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Peace journalism

Index Peace journalism

Peace journalism has been developed from research that indicates that often news about conflict has a value bias toward violence. [1]

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Advocacy journalism

Advocacy journalism is a genre of journalism that intentionally and transparently adopts a non-objective viewpoint, usually for some social or political purpose.

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Alfred Hermann Fried

Alfred Hermann Fried (11 November 1864 – 5 May 1921) was an Austrian Jewish pacifist, publicist, journalist, co-founder of the German peace movement, and winner (with Tobias Asser) of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1911.

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Arab–Israeli peace projects

Arab–Israeli peace projects are projects to promote peace and understanding between the Arab League and Israel in different spheres.

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Australian Football League

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the pre-eminent professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football in Australia and features only Australian teams.

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Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II (born August 4, 1961) is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States from January 20, 2009, to January 20, 2017.

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Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu (born 21 October 1949) is an Israeli politician serving as the 9th and current Prime Minister of Israel since 2009, previously holding the position from 1996 to 1999.

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Catholic Worker

The Catholic Worker is a newspaper published 7 times a year by the Catholic Worker Movement community in New York City.

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Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation (CIDT) is an Egyptian organization founded in 2005 to select, review, and translate Arab media publications The reviews are then published in the electronic magazine Arab-West Report.

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Civic journalism

Civic journalism (also known as journalism) is the idea of integrating journalism into the democratic process.

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Collective trauma

A collective trauma is a traumatic psychological effect shared by a group of people of any size, up to and including an entire society.

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Conflict analysis

Conflict analysis or conflict assessment is an initial stage of conflict resolution in which parties seek to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics in their relationship.

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Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is conceptualized as the methods and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of conflict and retribution.

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Conflict transformation

Conflict transformation is a concept designed to reframe the way in which peacebuilding initiatives are discussed and pursued, particularly in contexts of ethnic conflict.

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Culture is the social behavior and norms found in human societies.

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Culture of Peace News Network

The Culture of Peace News Network is a United Nations authorized interactive online network, committed to supporting the global movement for a culture of peace and nonviolence.

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Development communication

Development communication refers to the use of communication to facilitate social development.

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A dichotomy is a partition of a whole (or a set) into two parts (subsets).

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Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day (November 8, 1897 – November 29, 1980) was an American journalist, social activist, and Catholic convert.

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Feedback occurs when outputs of a system are routed back as inputs as part of a chain of cause-and-effect that forms a circuit or loop.

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Global Peace Index

Global Peace Index (GPI) measures the relative position of nations' and regions' peacefulness.

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Hanan Ashrawi

Hanan Daoud Khalil Ashrawi (حنان داوود خليل عشراوي; born October 8, 1946) is a Palestinian legislator, activist, and scholar.

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Human rights

Human rights are moral principles or normsJames Nickel, with assistance from Thomas Pogge, M.B.E. Smith, and Leif Wenar, December 13, 2013, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,, Retrieved August 14, 2014 that describe certain standards of human behaviour and are regularly protected as natural and legal rights in municipal and international law.

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Institute for Economics and Peace

The Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), is a global think tank headquartered in Sydney, Australia with branches in New York City, Mexico City and The Hague.

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International Women's Day

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year.

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Johan Galtung

Johan Vincent Galtung (born 24 October 1930) is a Norwegian sociologist, mathematician, and the principal founder of the discipline of peace and conflict studies.

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Journalism refers to the production and distribution of reports on recent events.

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Journalistic objectivity

Journalistic objectivity is a considerable notion within the discussion of journalistic professionalism.

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Limbic system

The limbic system is a set of brain structures located on both sides of the thalamus, immediately beneath the cerebrum.

