipient of the George Medal in 2001.

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Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce (born 1961) is an English journalist, editor, author and broadcaster.

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Andrew Pitman

Andrew Pitman is a British atmospheric scientist.

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Andrew Pope

Andrew Noble Pope (14 November 1861 – 18 April 1942) was an English cricketer.

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Andrew Pozzi

Andrew William Pozzi (born 15 May 1992) is a British hurdling athlete.

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Andrew Richardson (tennis)

Andrew Richardson (born 14 March 1974) is a former professional tennis player from Great Britain.

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Andrew Selby

Andrew Selby (born 25 December 1988) is a professional boxer from Barry, Wales, competing in the Flyweight division.

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Andrew Sherborne

Andrew Sherborne (born 11 March 1961) is an English professional golfer.

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Andrew Tate

Emory Andrew Tate III (born December 14, 1986) is an American-British kickboxer from Chicago, Illinois, who competes in the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions.

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Andrew Turton

Andrew Turton (born 1938 in Bristol) is a British anthropologist, specialised on Thailand and the Tai peoples of Southeast Asia.

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Andrew Vowles

Andrew Lee Isaac Vowles (born 10 November 1967), also known as Mushroom, is a founding member of the British music and art collective Massive Attack.

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Andrew Wilson (presenter)

Andrew Machell Wilson (born 14 November 1960) is a former Sky News presenter.

New!!: Bristol and Andrew Wilson (presenter) · See more »

Andrew Wynter

Andrew Wynter (1819- 12 May 1876, Chiswick) was an English physician and author.

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Andy Byatt

Andy Byatt is an English wildlife documentary film producer for the BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) in Bristol.

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Andy Cairns solo discography

The following is a list of solo albums by Therapy? frontman Andy Cairns.

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Andy Council

Andy Council is an illustrator and graffiti artist from Bristol, UK.

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Andy Ford (comedian)

Andy Ford (born 1958, Bristol, England) is an award-winning English comedian, actor, writer and singer.He is rated among the top Ten best comics in Britain by the 'Stage Newspaper' and won the best stand up show last year at the 'Lost Review Comedy Awards'.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Ford (comedian) · See more »

Andy Fordham

Andy "The Viking" Fordham (born 2 February 1962) is an English darts player.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Fordham · See more »

Andy Gresh

Andrew "Andy" F. Gresh III (born October 26, 1974 in Brownsville) is an American sports broadcaster in New England.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Gresh · See more »

Andy Gurney

Andrew Gurney (born 25 January 1974) is an English footballer.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Gurney · See more »

Andy Hamilton (author)

Andy Hamilton is an English writer of two books, The Selfsufficientish Bible and Booze for Free.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Hamilton (author) · See more »

Andy Hornby

Andy Hornby (born 21 January 1967) is an English businessman, currently chief executive of the bookmakers Coral and Chairman of the online pharmacy retailer Pharmacy2U.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Hornby · See more »

Andy Hunter (DJ)

Andy Hunter (born 1974) is a British Christian DJ and composer of electronic dance music.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Hunter (DJ) · See more »

Andy Johnson (Welsh footballer)

Andrew James Johnson (born 2 May 1974) is a former Wales international football midfielder who last played for King's Lynn.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Johnson (Welsh footballer) · See more »

Andy Llewellyn

Andy Llewellyn (born 26 February 1966) is an English former professional footballer who played as a right back.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Llewellyn · See more »

Andy Metcalfe

Andy Metcalfe (born 3 March 1956, Bristol, England) is an English bassist, keyboardist and producer, who played mainly with The Soft Boys (with Robyn Hitchcock, 1976–1979), Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians (1984–1994), and with Squeeze off and on during the period 1985-1994.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Metcalfe · See more »

Andy Parsons (darts player)

Andy Parsons (born 15 May 1981) is a professional English darts player who plays in Professional Darts Corporation events.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Parsons (darts player) · See more »

Andy Puddicombe

Andy Puddicombe (b. 23 September 1972) is a British author, public speaker and a teacher of meditation and mindfulness.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Puddicombe · See more »

Andy Radford

Andrew John Radford (called "Andy"; (Accessed 19 January 2017) 26 January 194421 May 2006) was an Anglican Evangelical bishop and religious broadcaster.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Radford · See more »

Andy Sheppard

Andy Sheppard (born 20 January 1957) is a British jazz saxophonist and composer.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Sheppard · See more »

Andy Short

James Sinclair (born 26 March 1991 in Worcester) is an English rugby union player for Worcester Warriors in the Aviva Premiership.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Short · See more »

Andy Torbet

Andy Torbet (born 1976) is a British underwater explorer, skydiver, adventurer and TV presenter; most notably the BBC's The One Show, Coast, Operation Iceberg and The People Remember.

New!!: Bristol and Andy Torbet · See more »

Andy Williams (Welsh footballer)

Andrew Phillip Rees Williams (born 8 October 1977) is a former professional footballer who played as a winger.

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Angel (Massive Attack song)

"Angel" is a song by English trip hop group Massive Attack.

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Angel Hotel, Cardiff

The Angel Hotel is a hotel on a prominent corner of Castle Street/Westgate Street in the centre of Cardiff, Wales.

New!!: Bristol and Angel Hotel, Cardiff · See more »

Angela Douglas

Angela Douglas (born 29 October 1940), born Angela McDonagh, is an English actress.

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Angellica Bell

Angellica Bell is a British television and radio presenter, best known for her roles on The One Show and for winning the 2017 series of Celebrity MasterChef.

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Angels with Dirty Faces (Tricky album)

Angels with Dirty Faces is the third album of Bristol, England musician Tricky, released in 1998.

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Anglican Mission in England

The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) is a mission society that seeks to establish Anglican churches in England outside the Church of England.

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Angling records in the UK

File:Comparative of bronze bream and silver bream.JPG|Comparative of bronze bream and silver bream File:Acipenser sturio.jpg|European Sturgeon (Acipenser sturio) File:Rectangle the mirror carp at 12lb 8oz.jpg|Mirror Carp (Cyprinus carpio) File:Wels Catfish British Record 1970.jpg|Former British Record Wels Catfish 1970 This is an impartial (not biased only to the BRFC) and comprehensive record list of 281 British record freshwater fish, past and present, involving 55 different species/sub-species of fish caught using the traditional angling method of rod and line.

New!!: Bristol and Angling records in the UK · See more »

Angus Harrison

Angus Harrison is from Bristol, England.

New!!: Bristol and Angus Harrison · See more »

Angus Scott (television presenter)

Angus Gary Young Scott (born 8 May 1967 in Bristol) is a British sports television presenter.

New!!: Bristol and Angus Scott (television presenter) · See more »

Anita Mason

Anita Frances Mason (born 1942) is an English novelist, best known as a former Booker Prize nominee.

New!!: Bristol and Anita Mason · See more »

Ann Lovell

Ann Lovell (c.1811–15 December 1869), her husband James and their children were the first European settlers in Golden Bay at Motupipi, east of Takaka, New Zealand.

New!!: Bristol and Ann Lovell · See more »

Ann Lund

Ann Lund is an award winning journalist based in Brisbane, Australia.

New!!: Bristol and Ann Lund · See more »

Ann Yearsley

Ann Yearsley, née Cromartie (1753–1806), was an English poet and writer.

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Anna Laetitia Waring

Anna Letitia Waring (or Anna Laetitia Waring) (19 April 1823 – 10 May 1910) was a Welsh poet and hymn-writer.

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Anna Maria Falconbridge

Anna Maria (Horwood) Falconbridge was the first English woman to give a narrative account of experiences in Africa.

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Anna Palk

Anna Palk (23 October 1941 – 1 July 1990) was an English actress.

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Anna, Lady Miller

Anna, Lady Miller (1741 – 24 June 1781) was an English poet, travel writer and salon hostess.

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Annabel Abbs

Annabel Abbs (born 20 October 1964) is an English writer and author.

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Anne Diamond

Anne Margaret Diamond (born 8 September 1954) is a British journalist and broadcaster.

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Anne Orthwood's bastard trial

Anne Orthwood's bastard trial took place in 1663 in the then relatively new royal Colony of Virginia.

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Anne Steele

Anne Steele (pen name, Theodosia; 171711 November 1778) was an English Baptist and hymn writer and essayist.

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Annette Curtis Klause

Annette Curtis Klause (born June 20, 1953) is an English-American writer and librarian, specializing in young adult fiction.

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Annie Keary

Anna Maria (Annie) Keary (3 March 18253 March 1879) was an English novelist and poet, and an innovative children's writer.

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Annie St John

Annie St John (born Ann Florence Heywood; 8 September 1954 - 10 December 1990) was a British television broadcaster.

