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GDRT (also GDR, vocalized by historians as Gadarat) was a King of the Kingdom of Aksum (c. 200), known for being the first king to involve Axum in the affairs of what is now Yemen. [1]

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Abyssinian people

Abyssinian people (ሐበሻይት), also known as the Habesha or Abesha, are a population inhabiting the Horn of Africa.

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Al-maqah or Al-muqh (Musnad: 𐩱𐩡𐩣𐩤𐩠; Ge'ez አለመቀሀ, ʾLMQH) was a progenitor of the ancient Yemeni kingdom of Saba' and the kingdoms of Dʿmt and Aksum in Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia.

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Atsbi (Ge'ez: ኣጽቢ) (officially known as Atsbi Endaselase Ge'ez: ኣጽቢ እንዳስላሴ) is a town in northern Ethiopia.

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Awwam (Old South Arabian: ʾwm) can refer to the region of ʾAwwām, now thought by most scholars to be Ma'rib (مأرب), or to the famous temple of ʾAwwām otherwise known as the Maḥram Bilqis ("Sanctuary of the Queen of Sheba").

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Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 12% tin and often with the addition of other metals (such as aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc) and sometimes non-metals or metalloids such as arsenic, phosphorus or silicon.

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Dar'a is an area in the eastern Tigray Region of northern Ethiopia.

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Dʿmt (South Arabian alphabet: 𐩩𐩣𐩲𐩵; Unvocalized Ge'ez: ደዐመተ, DʿMT theoretically vocalized as ዳዓማት Daʿamat or ዳዕማት Daʿəmat) was a kingdom located in Eritrea and northern Ethiopia that existed during the 10th to 5th centuries BC.

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Emperor of Ethiopia

The Emperor of Ethiopia (ንጉሠ ነገሥት, nəgusä nägäst, "King of Kings") was the hereditary ruler of the Ethiopian Empire, until the abolition of the monarchy in 1975.

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Encyclopaedia Aethiopica

The Encyclopaedia Aethiopica (EAe) is a basic Encyclopaedia for Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies.

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Ethiopia (ኢትዮጵያ), officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (የኢትዮጵያ ፌዴራላዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ሪፐብሊክ, yeʾĪtiyoṗṗya Fēdēralawī Dēmokirasīyawī Rīpebilīk), is a country located in the Horn of Africa.

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Ge'ez (ግዕዝ,; also transliterated Giʻiz) is an ancient South Semitic language and a member of the Ethiopian Semitic group.

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Ge'ez script

Ge'ez (Ge'ez: ግዕዝ), also known as Ethiopic, is a script used as an abugida (alphasyllabary) for several languages of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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Geography of Yemen

Yemen is located in Southwest Asia at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula between Oman and Saudi Arabia.

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GRMT (vocalized as Gärma for convenience, possibly Gärima; flourished 3rd century, possibly AD 230-40) was the son of the Ethiopian Aksumite King `DBH (possibly vocalized as `Azba or `Azeba), described in South Arabian texts as the "son of the nagashi" (wld ngšyn).

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Hadramaut, Hadhramaut, Hadramout, Hadramawt or Ḥaḍramūt (حضرموت Ḥaḍramawt; Musnad: 𐩢𐩳𐩧𐩣𐩩) is a region on the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

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A hagiography is a biography of a saint or an ecclesiastical leader.

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The Hashid (حاشد; Musnad: 𐩢𐩦𐩵𐩣) is a tribal confederation in Yemen.

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Himyarite Kingdom

The Ḥimyarite Kingdom or Ḥimyar (مملكة حِمْيَر, Mamlakat Ḥimyar, Musnad: 𐩢𐩣𐩺𐩧𐩣, ממלכת חִמְיָר) (fl. 110 BCE–520s CE), historically referred to as the Homerite Kingdom by the Greeks and the Romans, was a kingdom in ancient Yemen.