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Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas (مَحْمُود عَبَّاس,; born 15 November 1935), also known by the kunya Abu Mazen (أَبُو مَازِن), is the President of the State of Palestine and Palestinian National Authority. He has been the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) since 11 November 2004, and Palestinian president since 15 January 2005 (Palestinian National Authority since 15 January 2005, and State of Palestine since 8 May 2005). Abbas is a member of the Fatah party and was elected Chairman of Fatah in 2009. Abbas was elected on 9 January 2005 to serve as President of the Palestinian National Authority until 15 January 2009, but extended his term until the next election in 2010, citing the PLO constitution, and on December 16, 2009 was voted into office indefinitely by the PLO Central Council. As a result, Fatah's main rival, Hamas, initially announced that it would not recognize the extension or view Abbas as the rightful president. The Jerusalem Post (9 January 2009) Yet, Abbas is internationally recognized and Hamas and Fatah conducted numerous negotiations in the following years, leading to an agreement in April 2014 over a Unity Government, which lasted until October 2016, and therefore to the recognition of his office by Hamas. Abbas was also chosen as the President of the State of Palestine by the Palestine Liberation Organization's Central Council on 23 November 2008, a position he had held unofficially since 8 May 2005. Abbas served as the first Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority from March to September 2003. Before being named prime minister, Abbas led the PLO Negotiations Affairs Department.

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Media manipulation

Media manipulation is a series of related techniques in which partisans create an image or argument that favours their particular interests.

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Neoconservatism (commonly shortened to neocon when labelling its adherents) is a political movement born in the United States during the 1960s among liberal hawks who became disenchanted with the increasingly pacifist foreign policy of the Democratic Party, and the growing New Left and counterculture, in particular the Vietnam protests.

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New Journalism

New Journalism is a style of news writing and journalism, developed in the 1960s and 1970s, which uses literary techniques deemed unconventional at the time.

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Nonviolence is the personal practice of being harmless to self and others under every condition.

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Objectivity (science)

Objectivity in science is a value that informs how science is practiced and how scientific truths are discovered.

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Observer-expectancy effect

The observer-expectancy effect (also called the experimenter-expectancy effect, expectancy bias, observer effect, or experimenter effect) is a form of reactivity in which a researcher's cognitive bias causes them to subconsciously influence the participants of an experiment.

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Pacifism is opposition to war, militarism, or violence.

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Palestinian Legislative Council

The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) is the unicameral legislature of the Palestinian Authority, elected by the Palestinian residents of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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Peace and conflict studies

Peace and conflict studies is a social science field that identifies and analyzes violent and nonviolent behaviours as well as the structural mechanisms attending conflicts (including social conflicts), with a view towards understanding those processes which lead to a more desirable human condition.

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Peace journalism

Peace journalism has been developed from research that indicates that often news about conflict has a value bias toward violence.

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Peer review

Peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more people of similar competence to the producers of the work (peers).

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Philip Zimbardo

Philip George Zimbardo (born March 23, 1933) is an American psychologist and a professor emeritus at Stanford University.

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Preventive journalism

Preventive journalism is a journalistic discipline that reports on urgent social problems at an early stage and on solutions proposed for these problems.

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Richard Perle

Richard Norman Perle (born September 16, 1941) is an American statesman who served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs under President Ronald Reagan.

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Salvadoran Civil War

The Salvadoran Civil War was a conflict between the military-led government of El Salvador and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), a coalition or "umbrella organization" of several left-wing groups.

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Social movement

A social movement is a type of group action.

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Social structure

In the social sciences, social structure is the patterned social arrangements in society that are both emergent from and determinant of the actions of the individuals.

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Stratified sampling

In statistics, stratified sampling is a method of sampling from a population.

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Subject-expectancy effect

The subject-expectancy effect, is a form of reactivity that occurs in scientific experiments or medical treatments when a research subject or patient expects a given result and therefore unconsciously affects the outcome, or reports the expected result.

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United States Institute of Peace

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) is an American non-partisan, independent, federal institution that provides analysis of and is involved in conflicts around the world.

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Violence is defined by the World Health Organization as "the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation," although the group acknowledges that the inclusion of "the use of power" in its definition expands on the conventional understanding of the word.

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World Association for Christian Communication

The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) is an international NGO registered as a charity in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

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World Council of Churches

The World Council of Churches (WCC) is a worldwide inter-church organization founded in 1948.

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Zero-sum game

In game theory and economic theory, a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which each participant's gain or loss of utility is exactly balanced by the losses or gains of the utility of the other participants.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_journalism

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