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Index Valka

Valka (Walk) is a city and municipality in northern Latvia, on the border with Estonia along both banks of the river Pedele. [1]

79 relations: A3 road (Latvia), Administrative divisions of Latvia, Administrative divisions of Latvia before 2009, Alūksne, Aleksander Kunileid, Arturs Neikšāns, August Matthias Hagen, Östhammar, Baltic Germans, Border town, City Twins Association, Cross-border town naming, Divided regions, Edvarts Virza, Estonian exonyms, European Hit Radio, European route E264, Finnish exonyms, Fricis Bārda, Gatis Smukulis, Gauja River Railway Bridge, Gulbene, Hans Einer, Hanseatic League, History of Latvia, International E-road network, Iskolat, Jaan Tõnisson, Jānis Cimze, Kreis Walk, Latvian Provisional National Council, Latvian Railways, Latvian Red Cross, Latvian War of Independence, Latvijas Basketbola līga, List of cities and towns in Latvia, List of divided cities, List of football clubs in Latvia, List of German exonyms for places in Latvia, List of metropolitan areas that overlap multiple countries, List of National Roads in Latvia, List of places named after people, List of power stations in Latvia, List of twin towns and sister cities in Finland, Lugaži, Mārcis Rullis, Mārtiņš Krūmiņš, Meredessantpataljon, Miķelis Krogzemis, Narrow-gauge railways in Latvia, ..., Orimattila, Pasažieru vilciens, Pavel Loskutov, Pļaviņas–Gulbene Railway, Polish exonyms, Radviliškis, Radviliškis District Municipality, Rail transport in Estonia, Riga–Lugaži Railway, Rodrigo Kalniņš, Romans Suta, Stephen Tallents, Transborder agglomeration, Transport in Latvia, Tvrdošín, Twin cities, Valga, Valga, Estonia, Valk, Valka District, Valka Municipality, Valka Town Theatre, Vents Armands Krauklis, Vilis Hāzners, Walk, Livonia, Weißenburg in Bayern, 1584, 1926 Latvian Football Championship, 2010–11 Latvian Football Cup. Expand index (29 more) »

A3 road (Latvia)

The A3 is a national road in Latvia connecting Inčukalns to Estonian border in Valka.

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Administrative divisions of Latvia

Administrative divisions of Latvia (valid since 1 July 2009).

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Administrative divisions of Latvia before 2009

Subdivisions of Latvia Until 2009 the districts of Latvia were divided into 77 cities (pilsēta), 10 amalgamated municipalities (novads), 24 rural territories (lauku teritorija) and 475 parishes (pagasts).

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Alūksne is a town on the shores of Lake Alūksne in northeastern Latvia near the borders with Estonia and Russia.

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Aleksander Kunileid

Aleksander Kunileid (born Aleksander Saebelmann), was an Estonian composer.

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Arturs Neikšāns

Arturs Neikšāns (born March 16, 1983, Valka) is a Latvian chess Grandmaster (2012) and FIDE Trainer (2012).

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August Matthias Hagen

August Matthias Hagen (23 February 1794, near Valka, Latvia - 2 December 1878, Tartu, Estonia) was a Baltic German painter and graphic artist.

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Östhammar is a locality and the seat of Östhammar Municipality, Uppsala County, Sweden with 4,534 inhabitants in 2010.

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Baltic Germans

The Baltic Germans (Deutsch-Balten or Deutschbalten, later Baltendeutsche) are ethnic German inhabitants of the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, in what today are Estonia and Latvia.

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Border town

A border town is a town or city close to the boundary between two countries, states, or regions.

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City Twins Association

City Twins Association is an association that develops cooperation between its members.

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Cross-border town naming

Cross-border town naming occurs where towns or villages with the same or equivalent names are divided between two different countries.

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Divided regions

Divided regions are transnational regions, islands, etc.

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Edvarts Virza

Edvarts Virza (born as Jēkabs Eduards Liekna; December 27, 1883, Salgale parish – March 1, 1940, Riga) was a Latvian writer, poet and translator.

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Estonian exonyms

Below is list of Estonian language exonyms for places in non-Estonian-speaking countries.

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European Hit Radio

European Hit Radio (latvian: Eiropas Hītu Radio (EHR), lithuanian: "Europos Hitų Radijas") is a commercial radio station in the Baltic states.

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European route E264

European route E 264 is a Class B road part of the International E-road network.

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Finnish exonyms

Below is list of Finnish language exonyms for towns and cities in non-Finnish-speaking areas.

