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Index Octane

Octane is a hydrocarbon and an alkane with the chemical formula C8H18, and the condensed structural formula CH3(CH2)6CH3. [1]

183 relations: AAI RQ-7 Shadow, ABC Scorpion, ABC Wasp, Acetic acid, Aero Boero AB-115, Agusta GA.140, Agusta GA.40, Agusta GA.70, Air–fuel ratio, Alfa Romeo 121, Alkane, Alkylation, Alkylation unit, Alvis Leonides, Alvis Leonides Major, Alvis Pelides, Amoco, Antiknock agent, Azeotrope tables, Béarn 6, Bicyclic molecule, Biofuel applications of botryococcene, Blackburn Cirrus Bombardier, Blackburn Cirrus Major, BMC B-Series engine, BMW 801, BMW R1100RT, Bond 875, Bristol Neptune, BSA A7, Buckminsterfullerene, Buick V8 engine, Butane, C70 fullerene, Catalytic reforming, Chevrolet Corvette (C2), Chevrolet Impala (fifth generation), Chevrolet small-block engine, Chrysler Concorde, Church V-8, Citgo, Coleman fuel, Combustibility and flammability, Convair B-36 Peacemaker, Cook Cleland, Covina massacre, Cuyuna 430, Daytona Prototype, De Havilland Gipsy Queen, Decacarbonyldihydridotriosmium, ..., Desafío Corona, Diesel engine, Dinobots, Domestic policy of the Surayud Chulanont government, Douglas DC-7, Driving in Singapore, Engine tuning, F1600 Championship Series, Field effect (chemistry), Filling station, Flammability limit, Fluorous chemistry, Francis Rodwell Banks, Franklin O-335, Fullerene, Gasoline, Gasoline pill, GAZ-12 ZIM, GAZ-24-10, GAZ-M20 Pobeda, George A. Wyman, Glossary of chemical formulas, Guwahati Refinery, Harley-Davidson KR, Harley-Davidson WLA, Hawker Hurricane, Hawker Hurricane variants, Hayle, Heat of combustion, Heptane, Hispano-Suiza 12Y, History of perpetual motion machines, Homogeneity and heterogeneity, Honda Civic GX, Hydrocarbon, Hydrogen fluoride, Index of chemistry articles, IOE engine, Isan, Iso Fidia, Isotta Fraschini Delta, Jacobs R-830, Jaguar Cars, Jamuna Oil Company, Junkers Jumo 222, Koenigsegg, Krohme, Leo Gregory, List of compounds with carbon number 8, List of former child actors from the United Kingdom, List of isomers of decane, List of isomers of dodecane, List of isomers of nonane, List of isomers of tetradecane, List of isomers of tridecane, List of isomers of undecane, List of MeSH codes (D02), List of straight-chain alkanes, List of UN numbers 1201 to 1300, List of University of Maryland, College Park people, Lotus Exige, Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, Mark Hales, MeMZ 965, Messerschmitt Me 262, Microplasma, Mini Moke, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, MOSCED, N-Butyllithium, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Natural gasoline, Nonane, Numeral prefix, Octan, Octane (disambiguation), Octane rating, Oil refinery, Onium compound, Panhard EBR, Parvibaculum hydrocarboniclasticum, Pat Moss, Perfluorooctane, Petroleum, Petroleum naphtha, Petroleum refining processes, Petrox, Polydioctylfluorene, Pontiac GTO, Portable stove, Potez 4E, Potez 6D, Potez 8D, Private Investigator!, Pro Mazda Championship, PT boat, Pulse detonation engine, Question Mark (aircraft), RAF-2203, REC-90, Righter O-45, Rolls-Royce Kestrel, Sapphire Energy, Sd.Kfz. 10, Short Seamew, Standard enthalpy of formation, Surayud Chulanont, Surface tension, Surface-tension values, Tert-Amyl methyl ether, Tetramethylbutane, Timeline of alcohol fuel, Trembler coil, Triumph GT6, UAZ-452, V-1 flying bomb, Van der Waals surface, Vincent lifeboat engine, Volumetric heat capacity, West Bend Municipal Airport, Yantar (satellite), Yantar-4K1, ZAZ Zaporozhets, ZIL-4104, 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane, 2,2,5,5-Tetramethyltetrahydrofuran, 2,3,3-Trimethylpentane, 2,3,4-Trimethylpentane, 2,3-Dimethylhexane, 2,5-Dimethylhexane, 2-Methylheptane, 3,3,4,4-Tetramethyltetrahydrofuran, 3-Methylheptane. Expand index (133 more) »

