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Kronoberg Regiment

Index Kronoberg Regiment

The Kronoberg Regiment (Kronobergs regemente), designations I 11 and I 11/Fo 16, was a Swedish Army infantry regiment that traced its origins back to the 16th century. [1]

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Allotment system

The allotment system (indelningsverket; ruotujakolaitos) was a system used in Sweden for keeping a trained army at all times.

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Battle of Breitenfeld (1631)

The Battle of Breitenfeld (Schlacht bei Breitenfeld; Slaget vid Breitenfeld) or First Battle of Breitenfeld (in older texts sometimes known as Battle of Leipzig), was fought at a crossroads near Breitenfeld approximately five miles north-west of the walled city of Leipzig on September 17 (Gregorian calendar), or September 7 (Julian calendar, in wide use at the time), 1631.

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Battle of Fraustadt

The Battle of Fraustadt was fought on 2 February 1706 (O.S.) / 3 February 1706 (Swedish calendar) / 13 February 1706 (N.S.) between Sweden and Saxony-Poland and their Russian allies near Fraustadt (now Wschowa) in Poland.

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Battle of Helsingborg

The Battle of Helsingborg (February 28, 1710) was Denmark's failed and final attempt to regain the Scanian lands, lost to Sweden in 1658.

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Battle of Holowczyn

The Battle of Holowczyn or Holofzin or Golovchin was fought between the Russian forces, and the Swedish army, led by Charles XII of Sweden, only 26 years of age at the time.

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Battle of Kliszów

The Battle of Kliszów (Klissow) (Klezow) took place on July 8 (Julian calendar) / July 9 (Swedish calendar) / July 19, 1702 (Gregorian calendar) near Kliszów, Poland-Lithuania, during the Great Northern War.

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Battle of Landskrona

The Battle of Landskrona was fought on the Ylleshed moor, outside the town of Landskrona, in southern Sweden on July 14, 1677, between Sweden and Denmark.

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Battle of Lützen (1632)

The Battle of Lützen (16 November 1632) was one of the most important battles of the Thirty Years' War, which began with the Second Defenestration of Prague in 1618 and ended with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.

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Battle of Valkeala

Battle of Valkeala took place in Gustav III's Russian War April 29, 1790 at Valkeala in Kymi in Southern Finland and ended with a Swedish victory.

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Battle of Warsaw (1705)

The Battle of Warsaw (also known as the Battle of Rakowitz or Rakowiec)Rakowiec later became part of the Ochota district of Warsaw.

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Battle of Wittstock

The Battle of Wittstock took place during the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648).

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In heraldry and heraldic vexillology, a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms, flag or similar emblem, from which the reader can reconstruct the appropriate image.

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Carl August Ehrensvärd (1892–1974)

Count Carl August Ehrensvärd (3August 1892 – 24April 1974) was a Swedish Army general.

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Carl von Horn (1903–1989)

Carl C:son von Horn (15 July 1903 – 13 March 1989) was a Swedish Army major general known for his service in various UN missions.

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Chief of Army (Sweden)

Chief of Army (Arméchef, AC) is the most senior appointment in the Swedish Army.

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A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed.

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The Fähnlein (in Swedish: Fänika) was a military unit approximately equivalent to the company or battalion which was used in parts of Europe during the Middle Ages.

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Finnish War

The Finnish War (Finska kriget, Финляндская война, Suomen sota) was fought between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Russian Empire from February 1808 to September 1809.

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Franco-Swedish War

The Franco-Swedish War or Pomeranian War was the first involvement by Sweden in the Napoleonic Wars.

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Gävle is a city in Sweden, the seat of Gävle Municipality and the capital of Gävleborg County.

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General order

A general order, in military and paramilitary organizations, is a published directive, originated by a commander and binding upon all personnel under his or her command.

