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Seven-segment display

Index Seven-segment display

A seven-segment display (SSD), or seven-segment indicator, is a form of electronic display device for displaying decimal numerals that is an alternative to the more complex dot matrix displays. [1]

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Acorn System 1

The Acorn System 1, initially called the Acorn Microcomputer (Micro-Computer), was an early 8-bit microcomputer for hobbyists, based on the MOS 6502 CPU, and produced by British company Acorn Computers from 1979.

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Apollo Guidance Computer

The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was a digital computer produced for the Apollo program that was installed on board each Apollo Command Module (CM) and Lunar Module (LM).

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Atari ST character set

The Atari ST character set is the character set of the Atari ST personal computer family including the Atari STE, TT and Falcon.

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Binary decoder

In digital electronics, a binary decoder is a combinational logic circuit that converts binary information from the n coded inputs to a maximum of 2n unique outputs.

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Binary-coded decimal

In computing and electronic systems, binary-coded decimal (BCD) is a class of binary encodings of decimal numbers where each decimal digit is represented by a fixed number of bits, usually four or eight.

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An electronic calculator is typically a portable electronic device used to perform calculations, ranging from basic arithmetic to complex mathematics.

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Calculator input methods

There are various ways in which calculators interpret keystrokes.

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Casio fx-39

The fx-39 is a scientific calculator manufactured by Casio released in 1978 and is one of several models to share the same physical design format.

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Casio FX-502P series

The FX-501P and FX-502P were programmable calculators, manufactured by Casio from 1978/1979.

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Charlieplexing is a technique for driving a multiplexed display in which relatively few I/O pins on a microcontroller are used e.g. to drive an array of LEDs.

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DeLorean time machine

The DeLorean time machine is a fictional automobile-based time travel device featured in the ''Back to the Future'' franchise.

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Digital clock

A digital clock is a type of clock that displays the time digitally (i.e. in numerals or other symbols), as opposed to an analog clock, where the time is indicated by the positions of rotating hands.

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Digital read out

A digital readout (DRO) is a numeric display, usually with an integrated keyboard and some means of numeric representation.

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Digital sundial

A digital sundial is a clock that indicates the current time with numerals formed by the sunlight striking it.

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Dihedral prime

A dihedral prime or dihedral calculator prime is a prime number that still reads like itself or another prime number when read in a seven-segment display, regardless of orientation (normally or upside down), and surface (actual display or reflection on a mirror).

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Display device

A display device is an output device for presentation of information in visual or tactile form (the latter used for example in tactile electronic displays for blind people).

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Don't-care term

In digital logic, a don't-care term for a function is an input-sequence (a series of bits) for which the function output does not matter.

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Dot-matrix display

A dot-matrix display is a display device used to display information on machines, clocks, railway departure indicators and many other devices requiring a simple display device of limited resolution.

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Eight-segment display

An eight-segment display is a type of display based on 8 segments that can be turned on or off according to the graphic pattern to be produced.

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Electronic component

An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

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Electronic visual display

An electronic visual display, informally a screen, is a display device for presentation of images, text, or video transmitted electronically, without producing a permanent record.

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Elektor Junior Computer

The Elektor Junior Computer was a simple 6502-based microprocessor development board published in the 1980s in the Dutch, German and later French, Spanish and British versions of Elektor/Elektuur, in the form of a series of articles, and four books.

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Elektronika 7

Electronics 7 is a Soviet Russian brand of seven-segment industrial digital clocks with four or eleven seven-segment luminescent digits.

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Elektronika B3-21

Elektronika B3-21 (Cyrillic: Электроника Б3-21) was the first Soviet programmable calculator.

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Espresso heuristic logic minimizer

The Espresso logic minimizer is a computer program using heuristic and specific algorithms for efficiently reducing the complexity of digital electronic gate circuits.

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Flip-disc display

The flip-disc display (or flip-dot display) is an electromechanical dot matrix display technology used for large outdoor signs, normally those that will be exposed to direct sunlight.

