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Index ZN

ZN, Zn, Zn, or ℤn may stand for. [1]

9 relations: Air Bourbon, Azimuth, Cyclic group, Modular arithmetic, Newton (unit), Zenith, Ziehl–Neelsen stain, Zinc, Zontanoi Nekroi.

Air Bourbon

Air Bourbon was a short-lived airline headquartered at Roland Garros Airport in Sainte Marie, Réunion.

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An azimuth (from the pl. form of the Arabic noun "السَّمْت" as-samt, meaning "the direction") is an angular measurement in a spherical coordinate system.

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Cyclic group

In algebra, a cyclic group or monogenous group is a group that is generated by a single element.

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Modular arithmetic

In mathematics, modular arithmetic is a system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers "wrap around" upon reaching a certain value—the modulus (plural moduli).

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Newton (unit)

The newton (symbol: N) is the International System of Units (SI) derived unit of force.

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The zenith is an imaginary point directly "above" a particular location, on the imaginary celestial sphere.

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Ziehl–Neelsen stain

The Ziehl–Neelsen stain, also known as the acid-fast stain, was first described by two German doctors: the bacteriologist Franz Ziehl (1859–1926) and the pathologist Friedrich Neelsen (1854–1898).

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Zinc is a chemical element with symbol Zn and atomic number 30.

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Zontanoi Nekroi

Zontanoi Nekroi (Living Dead) is a Greek Rap group formed in 1997.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZN

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