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Anomalously numbered roads in Great Britain

In the Great Britain road numbering scheme, Great Britain is divided into numbered zones, the boundaries of which are usually defined by single-digit roads.

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Anstey Giles

William Anstey Giles (29 June 1860 – 7 May 1944), generally known as Anstey Giles, was a surgeon and medical administrator in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Antelope Ground

The Antelope Ground, Southampton was a sports ground that was the first home of both Hampshire County Cricket Club, who played there prior to 1884, and of Southampton, who played there from 1887 to 1896 as "Southampton St. Mary's F.C." The ground was situated on the east side of St Mary's Road at the corner of the present-day Brinton's Terrace and extended south to Clovelly Road and east to Exmoor Road.

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Anthony "Tiny" Biuso

Anthony "Tiny Bubz" Biuso (born August 19, 1970) is best known for his drumming in the punk bands T.S.O.L. The Dickies and Hed (pe).

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Anthony Cave Brown

Anthony Cave Brown (March 21, 1929 in Bath - July 14, 2006 in Warrenton, Virginia) was an English-American journalist, espionage non-fiction writer, and historian.

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Anthony Hastings George

Sir Anthony Hastings George KCMG (乔治爵士; 1886 – 9 January 1944) was a British diplomat, who served as British Consul-General in Shanghai and Boston during the Second World War.

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Anthony Ireland (cricketer)

Anthony John Ireland (born 30 August 1984) is a cricketer from Zimbabwe.

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Anthony Jacobs, Baron Jacobs

David Anthony Jacobs, Baron Jacobs, known as Anthony Jacobs (13 November 1931 – 21 June 2014) was a British businessman and an Independent politician.

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Anthony Marshall (cricketer)

Anthony Granville Marshall (10 September 1932 – 5 December 1988) was an English cricketer.

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Anthony Milner

Anthony Milner (13 May 192522 September 2002) was a British composer, teacher and conductor.

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Anthony Norris Groves

Anthony Norris Groves (1 February 1795 – 20 May 1853) was an English Protestant missionary and the "father of faith missions".

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Anthony Pulis

Anthony James Pulis (born 21 July 1984) is a Welsh former footballer who is currently the head coach of Saint Louis FC.

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Anthony Sawyer

Anthony Sawyer (born April 29, 1980 in Bristol, England) is a British skeleton racer.

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Anthony Windows

Anthony Robin Windows (born 25 September 1942) is a former English cricketer.

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Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers

Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers (c. 144025 June 1483), Knight of the Garter, was an English nobleman, courtier, bibliophile and writer.

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Anti-Aircraft Command

Anti-Aircraft Command (AA Command, or "Ack-Ack Command") was a British Army command of the Second World War that controlled the Territorial Army anti-aircraft artillery and searchlight formations and units defending the United Kingdom.

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Anti-austerity movement in the United Kingdom

The anti-austerity movement in the United Kingdom saw major demonstrations throughout 2011.

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Anti-Fascist Action

Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) was a militant anti-fascist organisation founded in the UK in 1985, by a wide range of anti-racist and anti-fascist organisations.

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Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 (c.38) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which almost entirely applies only to England and Wales.

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Antigua honeymoon murders

The Antigua honeymoon murders refers to the murder of Ben Mullany, (1977–2008), and Catherine Mullany, (1977–2008), two British newlywed health professionals (a student physiotherapist and doctor) who were murdered during their honeymoon in Antigua, and its aftereffects.

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Antiques Roadshow (series 27)

Antiques Roadshow is a British television series produced by the BBC since 1979.

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Antiques Roadshow (series 29)

Antiques Roadshow is a British television series produced by the BBC since 1979.

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Antiques Roadshow (series 30)

Antiques Roadshow is a British television series produced by the BBC since 1979.

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Antlers Gallery

Antlers Gallery is a commercial gallery based in Bristol England.

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Antonio Williams

Antonio Williams (1825–1908) was a seaman first class serving in the United States Navy who received the Medal of Honor for bravery.

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Antony Woodward

Antony Woodward is a British writer (born 1963).

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Antony James Llewellyn, known by his stage name Anttix, is an English recording artist and songwriter.

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Apartment (Bristol band)

Apartment were an English post-punk band formed in Bristol, UK in late 1978.

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Apocryphon Tour

The Apocryphon Tour was a worldwide concert tour by American heavy metal band The Sword, in promotion of the band's 2012 fourth studio album Apocryphon.

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Apollonian gasket

In mathematics, an Apollonian gasket or Apollonian net is a fractal generated starting from a triple of circles, each tangent to the other two, and successively filling in more circles, each tangent to another three.

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Appalachia Service Project

Appalachia Service Project or ASP is a non-governmental organization which was founded in 1969.

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Appeal To Reason Tour

The Appeal to Reason Tour was a concert tour by punk band Rise Against, taking place between 2008–2010, in support of their fifth studio album Appeal to Reason.

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Appetite for Destruction Tour

The Appetite for Destruction Tour, by American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, promoted their debut album Appetite for Destruction, released in July 1987.

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Approved Premises

In the United Kingdom, Approved Premises (AP), formerly known as probation or bail hostels, are residential units which house offenders in the community.

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April 1949

The following events occurred in April 1949.

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April 30

No description.

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April Pearson

April Janet Pearson (born 23 January 1989) is an English actress, best known for her role as Michelle Richardson in the E4 teen drama series Skins.

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Aquila (TV series)

Aquila is a British children's television show which aired on the BBC from 1997 to 1998.

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Archibald Fargus

Rev. Archibald Hugh Conway Fargus MA (15 December 1878 – 6 October 1963) was an English cricketer who was a right-handed batsman who bowled right-arm fast.

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Archibald Hill

Archibald Vivian Hill (26 September 1886 – 3 June 1977), known as A. V. Hill, was an English physiologist, one of the founders of the diverse disciplines of biophysics and operations research.

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Archibald Matthias Dunn

Archibald Matthias Dunn FRIBA, JP, (1832 – 17 January 1917) was, with his partner Edward Joseph Hansom, among the foremost Catholic architects in North East England during the Victorian era.

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Archie Annan

Walter Archibald Annan (23 March 1877 – 1949) was a Scottish professional footballer in the years prior to World War I. A full back, he made over 170 appearances in the Football League.

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Archie Garrett

Archibald Campbell Elson Garrett (17 June 1919 – 10 April 1994) was a Scottish professional footballer who played in the Football League for Preston North End, Northampton Town and Birmingham City, and in the Scottish Football League for Heart of Midlothian.

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Archie Stephens

Arthur "Archie" Stephens (born 19 May 1954) is a retired footballer.

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Are You Scared To Get Happy?

Are You Scared To Get Happy? was an influential music fanzine published from Bristol, United Kingdom between 1985 and 1987 by Matt Haynes and Mark Carnell.

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Arena (web browser)

The Arena browser (also known as the Arena WWW Browser) is an early (now discontinued) testbed Web browser and Web authoring tool for Unix.

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Argyll Foods

Argyll Foods plc was the 4th biggest supermarket operator in the United Kingdom, through its acquisitions of a number of smaller supermarkets.

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Ariel Motorcycles

Ariel Motorcycles was a British motorcycle manufacturer based in Bournbrook, Birmingham.

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ARKive is a global initiative with the mission of "promoting the conservation of the world's threatened species, through the power of wildlife imagery", which it does by locating and gathering films, photographs and audio recordings of the world's species into a centralised digital archive.

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Arlingham is a village and civil parish in the Stroud District of Gloucestershire, England.

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Armada House, Bristol

Armada House (previously known as Nova House) is in Telephone Avenue, Off Baldwin Street, Bristol It was built in 1903 by Henry Williams, and is now used as offices and a conference centre.

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Armine Sandford

Armine Margaret Sandford (1928 – 4 January 2011) was an English actress and news presenter Born in St Germans, Cornwall, Sandford was the daughter of a doctor who practiced at Exeter.

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Armstrong Hall

Armstrong Hall (1853-1921) was Archdeacon of Richmond from 1908 until his death.

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Arnaq or Egnock (– November 1577) was a Canadian Native American woman captured by Sir Martin Frobisher on his second journey to find the North West passage.

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Arniston (East Indiaman)

Arniston was an East Indiaman that made eight voyages for the British East India Company (EIC).

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Arno's Court Triumphal Arch

Arno's Court Triumphal Arch is in Junction Rd, Brislington, Bristol, England.

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Arnold Crowther

Arnold Crowther (born 7 October 1909 in Chatham, Kent of the UK - died 1 May 1974) was a skilled stage magician, ventriloquist, and puppeteer, and was married to Patricia Crowther.

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Arnold Ridley

William Arnold Ridley, OBE (7 January 1896 – 12 March 1984) was an English playwright and actor, first notable as the author of the play The Ghost Train and later in life for portraying the elderly Private Godfrey in the British sitcom Dad's Army (1968–1977).

