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Fatty alcohol

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Fatty alcohols (or long-chain alcohols) are usually high-molecular-weight, straight-chain primary alcohols, but can also range from as few as 4–6 carbons to as many as 22–26, derived from natural fats and oils. [1]

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Achyranthes aspera

Achyranthes aspera (common names: chaff-flower, prickly chaff flower, devil's horsewhip, Sanskrit: अपामार्ग apamarga) is a species of plant in the Amaranthaceae family.

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In chemistry, an alcohol is any organic compound in which the hydroxyl functional group (–OH) is bound to a carbon.

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Alkyl polyglycoside

Alkyl polyglycosides (APGs) are a class of non-ionic surfactants widely used in a variety of cosmetic, household, and industrial applications.

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Arachidyl alcohol

No description.

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Beeswax (cera alba) is a natural wax produced by honey bees of the genus Apis.

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A biosignature (sometimes called chemical fossil or molecular fossil) is any substance – such as an element, isotope, molecule, or phenomenon – that provides scientific evidence of past or present life.

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Brassicasterol (24-methyl cholest-5,22-dien-3β-ol) is a 28-carbon sterol synthesised by several unicellular algae (phytoplankton) and some terrestrial plants, e.g., oilseed rape.

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Cereal germ

The germ of a cereal is the reproductive part that germinates to grow into a plant; it is the embryo of the seed.

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The INCI names ceteareth-n (where n is a number) refer to polyoxyethylene ethers of a mixture of high molecular mass saturated fatty alcohols, mainly cetyl alcohol (n.

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Cetostearyl alcohol

Cetostearyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol or cetylstearyl alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols, consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols and is classified as a fatty alcohol.

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Cetyl alcohol

Cetyl alcohol, also known as hexadecan-1-ol and palmityl alcohol, is a fatty alcohol with the formula CH3(CH2)15OH.

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Ciguatera fish poisoning

Ciguatera fish poisoning, also known simply as ciguatera, is a foodborne illness caused by eating reef fish whose flesh is contaminated with certain toxins.

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Cleaning agent

Cleaning agents are substances (usually liquids, powders, sprays, or granules) used to remove dirt, including dust, stains, bad smells, and clutter on surfaces.

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Commodity chemicals

Commodity chemicals (or bulk commodities or bulk chemicals) are a group of chemicals that are made on a very large scale to satisfy global markets.

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Decyl glucoside

Decyl glucoside is a mild non-ionic surfactant used in cosmetic formularies including baby shampoo and in products for individuals with a sensitive skin.

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Decyl polyglucose

Decyl polyglucose is a mild non-ionic synthetic surfactant.

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A defoamer or an anti-foaming agent is a chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids.

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Diamphotoxin is a toxin produced by larvae and pupae of the beetle genus Diamphidia.

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Docosanol, also known as behenyl alcohol, is a saturated fatty alcohol used traditionally as an emollient, emulsifier, and thickener in cosmetics, and nutritional supplement (as an individual entity and also as a constituent of policosanol).

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Dodecanol, or lauryl alcohol, is an organic compound produced industrially from palm kernel oil or coconut oil.

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Dolichol monophosphate

Dolichol monophosphate is a fatty alcohol.

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Dreft is a laundry detergent in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other markets.

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In chemistry, an ester is a chemical compound derived from an acid (organic or inorganic) in which at least one –OH (hydroxyl) group is replaced by an –O–alkyl (alkoxy) group.

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Ethoxylation is a chemical reaction in which ethylene oxide adds to a substrate.

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Fabric softener

A fabric softener (or conditioner) is a conditioner that is typically applied to laundry during the rinse cycle in a washing machine.

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Falcarinol (also known as carotatoxin or panaxynol) is a natural pesticide and fatty alcohol found in carrots (Daucus carota), red ginseng (Panax ginseng) and ivy.

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Fatty acid

In chemistry, particularly in biochemistry, a fatty acid is a carboxylic acid with a long aliphatic chain, which is either saturated or unsaturated.

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Fatty alcohol

Fatty alcohols (or long-chain alcohols) are usually high-molecular-weight, straight-chain primary alcohols, but can also range from as few as 4–6 carbons to as many as 22–26, derived from natural fats and oils.

