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Rectified 8-simplexes

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In eight-dimensional geometry, a rectified 8-simplex is a convex uniform 8-polytope, being a rectification of the regular 8-simplex. [1]

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Cartesian coordinate system

A Cartesian coordinate system is a coordinate system that specifies each point uniquely in a plane by a pair of numerical coordinates, which are the signed distances from the point to two fixed perpendicular directed lines, measured in the same unit of length.

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Convex polytope

A convex polytope is a special case of a polytope, having the additional property that it is also a convex set of points in the n-dimensional space Rn.

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Coxeter element

In mathematics, the Coxeter number h is the order of a Coxeter element of an irreducible Coxeter group.

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Coxeter group

In mathematics, a Coxeter group, named after H. S. M. Coxeter, is an abstract group that admits a formal description in terms of reflections (or kaleidoscopic mirrors).

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Coxeter–Dynkin diagram

In geometry, a Coxeter–Dynkin diagram (or Coxeter diagram, Coxeter graph) is a graph with numerically labeled edges (called branches) representing the spatial relations between a collection of mirrors (or reflecting hyperplanes).

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E9 honeycomb

In geometry, an E9 honeycomb is a tessellation of uniform polytopes in hyperbolic 9-dimensional space.

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Facet (geometry)

In geometry, a facet is a feature of a polyhedron, polytope, or related geometric structure, generally of dimension one less than the structure itself.

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Geometry (from the γεωμετρία; geo- "earth", -metron "measurement") is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.

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Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter

Harold Scott MacDonald "Donald" Coxeter, FRS, FRSC, (February 9, 1907 – March 31, 2003) was a British-born Canadian geometer.

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In geometry, a nonagon (or enneagon) is a nine-sided polygon.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Nonagon · See more »

Norman Johnson (mathematician)

Norman W. Johnson (born November 12, 1930) is a mathematician, previously at Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Norman Johnson (mathematician) · See more »

Petrie polygon

In geometry, a Petrie polygon for a regular polytope of n dimensions is a skew polygon such that every (n-1) consecutive sides (but no n) belong to one of the facets.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Petrie polygon · See more »

Projection (linear algebra)

In linear algebra and functional analysis, a projection is a linear transformation P from a vector space to itself such that.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Projection (linear algebra) · See more »

Rectification (geometry)

In Euclidean geometry, rectification or complete-truncation is the process of truncating a polytope by marking the midpoints of all its edges, and cutting off its vertices at those points.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Rectification (geometry) · See more »

Rectified 9-orthoplexes

In nine-dimensional geometry, a rectified 9-simplex is a convex uniform 9-polytope, being a rectification of the regular 9-orthoplex.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Rectified 9-orthoplexes · See more »

Schläfli symbol

In geometry, the Schläfli symbol is a notation of the form that defines regular polytopes and tessellations.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Schläfli symbol · See more »


In geometry, a tetrahedron (plural: tetrahedra or tetrahedrons) is a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, three of which meet at each corner or vertex.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Tetrahedron · See more »

Uniform 8-polytope

In eight-dimensional geometry, an eight-dimensional polytope or 8-polytope is a polytope contained by 7-polytope facets.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Uniform 8-polytope · See more »

Vertex figure

In geometry a vertex figure is, broadly speaking, the figure exposed when a corner of a polyhedron or polytope is sliced off.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and Vertex figure · See more »

1 52 honeycomb

In geometry, the 152 honeycomb is a uniform tessellation of 8-dimensional Euclidean space.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and 1 52 honeycomb · See more »


In geometry, an 8-simplex is a self-dual regular 8-polytope.

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In geometry, a demienneract or 9-demicube is a uniform 9-polytope, constructed from the 9-cube, with alternated vertices truncated.

New!!: Rectified 8-simplexes and 9-demicube · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rectified_8-simplexes

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