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Calcium 2-aminoethylphosphate

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Calcium 2-aminoethylphosphate (Ca-AEP or Ca-2AEP) is a vital component in the structure of cell membranes in the human body. [1]

12 relations: Aachen, Calcium, DNA, Erwin Chargaff, Hans Alfred Nieper, Health food store, Multiple sclerosis, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Nutraceutical, Orthomolecular medicine, Phosphorylethanolamine, Salt (chemistry).


Aachen, also known as Bad Aachen (Ripuarian: Óche, Limburgish: Aoke, French: Aix-la-Chapelle, Dutch: Aken, Latin: Aquisgranum) is a German spa and border town located between the Eifel, South Limburg (Netherlands) and High Fens (Belgium) regions in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Calcium is a chemical element with symbol Ca and atomic number 20.

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Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions used in the development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses.

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Erwin Chargaff

Erwin Chargaff (11 August 1905 – 20 June 2002) was an Austro-Hungarian biochemist who immigrated to the United States during the Nazi era and was a professor of biochemistry at Columbia University medical school.

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Hans Alfred Nieper

Hans Alfred Nieper (1928–1998) was a well-known controversial German orthomolecular physician.

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Health food store

A health food store is a type of grocery store that primarily sells health foods, organic foods, local produce, and often nutritional supplements.

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Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS), also known as disseminated sclerosis or encephalomyelitis disseminata, is a demyelinating disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged.

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, is a United States-based, non-profit organization, and its network of chapters nationwide help people affected by multiple sclerosis by funding research, driving change through advocacy, facilitating professional education, and providing programs and services that help people with multiple sclerosis and their families.

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Nutraceutical, a portmanteau of the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, was coined in 1989 by Stephen L. DeFelice, founder and chairman of the Foundation of Innovation Medicine.

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Orthomolecular medicine

Orthomolecular medicine is a form of alternative medicine aimed at maintaining health through nutritional supplementation and based on the assertion that there is an optimum nutritional environment in the body and that diseases reflect deficiencies in this environment.

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Phosphorylethanolamine or phosphoethanolamine is an ethanolamine derivative that is used to construct sphingomyelins.

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Salt (chemistry)

In chemistry, a salt is an ionic compound that results from the neutralization reaction of an acid and a base.

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2 AEP, 2 a e p, 2-AEP, 2AEP, C2H6CaNO4P, Calc 2-Ethylamino Phosphate, Calcium 2 amino ethyl phosphoric acid, Calcium 2-amino ethyl phosphoric acid, Calcium EAP, Calcium eap.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcium_2-aminoethylphosphate

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