AAI RQ-7 Shadow

The AAI RQ-7 Shadow is an American unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used by the United States Army, Marine Corps, Australian Army and Swedish Army for reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition and battle damage assessment. Launched from a trailer-mounted pneumatic catapult, it is recovered with the aid of arresting gear similar to jets on an aircraft carrier. Its gimbal-mounted, digitally stabilized, liquid nitrogen-cooled electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) camera relays video in real time via a C-band line-of-sight data link to the ground control station (GCS). The US Army's 2nd Battalion, 13th Aviation Regiment at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, trains soldiers, Marines, and civilians in the operation and maintenance of the Shadow UAS. The Shadow is operated in the U.S. Army at brigade-level.

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ABC Scorpion

The ABC Scorpion is a 30 hp (22 kW) two-cylinder aero engine designed by British engineer Granville Bradshaw for use in light aircraft.

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ABC Wasp

The ABC Wasp was an experimental 170 hp (127 kW) seven-cylinder radial engine designed by the noted British engineer Granville Bradshaw, and primarily built by ABC Motors Limited.

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Acetic acid

Acetic acid, systematically named ethanoic acid, is a colourless liquid organic compound with the chemical formula CH3COOH (also written as CH3CO2H or C2H4O2).

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Aero Boero AB-115

The Aero Boero AB-115 is an Argentine civil utility aircraft.

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Agusta GA.140

The Agusta GA.140/V is a 4-cylinder, air-cooled, horizontally opposed engine mounted vertically, developed in Italy for helicopter use and produced from 1962 to 1969.

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Agusta GA.40

The Agusta GA.40 was a 2-cylinder, air-cooled, horizontally opposed engine developed in Italy by Agusta for light aircraft use.

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Agusta GA.70

The Agusta GA.70 was a 4-cylinder, air-cooled, horizontally opposed engine developed in Italy for light aircraft and helicopter use.

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Air–fuel ratio

Air–fuel ratio (AFR) is the mass ratio of air to a solid, liquid, or gaseous fuel present in a combustion process.

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Alfa Romeo 121

The Alfa Romeo 121 was an eight-cylinder, air-cooled, inverted V engine for aircraft use produced in Italy.

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In organic chemistry, an alkane, or paraffin (a historical name that also has other meanings), is an acyclic saturated hydrocarbon.

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Alkylation is the transfer of an alkyl group from one molecule to another.

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Alkylation unit

An alkylation unit is one of the conversion processes used in petroleum refineries.

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Alvis Leonides

The Alvis Leonides was a British air-cooled nine-cylinder radial aero engine first developed by Alvis Car and Engineering Company in 1936.

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Alvis Leonides Major

The Alvis Leonides Major was a British air-cooled 14-cylinder radial aero engine developed by Alvis from the earlier nine-cylinder Leonides.

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Alvis Pelides

The Alvis Pelides was an unflown British air-cooled radial aero engine first developed in 1936.

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Amoco Corporation, originally Standard Oil Company (Indiana), is a global chemical and oil company that was founded in 1889 around a refinery located in Whiting, Indiana, United States.

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Antiknock agent

An antiknock agent is a gasoline additive used to reduce engine knocking and increase the fuel's octane rating by raising the temperature and pressure at which auto-ignition occurs.

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Azeotrope tables

This page contains tables of azeotrope data for various binary and ternary mixtures of solvents.

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Béarn 6

The Béarn 6 was a six-cylinder air-cooled piston aircraft engine produced in France in the late 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s.

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Bicyclic molecule

A bicyclic molecule (bi.

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Biofuel applications of botryococcene

Botryococcenes are the major oil constituents of the green algae Botryococcus braunii.

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Blackburn Cirrus Bombardier

The Blackburn Cirrus Bombardier was a British four-cylinder inline aircraft engine, developed and built by the Blackburn Aircraft company in the mid-1950s.

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Blackburn Cirrus Major

The Blackburn Cirrus Major is a British, four-cylinder, inline aircraft engine that was developed in the late 1930s.