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Fourteen-segment display

A fourteen-segment display (FSD) (sometimes referred to as a starburst display or Union Jack display) is a type of display based on 14 segments that can be turned on or off to produce letters and numerals.

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Ghost in the Machine (album)

Ghost in the Machine is the fourth studio album by English rock band The Police.

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Hewlett-Packard Voyager series

The Hewlett-Packard Voyager series of calculators were introduced by Hewlett-Packard in 1981.

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In mathematics and computing, hexadecimal (also base, or hex) is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16.

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HP 20b

The HP 20b Business Consultant (F2219A) is a financial calculator published in 2008 by Hewlett-Packard.

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HP 30b

The HP 30b (NW238AA) is a programmable financial calculator from HP which was released on 7 January 2010.

New!!: Seven-segment display and HP 30b · See more »

HP 9g

The hp 9g (F2222A) is a graphing calculator designed by Kinpo Electronics, Inc and produced by Hewlett-Packard.

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The HP-12C is a financial calculator made by Hewlett-Packard (HP) and its successor HP Inc'''.''' as part of the HP Voyager series.

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The HP-15C is a high-end scientific programmable calculator of Hewlett-Packard's Voyager series produced between 1982 and 1989.

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The HP-16C Computer Scientist is a programmable pocket calculator that was produced by Hewlett-Packard between 1982 and 1989.

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The HP-41C series are programmable, expandable, continuous memory handheld RPN calculators made by Hewlett-Packard from 1979 to 1990.

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The HP-45 was the second scientific pocket calculator introduced by Hewlett-Packard, adding to the features of the HP-35.

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The HP-55 was a programmable handheld calculator; a lower-cost alternative to the HP-65.

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IBM System/3

The IBM System/3 was an IBM midrange computer introduced in 1969, and marketed until 1985.

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The IDE64 interface cartridge is an expansion port device for connecting ATA(PI) devices to the C64 or C128 computers.

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Intel 8086

The 8086 (also called iAPX 86) is a 16-bit microprocessor chip designed by Intel between early 1976 and mid-1978, when it was released.

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JVC HR-3300

The JVC HR-3300 VIDSTAR is the world's first VHS-based VCR to be released to the market, introduced by the president of JVC at the Okura Hotel on September 9, 1976.

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The KIM-1, short for Keyboard Input Monitor, is a small 6502-based single-board computer developed and produced by MOS Technology, Inc. and launched in 1976.

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Leading zero

A leading zero is any 0 digit that comes before the first nonzero digit in a number string in positional notation.

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LED circuit

In electronics, an LED circuit or LED driver is an electrical circuit used to power a light-emitting diode (LED).

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Light-emitting diode

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source.

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Liquid-crystal display

A liquid-crystal display (LCD) is a flat-panel display or other electronically modulated optical device that uses the light-modulating properties of liquid crystals.

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List of 4000 series integrated circuits

List of the CMOS 4000 series.

New!!: Seven-segment display and List of 4000 series integrated circuits · See more »

List of 7400 series integrated circuits

The following is a list of 7400 series digital logic integrated circuits.

New!!: Seven-segment display and List of 7400 series integrated circuits · See more »

List of prime numbers

A prime number (or a prime) is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself.

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List of prolific inventors

Thomas Alva Edison was widely known as the America's most prolific inventor, even after his death in 1931.

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List of vacuum tubes

This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and low-pressure gas-filled tubes, or discharge tubes.

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Lucas 14CUX

The Lucas 14CUX (sometimes referred to as the Rover 14CUX) is an automotive electronic fuel injection system developed by Lucas Industries and fitted to the Rover V8 engine in Land Rover vehicles between 1990 and 1995.

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Microchess, by Peter R. Jennings, was originally a microcomputer chess program for the MOS Technology KIM-1 microcomputer, first released on December 18, 1976.

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Motorola Fone

The Motorola Fone (styled FONE) was a candybar mobile phone from Motorola, one of a series of phones in the 4LTR line.