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Great Northern War

The Great Northern War (1700–1721) was a conflict in which a coalition led by the Tsardom of Russia successfully contested the supremacy of the Swedish Empire in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

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Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden

Gustav II Adolf (9 December 1594 – 6 November 1632, O.S.), widely known in English by his Latinised name Gustavus Adolphus or as Gustav II Adolph, was the King of Sweden from 1611 to 1632 who is credited for the founding of Sweden as a great power (Stormaktstiden).

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Infantry is the branch of an army that engages in military combat on foot, distinguished from cavalry, artillery, and tank forces.

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Jönköping Regiment

The Jönköping Regiment (Jönköpings regemente), designation I 12, was a Swedish Army infantry regiment that traced its origins back to the 16th century.

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Kalmar County

Kalmar County (Kalmar län) is a county or län in southern Sweden.

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Kronoberg County

Kronoberg County (Kronobergs län) is a county or län in southern Sweden.

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Life company

A Life Company (Livkompani, but usually written in its definite form; Livkompaniet) is the first company of a regiment in the Swedish Army, which is tasked with protecting the regiment commander.

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List of Swedish regiments

This is a list of Swedish regiments and other military units (divisions, brigades, battalions, companies) that have existed since the 16th century.

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Milo S

Milo S (Södra militärområdet, Southern Military Area) was a Swedish military area, a command of the Swedish Armed Forces that had operational control over Southern Sweden, for most time of its existence corresponding to the area covered by the counties of Malmöhus, Kristianstad (now joined as Skåne County), Blekinge, Kronoberg, Jönköping and Kalmar.

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Northern Wars

Northern Wars is a term used for a series of wars fought in northern and northeastern Europe in the 16th and 17th century.

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Polish–Swedish War (1600–29)

The Polish–Swedish War (1600–29) (sometimes considered a part of the larger trans-European Thirty Years' War) was twice interrupted by periods of truce and thus can be divided into.

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A regiment is a military unit.

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Russo-Swedish War (1788–1790)

The Russo-Swedish War of 1788–90, known as Gustav III's Russian War in Sweden, Gustav III's War in Finland and Catherine II's Swedish War in Russia, was fought between Sweden and Russia from June 1788 to August 1790.

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Scanian War

The Scanian War (Skånske krig, Skånska kriget, Schonischer Krieg) was a part of the Northern Wars involving the union of Denmark–Norway, Brandenburg and Sweden.

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Seven Years' War

The Seven Years' War was a global conflict fought between 1756 and 1763.

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Smålands storregemente

Smålands storregemente or Landsregementet i Småland (Småland Grand Regiment, Regiment of the Land in Småland) was one of the nine grand regiments organized by Gustavus Adolphus in the late 1610s and split into smaller regiments in the 1620s.

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Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten, literally “Defense Force”) is the government agency that forms the military forces of Sweden, and which is tasked with defence of the country, as well as promoting Sweden's wider interests, supporting international peacekeeping efforts, and providing humanitarian aid.

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Swedish Army

The Swedish Army (Armén) is a branch of the Swedish Armed Forces in which its main responsibility is land operations.

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Thirty Years' War

The Thirty Years' War was a war fought primarily in Central Europe between 1618 and 1648.

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Torstenson War

The Torstenson war, Hannibal controversy or Hannibal War (Hannibalsfeiden) was a short period of conflict between Sweden and Denmark–Norway from 1643 to 1645 towards the end of the Thirty Years' War.

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Växjö is a city and the seat of Växjö Municipality, Kronoberg County, Sweden.

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War against Sigismund

The war against Sigismund (Kriget mot Sigismund) was a war between Duke Charles, later King Charles IX and Sigismund, King of Sweden and Poland.

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War of the Sixth Coalition

In the War of the Sixth Coalition (March 1813 – May 1814), sometimes known in Germany as the War of Liberation, a coalition of Austria, Prussia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and a number of German states finally defeated France and drove Napoleon into exile on Elba.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kronoberg_Regiment

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