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BMC B-Series engine

The BMC B-series was a straight-4 cylinder internal combustion engine mostly used in motor cars, created by British company Austin Motor Company.

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BMW 801

The BMW 801 was a powerful German air-cooled 14-cylinder-radial aircraft engine built by BMW and used in a number of German Luftwaffe aircraft of World War II.

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The R1100RT is a BMW touring motorcycle with a twin-cylinder boxer engine.

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Bond 875

The Bond 875 was a small three-wheeled car partly designed by Lawrence "Lawrie" Bond and manufactured by Bond Cars Ltd in Preston, United Kingdom from 1965 to 1970.

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Bristol Neptune

The Bristol Neptune was a seven-cylinder air-cooled radial engine developed in 1930.

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The BSA A7 was a 500cc motorcycle model range made by Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) at their factory in Armoury Road, Small Heath, Birmingham.

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Buckminsterfullerene is a type of fullerene with the formula C60.

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Buick V8 engine

The Buick V8 is a family of V8 engines produced by the Buick division of General Motors between 1953 and 1981.

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Butane is an organic compound with the formula C4H10 that is an alkane with four carbon atoms.

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C70 fullerene

C70 fullerene is the fullerene molecule consisting of 70 carbon atoms.

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Catalytic reforming

Catalytic reforming is a chemical process used to convert petroleum refinery naphthas distilled from crude oil (typically having low octane ratings) into high-octane liquid products called reformates, which are premium blending stocks for high-octane gasoline.

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Chevrolet Corvette (C2)

The Chevrolet Corvette (C2) (also known as the Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray) is the second generation of the Chevrolet Corvette sports car, produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors for the 1963 to 1967 model years.

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Chevrolet Impala (fifth generation)

The fifth-generation Chevrolet Impala were full-sized automobiles produced by Chevrolet for the 1971 through 1976 model years and was one of GM's top-selling models throughout the 1970s. Models included a sport coupe using a semi-fastback roofline shared with other B-body GM cars, custom coupe with the formal roofline from the Caprice, four-door sedan, four-door hardtop sport sedan, and a convertible, - each of which rode on a new 121.5-inch wheelbase and measured 217 inches overall. Station wagons rode on a longer 125-inch wheelbase.

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Chevrolet small-block engine

The Chevrolet small-block engine is a series of V8 automobile engines used in normal production by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors between 1955 and 2003, using the same basic engine block.

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Chrysler Concorde

The Chrysler Concorde is a full-size, front wheel drive four-door sedan that was produced by Chrysler from 1992 to 2004.

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Church V-8

The Church V-8 is a V-8 4-stroke aircraft engine developed from the Ford flathead V8 engine in the United States in the late 1930s.

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Citgo Petroleum Corporation (or Citgo) is a Venezuelan refiner, transporter and marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products.

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Coleman fuel

Coleman fuel is a petroleum naphtha product marketed by the Coleman Company.

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Combustibility and flammability

Flammable materials are those that ignite more easily than other materials, whereas those that are harder to ignite or burn less vigorously are combustible.

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Convair B-36 Peacemaker

The Convair B-36 "Peacemaker" is a strategic bomber built by Convair and operated solely by the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1949 to 1959.

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Cook Cleland

Cook Cleland (December 24, 1916 – June 13, 2007) was a United States Navy officer, World War II flying ace, and civilian air race pilot.

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Covina massacre

The Covina massacre occurred on December 24, 2008, in Covina, a city in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Cuyuna 430

The Cuyuna 430 and Cuyuna 340 are a family of two-stroke, twin-cylinder piston snowmobile engines that were redesigned to serve as ultralight aircraft powerplants.

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Daytona Prototype

A Daytona Prototype is a type of sports prototype racing car developed specifically for the Grand American Road Racing Association's Rolex Sports Car Series as their top class of car, which replaced their main prototype racing class, specifically Le Mans Prototypes (LMPs).

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De Havilland Gipsy Queen

The de Havilland Gipsy Queen is a British six-cylinder aero engine of capacity that was developed in 1936 by the de Havilland Engine Company.

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Decacarbonyldihydridotriosmium is an organoosmium compound with the formula H2Os3(CO)10.

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Desafío Corona

The Desafio Corona was a stock car racing series in Mexico.

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Diesel engine

The diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition or CI engine), named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel which is injected into the combustion chamber is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to mechanical compression (adiabatic compression).