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Arnold Wathen Robinson

Arnold Wathen Robinson RWA, FMGP (1888–1955) was an English stained-glass artist.

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Arnolfini is an international arts centre and gallery in Bristol, England.

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Arnos Vale

Arnos Vale is the name of several places.

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Arnos Vale Cemetery

Arnos Vale Cemetery (also written Arno's Vale Cemetery), located in Arnos Vale, Bristol, England, was established in 1837.

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Arnost Zvi Ehrman

Rabbi Dr Arnost Zvi Ehrman is best known for his work as editor of the Talmud El Am (cf below).

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Arriva is a multinational public transport company headquartered in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom.

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Arriva TrainCare

Arriva TrainCare, formerly LNWR is a railway rolling stock maintenance company.

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Arriva UK Trains

Arriva UK Trains Limited is the company that oversees Arriva's train operating companies in the United Kingdom.

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Arron Banks

Arron Fraser Andrew Banks (born 22 March 1966) is a British businessman and political donor.

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Art Objects (band)

Art Objects were a Bristol-based post-punk band who later evolved into the Blue Aeroplanes.

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Art Satherley

Arthur Edward "Art" Satherley (October 19, 1889 – February 10, 1986) was a record producer and A&R man, who was born in England but spent most of his career in the United States.

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Arth - The Destination

Arth – The Destination (or Arth 2) is a 2017 Pakistani romantic drama film, written, directed and co-produced by Shaan Shahid under his banner 5th Element.

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Arthur Barrow (cricketer)

Arthur Barrow (19 July 1897 – 19 July 1943) was an English cricketer.

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Arthur Brough

Arthur Brough (born Frederick Arthur Baker; 26 February 1905 – 28 May 1978) was a British actor and theatre founder, producer and director best known for portraying the character of senior menswear salesman Ernest Grainger on the BBC sitcom Are You Being Served?.

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Arthur Charles Fox-Davies

Arthur Charles Fox-Davies (28 February 1871 – 19 May 1928) was a British expert on heraldry.

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Arthur Creech Jones

Arthur Creech Jones (15 May 1891 – 23 October 1964) was a British trade union official and politician.

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Arthur Eustace Morgan

Arthur Eustace Morgan (26 July 1886 – 3 February 1972) was the eighth Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University.

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Arthur Eustace Southon

The Reverend Arthur Eustace Southon (16 February 1887 - 30 December 1964), usually known as A. E. Southon, was an English minister in the Methodist Church, and author.

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Arthur Guinness II

The Second Arthur Guinness (12 March 1768 – 9 June 1855) was a successful brewer, banker, politician and flour miller in Dublin, Ireland.

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Arthur Lyon Bowley

Sir Arthur Lyon Bowley (Bristol, 6 November 1869 – Surrey, 21 January 1957) was an English statistician and economist who worked on economic statistics and pioneered the use of sampling techniques in social surveys.

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Arthur Mannering Tyndall

Arthur Mannering Tyndall, CBE, FRS, LLD (18 September 1881 – 29 October 1961) was an English physicist from Bristol, England.

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Arthur Mills Lea

Arthur Mills Lea (10 August 1868 – 29 February 1932) was an Australian entomologist.

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Arthur Milton

Clement Arthur Milton (10 March 1928 – 25 April 2007) was an English cricketer and footballer.

New!!: Bristol and Arthur Milton · See more »

Arthur Morris

Arthur Robert Morris MBE (19 January 1922 – 22 August 2015) was an Australian cricketer who played 46 Test matches between 1946 and 1955.

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Arthur Morris with the Australian cricket team in England in 1948

Arthur Morris was a key member of Donald Bradman's famous Australian cricket team, which toured England in 1948.

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Arthur Nichols

Arthur George Nichols (born 20 April 1858, date of death unknown) was an Australian politician.

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Arthur Nott

Arthur Nott (13 August 1881 – 28 December 1959) was an English cricketer.

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Arthur Peck (aviator)

Group Captain Arthur Hicks Peck (25 April 1889 – 14 February 1975) was an officer of the British Royal Air Force, who was a flying ace credited with eight aerial victories in World War I.

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Arthur Penduck

Arthur Edward Penduck (1883 – 5 December 1924) was an English cricketer.

New!!: Bristol and Arthur Penduck · See more »

Arthur Pickering

Arthur Pickering (1878 – 15 December 1939) was an English cricketer.

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Arthur Rendle Short

Arthur Rendle Short (6 January 1880 – 14 September 1953) was a professor of surgery at Bristol University and author.

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Arthur Richards, 1st Baron Milverton

Arthur Frederick Richards, 1st Baron Milverton (21 February 1885 – 27 October 1978), was a British colonial administrator who over his career served as Governor of North Borneo, Gambia, Fiji, Jamaica, and Nigeria.

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Arthur Robinson (cricketer, born 1855)

Arthur Robinson (22 June 1855 – 24 February 1913) was an English cricketer.

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Arthur Serjeant

Arthur Serjeant (16 September 1856 – 8 October 1916) was an English cricketer.

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Arthur Spear

Arthur Spear (1883 – 12 December 1946) was an English professional association football player in the years prior to the First World War.

New!!: Bristol and Arthur Spear · See more »

Arthur Weare

Arthur Jack Weare (born 21 September 1912, date of death unknown) was a professional footballer, who played as a goalkeeper in The Football League for Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Ham United, and Bristol Rovers.

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Arthur Wilberforce Jose

Arthur Wilberforce Jose (4 September 1863 – 22 January 1934) was an English-Australian historian and editor of the Australian Encyclopaedia.

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Arthur Young (actor)

Arthur Young (2 September 1898 – 24 February 1959) was an English actor, notable for roles including Gladstone in the 1951 The Lady with a Lamp.

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Articulated buses in London

Articulated buses, popularly called "bendy buses," were introduced to London in October 2001 when six Wright Eclipse Fusion bodied Volvo B7LAs were hired from First Hampshire & Dorset for a trial on route 207 between Shepherds Bush and Uxbridge.

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Artie Moore

Arthur Moore (1887 – 20 January 1949) was a Welsh wireless operator who heard a distress signal from before news of the disaster arrived in the UK.

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Artikal Music UK

Artikal Music UK is a British Dubstep record label founded in 2012 by J:Kenzo & Mosaix.

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Artists Open House

An Artists Open House is a special example of an Open Studio whereby the studio is a residential venue, usually a house or a garden.

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As with Gladness Men of Old

"As with Gladness Men of Old" is an Epiphany hymn, written by William Chatterton Dix on 6 January 1859 (Epiphany) while he was ill in bed.

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ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) is a British education charity and awarding organisation, headquartered in Bristol.

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Ashestoangels are a horror punk six piece hailing from Bristol, UK.

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Ashley (Bristol ward)

Ashley is one of thirty-five council wards in the city of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

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Ashley Down

Ashley Down is an area in the north of Bristol.

New!!: Bristol and Ashley Down · See more »

Ashley Fox

Ashley Peter Fox (born 15 November 1969Who's who for second forename,birthplace, parents, marriage and family details) is a British Member of the European Parliament, representing the South West England & Gibraltar for the Conservative Party.

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Ashley Hill railway station

Ashley Hill railway station was a railway station serving the area of Ashley Down in the north of Bristol, England.

New!!: Bristol and Ashley Hill railway station · See more »

Ashley Pharoah

Ashley Pharoah (born 13 September 1959) is a British screenwriter and television producer.

New!!: Bristol and Ashley Pharoah · See more »

Ashton Avenue Bridge

The Ashton Avenue Bridge is a former road-rail bridge located in Bristol, England.

New!!: Bristol and Ashton Avenue Bridge · See more »

Ashton Court

Ashton Court is a mansion house and estate to the west of Bristol in England.

New!!: Bristol and Ashton Court · See more »

Ashton Court Festival

The Ashton Court Festival was an outdoor music festival held annually in mid-July on the grounds of Ashton Court, just outside Bristol, England.

New!!: Bristol and Ashton Court Festival · See more »

Ashton Gate Brewery Co

Ashton Gate Brewery Co Ltd (also known for a time as Hardwick and Co Ltd) was a brewing company based in Bristol, UK.

New!!: Bristol and Ashton Gate Brewery Co · See more »

Ashton Gate railway station

Ashton Gate railway station was a railway station serving the Ashton Gate area of Bristol, England, which included Ashton Gate football ground, the home ground of Bristol City F.C..

New!!: Bristol and Ashton Gate railway station · See more »

Ashton Gate Stadium

Ashton Gate is a stadium in Ashton Gate, Bristol, England, and is the home of Bristol City F.C. and the Bristol Bears.