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Fatty aldehyde

Fatty aldehydes are aliphatic, long-chain aldehydes which may be mono- or polyunsaturated.

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Fatty amine

In chemistry, a fatty amine is any amine attached to a hydrocarbon chain of eight or more carbon atoms in length.

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Foundation (cosmetics)

Foundation is a skin-coloured makeup applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, to cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skintone.

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Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner is a hair care product used to improve the feel, appearance and manageability of hair.

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Hard-surface cleaner

Hard surface cleaners is a category of cleaning agents comprising mainly aqueous solutions of specialty chemicals that vary with the amount of dirt and the surface being cleaned.

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Herpes labialis

Herpes labialis, also known as cold sores, is a type of infection by the herpes simplex virus that affects primarily the lip.

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Hydroformylation, also known as oxo synthesis or oxo process, is an industrial process for the production of aldehydes from alkenes.

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Hydrogenation – to treat with hydrogen – is a chemical reaction between molecular hydrogen (H2) and another compound or element, usually in the presence of a catalyst such as nickel, palladium or platinum.

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Jojoba ester

Jojoba esters are the hydrogenation or transesterification product of Jojoba oil.

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Lactones are cyclic esters of hydroxycarboxylic acids, containing a 1-oxacycloalkan-2-one structure, or analogues having unsaturation or heteroatoms replacing one or more carbon atoms of the ring.

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Laundry detergent

Laundry detergent, or washing powder, is a type of detergent (cleaning agent) that is added for cleaning laundry.

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Lignin characterization

The term "Lignin characterization" (or "Lignin analysis") refers to a group of activities within lignin research aiming at describing the characteristics of a lignin by determination of its most important properties.

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Linoleyl alcohol

Linoleyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol produced by the reduction of linoleic acid.

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List of MeSH codes (D02)

This is the fourth part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH.

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List of MeSH codes (D10)

This is the fourth part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH.

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Long-chain-alcohol dehydrogenase

In enzymology, a long-chain-alcohol dehydrogenase is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction The 3 substrates of this enzyme are long-chain alcohol, NAD+, and H2O, whereas its 3 products are long-chain carboxylate, NADH, and H+.

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Long-chain-alcohol O-fatty-acyltransferase

In enzymology, a long-chain-alcohol O-fatty-acyltransferase is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction Thus, the two substrates of this enzyme are acyl-CoA and long-chain alcohol, whereas its two products are CoA and long-chain ester.

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Long-chain-alcohol oxidase

Long-chain alcohol oxidase is one of two enzyme classes that oxidize long-chain or fatty alcohols to aldehydes.

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Metabolic engineering

Metabolic engineering is the practice of optimizing genetic and regulatory processes within cells to increase the cells' production of a certain substance.

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Octocrylene is an organic compound used as an ingredient in sunscreens and cosmetics.

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Octyl salicylate

No description.

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Oleochemicals (from Latin: oleum “olive oil”) are chemicals derived from plant and animal fats.

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Oleyl alcohol

Oleyl alcohol, octadecenol, or cis-9-octadecen-1-ol, is an unsaturated fatty alcohol with the molecular formula 1836 or the condensed structural formula CH3(CH2)7-CH.

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Palythoa is a genus of anthozoans in the order Zoantharia.

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Panaxytriol is a fatty alcohol found in ginseng.

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Rice bran wax

Rice bran wax is the vegetable wax extracted from the bran oil of rice (Oryza sativa).

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Sasol Limited is an integrated energy and chemical company based in Sandton, South Africa.

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Shell higher olefin process

The Shell higher olefin process is a chemical process for the production of linear alpha olefins via ethylene oligomerization and olefin metathesis invented and exploited by Royal Dutch Shell.

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Sodium cyanate

Sodium cyanate (NaOCN) is a white crystalline solid that adopts a body centered rhombohedral crystal lattice structure (trigonal crystal system) at room temperature.

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Sodium myreth sulfate

Sodium myreth sulfate is a mixture of organic compounds with both detergent and surfactant properties.

