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Food riot

Index Food riot

Food riots may occur when there is a shortage and/or unequal distribution of food. [1]

36 relations: Al-Karak, Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts, Battle of the Dardanelles (1807), February Revolution, Flour riot of 1837, Food Battle, Food fight (disambiguation), Food prices, Food riots in the Middle East, Food war, Gerald Celente, Global issue, Hunger, Impact of the Arab Spring, Jacques Roux, Jacques-Édouard Alexis, Krupki, Leslie Delatour, List of food riots, Little Ice Age, Miller, No Blade of Grass (film), Novocherkassk, Pogrom, Repertoire of contention, Riot, Swedish labour movement, The Bell Inn, Long Hanborough, The War Game, University of Calgary Faculty of Arts, Women in the American Revolution, Women's March on Versailles, 2000s commodities boom, 2007–08 world food price crisis, 2010 Sahel famine, 2011–12 Jordanian protests.


Al-Karak (الكرك), also known as just Karak or Kerak, is a city in Jordan known for its Crusader castle, the Kerak Castle.

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Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts

"Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts" is the 22nd episode of the second season of ''Community''.

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Battle of the Dardanelles (1807)

The naval Battle of the Dardanelles took place on 10–11 May 1807 during the Russo-Turkish War (1806–12, part of the Napoleonic Wars).

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February Revolution

The February Revolution (p), known in Soviet historiography as the February Bourgeois Democratic Revolution, was the first of two revolutions which took place in Russia in 1917.

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Flour riot of 1837

The flour riot of 1837 was a food riot that broke out in New York City in February 1837, and lasted less than a day.

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Food Battle

Food Battle may refer to.

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Food fight (disambiguation)

A food fight is a form of chaotic collective behavior, in which food is thrown at others.

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Food prices

Food prices refer to the (averaged) price level for food in particular countries or regions or on a global scale.

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Food riots in the Middle East

Food riots refer to protests, riots, and civil unrest attributed to popular outrage against food shortages and high or rising prices of food.

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Food war

Food war or Food wars may refer to.

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Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente (born November 29, 1946) is an American trend forecaster,Alderman, Leslie,, money.cnn.com, 15 December 1997, retrieved 3 August 2009Hopkins, Steve, "", WeeklyBeat.net, 23 February 2009, retrieved 3 August 2009 publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultantNaughton, Keith, "", Newsweek, 17 January 2000, retrieved 3 August 2009 and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other important events.

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Global issue

Informally, a global issue is issue that any social, economic, political or environmental problem that adversely affects the global community and our environment, possibly in a catastrophic way.

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In politics, humanitarian aid, and social science, hunger is a condition in which a person, for a sustained period, is unable to eat sufficient food to meet basic nutritional needs.

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Impact of the Arab Spring

The impact of the Arab Spring concerns protests or by the way attempts to organize growing protest movements that were inspired by or similar to the Arab Spring in the Arab-majority states of North Africa and the Middle East, according to commentators, organisers, and critics.

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Jacques Roux

Jacques Roux (21 August 1752 – 10 February 1794) was a radical Roman Catholic priest who took an active role in politics during the French Revolution.

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Jacques-Édouard Alexis

Jacques-Édouard Alexis (born 21 September 1947) is a Haitian politician.

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Krupki (Krupkos) is a small city in Krupki Raion, near Mogilev, Belarus.

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Leslie Delatour

Leslie Delatour (1950–2001) was a Haitian economist who served as governor of the Bank of Haiti and Haiti's finance minister.

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List of food riots

Food riots may occur when there is a shortage or unequal distribution of food.

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Little Ice Age

The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period.

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A miller is a person who operates a mill, a machine to grind a cereal crop to make flour.

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No Blade of Grass (film)

No Blade of Grass is a 1970 British-American apocalyptic science fiction film directed and produced by Cornel Wilde and starring Nigel Davenport, Jean Wallace, and John Hamill.

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Novocherkassk (Новочерка́сск, lit. New Cherkassk) is a city in Rostov Oblast, Russia, located near the confluence of the Tuzlov River and Aksay River, the latter a distributary of the Don River.

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The term pogrom has multiple meanings, ascribed most often to the deliberate persecution of an ethnic or religious group either approved or condoned by the local authorities.

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Repertoire of contention

Repertoire of contention refers, in social movement theory, to the set of various protest-related tools and actions available to a movement or related organization in a given time frame.

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A riot is a form of civil disorder commonly characterized by a group lashing out in a violent public disturbance against authority, property or people.

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Swedish labour movement

The labour movement in Sweden dates back to at least the 1850s, when Swedish workers initiated the organizing of previously spontaneous food riots into strikes, hence acting as an autonomous group.

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The Bell Inn, Long Hanborough

The Bell Inn, Long Hanborough is a well-established restaurant and public house in the village Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire, England.

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The War Game

The War Game is a 1965 television drama, filmed in a documentary style, that depicts a nuclear war.

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University of Calgary Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is the largest faculty of the University of Calgary.

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Women in the American Revolution

Women in the American Revolution played various roles depending on their social status (in which race was a factor) and their political views.

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Women's March on Versailles

The Women's March on Versailles, also known as The October March, The October Days, or simply The March on Versailles, was one of the earliest and most significant events of the French Revolution.

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2000s commodities boom

The 2000s commodities boom or the commodities super cycle was the rise, and fall, of many physical commodity prices (such as those of food, oil, metals, chemicals, fuels and the like) during the early 21st century (2000–2014), following the Great Commodities Depression of the 1980s and 1990s.

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2007–08 world food price crisis

World food prices increased dramatically in 2007 and the first and second quarter of 2008, creating a global crisis and causing political and economic instability and social unrest in both poor and developed nations.

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2010 Sahel famine

A large-scale, drought-induced famine occurred in Africa's Sahel region and many parts of the neighboring Sénégal River Area from February to August 2010.

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2011–12 Jordanian protests

The Jordanian protests was a series of protests in Jordan that began on January 2011, and resulted in the firing of the cabinet ministers of the government.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_riot

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