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B (disambiguation)

Index B (disambiguation)

B is the second letter of the Latin alphabet. [1]

67 relations: Absorbance, ATC code B, B, B (Battles EP), B (I Am Kloot album), B (Moxy Früvous EP), B (musical note), B (New York City Subway service), B (programming language), B (S-train), B class, B major, B minor, B postcode area, B vitamins, B-Method, B-tree, B1, B2, Barn (unit), Barnabites, BB, BB gun, BBB, BE, Bea, Bee (disambiguation), Belgium, Bet, Beta (disambiguation), Blood type, Boolean domain, Boron, Brutus, Bulb (photography), Charly B, Chord names and symbols (popular music), Class B, Codex Vaticanus, Common year starting on Saturday, Convective available potential energy, Decibel, Flat (music), Galactic coordinate system, Grading systems by country, Haplogroup B (mtDNA), Haplogroup B-M60, Iamamiwhoami, Impact parameter, Length, ..., Line B (Buenos Aires Underground), Magnetic field, Molality, Plan B, Reciprocal lattice, Reserve team, Rigid rotor, RTV (Indonesia), Soil horizon, Susceptance, Television, Television in Indonesia, The Baltimore Sun, Ve (Cyrillic), Vehicle registration plates of the European Union, Virial coefficient, Voiced bilabial stop. Expand index (17 more) »


In chemistry, absorbance or decadic absorbance is the common logarithm of the ratio of incident to transmitted radiant power through a material, and spectral absorbance or spectral decadic absorbance is the common logarithm of the ratio of incident to transmitted spectral radiant power through a material.

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ATC code B


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B or b (pronounced) is the second letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

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B (Battles EP)

B EP is a 2004 EP by the American math rock band Battles.

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B (I Am Kloot album)

B is a compilation album of b-sides, rare recordings and unreleased material from English rock band I Am Kloot.

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B (Moxy Früvous EP)

The 'b' Album is a collection of B-sides and rarities released in 1996 by the Canadian folk band Moxy Früvous.

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B (musical note)

B, also known as Si, Ti, or, in some European countries, H, is the seventh note of the fixed-Do solfège.

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B (New York City Subway service)

The B Sixth Avenue Express is a rapid transit service in the B Division of the New York City Subway.

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B (programming language)

B is a programming language developed at Bell Labs circa 1969.

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B (S-train)

B is one of the base services on the network, running every 20 minutes from about 5:00 to 1:00 every day, and every 10 minutes between about 6:00 to 19:00 on weekdays.

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B class

B class may refer to.

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B major

B major (or the key of B) is a major scale based on B. The pitches B, sharp, sharp, E, sharp, sharp, and sharp are all part of the B major scale.

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B minor

B minor is a minor scale based on B, consisting of the pitches B, sharp, D, E, sharp, G, and A. Its key signature consists of two sharps.

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B postcode area

The B postcode area, also known as the Birmingham postcode area, provides postcodes for the city of Birmingham, boroughs of Solihull, Sandwell and Walsall and parts of Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Staffordshire in England.

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B vitamins

B vitamins are a class of water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism.

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The B method is a method of software development based on B, a tool-supported formal method based on an abstract machine notation, used in the development of computer software.

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In computer science, a B-tree is a self-balancing tree data structure that keeps data sorted and allows searches, sequential access, insertions, and deletions in logarithmic time.

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B1, B.I, B.1 or B-1 may refer to.

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B2, B02, B.II, B.2 or B-2 may refer to.

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Barn (unit)

A barn (symbol: b) is a unit of area equal to 10−28 m2 (100 fm2).

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The Barnabites are Catholic priests and Religious Brothers belonging to the Roman Catholic religious order of the Clerics Regular of St.

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BB, Bb (or similar) may refer to.

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BB gun

BB guns are a type of air guns designed to shoot metallic ball projectiles called BBs — metal balls approximately the same size as the "BB" lead birdshots.

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BBB may refer to.

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BE, B.E., Be, or be may refer to.

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Bea or BEA, as a name, abbreviation, or acronym, may refer to.

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Bee (disambiguation)

A bee is a flying insect.

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Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a country in Western Europe bordered by France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

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Bet or BET may refer to.

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Beta (disambiguation)

Beta (B, β) is the second letter of the Greek alphabet.

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Blood type

A blood type (also called a blood group) is a classification of blood based on the presence and absence of antibodies and also based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells (RBCs).

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Boolean domain

In mathematics and abstract algebra, a Boolean domain is a set consisting of exactly two elements whose interpretations include false and true.

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Boron is a chemical element with symbol B and atomic number 5.