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Dinobots are a type of character in the fictional Transformers Universe.

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Domestic policy of the Surayud Chulanont government

The domestic policy of Surayud Chulanont as Prime Minister of Thailand affected the Thai economy, human rights, education, and numerous other areas.

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Douglas DC-7

The Douglas DC-7 is a transport aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Company from 1953 to 1958.

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Driving in Singapore

In Singapore, cars and other vehicles drive on the left side of the road, as in neighbouring Malaysia, due to its British colonial history (which led to British driving rules being adopted in India, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong as well).

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Engine tuning

Engine tuning is an adjustment, modification of the internal combustion engine, or modification to its control unit, otherwise known as its ECU (Engine Control Unit).

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F1600 Championship Series

The F1600 Championship Series was created by the SCCA in 2011.

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Field effect (chemistry)

A field effect is the polarization of a molecule through space.

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Filling station

A filling station is a facility that sells fuel and engine lubricants for motor vehicles.

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Flammability limit

Mixtures of dispersed combustible materials (such as gaseous or vaporised fuels, and some dusts) and air will burn only if the fuel concentration lies within well-defined lower and upper bounds determined experimentally, referred to as flammability limits or explosive limits.

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Fluorous chemistry

Fluorous chemistry involves the use of perfluorinated compounds or perfluorinated substituents to facilitate recovery of a catalyst or reaction product.

New!!: Octane and Fluorous chemistry · See more »

Francis Rodwell Banks

Air Commodore Francis Rodwell "Rod" Banks CB, OBE, Hon.

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Franklin O-335

The Franklin O-335 (company designations variations on 6A and 6V) was an American air-cooled aircraft engine of the 1940s.

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A fullerene is a molecule of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and many other shapes.

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Gasoline (American English), or petrol (British English), is a transparent, petroleum-derived liquid that is used primarily as a fuel in spark-ignited internal combustion engines.

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Gasoline pill

The gasoline pill or gasoline powder is claimed to turn water into gasoline, which can be used to run a combustion engine.

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The ZIM-12 (ЗиМ-12) was a Soviet limousine produced by the Gorky Automotive Plant from 1950 till 1960.

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The Volga GAZ-24-10 is an automobile manufactured by the Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (GAZ, Gorky Automobile Plant) from 1985 to 1992 as a generation of its Volga marque.

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GAZ-M20 Pobeda

The GAZ-M20 "Pobeda" (ГАЗ-М20 Победа; Победа, Victory) was a passenger car produced in the Soviet Union by GAZ from 1946 until 1958.

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George A. Wyman

George Adams Wyman (July 3, 1877 – November 15, 1959) was the first person to make a transcontinental crossing of the United States by motor vehicle.

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Glossary of chemical formulas

This is a list of common chemical compounds with chemical formulas and CAS numbers, indexed by formula.

New!!: Octane and Glossary of chemical formulas · See more »

Guwahati Refinery

Guwahati Refinery was set up at Noonmati in Guwahati on 1 January 1962.

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Harley-Davidson KR

The Harley-Davidson KR or KR750 was a displacement V-twin engine racing motorcycle made by Harley-Davidson from 1952 through 1969 for flat track racing.

New!!: Octane and Harley-Davidson KR · See more »

Harley-Davidson WLA

The Harley-Davidson WLA is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was produced to US Army specifications in the years during and around World War II.

New!!: Octane and Harley-Davidson WLA · See more »

Hawker Hurricane

The Hawker Hurricane is a British single-seat fighter aircraft of the 1930s–1940s that was designed and predominantly built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd.

New!!: Octane and Hawker Hurricane · See more »

Hawker Hurricane variants

The Hawker Hurricane was a British single-seat fighter aircraft designed and predominantly built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd.

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Hayle (Heyl, "estuary") is a small town, civil parish and cargo port in west Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.

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Heat of combustion

The heating value (or energy value or calorific value) of a substance, usually a fuel or food (see food energy), is the amount of heat released during the combustion of a specified amount of it.

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n-Heptane is the straight-chain alkane with the chemical formula H3C(CH2)5CH3 or C7H16.

New!!: Octane and Heptane · See more »

Hispano-Suiza 12Y

The Hispano-Suiza 12Y was an aircraft engine produced by Hispano-Suiza for the French Air Force in the pre-WWII period.

