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Index Yohanan

Yohanan, Yochanan and Johanan are various transliterations to the Latin alphabet of the Hebrew male given name, a shortened form of, meaning "Yahweh is gracious". [1]

39 relations: Abba bar Hiyya b. Abba, Evan, Gianni, Gilyonim, Giovanni (name), Gjon, Ian, Ioan, Ivanov, Jacox, Jan (name), Jani (given name), Janne, Jean (male given name), Jeremiah, Joab in rabbinic literature, João, Johanan bar Nappaha, Johannes, John, John (given name), John the Baptist, Johnson, Jonas (name), Jonke, Jose ben Abin, Josiah, Juan, Kareah, List of biblical names starting with J, Mamre, Names of God in Judaism, Red heifer, Simeon ben Azzai, Siobhan, Theophoric name, Yahya (name), Yitro (parsha), Yohannan.

Abba bar Hiyya b. Abba

Abba bar Hiyya b. Abba was a Jewish Amora (scholar), who flourished at the beginning of the fourth century CE.

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Evan is a Welsh masculine given name derived from "Iefan", a Welsh form for the name John.

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Gianni is an Italian name (occasionally a surname), derived from the Hebrew Yohanan ("God is gracious", "God is merciful").

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Gilyonim is a term used by Jewish scribes flourishing between 100 and 135 CE to denote the Gospels.

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Giovanni (name)

Giovanni is a male Italian given name (from Latin Ioannes).

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Gjon (definite form: Gjoni) is an Albanian male given name, clan, surname and onomastic element.

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Ian or Iain is a name of Scottish Gaelic origin, ultimately derived from Hebrew Yohanan and corresponding to English John.

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Ioan is a variation on the name John found in the Romanian language, the Russian language and in the Welsh language.

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Ivanov (Bulgarian, Ивано́в, sometimes the stress is on Ива́нов in Bulgarian if it is a middle name, or in Russian as a rare variant of pronunciation), Ivanoff or Ivanow (masculine), or Ivanova (Ивано́ва; feminine) is one of the most common surnames in Bulgaria and the second most widespread surname in Russia after Smirnov.

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Jacox is a family name of English origin.

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Jan (name)

Jan is a variant of John in various languages and is a short version of Johannes.

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Jani (given name)

Jani is a male given name, particularly common in Finland and Hungary.

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Janne is a common given name in the Nordic countries.

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Jean (male given name)

On the European continent and in all French-speaking countries, Jean, is a male name derived from the Old French Jehan.

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Jeremiah (יִרְמְיָהוּ, Modern:, Tiberian:; Ἰερεμίας; إرميا meaning "Yah Exalts"), also called the "Weeping prophet", was one of the major prophets of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

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Joab in rabbinic literature

Allusions in rabbinic literature to the Biblical character Joab, the nephew of King David and commander of his army, contain various expansions, elaborations and inferences beyond what is presented in the text of the Bible itself.

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João is the Portuguese form of the name John.

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Johanan bar Nappaha

Johanan bar Nappaha (יוחנן בר נפחא Yoḥanan bar Nafḥa) (also known simply as Rabbi Johanan, or as Johanan bar Nafcha, "Johanan son blacksmith") (lived 180–279 CE) was a rabbi in the early era of the Talmud.

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Johannes is a Medieval Latin form of the personal name that usually appears as "John" in English language contexts.

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John is a common English name and surname.

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John (given name)

John is a common masculine given name in the English language of originally Semitic origin.

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John the Baptist

John the Baptist (יוחנן המטביל Yokhanan HaMatbil, Ἰωάννης ὁ βαπτιστής, Iōánnēs ho baptistḗs or Ἰωάννης ὁ βαπτίζων, Iōánnēs ho baptízōn,Lang, Bernhard (2009) International Review of Biblical Studies Brill Academic Pub p. 380 – "33/34 CE Herod Antipas's marriage to Herodias (and beginning of the ministry of Jesus in a sabbatical year); 35 CE – death of John the Baptist" ⲓⲱⲁⲛⲛⲏⲥ ⲡⲓⲡⲣⲟⲇⲣⲟⲙⲟⲥ or ⲓⲱ̅ⲁ ⲡⲓⲣϥϯⲱⲙⲥ, يوحنا المعمدان) was a Jewish itinerant preacherCross, F. L. (ed.) (2005) Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, 3rd ed.

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Johnson is a surname of Danish, English, Scottish and Swedish origin.

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Jonas (name)

Jonas is a common male name in many Western world countries.

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Jonke is a German surname of Hebrew origin and it was derived from the Hebrew given name Yochanan (meaning: Jehovah has favoured me with a son).

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Jose ben Abin

Jose b. Abin (יוסי בר אבין, read as Yossi bar Abin (Yer. Talmud); or alternative name recorded in the B. Talmud: Jose, the son of R. Boon, in Hebrew: יוסי ברבי בון, read as Yossi BeRabbi Bon) was a Jewish Talmudist, known as an amora of the fifth generation (4th century CE) who lived in the Galilee in the Land of Israel.

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Josiah or Yoshiyahu was a seventh-century BCE king of Judah (c. 649–609) who, according to the Hebrew Bible, instituted major religious reforms.

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Juan is a given name, the Spanish language and Manx language versions of John.

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Kareah or Careah (meaning in Hebrew "bald"), according to the Book of Jeremiah, was the father of Johanan and Jonathan, who for a time were loyal to Gedaliah, the Babylonian governor of Jerusalem.

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List of biblical names starting with J

A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O – P – Q – R – S – T – U – V – Y – Z.

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Mamre (מַמְרֵא), full Hebrew name Elonei Mamre ("Oaks/Terebinths of Mamre"), refers to an ancient cultic shrine originally focused on a single holy tree, belonging to Canaan,Lukasz Niesiolowski-Spano, Routledge, 2016 p.132.

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Names of God in Judaism

The name of God most often used in the Hebrew Bible is the Tetragrammaton (YHWH). It is frequently anglicized as Jehovah and Yahweh and written in most English editions of the Bible as "the " owing to the Jewish tradition viewing the divine name as increasingly too sacred to be uttered.

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Red heifer

The red heifer (פָרָה אֲדֻמָּה; para adumma), also known as the red cow, was a cow brought to the priests as a sacrifice according to the Hebrew Bible, and its ashes were used for the ritual purification of Tum'at HaMet ("the impurity of the dead"), that is, an Israelite who had come into contact with a corpse.

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Simeon ben Azzai

Simeon ben Azzai or simply Ben Azzai (שמעון בן עזאי) was a distinguished tanna of the first third of the 2nd century.

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Siobhan is a female given name of Irish origin.

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Theophoric name

A theophoric name (from Greek: θεόφορος, theophoros, literally "bearing or carrying a god") embeds the name of a god, both invoking and displaying the protection of that deity.

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Yahya (name)

Yahya (Yaḥyā), also written Yahia is a common Arabic male given name.

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Yitro (parsha)

Yitro, Yithro, Yisroi, Yisrau, or Yisro (Hebrew for the name "Jethro," the second word and first distinctive word in the parashah) is the seventeenth weekly Torah portion (parashah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading and the fifth in the Book of Exodus.

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Yohannan is a Syriac name equivalent to English John.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yohanan

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