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Index M10

M10, M-10 or M 10 may refer to. [1]

28 relations: BMW M10, Denel, Fokker M 10, Garmin Nüvifone, Highway M10 (Ukraine), Karachi Northern Bypass (M10 motorway), Lee–Enfield, M-10 (Michigan highway), M10 (panel building), M10 (political party), M10 and M20 buses, M10 highway (Russia), M10 motorway (Great Britain), M10 tank destroyer, M1910, M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle, M7 bayonet, M9 (New York City bus), MAC-10, Magic: The Gathering core sets, 2009–2015, Messier 10, Model 10, Mooney M10 Cadet, MX, Noble M10, Remington Model 10, Spain, 152 mm howitzer M1938 (M-10).


The BMW M10 is a straight-4 SOHC piston engine produced from 1962 to 1988 with displacements ranging from 1499 cc to 1990 cc.

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Denel SOC Ltd is a South African state-owned aerospace and military technology conglomerate established in 1991.

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Fokker M 10

The Fokker M 10 was a two-seater reconnaissance / fighter-trainer biplane with single-bay wings equipped with wing-warping controls for roll, powered by a 7-cylinder 80 hp Oberursel U.0 engine.

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Garmin Nüvifone

The Garmin Nüvifone is a line of Internet-enabled mobile phone and personal navigation devices manufactured by a partnership between Garmin and Asus.

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Highway M10 (Ukraine)

is a Ukrainian international highway (M-highway) connecting Lviv to Krakovets on the border with Poland, where it connects to Polish A4 motorway.

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Karachi Northern Bypass (M10 motorway)

The M-10 (موٹروے 10) or Karachi Northern Bypass (كراچى شمالی متبادل راسته), is a 2-lane road of Karachi as Motorway that directly connects the M9 motorway to Karachi Port, and provides an easy way to transporters who directly have to go port or have to leave the city.

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The Lee–Enfield is a bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century.

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M-10 (Michigan highway)

M-10 is a north–south state trunkline highway in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan in the United States.

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M10 (panel building)

M10 is a type of a residential panel building in East Germany.

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M10 (political party)

M (M to the power 10) is a right-wing political party in Romania.

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M10 and M20 buses

The Eighth Avenue Line is a public transit line in Manhattan, New York City, United States, running mostly along Eighth Avenue from Lower Manhattan to Harlem.

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M10 highway (Russia)

The M10 is a federal highway in Russia connecting the country's two largest cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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M10 motorway (Great Britain)

The M10 was a motorway in Hertfordshire, England, running for approximately 3 miles (4.5 km) from the M1 motorway at junction 7 near Hemel Hempstead to the A414 North Orbital Road at Park Street Roundabout, just south of St Albans.

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M10 tank destroyer

The M10 tank destroyer was an American tank destroyer of World War II.

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M1910 may refer to.

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M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle

The M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle (ESR), formerly known as the XM2010 and M24 Reconfigured Sniper Weapon System, is a sniper rifle developed by PEO Soldier for the United States Army.

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M7 bayonet

The M7 bayonet is a bayonet that was used by the U.S. military for the M16 rifle, it can also be used with the M4 carbine as well as many other assault rifles, carbines and combat shotguns.

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M9 (New York City bus)

The M9 is a local bus routes that operates along the Avenue C Line (also known as the Houston Street Line), in Manhattan, New York City, United States.

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The Military Armament Corporation Model 10, officially abbreviated as "M10" or "M-10", and more commonly known as the MAC-10, is a compact, blowback operated machine pistol that was developed by Gordon B. Ingram in 1964.

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Magic: The Gathering core sets, 2009–2015

Seven Magic: The Gathering core sets have been released since 2009: Magic 2010, Magic 2011, Magic 2012, Magic 2013, Magic 2014, Magic 2015, and Magic Origins.

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Messier 10

Messier 10 or M10 (also designated NGC 6254) is a globular cluster of stars in the equatorial constellation of Ophiuchus.

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Model 10

Model 10 or 10-model may refer to.

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Mooney M10 Cadet

The Mooney M10 Cadet is a light airplane manufactured by the Mooney Aircraft Company in 1969 and 1970.

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MX, Mx, mX, or mx may refer to.

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Noble M10

The Noble M10 was the first car designed and produced by Noble Automotive.

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Remington Model 10

The Remington Model 10 is a pump-action shotgun designed by John Pedersen with an internal hammer and a tube magazine which loaded and ejected from a port in the bottom of the receiver.

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Spain (España), officially the Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España), is a sovereign state mostly located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe.

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152 mm howitzer M1938 (M-10)

152-mm howitzer M1938 (M-10) (152-мм гаубица обр.) was a Soviet 152.4 mm (6 inch) howitzer of World War II era.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M10

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