New!!: Octane and Hispano-Suiza 12Y · See more »

History of perpetual motion machines

The history of perpetual motion machines dates back to the Middle Ages.

New!!: Octane and History of perpetual motion machines · See more »

Homogeneity and heterogeneity

Homogeneity and heterogeneity are concepts often used in the sciences and statistics relating to the uniformity in a substance or organism.

New!!: Octane and Homogeneity and heterogeneity · See more »

Honda Civic GX

The Honda Civic GX was the only car factory-built to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) in the U.S. available to non-fleet customers.

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In organic chemistry, a hydrocarbon is an organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon.

New!!: Octane and Hydrocarbon · See more »

Hydrogen fluoride

Hydrogen fluoride is a chemical compound with the chemical formula.

New!!: Octane and Hydrogen fluoride · See more »

Index of chemistry articles

Chemistry (from Egyptian kēme (chem), meaning "earth") is the physical science concerned with the composition, structure, and properties of matter, as well as the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions.

New!!: Octane and Index of chemistry articles · See more »

IOE engine

The intake/inlet over exhaust, or "IOE" engine, known in the US as F-head, is a four-stroke internal combustion engine whose valvetrain comprises OHV inlet valves within the cylinder head and exhaust side-valves within the engine block.

New!!: Octane and IOE engine · See more »


Isan (Isan/อีสาน,; also written as Isaan, Isarn, Issarn, Issan, Esan, or Esarn; from Pali ऐशान aiśāna or Sanskrit ऐशान aiśāna "northeast") consists of 20 provinces in the northeastern region of Thailand.

New!!: Octane and Isan · See more »

Iso Fidia

Iso Fidia (or Iso Rivolta Fidia), initially Iso Rivolta S4, is a four-door sedan which was produced by the Italian automobile maker Iso Automoveicoli S.p.A. from 1967 to 1975.

New!!: Octane and Iso Fidia · See more »

Isotta Fraschini Delta

The Delta was a 12-cylinder inverted-V aircraft engine built by Isotta Fraschini prior to and during World War II.

New!!: Octane and Isotta Fraschini Delta · See more »

Jacobs R-830

The Jacobs R-830 or L-5 is a seven-cylinder, air-cooled, radial engine for aircraft manufactured in the United States, production started in 1935.

New!!: Octane and Jacobs R-830 · See more »

Jaguar Cars

Jaguar is the luxury vehicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover, a British multinational car manufacturer with its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, England and owned by the Indian company Tata Motors since 2008.

New!!: Octane and Jaguar Cars · See more »

Jamuna Oil Company

Jamuna Oil Company Ltd (JOCL) (estd. as Pakistan National Oil in 1964; renamed as Bangladesh National Oil in 1972) (DSE) is a subsidiary of the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation that nationally markets octane, petrol, diesel, kerosene, furnace oil, bitumen and lubricants in Bangladesh.

New!!: Octane and Jamuna Oil Company · See more »

Junkers Jumo 222

The Jumo 222 was a high-power multiple-bank in-line piston aircraft engine design from Junkers, designed under the management of Ferdinand Brandner of the Junkers Motorenwerke.

New!!: Octane and Junkers Jumo 222 · See more »


Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a Swedish manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, based in Ängelholm, Skåne County, Sweden.

New!!: Octane and Koenigsegg · See more »


Krohme (born Chris Moore on August 16, 1980) is an American hip hop MC and producer, noted for his work with The Game, Kool G Rap, Nas, GZA, DJ Starscream, Obie Trice, MF Grimm, Atari Blitzkrieg, Ron Artest, MC Serch, Hell-Razah, Sean Price, Ras Kass, C-Rayz Walz and more.

New!!: Octane and Krohme · See more »

Leo Gregory

Leo Gregory (born 22 November 1978) is an English film television actor.

New!!: Octane and Leo Gregory · See more »

List of compounds with carbon number 8

This is a partial list of molecules that contain 8 carbon atoms.

New!!: Octane and List of compounds with carbon number 8 · See more »

List of former child actors from the United Kingdom

This is a list of former child actors from the United Kingdom.

New!!: Octane and List of former child actors from the United Kingdom · See more »

List of isomers of decane

This is the list of the 75 isomers of decane.

New!!: Octane and List of isomers of decane · See more »

List of isomers of dodecane

This is the list of 355 isomers of dodecane.

