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Savoia-Marchetti S.65

Index Savoia-Marchetti S.65

The Savoia-Marchetti S.65 was an Italian racing seaplane built for the 1929 Schneider Trophy race. [1]

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Air racing

Air racing is a highly specialised type of motorsport that involves airplanes or other types of aircraft that compete over a fixed course, with the winner either returning the shortest time, the one to complete it with the most points, or to come closest to a previously estimated time.

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A floatplane (float plane or pontoon plane) is a type of seaplane, with one or more slender pontoons (known as "floats") mounted under the fuselage to provide buoyancy.

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The fuselage (from the French fuselé "spindle-shaped") is an aircraft's main body section.

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Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measurement of power (the rate at which work is done).

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Isotta Fraschini

Isotta Fraschini is an Italian motors brand historically known for the production of cars as well as trucks, and engines for marine and aviation use.

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Italy (Italia), officially the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana), is a sovereign state in Europe.

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Lake Garda

Lake Garda (Lago di Garda or Lago Benàco, Benacus; Lach de Garda; Łago de Garda) is the largest lake in Italy.

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List of seaplanes and amphibious aircraft

The following is a list of seaplanes and amphibious aircraft, which includes floatplanes and flying boats, by country of origin.

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Macchi M.52

The Macchi M.52 was an Italian racing seaplane designed and built by Macchi for the 1927 Schneider Trophy race.

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Macchi M.67

The Macchi M.67, was an Italian racing seaplane designed by Mario Castoldi and built by Macchi for the 1929 Schneider Trophy race.

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A monoplane is a fixed-wing aircraft with a single main wing plane, in contrast to a biplane or other multiplane, each of which has multiple planes.

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Propeller (aeronautics)

An aircraft propeller, or airscrew,Beaumont, R.A.; Aeronautical Engineering, Odhams, 1942, Chapter 13, "Airscrews".

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Schneider Trophy

The Coupe d'Aviation Maritime Jacques Schneider, commonly called the Schneider Trophy or Schneider Prize (sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Schneider Cup, a different prize), was a trophy awarded annually (and later, biannually) to the winner of a race for seaplanes and flying boats.

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A seaplane is a powered fixed-wing aircraft capable of taking off and landing (alighting) on water.

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SIAI-Marchetti was an Italian aircraft manufacturer.

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A tailplane, also known as a horizontal stabiliser, is a small lifting surface located on the tail (empennage) behind the main lifting surfaces of a fixed-wing aircraft as well as other non-fixed-wing aircraft such as helicopters and gyroplanes.

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The watt (symbol: W) is a unit of power.

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1929 in aviation

This is a list of aviation-related events from 1929.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savoia-Marchetti_S.65

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