New!!: Bristol and Ashton Gate Stadium · See more »

Ashton Gate, Bristol

Ashton Gate is a suburb of Bristol, United Kingdom, in the Southville ward of Bristol City Council.

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Ashton Park School

Ashton Park School is a mixed gender secondary school with foundation status, located in the Bower Ashton area of Bristol, England.

New!!: Bristol and Ashton Park School · See more »

Ashton Vale

Ashton Vale is a suburb located in the Bedminster ward of Bristol, United Kingdom.

New!!: Bristol and Ashton Vale · See more »

Aspects (band)

Aspects are a hip hop group from Bristol, England; the outfit's core members being emcees El Eye, Mantis and Bubber Loui.

New!!: Bristol and Aspects (band) · See more »

Assembly of God Bethlehem Ministry (Congregations)

Assembly of God Bethlehem Ministry also has Churches in other parts of the United States and other countries in the world.

New!!: Bristol and Assembly of God Bethlehem Ministry (Congregations) · See more »


The courts of assize, or assizes, were periodic courts held around England and Wales until 1972, when together with the quarter sessions they were abolished by the Courts Act 1971 and replaced by a single permanent Crown Court.

New!!: Bristol and Assizes · See more »


Asylosaurus (meaning "unharmed or sanctuary lizard") is a genus of basal sauropodomorph dinosaur from the Late Triassic of England.

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Atlantic slave trade

The Atlantic slave trade or transatlantic slave trade involved the transportation by slave traders of enslaved African people, mainly to the Americas.

New!!: Bristol and Atlantic slave trade · See more »

Atlantis Resources

Atlantis Resources is a vertically integrated turbine supplier and project owner in the tidal power industry based in Singapore, Edinburgh and Bristol.

New!!: Bristol and Atlantis Resources · See more »

Atlas Professionals

Atlas Professionals is a Dutch provider of recruitment and HR services within the energy and marine sectors globally, and has its headquarters in Hoofddorp.

New!!: Bristol and Atlas Professionals · See more »

Atom Heart Mother World Tour

The Atom Heart Mother World Tour was an international concert tour by Pink Floyd.

New!!: Bristol and Atom Heart Mother World Tour · See more »

Attack! Pro Wrestling

Attack Pro Wrestling (stylized as ATTACK! Pro Wrestling) is a British professional wrestling promotion that was established in 2011 by wrestler Pete Dunne and ring announcer Jim Lee.

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Aubrey Williams

Aubrey Williams (8 May 1926 – 17 April 1990) was a Guyanese artist.

New!!: Bristol and Aubrey Williams · See more »

Audley Harrison

Audley Hugh Harrison, (born 26 October 1971) is a British former professional boxer who competed from 2001 to 2013.

New!!: Bristol and Audley Harrison · See more »

Audley Miller

Audley Montague Miller (19 October 1869 in Brentry, Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire, England – 26 June 1959 in Clifton, Bristol, England) was an amateur cricketer who played one Test match for England, and stood as a Test umpire in two matches.

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Audley Richards

Audley Richards (born 24 February 1960) is a British bobsledder.

New!!: Bristol and Audley Richards · See more »

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is a British comedy-drama series about seven English migrant construction workers who leave the UK to search for employment overseas.

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August 1924

The following events occurred in August 1924.

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August Closs

August Max Closs (9 August 1898 – 21 June 1990) was a professor of German studies.

New!!: Bristol and August Closs · See more »

Augustus Agar

Commodore Augustus Willington Shelton Agar (4 January 1890 – 30 December 1968) was a Royal Navy officer in both the First and the Second World Wars.

New!!: Bristol and Augustus Agar · See more »


Aurigny Air Services Limited (pronounced), commonly known as Aurigny, is the flag carrier airline of the Bailiwick of Guernsey with its head office next to Guernsey Airport in the Channel Islands, and wholly owned by the States of Guernsey since nationalisation in 2003.

New!!: Bristol and Aurigny · See more »

Aurora St Christopher's School

St Christopher's School is located in Bristol, England.

New!!: Bristol and Aurora St Christopher's School · See more »


Aust is a small village in South Gloucestershire, England, about north of Bristol and about south west of Gloucester.

New!!: Bristol and Aust · See more »

Austin Friary, Bristol

Austin Friary was an Augustinian friary in Bristol, England.

New!!: Bristol and Austin Friary, Bristol · See more »

Austin Stevens

Austin Stevens (born 19 May 1950) is a South African-born Australian naturalist, herpetologist, wildlife photographer, documentarian, television personality, and author best known as the host of the Animal Planet nature documentary series Austin Stevens: Snakemaster (2004−09).

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Australian cricket team in England and North America in 1878

From May to September in 1878, an Australian cricket team made the inaugural first-class tour of England by a representative overseas side.

New!!: Bristol and Australian cricket team in England and North America in 1878 · See more »

Australian cricket team in England in 1884

The Australia national cricket team toured England in 1884.

New!!: Bristol and Australian cricket team in England in 1884 · See more »

Australian cricket team in England in 1888

The Australian cricket team in England in 1888 played 37 first-class matches including 3 Tests.

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Australian cricket team in England in 2005

The Australia national cricket team landed in England on 6 June 2005.

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Australian peers and baronets

Peers of the Realm have been associated with Australia since early in its history as a British settlement.

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Australian women's cricket team in England and Ireland in 2015

The Australian women's cricket team toured England and Ireland in 2015.

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Authority (album)

Authority is the fifth studio album by British electronic music group Client, released on 21 March 2014 through German electronic music label Out of Line.

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Auto-Sleepers (sometimes incorrectly spelt as Autosleeper or Auto Sleepers), is an English manufacturer of campervan motorhomes, based in Willersey a small village near Broadway, Worcestershire.

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Avon (county)

Avon was, from 1974 to 1996, a non-metropolitan and ceremonial county in the west of England.

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Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Avon and Somerset Constabulary is the territorial police force in England responsible for policing the county of Somerset and the now-defunct county of Avon, which includes the city and county of Bristol and the unitary authorities of Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

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Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP) is an NHS mental health trust providing adult mental health and related services in Wiltshire and the former county of Avon, an area centred on Bristol.

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Avon Bridge

The Avon Bridge is a railway bridge over the River Avon in Brislington, Bristol, England.

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Avon Calling

Avon Calling is an album of tracks featuring bands from Bristol, UK, on local record label Heartbeat Records, and was originally released in 1979.

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Avon Cities Jazz Band

The Avon Cities Jazz Band was a jazz band from Bristol, England, that formed in 1949 and eventually split in 2000.

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Avon County Council

Avon County Council was the county council of the non-metropolitan county of Avon in south west England.

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Avon County Council election, 1993

The 1993 Avon County Council election took place on 6 May 1993 to elect members of Avon County Council in England.

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Avon County Council elections

Avon was a non-metropolitan county in England.

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Avon Fire and Rescue Service

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is the fire and rescue service covering the unitary authorities of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire in South West England.

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Avon Gorge

The Avon Gorge is a 1.5-mile (2.5-kilometre) long gorge on the River Avon in Bristol, England.

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Avon Green Belt

The Avon Green Belt, also known as the Bristol and Bath Green Belt (or Bath and Bristol Green Belt), is a non-statutory green belt environmental and planning policy that regulates urban expansion and development in the countryside surrounding the cities of Bristol and Bath in the South West region of England.

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Avon House, Bristol

The former Avon House is an 18-storey building, one of the tallest structures in central Bristol, England.

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Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children

The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), also known as Children of the 90s and formerly the Avon Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy and Childhood, is a cohort study of children born in the former county of Avon, England during 1991 and 1992.

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Avon Valley Railway

The Avon Valley Railway (AVR) is a three-mile-long heritage railway based at Bitton station in South Gloucestershire, England, not far from Bristol and is run by a local group: The Avon Valley Railway Company Ltd.

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Avonmouth is a port and outer suburb of Bristol, England facing two rivers: the reinforced north bank of the final stage of the Avon which rises at sources in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Somerset; and the eastern shore of the Severn Estuary.

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Avonmouth Bridge

The Avonmouth Bridge is a road bridge that carries the M5 motorway over the River Avon into Somerset near Bristol, England.

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Avonmouth Docks

The Avonmouth Docks are part of the Port of Bristol, in England.

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Avonmouth Docks railway station

Avonmouth Docks railway station was in the Avonmouth district of Bristol.

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Avonmouth Light Railway

The Avonmouth Light Railway (ALR) was a nominally independent railway company operating a short standard-gauge branch line from a point on what is now the Severn Beach Line near Avonmouth Docks station in Bristol to a Bristol Corporation electricity installation east of the main entrance to Avonmouth Docks.

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Avonmouth Old Boys

Avonmouth Old Boys Rugby Football Club is an English rugby union team based in Shirehampton in Bristol.