New!!: Octane and List of isomers of dodecane · See more »

List of isomers of nonane

This is the list of isomers of nonane.

New!!: Octane and List of isomers of nonane · See more »

List of isomers of tetradecane

This is the list of the 1858 isomers of tetradecane.

New!!: Octane and List of isomers of tetradecane · See more »

List of isomers of tridecane

This is the list of the 802 isomers of tridecane, with their IUPAC names.

New!!: Octane and List of isomers of tridecane · See more »

List of isomers of undecane

This is the list of 159 isomers of undecane.

New!!: Octane and List of isomers of undecane · See more »

List of MeSH codes (D02)

This is the fourth part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH.

New!!: Octane and List of MeSH codes (D02) · See more »

List of straight-chain alkanes

The following is a list of straight-chain and branched alkanes and their common names, sorted by number of carbon atoms.

New!!: Octane and List of straight-chain alkanes · See more »

List of UN numbers 1201 to 1300

The UN numbers from UN1201 to UN1300 as assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

New!!: Octane and List of UN numbers 1201 to 1300 · See more »

List of University of Maryland, College Park people

This is a list of notable alumni, faculty, and benefactors of the University of Maryland, College Park.

New!!: Octane and List of University of Maryland, College Park people · See more »

Lotus Exige

The Lotus Exige is a British two-door, two-seat sports car made by Lotus Cars since 2000.

New!!: Octane and Lotus Exige · See more »

Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited

Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL), is an oil refinery at Mangalore and is a subsidiary of ONGC, set up in 1988.

New!!: Octane and Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited · See more »

Mark Hales

Mark Hales (born 7 November 1950) is a British auto racing driver and instructor.

New!!: Octane and Mark Hales · See more »

MeMZ 965

The MeMZ 965 was a Soviet automobile engine, built by the Melitopolski Motor Plant (MeMZ).

New!!: Octane and MeMZ 965 · See more »

Messerschmitt Me 262

The Messerschmitt Me 262, nicknamed Schwalbe (German: "Swallow") in fighter versions, or Sturmvogel (German: "Storm Bird") in fighter-bomber versions, was the world's first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft.

New!!: Octane and Messerschmitt Me 262 · See more »


A microplasma is a plasma of small dimensions, ranging from tens to thousands of micrometers.

New!!: Octane and Microplasma · See more »

Mini Moke

The Mini Moke is a vehicle based on the Mini designed for the British Motor Corporation (BMC) by Sir Alec Issigonis and John Sheppard.

New!!: Octane and Mini Moke · See more »

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (often shortened to the Cup Series) is the top racing series of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).

New!!: Octane and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series · See more »


MOSCED (short for “modified separation of cohesive energy density model) is a thermodynamic model for the estimation of limiting activity coefficients (also known as activity coefficient at infinite dilution).

New!!: Octane and MOSCED · See more »


n-Butyllithium (abbreviated n-BuLi) is an organolithium reagent.

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (formerly the NASCAR SuperTruck Series presented by Craftsman and the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series) is a pickup truck racing series owned and operated by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, and is the only series in all of NASCAR to race modified production pickup trucks.

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Natural gasoline

Natural gasoline is a natural gas liquid with a vapor pressure intermediate between natural gas condensate (drip gas) and liquefied petroleum gas and has a boiling point within the range of gasoline.

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Nonane is a linear alkane hydrocarbon with the chemical formula C9H20.

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Numeral prefix

Numeral or number prefixes are prefixes derived from numerals or occasionally other numbers.

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Octan is a fictional oil company that has appeared in multiple Lego sets since 1992.

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Octane (disambiguation)

Octane is an alkane with the chemical formula C8H18.

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Octane rating

An octane rating, or octane number, is a standard measure of the performance of an engine or aviation fuel.

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Oil refinery

Oil refinery or petroleum refinery is an industrial process plant where crude oil is transformed and refined into more useful products such as petroleum naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas, jet fuel and fuel oils.

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Onium compound

In chemistry, an onium ion, is a cation formally obtained by the protonation of mononuclear parent hydride of a pnictogen (group 15 of the periodic table), chalcogen (group 16), or halogen (group 17).

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Panhard EBR

The Panhard EBR (Panhard Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance, French: Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle) is an armoured car designed by Panhard for the French Army and later used across the globe, notably by the French Army during the Algerian War and the Portuguese Army during the Portuguese Colonial War in Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.