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Fricis Bārda

Fricis Bārda (25 January 1880 – 13 March 1919) was a Latvian poet, particularly noted for his interest in philosophical and pantheistic themes.

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Gatis Smukulis

Gatis Smukulis (born 15 April 1987) is a Latvian professional road bicycle racer, currently riding for UCI Professional Continental team.

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Gauja River Railway Bridge

The Gauja River Railway Bridge crosses the Gauja River in Ūdriņi, Latvia as part of the Riga–Valka–Pskov railway line.

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Gulbene (Schwanenburg) is a town in northeastern Latvia.

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Hans Einer

Hans Einer (17.06.1856 - 23.02.1927) was born on a farm Kingu, Uniküla, in Sangaste Parish.

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Hanseatic League

The Hanseatic League (Middle Low German: Hanse, Düdesche Hanse, Hansa; Standard German: Deutsche Hanse; Latin: Hansa Teutonica) was a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and market towns in Northwestern and Central Europe.

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History of Latvia

The history of Latvia began around 9000 BC with the end of the last glacial period in northern Europe.

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International E-road network

The international E-road network is a numbering system for roads in Europe developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

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The Iskolat (Исколат) was the Executive Committee of the Soviet of Workers, Soldiers, and the Landless in Latvia (Исполнительный комитет Совета рабочих, солдатских и безземельных депутатов Латвии) in 1917–18.

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Jaan Tõnisson

Jaan Tõnisson (near Tänassilma – 1941?, in Tallinn?) was an Estonian statesman, serving as the Prime Minister of Estonia twice during 1919 to 1920, as State Elder (head of state and government) from 1927 to 1928 and in 1933, and as Foreign Minister of Estonia from 1931 to 1932.

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Jānis Cimze

Jānis Cimze (3 July/21 June 1814 — 22 October/10 October 1881) was a Latvian pedagogue, collector and harmoniser of folk songs, organist, founder of Latvian choral music and initiator of professional Latvian music.

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Kreis Walk

Kreis Walk was one of the nine subdivisions of the Governorate of Livonia of the Russian Empire.

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Latvian Provisional National Council

Latvian Provisional National Council (also known as the National Council) was established on November 17 (Old Style)/November 29 (New Style) 1917 in Valka, Governorate of Livonia by Latvian refugee support Central committee, political parties and representatives from Provisional Land Council of Vidzeme and Provisional Land Council of Latgale.

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Latvian Railways

Latvian Railways (Latvijas dzelzceļš or LDz) is the main state-owned railway company in Latvia with more than 12,400 employees.

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Latvian Red Cross

The Latvian Red Cross is a non-governmental non-profit volunteer-led humanitarian organization, and the national Red Cross Society in Latvia.

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Latvian War of Independence

The Latvian War of Independence (Latvijas brīvības cīņas, literally, "Latvia's freedom struggles"), sometimes called the Latvian War of Liberation (Latvijas atbrīvošanas karš, "War of Latvian Liberation"), was a series of military conflicts in Latvia between 5 December 1918, after the newly proclaimed Republic of Latvia was invaded by Soviet Russia, and the signing of the Latvian-Soviet Riga Peace Treaty on 11 August 1920.

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Latvijas Basketbola līga

The Latvian Basketball League (LBL; Latvijas Basketbola līga) also known as the OlyBet LBL for sponsorship reasons, is the national basketball championship in Latvia; composed of 9 teams.

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List of cities and towns in Latvia

There are 9 cities (Republikas pilsētas, "republican cities") and 67 towns (Novada pilsētas, "municipality towns") in Latvia.

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List of divided cities

A divided city is one which, as a consequence of political changes or border shifts, currently constitutes (or once constituted) two separate entities, or an urban area with a border running through it.

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List of football clubs in Latvia

This is a list of football (soccer) clubs in Latvia.

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List of German exonyms for places in Latvia

This page contains a list of exonyms in German for geographical places in the current and previous territory of Latvia.

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List of metropolitan areas that overlap multiple countries

This is a list of metropolitan areas that overlap multiple countries.

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List of National Roads in Latvia

This is a list of National Roads in Latvia.

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List of places named after people

There are a number of places named after famous people.

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List of power stations in Latvia

This page lists all power stations in Latvia.

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List of twin towns and sister cities in Finland

This is a list of places in Finland having standing links to local communities in other countries.

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Lugaži (Luke, Luhde) is a small town in the Valka Parish of Valka municipality in Latvia.