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Avonmouth railway station

Avonmouth railway station is on the Severn Beach Line and serves the district of Avonmouth in Bristol, England.

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Avonmouth railway station (Bristol Port Railway and Pier)

Avonmouth railway station was the terminus of the Bristol Port Railway and Pier, a self-contained railway which ran along the River Avon in Bristol, England.

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Avonside Engine Company

The Avonside Engine Company was a locomotive manufacturer in Avon Street, St. Philip's, Bristol, England between 1864 and 1934.

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Avonside Locomotive Works

The Avonside Locomotive Works was a locomotive manufacturer on Filwood Road, Fishponds, Bristol, England.

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Awake, our drowsy souls

"Awake, our drowsy souls" was a Christian hymn by Elizabeth Scott.

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Awam Amkpa

Awam Amkpa is a Nigerian actor, playwright, and professor of dramatic arts.

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Azela Robinson

Azela Robinson (born Azela Jacqueline Robinson Cañedo on August 26, 1965 in London, England, United Kingdom) is a Mexican actress of British origin.

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Aztec West

Aztec West is a business park in South Gloucestershire, England, situated in the north of Bristol, near Bradley Stoke and Patchway.

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Ælfric Harrison

Ælfric Milton Harrison (28 July 1889 – 2 June 1958) was an English cricketer active in the first half of the twentieth century.

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Łańcut (Polish pronunciation:; Landshut, לאַנצוט-Lantzut), is a town in south-eastern Poland, with 18,004 inhabitants, as of 2 June 2009.

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B Bond Warehouse

B Bond Warehouse is a former bonded warehouse built to serve Bristol Harbour.

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B roads in Zone 3 of the Great Britain numbering scheme

B roads are numbered routes in Great Britain of lesser importance than A roads.

New!!: Bristol and B roads in Zone 3 of the Great Britain numbering scheme · See more »

B roads in Zone 4 of the Great Britain numbering scheme

B roads are numbered routes in Great Britain of lesser importance than A roads.

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B&Q plc is a British multinational DIY and home improvement retailing company, headquartered in Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingfisher plc.

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B+H Ocean Carriers

B+H Ocean Carriers Ltd.

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BA CityFlyer

BA CityFlyer is a wholly owned subsidiary airline of British Airways with its head office in the Didsbury area of Manchester, England.

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BA Connect

BA Connect was a fully owned subsidiary airline of British Airways.

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Babington House

Babington House is a Grade II* listed manor house, located in the village of Babington, between Radstock and Frome, in the county of Somerset, England.

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Babington, Somerset

Babington is a small village between Radstock and Frome, Somerset, England, which has now largely disappeared.

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Back from the Edge Tour

The Back from the Edge Tour is the third headlining tour by British singer and songwriter James Arthur in support of his second studio album Back from the Edge.

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Back in Black Tour

The Back in Black Tour was the supporting tour for the album Back in Black by the Australian hard rock band AC/DC through 1980 to 1981.

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Backwell is a village and civil parish in Somerset, England.

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Backwell School

Backwell School is a secondary academy in Backwell, North Somerset, England.

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Badger (occupation)

A badger was, in English, a term of uncertain derivation (possibly derived from bagger, a bag or person carrying one) for a dealer in food or victuals which he had purchased in one place and carried for sale in another place.

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Badgerline was a bus operator in and around Bristol from 1985 until 2003.

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Badminton railway line

The Badminton railway line is a railway line opened in 1903 by the Great Western Railway between Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire and Patchway and Filton, north of Bristol, England.

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Badminton School

Badminton School is an independent, boarding and day school for girls aged 3 to 18 years situated in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, England.

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Baedeker Blitz

The Baedeker Blitz or Baedeker raids were a series of attacks by the Luftwaffe on English cities during the Second World War.

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BAFA National Leagues

The BAFA National Leagues (BAFANL, formerly the BAFA Community Leagues) are the primary American football competition in England, Scotland and Wales.

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Bahá'í Faith in the United Kingdom

The Bahá'í Faith in the United Kingdom started in 1898 when Mrs.

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Bahá'í timeline

The following is a basic timeline of the Bábí and Bahá'í religions emphasizing dates that are relatively well known.

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Bailey of Bristol

Bailey of Bristol is one of the UK’s biggest manufacturers of leisure vehicles – touring caravans and motorhomes.

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Bakers Dolphin

Bakers Dolphin is the trading name of Baker's Coaches, a bus and coach company based in Weston-super-Mare.

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Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty plc is an English multinational infrastructure group with capabilities in construction services, support services and infrastructure investments.

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Balibo Five

The Balibo Five was a group of journalists for Australian television networks who were killed in the period leading up to the Indonesian invasion of East Timor.

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Balsall Heath

Balsall Heath is a working class, inner-city area of Birmingham, West Midlands, England.

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Baltic people in the United Kingdom

Baltic people in the United Kingdom are those born or raised in the UK, or residents, who are of Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian origin.

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Bangladesh national cricket team

The Bangladesh national cricket team (বাংলাদেশ জাতীয় ক্রিকেট দল), nicknamed The Tigers, is administered by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).

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Bangladeshi cricket team in England in 2005

The Bangladesh national cricket team toured England for the first time in 2005.

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Bangladeshi cricket team in England in 2010

The Bangladesh cricket team is touring England, playing three One Day Internationals and two Test matches between 27 May and 12 July 2010.

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Banksia paludosa

Banksia paludosa, commonly known as the marsh or swamp banksia, is a species of shrub in the plant genus Banksia.

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Banksy is an anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director.

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Baptist Mills, Bristol

Baptist Mills an area of the city of Bristol, England.

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A bar (also known as a saloon or a tavern or sometimes a pub or club, referring to the actual establishment, as in pub bar or savage club etc.) is a retail business establishment that serves alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, liquor, cocktails, and other beverages such as mineral water and soft drinks and often sell snack foods such as crisps (potato chips) or peanuts, for consumption on premises.

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Barbadian British

Barbadian British people, or Bajan-Brits, British Barbadians are citizens or residents of the United Kingdom whose ethnic origins lie fully or partially in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

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Barbados–United Kingdom relations

Barbados–United Kingdom relations are the relations between the governments of Barbados and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK).

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Barbara Blaugdone

Barbara Blaugdone (c. 1609–1704) was an English Quaker preacher, who left an autobiographical account of her travels, evangelism, and religious and political views.

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Barbara Janke

Barbara Lilian Janke, Baroness Janke (born 5 June 1947) is a British teacher and politician.

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Barbara Kellerman

Barbara R. Kellerman (née Kellermann; born 30 December 1949) is an English actress, known for her film and television roles.

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Barbara Reynolds

Eva Mary "Barbara" Reynolds (13 June 1914 – 29 April 2015) was an English scholar of Italian Studies, lexicographer and translator, wife of the philologist and translator Lewis Thorpe.

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Barbarian F.C.

The Barbarian Football Club, usually called the Barbarians and nicknamed the Baa-Baas, is an invitational rugby union team based in Britain.

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Barbecue murders

The barbecue murders, also known as the BBQ murders, refers to a 1975 double murder in Marin County, California.

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Barbershop music

Barbershop vocal harmony, as codified during the barbershop revival era (1930s–present), is a style of a cappella close harmony, or unaccompanied vocal music, characterized by consonant four-part chords for every melody note in a predominantly homophonic texture.

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Bare-faced Messiah

Bare-faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard is a posthumous biography of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard by British journalist Russell Miller.

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Bark at the Moon Tour

Mötley Crüe and Waysted were support acts for the tour.

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Barney Nightingale

Barney Nightingale (born 5 November 1996) is an English born, Welsh rugby union player who plays for Bargoed RFC as a centre.

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Barney Platts-Mills

Barney Platts-Mills is a British film director, best known for his award-winning films, Bronco Bullfrog and Private Road.

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Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Barnstable County is a county located in the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

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Barnstaple is the main town of North Devon, England and possibly the oldest borough in the United Kingdom.

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Baron Berkeley

The title Baron Berkeley originated as a feudal title and was subsequently created twice in the Peerage of England by writ.

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Baron Dulverton

Baron Dulverton, of Batsford in the County of Gloucester, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.

New!!: Bristol and Baron Dulverton · See more »

Barrington Tabb

Barrington Tabb (born 1934, in Almondsbury, England), is an English painter.

New!!: Bristol and Barrington Tabb · See more »

Barrow Gurney

Barrow Gurney is a village and civil parish in Somerset, England, situated in the Unitary Authority of North Somerset on the B3130, midway between the A38 and A370 near the Long Ashton bypass and Bristol Airport, south west of Bristol city centre.

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Barrow Gurney Reservoirs

Barrow Gurney Reservoirs (also known as Barrow Gurney Tanks or Barrow Tanks) are three artificial reservoirs for drinking water near the village of Barrow Gurney, which lies southwest of Bristol, England.