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Parvibaculum hydrocarboniclasticum

Parvibaculum hydrocarboniclasticum is an aerobic bacterium species from the genus of Parvibaculum which has been isolated from hydrothermal fluids from the East Pacific Rise in the Pacific Ocean.

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Pat Moss

Patricia Ann "Pat" Moss-Carlsson (née Moss; 27 December 1934 – 14 October 2008) was one of the most successful female auto rally drivers of all time, achieving three outright wins and seven podium finishes in international rallies.

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Perfluorooctane, also known as octadecafluorooctane, is a fluorocarbon liquid—a perfluorinated derivative of the hydrocarbon octane.

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Petroleum is a naturally occurring, yellow-to-black liquid found in geological formations beneath the Earth's surface.

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Petroleum naphtha

Petroleum naphtha is an intermediate hydrocarbon liquid stream derived from the refining of crude oil with CAS-no 64742-48-9.

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Petroleum refining processes

Petroleum refining processes are the chemical engineering processes and other facilities used in petroleum refineries (also referred to as oil refineries) to transform crude oil into useful products such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), gasoline or petrol, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel oil and fuel oils.

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Petrox was a detergent additive used from 1954 to 1989 by Texaco, in its premium-grade "Sky Chief" gasoline.

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Polydioctylfluorene (PFO) is an organic compound, a polymer of 9,9-dioctylfluorene, with formula (C13H6(C8H17)2)n.

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Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO is an automobile that was built by American company Pontiac in generations from 1964 to 1974 model years, and by GM's subsidiary Holden in Australia from 2004 to 2006.

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Portable stove

A portable stove is a cooking stove specially designed to be portable and lightweight, used in camping, picnicking, backpacking, or other use in remote locations where an easily transportable means of cooking or heating is needed.

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Potez 4E

The Potez 4E is a French air-cooled flat-four piston engine of the 1960s.

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Potez 6D

The Potez 6D is a French six cylinder inverted inline aircraft engine put into production after World War II in normal and supercharged versions.

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Potez 8D

The Potez 8D is the largest member of the Potez D series of air-cooled piston aircraft engines which share several common features.

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Private Investigator!

Private Investigator! is an adventure story arc of the Philippine comic strip series Pugad Baboy, created by Pol Medina Jr.

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Pro Mazda Championship

The Pro Mazda Championship Presented by Cooper Tires debuted as a new series in 2013, replacing the Star Mazda Championship which ceased operation in 2012 after 22 years.

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PT boat

A PT boat (short for Patrol Torpedo boat) was a torpedo-armed fast attack craft used by the United States Navy in World War II.

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Pulse detonation engine

A pulse detonation engine (PDE) is a type of propulsion system that uses detonation waves to combust the fuel and oxidizer mixture.

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Question Mark (aircraft)

Question Mark ("?") was a modified Atlantic-Fokker C-2A transport airplane of the United States Army Air Corps.

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The RAF-2203 Latvija (nickname Rafik) was a cabover van designed and developed by Rīgas Autobusu Fabrika from 1976–1997.

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REC-90 is an ethanol-free, 90 octane unleaded gasoline blend designed for use in recreational/marine engines which can be damaged by the ethanol found in other gasoline blends.

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Righter O-45

The Righter/Kiekhaefer O-45 was an air-cooled, two-stroke aircraft engine of flat-twin configuration, used extensively for powering target drones in the late 1940s.

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Rolls-Royce Kestrel

The Kestrel or type F is a 22-litre (1,342 Cu In) 700-horsepower (520 kW) class V-12 aircraft engine from Rolls-Royce, their first cast-block engine and the pattern for most of their future piston-engine designs.

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Sapphire Energy

Sapphire Energy is a San Diego-based American energy company that produces crude oil made from algae.

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Sd.Kfz. 10

The Sd.Kfz.

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Short Seamew

The Short SB.6 Seamew was a British aircraft designed in 1951 by David Keith-Lucas of Shorts as a lightweight anti-submarine platform to replace the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (FAA)'s Grumman Avenger AS 4 with the Reserve branch of the service.

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Standard enthalpy of formation

The standard enthalpy of formation or standard heat of formation of a compound is the change of enthalpy during the formation of 1 mole of the substance from its constituent elements, with all substances in their standard states.

