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Rolls-Royce Tyne

Index Rolls-Royce Tyne

The Rolls-Royce RB.109 Tyne is a twin-shaft turboprop engine developed in the mid to late 1950s by Rolls-Royce Limited. [1]

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Aeritalia G.222

The Aeritalia G.222 (formerly Fiat Aviazione, later Alenia Aeronautica) is a medium-sized STOL military transport aircraft.

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Allison T56

The Allison T56 is a single-shaft, modular design military turboprop with a 14-stage axial flow compressor driven by a four-stage turbine.

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Avro Lincoln

The Avro Type 694, better known as the Avro Lincoln, was a British four-engined heavy bomber, which first flew on 9 June 1944.

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Bill Gunston

Bill Gunston OBE FRAeS (1 March 1927 - 1 June 2013) was a British aviation and military author.

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Breguet Atlantic

The Breguet Br.1150 Atlantic is a long-range maritime patrol aircraft designed and manufactured by Breguet Aviation.

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Bristol Proteus

The Bristol Proteus was the Bristol Aeroplane Company's first mass-produced gas turbine engine design, a turboprop that delivered just over 4,000 hp (3,000 kW).

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British European Airways

British European Airways (BEA), formally British European Airways Corporation, was a British airline which existed from 1946 until 1974.

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Canadair CL-44

The Canadair CL-44 was a Canadian turboprop airliner and cargo aircraft based on the Bristol Britannia that was developed and produced by Canadair in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

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A combustor is a component or area of a gas turbine, ramjet, or scramjet engine where combustion takes place.

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Conroy Skymonster

The Conroy Skymonster (CL-44-0) is a 1960s United States specialized cargo aircraft based on the Canadair CL-44 freighter, with an outsize fuselage.

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Flight International

Flight International (or simply Flight) is a weekly magazine focused on aerospace, published in the United Kingdom.

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Gas turbine

A gas turbine, also called a combustion turbine, is a type of continuous combustion, internal combustion engine.

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German Air Force

The German Air Force (German: Luftwaffe, the German-language generic term for air force) is the aerial warfare branch of the Bundeswehr, the armed forces of Germany.

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Hispano-Suiza (English: Hispanic-Swiss) was a Spanish automotive/engineering company and, after World War II, a French aviation engine and components manufacturer.

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Ivchenko AI-20

The Ivchenko AI-20 is a Soviet turboprop engine developed by the Ivchenko design bureau in the 1950s.

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Jet fuel

Jet fuel, aviation turbine fuel (ATF), or avtur, is a type of aviation fuel designed for use in aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines.

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List of aircraft engines

This is an alphabetical list of aircraft engines by manufacturer.

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Lycoming T55

The Lycoming T55 (Company designation Lycoming LTC-4) is a turboshaft engine used on American helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft (in turboprop form), since the 1950s.

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Napier Eland

The Napier Eland was a British turboshaft or turboprop gas-turbine engine built by Napier & Son in the early 1950s.

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River Tyne

The River Tyne is a river in North East England and its length (excluding tributaries) is.

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Rolls-Royce Dart

The Rolls-Royce RB.53 Dart is a long-lived British turboprop engine designed, built and manufactured by Rolls-Royce Limited.

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Rolls-Royce Limited

Rolls-Royce was a British luxury car and later an aero engine manufacturing business established in 1904 by the partnership of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.

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Royal Air Force Museum Cosford

The Royal Air Force Museum Cosford, located in Cosford in Shropshire, is a museum dedicated to the history of aviation and the Royal Air Force in particular.

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Short Belfast

The Short Belfast (or Shorts Belfast)Mondey 1981, p. 228.

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Trans-Canada Air Lines

Trans-Canada Air Lines (also known as TCA in English, and Air Canada in French) was a Canadian airline that operated as the country's flag carrier.

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Transall C-160

The Transall C-160 is a military transport aircraft, produced as a joint venture between France and Germany.

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A turboprop engine is a turbine engine that drives an aircraft propeller.

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Type 22 frigate

The Type 22 Broadsword class was a class of frigate built for the British Royal Navy.

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Type 42 destroyer

The Type 42 or Sheffield class, was a class of fourteen light guided missile destroyers that served in the Royal Navy.

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Type certificate

A type certificate signifies the airworthiness of a particular category of aircraft, according to its manufacturing design (‘type’).

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Vickers Vanguard

The Vickers Vanguard was a British short/medium-range turboprop airliner introduced in 1959 by Vickers-Armstrongs, a successor of their successful Viscount design with considerably more internal room.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolls-Royce_Tyne

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