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Barrow Hospital

Barrow Hospital (sometimes referred to as Barrow Gurney Hospital) was a psychiatric hospital in Barrow Gurney, Somerset, United Kingdom.

New!!: Bristol and Barrow Hospital · See more »

Barry Barker

Barry Barker is a British Contemporary Art Curator and Gallerist.

New!!: Bristol and Barry Barker · See more »

Barry Docks railway station

Barry Docks Railway Station is one of three railway stations serving the town of Barry, South Wales.

New!!: Bristol and Barry Docks railway station · See more »

Barry Girling

Barry Edward Girling (1857 - 28 October 1905) was an English-born international rugby union forward who played club rugby for Cardiff and international rugby for Wales.

New!!: Bristol and Barry Girling · See more »

Barry Island Pleasure Park

Barry Island Pleasure Park is an amusement park situated on the coast at Barry Island in the Vale of Glamorgan, about 10 miles south west of the capital city Cardiff, Wales.

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Barry Lewis (cook)

Barry Lewis (born 15 July 1982) is a British cook, author and founder of the YouTube channel, My Virgin Kitchen, which, as of April 2018, has over 700K subscribers, which he runs with his wife, Rebecca "Becky" Lewis, who he affectionately nicknamed Mrs Barry. Lewis is also part of the channel, Barshens, a joint account run with Stuart Ashen, where the two play games and do vlog style videos.

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Barry Pilton

Barry Pilton (born 1946 in Croydon, Surrey) is a travel writer, radio and television comedy scriptwriter and novelist.

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Barry Railway Company

The Barry Railway Company was a railway and docks company in South Wales, first incorporated as the Barry Dock and Railway Company in 1884.

New!!: Bristol and Barry Railway Company · See more »

Barry Salvage

Barry John Salvage (21 December 1948 – 14 October 1986) was an English professional football left winger who played in the Football League for Brentford, Millwall, Queens Park Rangers and Fulham.

New!!: Bristol and Barry Salvage · See more »

Barry Sullivan (stage actor)

Barry Sullivan (christened Thomas Barry Sullivan) (5 July 1821 – 3 May 1891), was an acclaimed stage actor who played many classical parts in England, Australia and America.

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Barry Watkins

Randall Burnell 'Barry' Watkins (30 November 1921 – 20 June 2004) was an association footballer, who played in The Football League for Bristol Rovers after the Second World War.

New!!: Bristol and Barry Watkins · See more »

Bars and Melody

Bars and Melody (B.A.M.) are a British pop duo consisting of rapper Leondre "Bars" Devries and singer Charlie "Melody" Lenehan.

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Bartholomew Roberts

Bartholomew Roberts (17 May 1682 – 10 February 1722), born John Roberts, was a Welsh pirate who raided ships off the Americas and West Africa between 1719 and 1722.

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Barton Hill, Bristol

Barton Hill is an area of Bristol, just to the east of the city centre and Bristol Temple Meads railway station.

New!!: Bristol and Barton Hill, Bristol · See more »

Barton Regis Rural District

Barton Regis was, from 1894 to 1904, a rural district in the English administrative county of Gloucestershire, adjacent to the City of Bristol.

New!!: Bristol and Barton Regis Rural District · See more »

Basil Charles Elwell French

Basil Charles Elwell French MSM (1919 - 11 September 2014) was a British Anglican priest who ministered in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

New!!: Bristol and Basil Charles Elwell French · See more »

Basil Cottle

Arthur Basil Cottle (17 March 1917 – 13 May 1994) was a British grammarian, historian and archaeologist.

New!!: Bristol and Basil Cottle · See more »

Basil Davidson

Basil Risbridger Davidson MC (9 November 1914 – 9 July 2010) was a British historian, writer and Africanist, particularly knowledgeable on the subject of Portuguese Africa prior to the 1974 Carnation Revolution.

New!!: Bristol and Basil Davidson · See more »

Basil Greenhill


New!!: Bristol and Basil Greenhill · See more »

Basingstoke railway station

Basingstoke railway station, in the town of Basingstoke in the county of Hampshire in England, is on the South Western Main Line from London Waterloo, with local and fast services operated by South Western Railway.

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Bass Generation

Bass Generation is the third studio album by Swedish singer-songwriter Basshunter.

New!!: Bristol and Bass Generation · See more »

Bath Abbey

The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Bath, commonly known as Bath Abbey, is an Anglican parish church and a former Benedictine monastery and a proto (former) Co-cathedral in Bath, Somerset, England.

New!!: Bristol and Bath Abbey · See more »

Bath Ales

Bath Ales is a brewery located in the town of Warmley, South Gloucestershire, England; north-west of Bath and east of Bristol.

New!!: Bristol and Bath Ales · See more »

Bath and North East Somerset

Bath and North East Somerset (commonly referred to as BANES or B&NES) is the district of the unitary authority of Bath and North East Somerset Council that was created on 1 April 1996 following the abolition of the county of Avon.

New!!: Bristol and Bath and North East Somerset · See more »

Bath and North Somerset District Football League

The Bath and North Somerset District Football League was a football competition based in England.

New!!: Bristol and Bath and North Somerset District Football League · See more »

Bath Blitz

The term Bath Blitz refers to the air raids by the German air force on the British city of Bath, Somerset, during World War II.

New!!: Bristol and Bath Blitz · See more »

Bath Bus Company

Bath Bus Company is an English open top bus operator operating in Bath and Cardiff.

New!!: Bristol and Bath Bus Company · See more »

Bath bus station

Bath bus station serves as part of an integrated transport interchange for the city of Bath, Somerset, England.

New!!: Bristol and Bath bus station · See more »

Bath Rugby

Bath Rugby (also known as just Bath) is an English professional rugby union club in Bath, Somerset.

New!!: Bristol and Bath Rugby · See more »

Bath, Somerset

Bath is the largest city in the ceremonial county of Somerset, England, known for its Roman-built baths.

New!!: Bristol and Bath, Somerset · See more »

Bathurst Basin

Bathurst Basin is a small triangular basin adjoining the main harbour of the city of Bristol, England.

New!!: Bristol and Bathurst Basin · See more »

Batman rapist

The Batman rapist is an English serial sex offender who has committed at least 17 attacks on women in the city of Bath, Somerset.

New!!: Bristol and Batman rapist · See more »

Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain (Luftschlacht um England, literally "The Air Battle for England") was a military campaign of the Second World War, in which the Royal Air Force (RAF) defended the United Kingdom (UK) against large-scale attacks by Nazi Germany's air force, the Luftwaffe.

New!!: Bristol and Battle of Britain · See more »

Battle of Fishguard

The Battle of Fishguard was a military invasion of Great Britain by Revolutionary France during the War of the First Coalition.

New!!: Bristol and Battle of Fishguard · See more »

Battle of Flamborough Head

The Battle of Flamborough Head was a naval battle that took place on 23 September 1779 in the North Sea off the coast of Yorkshire between a combined Franco-American squadron, led by Continental Navy officer John Paul Jones, and two British escort vessels protecting a large merchant convoy.

New!!: Bristol and Battle of Flamborough Head · See more »

Battle of Langport

The Battle of Langport was a Parliamentarian victory late in the First English Civil War which destroyed the last Royalist field army and gave Parliament control of the West of England, which had hitherto been a major source of manpower, raw materials and imports for the Royalists.

New!!: Bristol and Battle of Langport · See more »

Battle of Lincoln (1141)

The Battle of Lincoln, or the First Battle of Lincoln, occurred on 2 February 1141 between King Stephen of England and forces loyal to Empress Matilda.

New!!: Bristol and Battle of Lincoln (1141) · See more »

Battle of Roundway Down

The Battle of Roundway Down was fought on 13 July 1643, during the First English Civil War.

New!!: Bristol and Battle of Roundway Down · See more »

Battle of Shrewsbury

The Battle of Shrewsbury was a battle fought on 21 July 1403, waged between an army led by the Lancastrian King Henry IV and a rebel army led by Henry "Harry Hotspur" Percy from Northumberland.

New!!: Bristol and Battle of Shrewsbury · See more »

Battle of Tewkesbury

The Battle of Tewkesbury, which took place on 4 May 1471, was one of the decisive battles of the Wars of the Roses.

New!!: Bristol and Battle of Tewkesbury · See more »

Baulk road

Baulk road is the name given to a type of railway track or 'rail road' that is formed using rails carried on continuous timber bearings, as opposed to the more familiar 'cross-sleeper' track that uses closely spaced sleepers or ties to give intermittent support to stronger rails.