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Surayud Chulanont

Surayud Chulanont (สุรยุทธ์ จุลานนท์, RTGS: Surayut Chulanon; born 28 August 1943) is a Thai politician.

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Surface tension

Surface tension is the elastic tendency of a fluid surface which makes it acquire the least surface area possible.

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Surface-tension values

Surface tension valuesA.

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Tert-Amyl methyl ether

tert-Amyl methyl ether (TAME) is an ether used as a fuel oxygenate.

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Tetramethylbutane, sometimes called hexamethylethane, is a hydrocarbon with formula C8H18 or (H3C-)3C-C(-CH3)3.

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Timeline of alcohol fuel

Ethanol, an alcohol fuel, is an important fuel for the operation of internal combustion engines that are used in cars, trucks, and other kinds of machinery.

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Trembler coil

A trembler coil or vibrator coil is a type of high-voltage ignition coil used in the ignition system of early automobiles, most notably the Benz Patent-Motorwagen and the Ford Model T. Its distinguishing feature is a vibrating magnetically-activated contact called a trembler or interrupter, which breaks the primary current, generating multiple sparks during each cylinder's power stroke.

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Triumph GT6

The Triumph GT6 is a 6-cylinder sports coupé built by Standard-Triumph, based on their popular Triumph Spitfire convertible.

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The UAZ-452 is a family of off-road vans produced at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ) since 1965.

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V-1 flying bomb

The V-1 flying bomb (Vergeltungswaffe 1 "Vengeance Weapon 1")—also known to the Allies as the buzz bomb, or doodlebug, and in Germany as Kirschkern (cherrystone) or Maikäfer (maybug)—was an early cruise missile and the only production aircraft to use a pulsejet for power.

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Van der Waals surface

The van der Waals surface of a molecule is an abstract representation or model of that molecule, illustrating where, in very rough terms, a surface might reside for the molecule based on the hard cutoffs of van der Waals radii for individual atoms, and it represents a surface through which the molecule might be conceived as interacting with other molecules.

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Vincent lifeboat engine

The Vincent lifeboat engine was a unique design of two-stroke petrol engine.

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Volumetric heat capacity

Volumetric heat capacity (VHC), also termed volume-specific heat capacity, describes the ability of a given volume of a substance to store internal energy while undergoing a given temperature change, but without undergoing a phase transition.

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West Bend Municipal Airport

West Bend Municipal Airport is a city owned public use airport located three nautical miles (6 km) east of the central business district of West Bend, a city in Washington County, Wisconsin, United States.

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Yantar (satellite)

Yantar (Янтарь meaning amber) is a series of Russian (previously Soviet) reconnaissance satellites, which supplemented and eventually replaced the Zenit spacecraft.

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Yantar-4K1 (Янтарь meaning amber) was a type of Soviet reconnaissance satellite which supplemented and eventually replaced the Zenit spacecraft.

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ZAZ Zaporozhets

ZAZ Zaporozhets (Запоро́жець; p) was a series of rear-wheel-drive superminis (city cars in their first generation) designed and built from 1958 at the ZAZ factory in Soviet Ukraine.

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The ZIL-4104 was a limousine built by ZiL from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, when it served as the transport of the elite of the Soviet Union.

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2,2,4-Trimethylpentane, also known as isooctane or iso-octane, is an organic compound with the formula (CH3)3CCH2CH(CH3)2.

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In chemistry, 2,2,5,5-tetramethyltetrahydrofuran or 2,2,5,5-tetramethyloxolane is a heterocyclic compound with the formula, or (CH3)2(C(CH2)2OC)(CH3)2.

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2,3,3-Trimethylpentane is a chemical compound in the family of hydrocarbons which has a formula of C8H18.

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2,3,4-Trimethylpentane is a branched alkane.

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2,3-Dimethylhexane is a structural isomer of octane.

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2,5-Dimethylhexane is a branched alkane used in the aviation industry in low revolutions per minute helicopters.

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2-Methylheptane is a branched alkane isomeric to octane.

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In chemistry, 3,3,4,4-tetramethyltetrahydrofuran or 3,3,4,4-tetramethyloxolane is a heterocyclic compound with the formula, or (CH3)2((CH2)C2(CH2)O)(CH3)2.

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3-Methylheptane is a branched alkane isomeric to octane.

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