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Benghazi and El Bayyada

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Difference between Benghazi and El Bayyada

Benghazi vs. El Bayyada

Benghazi (بنغازي) is the second-most populous city in Libya and the largest in Cyrenaica. El Bayyada is a town in the Jebel Akhdar region of Libya.

Similarities between Benghazi and El Bayyada

Benghazi and El Bayyada have 5 things in common (in Unionpedia): Bayda, Libya, Cyrenaica, Districts of Libya, Eastern European Time, Jebel Akhdar, Libya.

Bayda, Libya

Bayda, or Elbeida (or; البيضاء) (also spelt az-Zāwiyat al-Bayḑā’, Zāwiyat al-Bayḑā’, Beida and El Beida; known as Beda Littoria under Italian colonial rule), is a commercial and industrial city in eastern Libya.

Bayda, Libya and Benghazi · Bayda, Libya and El Bayyada · See more »


Cyrenaica (Cyrenaica (Provincia), Κυρηναία (ἐπαρχία) Kyrēnaíā (eparkhíā), after the city of Cyrene; برقة) is the eastern coastal region of Libya.

Benghazi and Cyrenaica · Cyrenaica and El Bayyada · See more »

Districts of Libya

There are twenty-two districts of Libya, known by the term shabiyah (Arabic singular شعبية šaʿbiyya, plural šaʿbiyyāt).

Benghazi and Districts of Libya · Districts of Libya and El Bayyada · See more »

Eastern European Time

Eastern European Time (EET) is one of the names of UTC+02:00 time zone, 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time.

Benghazi and Eastern European Time · Eastern European Time and El Bayyada · See more »

Jebel Akhdar, Libya

The Jebel Akhdar (الجبل الأخضر, The Green Mountain) is a heavily forested, fertile upland area in northeastern Libya.

Benghazi and Jebel Akhdar, Libya · El Bayyada and Jebel Akhdar, Libya · See more »

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Benghazi and El Bayyada Comparison

Benghazi has 255 relations, while El Bayyada has 10. As they have in common 5, the Jaccard index is 1.89% = 5 / (255 + 10).


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