New!!: Bristol and Baulk road · See more »

BBC Big Screen

The BBC Big Screens are LED screens with sound systems situated in prominent locations in city centres on the United Kingdom.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Big Screen · See more »

BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast is a British morning television programme on BBC One and BBC News.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Breakfast · See more »

BBC Cymru Wales

BBC Cymru Wales is a division of the BBC, and the national broadcaster for Wales.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Cymru Wales · See more »

BBC English Regions

BBC English Regions is the division of the BBC responsible for local and regional television, radio, web, and teletext services in England, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands.

New!!: Bristol and BBC English Regions · See more »

BBC Focus

BBC Focus is a British monthly magazine about science and technology published in Bristol, UK by Immediate Media Company.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Focus · See more »

BBC Hereford & Worcester

BBC Hereford and Worcester is the BBC Local Radio service for the English counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Hereford & Worcester · See more »

BBC Home Service

The BBC Home Service was a British national radio station that broadcast from 1939 until 1967, when it became the current BBC Radio 4.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Home Service · See more »

BBC Manchester

BBC Manchester (often known as BBC Salford) is the British Broadcasting Corporation regional headquarters for the North West, the largest BBC region in the UK.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Manchester · See more »

BBC Natural History Unit

The BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) is a department of the BBC which produces television, radio and online content with a natural history or wildlife theme.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Natural History Unit · See more »

BBC One 'Balloon' idents

The BBC One Balloon idents were a series of idents used on BBC One from 4 October 1997 to 29 March 2002.

New!!: Bristol and BBC One 'Balloon' idents · See more »

BBC Points West

BBC Points West (known as News West from June 1991 until May 2000) is the BBC's regional TV news programme for the West of England, covering Bristol, the majority of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, northern and eastern Somerset, North Dorset, and north east Devon.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Points West · See more »

BBC Radio

BBC Radio is an operational business division and service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (which has operated in the United Kingdom under the terms of a Royal Charter since 1927).

New!!: Bristol and BBC Radio · See more »

BBC Radio 6 Music

BBC Radio 6 Music (also still known as BBC 6 Music or BBC 6) is one of the BBC's digital radio stations.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Radio 6 Music · See more »

BBC Radio Bristol

BBC Radio Bristol is the BBC Local Radio service for the English cities of Bath and Bristol and the surrounding area, which includes South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and North East Somerset.

New!!: Bristol and BBC Radio Bristol · See more »

BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales is BBC Cymru Wales's national English language radio station.

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BBC Symphony Orchestra

The BBC Symphony Orchestra (BBC SO) is a British orchestra based in London.

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BBC West

BBC West is the BBC English Region serving Bristol, the majority of Wiltshire, northern and eastern Somerset, the majority of Gloucestershire and northern Dorset.

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BCFM or Bristol Community FM is a community radio station broadcasting to the City of Bristol in the United Kingdom on 93.2 FM.

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Beachley is a village in Gloucestershire, England, near the border with Wales.

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Beak (album)

Beak (stylized BEAK> and also named Recordings 05/01/09 > 17/01/09) is the self-titled debut studio album by British band Beak>, released by the label Invada in October 2009.

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Beak (band)

Beak (stylized as BEAK>) are an English electronic music band, consisting of Geoff Barrow (of Portishead) with Billy Fuller (Robert Plant) and Will Young (Moon Gangs), who replaced Matt Williams (MXLX, Fairhorns) in 2016.

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Beaminster is a small town and civil parish in Dorset, England, situated in the West Dorset administrative district approximately northwest of the county town Dorchester.

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Beatnik Filmstars

Beatnik Filmstars were a British Lo-fi pop group formed in Bristol in 1990.

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Beaufort War Hospital

Beaufort War Hospital was a military hospital in Stapleton district, now Greater Fishponds, of Bristol during World War I, 1915-1919.

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Beaumont Cranfield

Beaumont Cranfield (28 August 1872 – 20 January 1909) was an English professional cricketer who played first-class cricket for Somerset County Cricket Club and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) between 1897 and 1908.

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Beautiful Garbage World Tour

The Beautiful Garbage World Tour was the third world concert tour cycle by American/Scottish alternative rock group Garbage, which took the band throughout North and Central America, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand in support of its third album Beautiful Garbage.

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Beck, Bogert & Appice

Beck, Bogert & Appice were a hard rock supergroup and power trio formed by guitarist Jeff Beck and evolving from The Jeff Beck Group.

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Beddoe Rees

Sir William Beddoe Rees (1877 – 12 May 1931), usually known simply as Beddoe Rees, was a Welsh architect, industrialist and Liberal politician.

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Bedfont is a suburban district around a remnant old village in the London Borough of Hounslow in London, WSW of Charing Cross and from Heathrow Airport.

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Bedford Pim

Admiral Bedford Clapperton Trevelyan Pim, RN, MP, FRGS (12 June 1826 – 30 September 1886) was a Royal Navy officer, Arctic explorer, barrister, and author.

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Bedminster Down School

Bedminster Down School is a mixed gender secondary school with academy status, located in the Bishopsworth area of Bristol, England.

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Bedminster F.C.

Bedminster F.C. was an English football club based in Bristol.

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Bedminster railway station

Bedminster railway station is on the Bristol to Exeter Line and serves the districts of Bedminster and Windmill Hill in Bristol, south-west England.

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Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Bedminster Township is a township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States.

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Bedminster, Bristol

Bedminster is a district of Bristol, England, on the south side of the city.

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Bedminster, New Jersey

Bedminster is a township in Somerset County, New Jersey, United States.

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Beechingstoke is a small village and civil parish in Wiltshire, England.

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Beetham Tower, Manchester

Beetham Tower (also known as the Hilton Tower) is a landmark 47-storey mixed use skyscraper in Manchester, England.

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No description.

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Being Human (UK TV series)

Being Human is a British supernatural comedy-drama television series.

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Beira, Mozambique

Beira is the third largest city in Mozambique.

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Beki Bondage

Beki Bondage (born Rebecca Louise Bond; 3 June 1963 in Bristol) is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist, best known as the frontwoman of the punk band Vice Squad.

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Belfast Blitz

The Belfast Blitz consisted of four German air raids on strategic targets in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland, in April and May 1941 during World War II, causing high casualties.

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Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Jo Carlisle (born August 17, 1958) is an American singer and songwriter.

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Belluton is a village in Somerset, England.

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Ben Appleby

Arthur Benjamin 'Ben' Appleby (born 13 June 1876) was a professional footballer who spent the vast majority of his career at Bristol Rovers.

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Ben Christo

Ben Christo (born March 22, 1980), is a British rock musician, guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, lyricist and session musician, he is best known for his tenures with The Sisters of Mercy, Night by Night and Diamond Black.

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Ben Cleverley

Benjamin Raymond Cleverley (born 12 September 1981) in Bristol, is an English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Weston-super-Mare.

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Ben Collins (racing driver)

Ben Lievesley Collins (born 13 February 1975) is a racing car driver from Bristol, England.

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Ben Ellwood

Ben Ellwood (born 12 March 1976) is a former professional tennis player from Australia.

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Ben Gascoigne

Sidney Charles Bartholemew "Ben" Gascoigne AO (11 November 191525 March 2010) was a New Zealand-born Australian optical astronomer and expert in photometry who played a leading role in the design and commissioning of Australia's largest optical telescope, the Anglo-Australian Telescope, which for a time was one of the world's most important astronomical facilities.

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Ben Green (mathematician)

Ben Joseph Green FRS (born 27 February 1977) is a British mathematician, specialising in combinatorics and number theory.

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Ben Haenow (album)

Ben Haenow is the eponymous debut studio album by English recording artist Ben Haenow, released on 13 November 2015, through Syco Music and RCA Records.

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Ben Hamilton-Baillie

Ben Hamilton-Baillie (born 1955) is an urban designer and movement specialist, described as "the leading international expert on the development of shared space.

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Ben Morgan

Benjamin John Morgan (born 18 February 1989) is an England international rugby union player currently plying his trade at number eight for Gloucester.

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Ben Small

Benjamin "Ben" Small (born 1971) is a British voice actor.

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Ben Starr (actor)

Ben Starr is an English actor, known for his acting roles in Survivor, Dickensian and Quantum Break.

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Ben Tillett

Benjamin Tillett (11 September 1860 – 27 January 1943) was a British socialist, trade union leader and politician.

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Ben Westbeech

Ben Westbeech (born 12 May 1981) is a British DJ and producer originating from Hertfordshire who spent his formative musical years in Bristol.

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Bench (British clothing brand)

Bench Global Ltd. (usually branded as "Bench.") is a British clothing brand that is sold worldwide, including in Europe and Canada.

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Benedict Ako

Benedict Ako (born 5 August 1968) is a retired Tanzanian long-distance runner.

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Benjamin Beddome

Benjamin Beddome (23 January 1717 – 3 September 1795) was an English Particular Baptist minister and hymn writer.

