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Index Oba-Igbomina

Oba-Igbomina (in Yoruba correctly Ọ̀bà, but also written as Òbà), is an ancient Igbomina town in northeastern Isin Local Government Area of Kwara State. [1]

39 relations: Abeokuta, Ago-Oba, Akoko South-West, Akure, Akure South, Anthropology, Archaeology, Arizona State University, Capital city, Civilization, Clan, Cultural tourism, Diaspora, Geotourism, Heritage tourism, Igbomina, Ila, Osun, Isedo, Isin, Kwara, Kwara State, Nupe people, Oba (Orisha), Obalumo, Oke Ila, Olorunda, Omu-Aran, Ondo State, Ora-Igbomina, Oral history, Oral literature, Osogbo, Osun State, Owo, Royal Highness, Ruins, Tourism, University of Ibadan, Yoruba language, Yorubaland.


Abeokuta is the largest city and state capital of Ogun State in southwest Nigeria.

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Ago-Oba is electoral ward 13 in the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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Akoko South-West

Akoko South-West is a Local Government Area in Ondo State, Nigeria.

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Akure is a city in south-western Nigeria, and is the largest city and capital of Ondo State.

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Akure South

Akure South is a Local Government Area in Ondo State, Nigeria.

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Anthropology is the study of humans and human behaviour and societies in the past and present.

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Archaeology, or archeology, is the study of humanactivity through the recovery and analysis of material culture.

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Arizona State University

Arizona State University (commonly referred to as ASU or Arizona State) is a public metropolitan research university on five campuses across the Phoenix metropolitan area, and four regional learning centers throughout Arizona.

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Capital city

A capital city (or simply capital) is the municipality exercising primary status in a country, state, province, or other administrative region, usually as its seat of government.

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A civilization or civilisation (see English spelling differences) is any complex society characterized by urban development, social stratification imposed by a cultural elite, symbolic systems of communication (for example, writing systems), and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment.

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A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent.

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Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism is the subset of tourism concerned with a traveler's engagement with a country or region's culture, specifically the lifestyle of the people in those geographical areas, the history of those people, their art, architecture, religion(s), and other elements that helped shape their way of life.

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A diaspora (/daɪˈæspərə/) is a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale.

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Geotourism deals with the natural and built environments.

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Heritage tourism

Cultural heritage tourism (or just heritage tourism or diaspora tourism) is a branch of tourism oriented towards the cultural heritage of the location where tourism is occurring.

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The Ìgbómìnà (also colloquially Igboona or Ogboona) are a subgroup of the Yoruba ethnic group, which originates from the north central and southwest Nigeria.

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Ila, Osun

Ila is a local government area in Osun State, Nigeria.

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Ìsèdó (Ìsẹ̀dó or Ìsẹ̀dó-Olúmọ̀) is an ancient Igbomina kingdom in northeastern Yorubaland of Nigeria.

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Isin, Kwara

Isin is a Local Government Area in Kwara State, Nigeria.

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Kwara State

Kwara (Ìpínlẹ̀ Kwárà) is a state in Western Nigeria.

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Nupe people

The Nupe, traditionally called the Tapa by the neighbouring Yoruba, are an ethnic group located primarily in the Middle Belt and northern Nigeria, and are the dominant group in Niger State, an important minority in Kwara State and present in Kogi State as well.

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Oba (Orisha)

Oba (known as Obá in Latin America) is the Orisha of the River Oba, whose source lays near Igbon, where her worship originates.

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The Obalúmo is a royal personage, a traditional monarch amongst the Igbomina clan of the Yorubas of West Africa.

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Oke Ila

Òkè-Ìlá Òràngún (often abbreviated as Òkè-Ìlá) is an ancient city in southwestern Nigeria that was capital of the ancient Igbomina-Yoruba city-state of the same name.

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Olorunda is a Local Government Area in Osun State, Nigeria.

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Omu-Aran is a city in the Nigerian state of Kwara.

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Ondo State

Ondo or Ondo State is a state in Nigeria created on 3 February 1976 from the former Western State.

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Ora-Igbomina is an ancient Igbomina town in Ifedayo Local Government Area, Osun State, Nigeria.

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Oral history

Oral history is the collection and study of historical information about individuals, families, important events, or everyday life using audiotapes, videotapes, or transcriptions of planned interviews.

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Oral literature

Oral literature or folk literature corresponds in the sphere of the spoken (oral) word to literature as literature operates in the domain of the written word.

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Osogbo (also Oṣogbo, rarely Oshogbo) is a city in Nigeria.

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Osun State

Osun (pronounced; "O'Shoon") is an inland state in south-western Nigeria.

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Owo is a city in Ondo State of Nigeria.

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Royal Highness

Royal Highness (abbreviated HRH for His Royal Highness or Her Royal Highness) is a style used to address or refer to some members of royal families, usually princes or princesses.

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Ruins are the remains of human-made architecture: structures that were once intact have fallen, as time went by, into a state of partial or total disrepair, due to lack of maintenance or deliberate acts of destruction.

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Tourism is travel for pleasure or business; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours.

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University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan (UI) is the oldest Nigerian university, and is located five miles (8 kilometres) from the centre of the major city of Ibadan in Western Nigeria.

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Yoruba language

Yoruba (Yor. èdè Yorùbá) is a language spoken in West Africa.

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Yorubaland is the cultural region of the Yoruba people in West Africa.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oba-Igbomina

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