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1F 1f 1F (disambiguation)
1F (music) 1F-oligo(beta-D-fructofuranosyl-(2-1)-)sucrose 6G-beta-D-fructotransferase 1F1
1F12 1FCK 1FF
1FF card 1FF SIM 1FF SIM card
1FLTV 1fm 1FM
1G 1g 1G (disambiguation)
1G FC 1g Racing 1G wireless
1G3 1g4 1g5g
1GFC 1GigE 1GL
1GOAL Education for All 1Goal Education for All 1GR
1GS7B 1H 1h
1H (disambiguation) 1H Cassiopeiae 1H NMR
1H-2-Benzopyran-1-one 1H-2-pyridone 1H-Azonine
1H-azonine 1H-benzimidazole 1H-benzotriazol
1H-Borepin 1H-borepin 1H-inden-1-one
1H-indole-3-methanol 1H-Indole-3-propionate 1H-indole-5,6-dione
1H-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging 1H-phenalene 1H-Phenalene
1H-purine-2,6-diol 1H0 1H1652+398
1H4 1h6 1HappyHoliday
1HDTV 1HERMES S250 J022016.5−060143 1HGR
1HL 1hm 1HNMR
1Hood 1HSB 1hT
1HT 1Hunnid 1hvi
1hz 1HZ 1I
1i 1I 'Oumuamua 1I (asteroid)
1I (comet) 1I (disambiguation) 1I (small solar system body)
1I Oumuamua 1i Productions 1I/ 'Oumuamua
1I/'Oumuamua 1I/2017 U1 1I/2017 U1 ('Oumuamua)
1I/2017 U1 (ʻOumuamua) 1I/ʻOumuamua 1I/Oumuamua
1I7 1ID 1IKaras Region
1in.am 1in.am Armenian News and Analyses 1in12 Club
1in360 1in6 1α neurones
1α-hydroxylase 1β afferent neurones 1β-methylseleno-N-acetyl-D- galactosamine
1β-Methylseleno-N-acetyl-D-galactosamine 1️⃣ 1J
1j 1J (disambiguation) 1Jo.
1k 1K (disambiguation) 1K pot
1K ZX Chess 1K1 1K17
1K17 Szhatie 1kbwc 1KBWC
1km 1km2 1KR-FE
1KUNS-PF 1L 1l
1L (disambiguation) 1L-chiro-Inositol 1L-myo-inositol 1-phosphate cytidylyltransferase
1L6 1Law4All Party 1legcall
1Lib1Ref 1lib1ref 1LIBEG
1LIVE diggi 1LIVE Kunst 1lKaras Region
1Lt 1LT 1LU496
1Lunatic1Icepick 1m 1M
1m (disambiguation) 1M (disambiguation) 1M1
1M1 Records 1m2 Un Metro Cuadrado 1m2 Un Metro Cuadrado (album)
1M3 1M4 1Malaysia
1Malaysia Development Berhad 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal 1Malaysia Development Berhad's scandal
1Malaysia Development Bhd 1Malaysia Development BHD. 1Malaysia Development Bhd.
1Malaysia F1 1Malaysia F1 Team 1Malaysia F1 Team Lotus
1Malaysia Lotus F1 Team 1Malaysia People's Housing Programme 1Malaysia Square
1mam 1MBD 1MbE
1MC 1MDB 1MDB scandal
1mdc 1MDC 1mdcGrams
1mg 1mm 1Mm
1Mobile 1mom 1Month2Live
1MV 1mym 1N
1n 1N (disambiguation) 1N0X1
1N4 1N4000 and 1N5400 series diodes 1N4001
1N4001 and 1N5400 series diodes 1N4001 and 1N5401 series diodes 1N4002
1N4003 1N4004 1N4005
1N4006 1N4007 1N400X
1N400x general purpose diode 1N400x general purpose diodes 1N400x general-purpose diode
1N400x general-purpose diodes 1n4148 1N4148
1N4148 signal diode 1N4148 switching diode 1n4dl01d81c212547
1N4N3 1N5 1N5400
1N5401 1N5402 1N5403
1N5404 1N5405 1N5406
1N5407 1N5408 1N540X
1N5817 1N5818 1N5819
1N5820 1N5821 1N5822
1N5823 1N5824 1N5825
1N58xx 1N58xx Schottky diodes 1N58xx schottky diodes
1N7 1N914 1NC
1nce Again 1nd Libyan Division Sibelle 1NF
1Night 1Night (Stargate song) 1Night (Stargate, PartyNextDoor, 21 Savage and Murda Beatz song)
1nm 1NR 1NSANE
1nsane 1NZEF 1O
1o 1O (disambiguation) 1o Batalhao de Forcas Especiais
1o de Maio 1o High School of Ioannina - Zosimaia School 1o Reggimento dei Granatieri di Sardegna
1o Secondary School of Ioannina 1o Secondary School of Ioannina - Zosimaia School 1o Sector
1O0 1O1O 1O2
1O5 1O6 1oo years war
1oT 1OTU 1P
1p 1P (disambiguation) 1p coin
1P reserves 1P-ETH-LAD 1P-LSD
1P/1682 Q1 1P/Halley 1P/Halley in fiction
1P1T 1P2T 1p36 deletion syndrome
1p36 Deletion Syndrome 1P3T 1P4T
1P78-1 Kashtan 1PACMAN 1Password
1password 1PCO 1PDT
1Pe. 1PI 1plus1=2
1pm 1Pm 1PN51
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