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8-Bit Theater is a completed sprite comic created by Brian Clevinger, and published in 1,225 episodes from March 2, 2001 to June 1, 2010. [1]

42 relations: Adobe Photoshop, Atomic Robo, Bob and George, Brian Clevinger, Character class, Classical element, Clip art, Create a Comic Project, Doppelgänger, Everything2, Fantasy, Final Fantasy (video game), Final Fantasy III, History of video game consoles (third generation), Hulk (comics), List of 8-Bit Theater characters, Metroid, Nintendo Entertainment System, Omnipotence, Princeton University, River City Ransom, Role-playing video game, Running gag, Slapstick, Sloth (deadly sin), Spacetime, Spider-Man, Sprite (computer graphics), Sprite comic, Superhero, Sword, Tabletop role-playing game, Treehouse of Horror X, User (computing), Virility, Warrior (character class), Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards, Webcomic, Wired (magazine), Word play, WordPress.com, 1UP.com.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X. Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll.

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Atomic Robo

Atomic Robo is an American comic book series depicting the adventures of the eponymous character, a self-aware robot built by a fictional version of Nikola Tesla, created by 8-Bit Theater writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener.

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Bob and George

Bob and George was a sprite-based webcomic which parodied the fictional universe of Mega Man.

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Brian Clevinger

Brian Clevinger (born May 7, 1978) is an American writer best known as the author of the webcomic 8-Bit Theater and the Eisner-nominated print comic Atomic Robo.

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Character class

In role-playing games (RPG), a common method of arbitrating the capabilities of different game characters is to assign each one to a character class.

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Classical element

Many philosophies and worldviews have a set of classical elements believed to reflect the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything can consist or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of everything are based.

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Clip art

Clip art, in the graphic arts, refers to pre-made images used to illustrate any medium.

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Create a Comic Project

The Create a Comic Project (CCP) is a youth literacy program and webcomic created by John Baird.

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In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger or doppelga(e)nger (or;, literally "double-goer") is a look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a paranormal phenomenon, and in some traditions as a harbinger of bad luck.

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Everything2 (styled Everything2), or E2 for short, is a collaborative Web-based community consisting of a database of interlinked user-submitted written material.

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Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary plot element, theme, or setting.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Fantasy · See more »

Final Fantasy (video game)

is a fantasy role-playing video game created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, developed and first published in Japan by Square (now Square Enix) in 1987.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Final Fantasy (video game) · See more »

Final Fantasy III

is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square in for the Family Computer as the third installment in the Final Fantasy series.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Final Fantasy III · See more »

History of video game consoles (third generation)

In the history of computer and video games, the third generation (sometimes referred to as the 8-bit era) began on July 15, 1983, with the Japanese release of both the Family Computer (referred to in Japan in the abbreviated form "Famicom", and later known as the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, in the rest of the world) and SG-1000.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and History of video game consoles (third generation) · See more »

Hulk (comics)

The Hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Hulk (comics) · See more »

List of 8-Bit Theater characters

The events in the webcomic 8-Bit Theater center on four major characters — the Light Warriors — and a number of minor ones.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and List of 8-Bit Theater characters · See more »


is a series of science fiction action-adventure video games by Nintendo.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Metroid · See more »

Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System (also abbreviated as NES) is an 8-bit home video game console that was developed and manufactured by Nintendo.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Nintendo Entertainment System · See more »


Omnipotence is the quality of having unlimited power.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Omnipotence · See more »

Princeton University

Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey, United States.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Princeton University · See more »

River City Ransom

River City Ransom, originally released as or Downtown Nekketsu Story in Japan and later as Street Gangs in PAL regions, is an open world action role-playing beat 'em up video game for the Family Computer/NES.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and River City Ransom · See more »

Role-playing video game

A role-playing video game (commonly referred to as role-playing game or RPG, and in the past was also known as computer role-playing game or cRPG) is a video game genre where the player controls the actions of a main character (or several adventuring party members) immersed in some well-defined world.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Role-playing video game · See more »

Running gag

A running gag, or running joke, is a literary device that takes the form of an amusing joke or a comical reference and appears repeatedly throughout a work of literature or other form of storytelling.

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Slapstick is a style of humor involving exaggerated physical activity which exceeds the boundaries of common sense.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Slapstick · See more »

Sloth (deadly sin)

Sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins in Christian moral tradition, particularly within Catholicism, referring to laziness.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Sloth (deadly sin) · See more »


In physics, spacetime (also space–time, space time or space–time continuum) is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Spacetime · See more »


Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics existing in its shared universe.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Spider-Man · See more »

Sprite (computer graphics)

In computer graphics, a sprite (also known by other names; see Synonyms below) is a two-dimensional image or animation that is integrated into a larger scene.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Sprite (computer graphics) · See more »

Sprite comic

Sprite comics are webcomics that use computer sprites, often taken from video games, for significant portions of their artwork.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Sprite comic · See more »


In modern popular fiction, a superhero (sometimes rendered super-hero or super hero) is a type of heroic character possessing extraordinary talents, supernatural phenomena, or superhuman powers and is dedicated to a moral goal or protecting the public.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Superhero · See more »


A sword is a bladed weapon intended for both cutting and thrusting.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Sword · See more »

Tabletop role-playing game

A tabletop role-playing game, pen-and-paper role-playing game, or table-talk role-playing game is a form of role-playing game (RPG) in which the participants describe their characters' actions through speech.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Tabletop role-playing game · See more »

Treehouse of Horror X

"Treehouse of Horror X" is the fourth episode of The Simpsons' eleventh season, and the tenth annual Treehouse of Horror episode, consisting of three self-contained segments.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Treehouse of Horror X · See more »

User (computing)

A user is a person who uses a computer or network service.

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Virility (from the Latin virilitas, manhood or virility, derived from Latin vir, man) refers to any of a wide range of masculine characteristics viewed positively.

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Warrior (character class)

Warrior is a character class (or job) found in many role-playing games.

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Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards

The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards (WCCA) were annual awards in which online cartoonists nominate and select outstanding webcomics.

New!!: 8-Bit Theater and Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards · See more »


Webcomics (also known as online comics or Internet comics) are comics published on a website.

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Wired (magazine)

Wired is a full-color monthly American magazine, published in both print and online editions, that reports on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics.

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Word play

Word play or wordplay is a literary technique and a form of wit in which the words that are used become the main subject of the work, primarily for the purpose of intended effect or amusement.

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WordPress.com is a blog web hosting service provider owned by Automattic, and powered by the open source WordPress software.

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1UP.com was an American entertainment website that focused on video games.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8-Bit_Theater

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