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Multiplexed display

Multiplexed displays are electronic display devices where the entire display is not driven at one time.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Multiplexed display · See more »

Nascom (computer kit)

The Nascom 1 and 2 were single-board computer kits issued in the United Kingdom in 1977 and 1979, respectively, based on the Zilog Z80 and including a keyboard and video interface, a serial port that could be used to store data on a tape cassette using the Kansas City standard, and two 8-bit parallel ports.

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National Debt Clock

The National Debt Clock is a billboard-sized running total display which constantly updates to show the current United States gross national debt and each American family's share of the debt.

New!!: Seven-segment display and National Debt Clock · See more »

Nine-segment display

A nine-segment display is a type of display based on 9 segments that can be turned on or off according to the graphic pattern to be produced.

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Nixie tube

A Nixie tube, or cold cathode display, is an electronic device for displaying numerals or other information using glow discharge.

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Oberheim DMX

The DMX is a programmable digital drum machine manufactured by Oberheim Electronics.

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The octal numeral system, or oct for short, is the base-8 number system, and uses the digits 0 to 7.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Octal · See more »

OMNI Entertainment System

The OMNI Entertainment System was an electronic stand alone game system produced by the MB Electronics division of the Milton Bradley Company, released in 1980.

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Panel call indicator

Panel Call Indicator, or PCI, is a form of signalling used between two telephone offices.

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PassWindow is a technique of producing one-time passwords and facilitating transaction verification that is used as an online second-factor authentication method.

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Plasma display

A plasma display panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display common to large TV displays or larger.

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The PMI-80 was a single-board microcomputer produced by Tesla Piešťany, Czechoslovakia, since 1982.

New!!: Seven-segment display and PMI-80 · See more »

Polarization (waves)

Polarization (also polarisation) is a property applying to transverse waves that specifies the geometrical orientation of the oscillations.

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Regional handwriting variation

Although people in many parts of the world share common alphabets and numeral systems (versions of the Latin writing system are used throughout the Americas, Australia, and much of Europe and Africa; the Hindu-Arabic numerals are nearly universal), styles of handwritten letterforms vary between individuals, and sometimes also vary systematically between regions.

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RISC OS character set

The Acorn RISC OS character set was used in the Acorn Archimedes series and subsequent computers from 1987 onwards.

New!!: Seven-segment display and RISC OS character set · See more »

Robotron Z1013

The MRB Z1013 (Mikrorechnerbausatz.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Robotron Z1013 · See more »

Rowe Customusic

Rowe Customusic is a background music system of the 1960s and 1970s.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Rowe Customusic · See more »


A scoreboard is a large board for publicly displaying the score in a game.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Scoreboard · See more »

Seven-segment display character representations

The topic of seven-segment display character representations revolves around the various shapes of numerical digits, letters, and punctuation devisable on seven-segment displays.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Seven-segment display character representations · See more »

Sharp QT-8D

The Sharp QT-8D Micro Compet, a small electronic desktop calculator, was the first mass-produced calculator to have its logic circuitry entirely implemented with LSI (large-scale integration) integrated circuits (ICs) based on MOS (metal-oxide-semiconductor) technology.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Sharp QT-8D · See more »

Sinclair Sovereign

The Sinclair Sovereign was a high-end calculator introduced by Clive Sinclair's company Sinclair Radionics in 1976.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Sinclair Sovereign · See more »

Sixteen-segment display

A sixteen-segment display (SISD) is a type of display based on 16 segments that can be turned on or off according to the graphic pattern to be produced.

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Sqrambled Scuares

Sqrambled Scuares (sic; originally known as Scrambled Squares) is a game show airing on HTC Digital Cable in South Carolina.

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SSD (disambiguation)

A solid-state drive is a type of data storage device which uses semiconductor flash memory rather than rotating media.