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Brutus is a cognomen of the Roman gens Junia, a prominent family of the Roman Republic.

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Bulb (photography)

The Bulb setting (abbreviated B) on camera shutters is a momentary-action mode that holds shutters open for as long as a photographer depresses the shutter-release button.

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Charly B

Charly B, born Charles Blanvillain in 1981, is a French reggae singer-songwriter who performs, and whose music is distributed, internationally.

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Chord names and symbols (popular music)

Musicians use various kinds of chord names and symbols in different contexts, to represent musical chords.

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Class B

Class B may refer to.

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Codex Vaticanus

The Codex Vaticanus (The Vatican, Bibl. Vat., Vat. gr. 1209; no. B or 03 Gregory-Aland, δ 1 von Soden) is regarded as the oldest extant manuscript of the Greek Bible (Old and New Testament), one of the four great uncial codices.

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Common year starting on Saturday

A common year starting on Saturday is any non-leap year (i.e. a year with 365 days) that begins on Saturday, 1 January, and ends on Saturday, 31 December.

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Convective available potential energy

In meteorology, convective available potential energy (CAPE), is the amount of energy a parcel of air would have if lifted a certain distance vertically through the atmosphere.

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The decibel (symbol: dB) is a unit of measurement used to express the ratio of one value of a physical property to another on a logarithmic scale.

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Flat (music)

In music, flat or bemolle (Italian: "soft B") means "lower in pitch".

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Galactic coordinate system

The galactic coordinate system is a celestial coordinate system in spherical coordinates, with the Sun as its center, the primary direction aligned with the approximate center of the Milky Way galaxy, and the fundamental plane parallel to an approximation of the galactic plane but offset to its north.

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Grading systems by country

This is a list of grading systems used by countries of the world, first organized by continent, with links to specifics in many entries.

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Haplogroup B (mtDNA)

In human mitochondrial genetics, haplogroup B is a human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup.

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Haplogroup B-M60

Haplogroup B (B-M60) is a human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup common to paternal lineages in Africa.

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iamamiwhoami is the electronic music and audiovisual project of Swedish musician and singer-songwriter Jonna Lee in collaboration with her long-time music producer Claes Björklund.

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Impact parameter

The impact parameter b is defined as the perpendicular distance between the path of a projectile and the center of a potential field U(r) created by an object that the projectile is approaching (see diagram).

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In geometric measurements, length is the most extended dimension of an object.

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Line B (Buenos Aires Underground)

Line B of the Buenos Aires Underground runs from Leandro N. Alem to Juan Manuel de Rosas in Villa Urquiza.

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Magnetic field

A magnetic field is a vector field that describes the magnetic influence of electrical currents and magnetized materials.

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Molality, also called molal concentration, is a measure of the concentration of a solute in a solution in terms of amount of substance in a specified amount of mass of the solvent.

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Plan B

Plan B typically refers to a contingency plan, a plan devised for an outcome other than in the expected plan.

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Reciprocal lattice

In physics, the reciprocal lattice represents the Fourier transform of another lattice (usually a Bravais lattice).

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Reserve team

In sports, a reserve team is a team composed of players under contract to a specific team but who do not normally appear on the team's roster during matches.

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Rigid rotor

The rigid rotor is a mechanical model that is used to explain rotating systems.

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RTV (Indonesia)

Rajawali Televisi (abbreviated to RTV, previously named B-Channel) is a national private television station in Indonesia owned by Rajawali Corporation.

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Soil horizon

A soil horizon is a layer parallel to the soil surface, whose physical characteristics differ from the layers above and beneath.

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In electrical engineering, susceptance (B) is the imaginary part of admittance, where the real part is conductance.

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Television (TV) is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting moving images in monochrome (black and white), or in colour, and in two or three dimensions and sound.

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Television in Indonesia

State-run station TVRI held a television monopoly in Indonesia until 1989, when the first commercial station, RCTI (Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia) began as a local station and was subsequently granted a national license a year later.

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The Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun is the largest general-circulation daily newspaper based in the American state of Maryland and provides coverage of local and regional news, events, issues, people, and industries.

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Ve (Cyrillic)

Ve (В в; italics: В в) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.

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Vehicle registration plates of the European Union

Vehicle registration plates of the European Union are the mandatory number plates used to display the registration mark of a vehicle in the respective Member States.

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Virial coefficient

Virial coefficients B_i appear as coefficients in the virial expansion of the pressure of a many-particle system in powers of the density, providing systematic corrections to the ideal gas law.

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Voiced bilabial stop

The voiced bilabial stop is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages.

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