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Stearyl alcohol

Stearyl alcohol (also known as octadecyl alcohol or 1-octadecanol) is an organic compound classified as a fatty alcohol with the formula CH3(CH2)16CH2OH.

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Stearyl palmityl tartrate

Stearyl palmityl tartrate is a derivative of tartaric acid used as an emulsifier.

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Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension (or interfacial tension) between two liquids, between a gas and a liquid, or between a liquid and a solid.

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Tall oil

Tall oil, also called "liquid rosin" or tallol, is a viscous yellow-black odorous liquid obtained as a by-product of the Kraft process of wood pulp manufacture when pulping mainly coniferous trees.

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1-Triacontanol is a fatty alcohol of the general formula C30H62O, also known as melissyl alcohol or myricyl alcohol.

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Triethylaluminium is an organoaluminium compound.

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Undecanol, also known by its IUPAC name 1-undecanol or undecan-1-ol, and by its trivial names undecyl alcohol and hendecanol, is a fatty alcohol.

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Urea extraction crystallization

The urea extraction crystallization is a process for separating linear paraffins (n-paraffins, n-alkanes) from hydrocarbon mixtures through the formation of urea-n-paraffin-clathrates.

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Waxes are a diverse class of organic compounds that are lipophilic, malleable solids near ambient temperatures.

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Wax ester

A wax ester (WE) is an ester of a fatty acid and a fatty alcohol.

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Wax-ester hydrolase

In enzymology, a wax-ester hydrolase is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction Thus, the two substrates of this enzyme are wax ester and H2O, whereas its two products are long-chain alcohol and long-chain carboxylate.

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Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil is extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel, which makes up only 2.5% by weight of the kernel Wheat germ oil is particularly high in octacosanol - a 28-carbon long-chain saturated primary alcohol found in a number of different vegetable waxes.

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Whitfield's ointment

Whitfield's ointment is an ointment used for the topical treatment of dermatophytosis, such as athlete's foot.

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Ziegler process

In organic chemistry, the Ziegler process (also called the Ziegler-Alfol synthesis) is a method for producing fatty alcohols from ethylene using a organoaluminium catalyst.

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1,8-Octanediol, also known as octamethylene glycol, is a diol with the molecular formula HO(CH2)8OH.

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1-Decanol is a straight chain fatty alcohol with ten carbon atoms and the molecular formula C10H21OH.

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1-Dotriacontanol is a fatty alcohol.

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1-Heptacosanol is a fatty alcohol.

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1-Nonacosanol is a fatty alcohol.

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1-Nonanol is a straight chain fatty alcohol with nine carbon atoms and the molecular formula CH3(CH2)8OH.

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1-Octacosanol (also known as n-octacosanol, octacosyl alcohol, cluytyl alcohol, montanyl alcohol) is a straight-chain aliphatic 28-carbon primary fatty alcohol that is common in the epicuticular waxes of plants, including the leaves of many species of Eucalyptus, of most forage and cereal grasses, of Acacia, Trifolium, Pisum and many other legume genera among many others, sometimes as the major wax constituent.

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1-Octanol also known as octan-1-ol is the organic compound with the molecular formula CH3(CH2)7OH.

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1-Octene is an organic compound with a formula CH2CHC6H13.

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1-Tetracosanol (lignoceryl alcohol) is a fatty alcohol, usually derived from the fatty acid lignoceric acid.

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1-Tetradecanol, or commonly myristyl alcohol (from Myristica fragrans – the nutmeg plant), is a straight-chain saturated fatty alcohol, with the molecular formula C14H30O.

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1-Tridecanol is a chemical compound from the group of alcohols (specifically, the fatty alcohols). It is in the form of a colorless, flammable solid.

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2-Ethylhexanol (abbreviated 2-EH) is a branched, eight-carbon chiral alcohol.

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2-Octanol (octan-2-ol, 2-OH) is a fatty alcohol. It is a secondary eight-carbon chiral compound. 2-Octanol is a colorless liquid that is poorly soluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents. It is used such as or as a raw material in various applications: flavors and fragrances, paints and coatings, inks, adhesives, home care, lubricants and fuels. 2-Octanol can be a biobased alternative of 2-ethylhexanol and its derivates in numerous applications.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatty_alcohol

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