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Okinawa Prefecture and Tokunoshima

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Difference between Okinawa Prefecture and Tokunoshima

Okinawa Prefecture vs. Tokunoshima

is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. , also known in English as and is one of the Satsunan Islands, classed with the Amami archipelago between Kyūshū and Okinawa.

Similarities between Okinawa Prefecture and Tokunoshima

Okinawa Prefecture and Tokunoshima have 16 things in common (in Unionpedia): Coral reef, Districts of Japan, East China Sea, Humid subtropical climate, Kagoshima Prefecture, Köppen climate classification, Kyushu, Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Meiji Restoration, Prefectures of Japan, Protobothrops flavoviridis, Ryukyu Kingdom, Satsuma Domain, Sugarcane, Tokugawa shogunate, Typhoon.

Coral reef

Coral reefs are diverse underwater ecosystems held together by calcium carbonate structures secreted by corals.

Coral reef and Okinawa Prefecture · Coral reef and Tokunoshima · See more »

Districts of Japan

The is today a geographical and statistical unit comprising one or several rural municipalities in Japan.

Districts of Japan and Okinawa Prefecture · Districts of Japan and Tokunoshima · See more »

East China Sea

The East China Sea is a marginal sea east of China.

East China Sea and Okinawa Prefecture · East China Sea and Tokunoshima · See more »

Humid subtropical climate

A humid subtropical climate is a zone of climate characterized by hot and humid summers, and mild to cool winters.

Humid subtropical climate and Okinawa Prefecture · Humid subtropical climate and Tokunoshima · See more »

Kagoshima Prefecture

is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Kyushu.

Kagoshima Prefecture and Okinawa Prefecture · Kagoshima Prefecture and Tokunoshima · See more »

Köppen climate classification

The Köppen climate classification is one of the most widely used climate classification systems.

Köppen climate classification and Okinawa Prefecture · Köppen climate classification and Tokunoshima · See more »


is the third largest island of Japan and most southwesterly of its four main islands.

Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture · Kyushu and Tokunoshima · See more »

Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

is a United States Marine Corps base located in Ginowan, Okinawa, Japan, northeast of Naha, on the island of Okinawa.

Marine Corps Air Station Futenma and Okinawa Prefecture · Marine Corps Air Station Futenma and Tokunoshima · See more »

Meiji Restoration

The, also known as the Meiji Ishin, Renovation, Revolution, Reform, or Renewal, was an event that restored practical imperial rule to the Empire of Japan in 1868 under Emperor Meiji.

Meiji Restoration and Okinawa Prefecture · Meiji Restoration and Tokunoshima · See more »

Prefectures of Japan

Japan is divided into 47, forming the first level of jurisdiction and administrative division.

Okinawa Prefecture and Prefectures of Japan · Prefectures of Japan and Tokunoshima · See more »

Protobothrops flavoviridis

Protobothrops flavoviridis is a species of venomous pit viper endemic to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.

Okinawa Prefecture and Protobothrops flavoviridis · Protobothrops flavoviridis and Tokunoshima · See more »

Ryukyu Kingdom

The Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawan: Ruuchuu-kuku; 琉球王国 Ryūkyū Ōkoku; Middle Chinese: Ljuw-gjuw kwok; historical English name: Lewchew, Luchu, and Loochoo) was an independent kingdom that ruled most of the Ryukyu Islands from the 15th to the 19th century.

Okinawa Prefecture and Ryukyu Kingdom · Ryukyu Kingdom and Tokunoshima · See more »

Satsuma Domain

, also known as Kagoshima Domain, was a Japanese domain of the Edo period.

Okinawa Prefecture and Satsuma Domain · Satsuma Domain and Tokunoshima · See more »


Sugarcane, or sugar cane, are several species of tall perennial true grasses of the genus Saccharum, tribe Andropogoneae, native to the warm temperate to tropical regions of South and Southeast Asia, Polynesia and Melanesia, and used for sugar production.

Okinawa Prefecture and Sugarcane · Sugarcane and Tokunoshima · See more »

Tokugawa shogunate

The Tokugawa shogunate, also known as the and the, was the last feudal Japanese military government, which existed between 1600 and 1868.

Okinawa Prefecture and Tokugawa shogunate · Tokugawa shogunate and Tokunoshima · See more »


A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops between 180° and 100°E in the Northern Hemisphere.

Okinawa Prefecture and Typhoon · Tokunoshima and Typhoon · See more »

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Okinawa Prefecture and Tokunoshima Comparison

Okinawa Prefecture has 301 relations, while Tokunoshima has 43. As they have in common 16, the Jaccard index is 4.65% = 16 / (301 + 43).


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