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Mārcis Rullis

Mārcis Rullis (born 31 January 1979) is a Latvian bobsledder.

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Mārtiņš Krūmiņš

Mārtiņš Krūmiņš (March 2, 1900 – 1992) was a Latvian-American Impressionist painter.

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The Meredessantpataljon, was a short lived Estonian marine infantry battalion during the Estonian War of Independence of the Estonian Defence Forces subject to the Estonian Navy.

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Miķelis Krogzemis

Miķelis Krogzemis (18 September 1850, Ungurpils – 6 February 1879, Saint Petersburg, Russia), better known under his pen name Auseklis* was a Latvian poet and prominent member of the Young Latvians movement.

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Narrow-gauge railways in Latvia

Around 1935, Latvian narrow-gauge railways consisted of 536 km (335 miles) of gauge, 432 km (270 miles) of gauge, and 48 km (30 miles) of meter gauge.

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Orimattila is a town and municipality of Finland.

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Pasažieru vilciens

Pasažieru vilciens ("Passenger train", abbreviated: PV) is the only passenger-carrying railway company in Latvia, operating both electric and diesel trains on various lines throughout the country.

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Pavel Loskutov

Pavel Loskutov (born 2 December 1969 in Valka, Latvia) is a former Estonian long-distance runner who specialized in marathon races.

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Pļaviņas–Gulbene Railway

The Pļaviņas–Gulbene Railway is a long, gauge railway built in the 20th century to connect Pļaviņas and Valka.

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Polish exonyms

Below is list of Polish language exonyms for places in non-Polish-speaking areas of Europe.

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Radviliškis (Radziwiliszki, ראדווילישאָק, Radvilishok) is a city in the Radviliškis district municipality, Šiauliai County, Lithuania.

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Radviliškis District Municipality

Radviliškis District Municipality is one of the seven municipalities of Šiauliai County (Šiaulių apskritis) in Lithuania.

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Rail transport in Estonia

The rail transport system in Estonia consists of about of railway lines, of which are currently in public use.

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Riga–Lugaži Railway

The Riga–Lugaži Railway is a long, gauge railway in Latvia.

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Rodrigo Kalniņš

Rodrigo Kalniņš (13 April 1883 – 22 February 1940) was a Latvian actor.

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Romans Suta

Romans Suta (1896-1944) was a Latvian painter, graphic artist, stage designer and art theoretician.

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Stephen Tallents

Sir Stephen George Tallents (20 October 1884- 11 September 1958) was a British civil servant and public relations expert.

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Transborder agglomeration

A transborder agglomeration is an agglomeration or conurbation that extends into multiple territories, countries or states.

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Transport in Latvia

This article provides an overview of the transport infrastructure of Latvia.

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Tvrdošín (Turdoschin (rare); Turdossin; Twardoszyn) is a town in central Slovakia.

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Twin cities

Twin cities are a special case of two cities or urban centres that are founded in close geographic proximity and then grow into each other over time, losing most of their mutual buffer zone.

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Valga may refer to.

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Valga, Estonia

Valga (Walk) is a town in southern Estonia and the capital of Valga County.

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Valk is a surname.

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Valka District

Valka district (Valkas rajons) was an administrative division of Latvia, located in Vidzeme region, in the country's north-east.

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Valka Municipality

Valka Municipality (Valkas novads) is a municipality in Vidzeme, Latvia.

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Valka Town Theatre

Valka Town Theatre (Valkas pilsētas teātris) is one of the oldest theatres in Latvia, in the town of Valka, North Vidzeme.

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Vents Armands Krauklis

Vents Armands Krauklis (born February 3, 1964 in Valka, Latvian SSR) is a Latvian politician and musician (member of famous melodic music band Bumerangs).

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Vilis Hāzners

Vilis Arveds Hāzners (1905-1989) was an officer in the Latvian army and Latvian Legion, and a recipient of the German ''Ehrenblattspange des Heeres''.

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Walk, Livonia

Walk was the historical German name for the town that is since 1920 divided into Valga in Estonia and Valka in Latvia.

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Weißenburg in Bayern

Weißenburg in Bayern (formerly also Weißenburg im Nordgau) is a town in Middle Franconia, Germany.

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No description.

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1926 Latvian Football Championship

Statistics of the Latvian Higher League for the 1926 season- RFK were the league champions.

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2010–11 Latvian Football Cup

Latvian Football Cup 2010–11 is the sixty-ninth season of the Latvian annual football knock-out competition.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valka

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