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Benjamin Brain

Benjamin ("Big Ben") Brain (1753 – 8 April 1794) was a bareknuckle prizefighter.

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Benjamin Davies (Hebraist)

Benjamin Davies (1814 - 1875) was a 19th century Welsh Hebraist.

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Benjamin Herschel Babbage

Benjamin Herschel Babbage (6 August 1815 – 22 October 1878) was an English engineer, scientist, explorer and politician, best known for his work in the colony of South Australia.

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Benjamin Hobhouse

Sir Benjamin Hobhouse, 1st Baronet (1757–1831) was an English politician.

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Benjamin Libet

Benjamin Libet (April 12, 1916, Chicago, Illinois – July 23, 2007, Davis, California) was a pioneering scientist in the field of human consciousness.

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Benjamin Pickman Jr.

Benjamin Pickman Jr. (September 30, 1763 – August 16, 1843) was a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts.

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Benjamin Wills Newton

Benjamin Wills Newton, (12 December 1807 – 26 June 1899) was an English evangelist and author of Christian books.

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Bentalls is a British department store chain with a branch in Kingston upon Thames.

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Beohar Rammanohar Sinha

Beohar Rammanohar Sinha (Vyauhar Rammanohar Simha or Ram-da) was an Indian artist who is very well known for his illustrations in the original final manuscript of Constitution of India, including the complete Preamble-page, which was brought to fruition in 1949 as one of the most beautiful Constitution in the world in addition to being the most comprehensive one.

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In ancient times, the Bereans were the inhabitants of the city of Berea, also known in the Bible as Beroea, and now known as Veria in what is today Greek Macedonia, northern Greece.

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Berghaus Limited is an outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer headquartered in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, UK.

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Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle (historically sometimes spelt Berkley Castle or Barkley Castle) is a castle in the town of Berkeley, Gloucestershire, UK.

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Berkeley family

The Berkeley family is an aristocratic English family, nearly unique in English history in that it has to this day an unbroken male line of descent from a noble Saxon ancestor before the Norman conquest of England in 1066 and also retains possession of much of the lands it held from the 11th and 12th centuries, centred on Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, which still belongs to the family.

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Berkeley Hundred

Berkeley Hundred in the Virginia Colony comprised about eight thousand acres (32 km²) on the north bank of the James River near Herring Creek in an area then known as Charles Cittie (sic).

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Berkeley Hunt

The Berkeley Hunt is a foxhound pack in the west of England.

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Berkeley Nuclear Power Station

Berkeley nuclear power station is a disused Magnox power station situated on the bank of the River Severn in Gloucestershire, England.

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Berkeley Square (TV series)

Berkeley Square is a 1998 British dramatic television series that was originally broadcast by BBC One.

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Berkeley Square, Bristol

Berkeley Square is close to Park Street in the Clifton area of Bristol.

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Berkeley, Gloucestershire

Berkeley is a small town and parish in Gloucestershire, England.

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Bernard Bloodworth

Bernard Bloodworth (13 December 1893 – 19 February 1967) was an English cricketer.

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Bernard Dunstan

Bernard Dunstan (19 January 1920 – 20 August 2017) was a British artist, teacher, and author, best known for his studies of figures in interiors and landscapes.

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Bernard Lovell

Sir Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell (31 August 19136 August 2012) was an English physicist and radio astronomer.

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Berni Inn

Berni Inn was a chain of British steakhouses, established in 1955.

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Bert Batten

Herbert George Batten (14 May 1898 – 1956) was an English professional footballer who played as an inside left.

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Bert Bennett

Hubert Henry Bennett was a professional footballer who played as a full back for Bristol Rovers.

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Bert Harris

Albert Walter Allen Harris (1873 in Birmingham – 21 April 1897 in Birmingham General Hospital) was a professional racing cyclist.

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Bert Hawkins

Bert Hawkins (29 September 1923 – 21 June 2002) was an English professional footballer who played as a centre-forward in the Football League for Bristol City, West Ham United and Queens Park Rangers.

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Bert Hodge Hill

Bert Hodge Hill (March 7, 1874 – December 2, 1958) was an American archeologist and the director of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens from 1906 to 1926.

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Bert Hoyle

Herbert Hoyle (22 April 1920 – 6 July 2003) was a professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper in The Football League for Exeter City and Bristol Rovers.

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Bert Tann

Bert Tann (4 May 1914 – 7 July 1972) was a football manager and player, who managed Bristol Rovers for 18 years, from 1950 to 1968.

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Bertha (drag boat)

Bertha is a steam-powered boat built in 1844 to remove silt from the Port of Bridgwater in Somerset, England.

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Berthold Lubetkin

Berthold Romanovich Lubetkin (14 December 1901 – 23 October 1990) was a Russian émigré architect who pioneered modernist design in Britain in the 1930s.

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Bertie Charles Gardner

Bertie Charles Gardner, MC (born 31 May 1884), was a British-born Canadian banker and Chancellor of McGill University.

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Bertram Charles Hill

Bertram Charles Hill (27 April 1881 - 29 May 1977) was a British-born architect who made his home in Dallas, Texas, and helped design many of the most famous buildings in the city.

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Bertram de Criol

Sir Bertram de Criol (Criel, Crioill, Cyroyl, or Kerrial, etc.) (died 1256) was a senior and trusted Steward and diplomat to King Henry III.

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Bertram Thomas

Bertram Sidney Thomas (13 June 1892 – 27 December 1950) was an English civil servant and Arabist who is the first documented Westerner to cross the Rub' al Khali (Empty Quarter).

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Berwick, Gloucestershire

Berwick is a hamlet in the South Gloucestershire district, in the English county of Gloucestershire.

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Bespoked is a public showcase of custom bicycles based in Bristol.

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Best Buy Europe

Best Buy Europe Distributions Ltd. was a retail joint venture owned by the United States based electronics retailer Best Buy Inc and United Kingdom based mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse.

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Beth Gibbons

Beth Gibbons (born 4 January 1965) is an English singer and songwriter.

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Beth Rowley

Beth Ann Rowley is an English singer-songwriter.

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Bethan Knights

Bethan Knights is a British-American long-distance runner.

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Betty Driver

Elizabeth Mary Driver, (20 May 1920 – 15 October 2011) credited as Betty Driver, was a British actress and singer, best known for her role as Betty Williams (previously Betty Turpin) on the British soap opera, Coronation Street from 1969 to 2011, appearing in more than 2,800 episodes.

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Betty Warren

Betty Warren (31 October 1907 – 15 December 1990) was a British actress during the 1930s to 1950s, best known for her comedy roles in such films as Champagne Charlie (1944) and Passport to Pimlico (1949).

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Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson is a former BBC television presenter.

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Bewell's Cross

Bewell's Cross is a lost monument which marked the boundary of the county of Bristol when this was created in 1373.

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Bewys Cross

Bewys Cross (or Bewy's Cross) is a monument consisting of the steps, plinth and truncated shaft said to be of an ancient cross of uncertain age which used to stand on the ancient seabank or seawall of the River Severn in that area of Shirehampton in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, now known as Avonmouth.

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Beyond River Cottage

Beyond River Cottage is the fourth series of the Channel 4 programme that follows Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as he pursues the ideal of rural self-sufficiency as a farm-owner in Dorset.

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Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls World Tour

The Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls World Tour was a concert tour by horror punk supergroup the Murderdolls in support of their first studio album, of the same name, which was released in August 2002.

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BG BEN Newspaper

BG BEN Newspaper (на български: Вестник БГ БЕН) is the biggest Bulgarian Newspaper in the UK.

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The Bhat, Bhatt, Bhatta, Bhatra, Bhatrai community, refers to a priest, bard, scribe in Sanskrit, a title given to learned Hindu Brahmins, Sikhs and Muslims with Saraswat Brahmin heritage.

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Bickley Wood

Bickley Wood is a 9.5 hectare geological Site of Special Scientific Interest just north of River Avon, near the village of Longwell Green, Bristol, notified in 1988.

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Bids for the 2022 Commonwealth Games

The city of Durban, South Africa was initially elected as the host for the 2022 Commonwealth Games on 2 September 2015, at a General Assembly in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Bierkeller Theatre

The Bierkeller Theatre is a theatre in Broadmead, Bristol, England, located inside Bristol's oldest night club, the Bristol Bierkeller.

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Big Brother 11 (UK)

Big Brother 2010, also known as Big Brother 11, was the eleventh series of the British reality television series Big Brother, and the final series of the show to be broadcast by Channel 4.

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Big Brother 2 (Bulgaria)

Big Brother 2 was the second season of the reality show Big Brother in Bulgaria.

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Big Brother 8 (UK)

Big Brother 2007, also known as Big Brother 8, was the eighth series of the British reality televi