New!!: Seven-segment display and SSD (disambiguation) · See more »

Strobogrammatic number

A strobogrammatic number is a number whose numeral is rotationally symmetric, so that it appears the same when rotated 180 degrees.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Strobogrammatic number · See more »

Symbols for zero

The modern numerical digit 0 is usually written as a circle, an ellipse, or a rounded rectangle.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Symbols for zero · See more »

Tech Model Railroad Club

The Tech Model Railroad Club (TMRC) is a student organization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

New!!: Seven-segment display and Tech Model Railroad Club · See more »

Texas Instruments TMS1000

The TMS1000 is a family of microcontroller integrated circuits, introduced by Texas Instruments in 1974.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Texas Instruments TMS1000 · See more »

Text display

A text display is an electronic alphanumeric display device that is mainly or only capable of showing text, or extremely limited graphic characters.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Text display · See more »

TI SR-50

The SR-50 was Texas Instruments' first scientific pocket calculator with trigonometric and logarithm functions.

New!!: Seven-segment display and TI SR-50 · See more »


The TI-1031 was a 4 function calculator manufactured by Texas Instruments.

New!!: Seven-segment display and TI-1031 · See more »

TI-15 Explorer

TI-15 Explorer is a calculator designed by Texas Instruments, intended for use in classes from grades 3-5.

New!!: Seven-segment display and TI-15 Explorer · See more »

Timex Datalink

Timex Datalink or Timex Data Link is a line of early smartwatches manufactured by Timex and is considered a wristwatch computer.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Timex Datalink · See more »


The TK-80 (Training Kit μCOM-80) was an 8080-based single-board computer kit developed by Nippon Electric Company (NEC) in 1976.

New!!: Seven-segment display and TK-80 · See more »

Transformation of text

Transformations of text are strategies to perform geometric transformations on text (reversals, rotations, etc.), particularly in systems that do not natively support transformation, such as HTML, seven-segment displays and plain text.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Transformation of text · See more »

Twisted nematic field effect

The twisted nematic effect (TN-effect) was a main technology breakthrough that made LCDs practical.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Twisted nematic field effect · See more »


The UT-88 (ЮТ-88) is a DIY educational computer designed in Soviet Union.

New!!: Seven-segment display and UT-88 · See more »

Vacuum fluorescent display

A vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) is a display device used commonly on consumer electronics equipment such as video cassette recorders, car radios, and microwave ovens.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Vacuum fluorescent display · See more »

Vane display

A vane display is a type of 7-segment display.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Vane display · See more »

Virtual channel

In most telecommunications organizations, a virtual channel is a method of remapping the program number as used in H.222 Program Association Tables and Program Mapping Tables to a channel number that can be entered via digits on a receiver's remote control.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Virtual channel · See more »


A watch is a timepiece intended to be carried or worn by a person.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Watch · See more »

Wheel of Fortune (Australian game show)

Wheel of Fortune is an Australian television game show produced by Grundy Television.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Wheel of Fortune (Australian game show) · See more »


The XE8000 series is a low-power microcontroller family from XEMICS (now a business unit of Semtech).

New!!: Seven-segment display and XE8000 · See more »

Yamaha RM1x

The Yamaha RM1x is a groovebox manufactured by Yamaha from 1999 to 2002.

New!!: Seven-segment display and Yamaha RM1x · See more »

101 (number)

101 (one hundred one) is the natural number following 100 and preceding 102.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 101 (number) · See more »

202 (number)

202 (two hundred two) is the natural number following 201 and preceding 203.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 202 (number) · See more »


4 (four) is a number, numeral, and glyph.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 4 · See more »

4000 series

The 4000 series is a family of integrated circuits (ICs) first introduced in 1968.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 4000 series · See more »


6 (six) is the natural number following 5 and preceding 7.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 6 · See more »


7 (seven) is the natural number following 6 and preceding 8.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 7 · See more »


8 (eight) is the natural number following 7 and preceding 9.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 8 · See more »

8 (disambiguation)

8 is a number, numeral, and glyph.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 8 (disambiguation) · See more »

88 (number)

88 (eighty-eight) is the natural number following 87 and preceding 89.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 88 (number) · See more »


9 (nine) is the natural number following and preceding.

New!!: Seven-segment display and 9 · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven-segment_display

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