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Index F2

F2, F.II or similar may refer to. [1]

51 relations: Alta Car and Engineering Company, Anik (satellite), Anil Ravipudi, Beechcraft Model 18, Blackburn Lincock, Bristol F.2 Fighter, Dassault Mirage F2, DKW F2, EMD F2, F 2 Hägernäs, F region, F visa, F-2 (drug), F1 hybrid, F2, F2 (classification), Fairey F.2, Felixstowe F.2, Fieseler F2 Tiger, FII, Flanders F.2, Flat twin engine, Fluorine, Fly Air, Fokker F.II, Formula Two, Foundation doctor, FR F2 sniper rifle, Fujita scale, Function key, GF(2), H&BR Class F2, Hawker Hunter variants, Isoprostane, KMW F2, L16 81mm mortar, Lübeck-Travemünde F.2, Marussia F2, McDonnell F2H Banshee, Metropolitan-Vickers F.2, Mitsubishi F-2, Nikon F2, NIST-F2, Panavia Tornado ADV, Pennsylvania Railroad, Thrombin, Varun Tej, Venkatesh Daggubati, Zearalenone, 20 mm modèle F2 gun, ..., 2F. Expand index (1 more) »

Alta Car and Engineering Company

The Alta Car and Engineering Company was a British sports and racing car manufacturer, commonly known simply as Alta.

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Anik (satellite)

The Anik satellites are a series of geostationary communications satellites launched by Telesat Canada for television in Canada, from 1972 through 2013.

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Anil Ravipudi

Anil Ravipudi is an Indian screenwriter and director who predominantly works in Telugu cinema.

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Beechcraft Model 18

The Beechcraft Model 18 (or "Twin Beech", as it is also known) is a 6- to 11-seat, twin-engined, low-wing, tailwheel light aircraft manufactured by the Beech Aircraft Corporation of Wichita, Kansas.

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Blackburn Lincock

The Blackburn F.2 Lincock was a British single-seat lightweight fighter produced by Blackburn Aircraft Limited.

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Bristol F.2 Fighter

The Bristol F.2 Fighter was a British two-seat biplane fighter and reconnaissance aircraft of the First World War developed by Frank Barnwell at the Bristol Aeroplane Company.

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Dassault Mirage F2

The Dassault Mirage F2 was a French prototype two-seat attack fighter which was designed to serve as a test bed for the SNECMA TF306 turbofan engine and influenced the similar variable-geometry Dassault Mirage G.

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The DKW F2 was a small car produced at the company’s Zwickau plant by DKW (part of the Auto Union) between 1932 and 1935.

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The EMD F2 was a freight-hauling diesel locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between July 1946 and November 1946.

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F 2 Hägernäs

F 2 Hägernäs, Roslagens Flygflottilj, Roslagen Air Force Wing, or simply "F 2", is a former Swedish Air Force wing with the main base located on the east coast of Sweden just north of the capital Stockholm.

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F region

The F region of the ionosphere is home to the F layer of ionization, also called the Appleton–Barnett layer, after the English physicist Edward Appleton and New Zealander Miles Barnett.

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F visa

In the United States, the F visas are a type of non-immigrant student visa that allows foreigners to pursue education (academic studies and/or language training programs) in the United States.

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F-2 (drug)

F-2, or 6-(2-aminopropyl)-5-methoxy-2-methyl-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran, is a lesser-known psychedelic drug.

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F1 hybrid

An F1 hybrid (or filial 1 hybrid) is the first filial generation of offspring of distinctly different parental types.

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F2, F.II or similar may refer to.

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F2 (classification)

F2, also T2 and SP2, is a wheelchair sport classification that corresponds to the neurological level C7.

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Fairey F.2

The Fairey F.2 was a British fighter prototype in the late 1910s.

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Felixstowe F.2

The Felixstowe F.2 was a 1917 British flying boat class designed and developed by Lieutenant Commander John Cyril Porte RN at the naval air station, Felixstowe during the First World War adapting a larger version of his superior Felixstowe F.1 hull design married with the larger Curtiss H-12 flying boat.

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Fieseler F2 Tiger

The Fieseler F2 Tiger was a German single-seat aerobatic biplane which was flown to victory in the 1934 World Aerobatics Competition (WAC) by its designer/builder Gerhard Fieseler.

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FII may refer to.

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Flanders F.2

The Flanders F.2 was a 1910s British experimental single-seat monoplane aircraft designed and built by Howard Flanders and later converted to a two-seater as the Flanders F.3.

