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Six Divisions of Cavalry

Index Six Divisions of Cavalry

The Six Divisions of Cavalry (Altı Bölük Halkı), also known as the Kapıkulu Süvarileri ("Household Slave Cavalry"), was a corps of elite cavalry soldiers in the army of the Ottoman Empire. [1]

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Abaza Hasan Pasha

Abaza Hasan Pasha, also called Kara Hasan Pasha or Celali Hasan Pasha; (ابازه حسن پاشا, Abāza Ḥasan Paşa), was an Ottoman provincial governor and Celali rebel of the mid-seventeenth century.

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Amcazade Köprülü Hüseyin Pasha

Amcazade Köprülü Hüseyin Pasha ("Köprülü Hüseyin Pasha the Nephew"; in Hysein Pashë Kypriljoti) (1644–1702) of the Köprülü family, was the grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire under Mustafa II from September 1697 until September 1702.

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Battle of Khotyn (1621)

The Battle of Khotyn or Battle of Chocim or Hotin War (in Turkish: Hotin Muharebesi) was a combined siege and series of battles which took place between 2 September and 9 October 1621 between a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army and an invading Ottoman Imperial army.

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Kapıkulu (قپوقولو اوجاغی, Kapıkulu Ocağı, "Slaves of the Porte") was the collective name for the household troops of the Ottoman Sultans.

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Ottoman Army (15th-19th centuries)

Ottoman Classical Army was the military structure established by Mehmed II, during his reorganization of the state and the military.

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A Pirzada (پیرزاده) is historically described as official custodians of Sufi mausoleums and shrines in Muslim lands, with their earliest mentions being in Baghdad, Iraq, during the period of the Umayyad caliphate.

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Ridwan dynasty

The Ridwan dynasty (also spelled Radwan; RizvanZe'evi, 2012, p.) was the most prominent pasha family in Palestine, ruling the southwestern districts of the Damascus Eyalet ("Province of Damascus") in the 16th and 17th centuries under Ottoman rule.

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Ridwan Pasha

Riḍwān ibn Muṣṭafā ibn ʿAbd al-Muʿīn Pasha (Turkish transliteration: Ridvan Pasha; died 2 April 1585) was a 16th-century Ottoman statesman.

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Siege of Vienna

The Siege of Vienna in 1529 was the first attempt by the Ottoman Empire, led by Suleiman the Magnificent, to capture the city of Vienna, Austria.

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Transformation of the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire in 1683, at the height of its territorial expansion in Europe. The Transformation of the Ottoman Empire, also known as the Era of Transformation, constitutes a period in the history of the Ottoman Empire from to, spanning roughly from the end of the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent to the Treaty of Karlowitz at the conclusion of the War of the Holy League.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_Divisions_of_Cavalry

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