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History of Ethiopia

This article covers the prehistory & history of Ethiopia, from emergence as an empire under the Aksumites to its current form as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, as well as the history of other areas in what is now Ethiopia such as the Afar Triangle.

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History of Yemen

Yemen is one of the oldest centers of civilization in the Near East.

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Kaleb of Axum

Kaleb (c. 520) is perhaps the best-documented, if not best-known, King of Axum situated in modern-day Eritrea and North Ethiopia.

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Kingdom of Aksum

The Kingdom of Aksum (also known as the Kingdom of Axum, or the Aksumite Empire) was an ancient kingdom in what is now northern Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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Linguistics is the scientific study of language, and involves an analysis of language form, language meaning, and language in context.

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List of kings of Axum

The kings of Axum ruled an important trading nation in the area which is now Eritrea and northern Ethiopia, from approximately 100–940 AD.

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Marib (Maʾrib) is the capital city of Ma'rib Governorate, Yemen.

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Menelik I

Menelik I (called Bäynä Ləḥkəm in the Kebra Nagast; also named Ebna la-Hakim; ابن الحكماء,, "Son of the Wise"), first Solomonic Emperor of Ethiopia, is traditionally believed to be the son of King Solomon of ancient Israel and Makeda, ancient Queen of Sheba.

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Monumentum Adulitanum

The Monumentum Adulitanum was an ancient bilingual inscription in Ge'ez and Greek depicting the military campaigns of an Adulite king.

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The Moon is an astronomical body that orbits planet Earth and is Earth's only permanent natural satellite.

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Najran (نجران), is a city in southwestern Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen.

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Qataban or Katabania (Arabic: مملكة قتبان; Musnad: 𐩤𐩩𐩨𐩬) was an ancient Yemeni kingdom.

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Red Sea

The Red Sea (also the Erythraean Sea) is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia.

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Saba is a Caribbean island which is the smallest special municipality (officially “public body”) of the Netherlands.

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The Sabaeans or Sabeans (اَلـسَّـبَـئِـيُّـون,; שבא; Musnad: 𐩪𐩨𐩱) were an ancient people speaking an Old South Arabian language who lived in the southern Arabian Peninsula.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is a sovereign Arab state in Western Asia constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula.

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A sceptre (British English) or scepter (American English; see spelling differences) is a symbolic ornamental staff or wand held in the hand by a ruling monarch as an item of royal or imperial insignia.

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South Arabia

South Arabia is a historical region that consists of the southern region of the Arabian Peninsula, mainly centered in what is now the Republic of Yemen, yet it has also historically included Najran, Jizan, and 'Asir, which are presently in Saudi Arabia, and the Dhofar of present-day Oman.

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Tigray Region

Tigray Region (Geez: ክልል ትግራይ, kilil Tigrāy; Official name: Geez:ብሔራዊ ከልላቂ መንግሥቲ ትግራይ, Bəh̩erawi Kəllelawi Mängəśti Təgray, "Tigray National Regional State") is the northernmost of the nine regions (kililat) of Ethiopia.

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Tihamah or Tihama (تهامة) refers to the Red Sea coastal plain of the Arabian Peninsula from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Bab el Mandeb.

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Yemen (al-Yaman), officially known as the Republic of Yemen (al-Jumhūriyyah al-Yamaniyyah), is an Arab sovereign state in Western Asia at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Zafar, Yemen

Relief which shows a man wearing a crown, c. 450 - c. 525 CE?, perhaps a representation of king Sumūyafaʿ Ashwaʿ. Ẓafār or Dhafar (ظفار) (museum: UTM: 435700E, 1571160 N zone 38P, 14°12'N, 44°24'E, deviating slightly from Google Earth) is an ancient Himyarite site situated in Yemen, some 130 km south-south-east of today's capital, Sana'a.

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Zoskales (c. 100 CE) was an ancient King in the Horn of Africa.

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`DBH (fl. 3rd century) was a king of Aksum, in the territory of modern-day North Ethiopia and Eritrea,who ruled c. 230–240.

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