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Flat twin engine

A flat-twin is a two-cylinder internal combustion engine with the cylinders on opposite sides of the crankshaft.

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Fluorine is a chemical element with symbol F and atomic number 9.

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Fly Air

Fly Air (Fly Havayolu Taşımacılık A.Ş.) was a private airline based in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Fokker F.II

The Fokker F.II was the first of a long series of commercial aircraft from the Fokker Aircraft Company, flying in 1919.

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Formula Two

Formula Two, abbreviated to F2, is a type of open wheel formula racing first codified in 1948.

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Foundation doctor

A Foundation doctor (FY1 or FY2 also known as a house officer) is a grade of medical practitioner in the United Kingdom undertaking the Foundation Programme – a two-year, general postgraduate medical training programme which forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training.

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FR F2 sniper rifle

The FR F2 (Fusil à Répétition modèle F2; Bolt-action Rifle, F2 model) is the standard sniper rifle of the French military since 1986.

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Fujita scale

The Fujita scale (F-Scale), or Fujita–Pearson scale (FPP scale), is a scale for rating tornado intensity, based primarily on the damage tornadoes inflict on human-built structures and vegetation.

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Function key

A function key is a key on a computer or terminal keyboard which can be programmed so as to cause an operating system command interpreter or application program to perform certain actions, a form of soft key.

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GF(2) (also F2, Z/2Z or Z2) is the '''G'''alois '''f'''ield of two elements.

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H&BR Class F2

The H&BR Class F2 (LNER Class N12) was a class of 0-6-2T steam locomotives of the Hull and Barnsley Railway.

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Hawker Hunter variants

The following is a list of variants of the Hawker Hunter fighter aircraft.

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The isoprostanes are prostaglandin-like compounds formed in vivo from the free radical-catalyzed peroxidation of essential fatty acids (primarily arachidonic acid) without the direct action of cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes.

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The KMW F2 is a family of modular wheeled armoured vehicles, manufactured by KMW.

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L16 81mm mortar

The United Kingdom's L16 81mm mortar is the standard mortar used by the British armed forces.

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Lübeck-Travemünde F.2

The Lübeck-Travemünde F.2 was a 1910s German reconnaissance floatplane.

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Marussia F2

The Marussia F2 is a full-size luxury SUV designed and made by Marussia Motors and Valmet Automotive according to Marussia, it can be used as a mobile command center, as a military vehicle or as an emergency vehicle.

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McDonnell F2H Banshee

The McDonnell F2H Banshee was a single-seat carrier-based jet fighter aircraft deployed by the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps from 1948 to 1961.

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Metropolitan-Vickers F.2

The Metropolitan-Vickers F.2 was an early turbojet engine and the first British design to be based on an axial-flow compressor.

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Mitsubishi F-2

The Mitsubishi F-2 is a multirole fighter derived from the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, and manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Lockheed Martin for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, with a 60/40 split in manufacturing between Japan and the United States.

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Nikon F2

The Nikon F2 is a professional level, interchangeable lens, 35 mm film, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera.

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NIST-F2 is a caesium fountain atomic clock that, along with NIST-F1, serves as the United States' primary time and frequency standard.

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Panavia Tornado ADV

The Panavia Tornado Air Defence Variant (ADV) was a long-range, twin-engine interceptor version of the swing-wing Panavia Tornado.

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Pennsylvania Railroad

The Pennsylvania Railroad (or Pennsylvania Railroad Company and also known as the "Pennsy") was an American Class I railroad that was established in 1846 and was headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Thrombin (fibrinogenase, thrombase, thrombofort, topical, thrombin-C, tropostasin, activated blood-coagulation factor II, blood-coagulation factor IIa, factor IIa, E thrombin, beta-thrombin, gamma-thrombin) is a serine protease, an enzyme that, in humans, is encoded by the F2 gene.

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Varun Tej

Varun Tej is an Indian film actor who works in the Telugu film industry.

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Venkatesh Daggubati

Venkatesh Daggubati (born December 13, 1960) is an Indian film actor known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema.

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Zearalenone (ZEN), also known as RAL and F-2 mycotoxin, is a potent estrogenic metabolite produced by some Fusarium and Gibberella species.

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20 mm modèle F2 gun

The 20 mm modèle F2 gun is a naval defence weapon used by the French Navy.

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2F may refer to.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F2

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