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U'wa people

Index U'wa people

The U'wa are an indigenous people living in the cloud forests of northeastern Colombia. [1]

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The Achagua (also Achawa and Axagua) are an indigenous people of Colombia and Venezuela.

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Animism (from Latin anima, "breath, spirit, life") is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.

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Arauca Department

Arauca Department (Departamento de Arauca) is a department of Colombia located in the extreme north of the Orinoco Basin of Colombia (the Llanos Orientales), bordering Venezuela.

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Berito Kuwaru'wa

Berito Kuwaru'wa is a member of the Colombian U'wa people.

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Boyacá Department

Boyacá is one of the thirty-two departments of Colombia, and the remnant of Boyacá State, one of the original nine states of the "United States of Colombia".

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Casanare Department

Casanare Department (Departamento de Casanare) is a department in the central eastern region of Colombia.

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Chibchan languages

The Chibchan languages (also Chibchan, Chibchano) make up a language family indigenous to the Isthmo-Colombian Area, which extends from eastern Honduras to northern Colombia and includes populations of these countries as well as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

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Cloud forest

A cloud forest, also called a water forest, is a generally tropical or subtropical, evergreen, montane, moist forest characterized by a persistent, frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover, usually at the canopy level, formally described in the International Cloud Atlas (2017) as silvagenitus.

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Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a sovereign state largely situated in the northwest of South America, with territories in Central America.

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Colombian Spanish

Colombian Spanish (Spanish: español colombiano) is a grouping of the varieties of Spanish spoken in Colombia.

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Cubará is a town and municipality in Boyacá Department, Colombia also referred to as the Boyacá Frontier District for sharing an international border with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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Departments of Colombia

Colombia is a unitary republic made up of thirty-two departments (Spanish: departamentos, sing. departamento) and a Capital District (Distrito Capital).

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Ecopetrol, formerly known as Empresa Colombiana de Petróleos S.A. (Colombian Petroleum Co.), not to be confused with the US owned and operated Colombian Petroleum Co.

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Elder (administrative title)

The term Elder or its equivalent in another language, is used in several different countries and organizations to indicate a position of authority.

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Goldman Environmental Prize

The Goldman Environmental Prize is a prize awarded annually to grassroots environmental activists, one from each of the world's six geographic regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands and Island Nations, North America, and South and Central America.

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The Guahibo (also called Guajibo, or Sikuani, though the latter is regarded as derogatory) people are an indigenous people native to Llanos or savannah plains in eastern Colombia–Arauca, Meta, Guainia, and Vichada departments–and in southern Venezuela near the Colombian border.

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Guane people

The Guane were a South American people that lived mainly in the area of Santander and north of Boyacá, both departments of present-day central-Colombia.

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The Guayupe are an Arawak-speaking indigenous group of people in modern-day Colombia.

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Indigenous peoples

Indigenous peoples, also known as first peoples, aboriginal peoples or native peoples, are ethnic groups who are the pre-colonial original inhabitants of a given region, in contrast to groups that have settled, occupied or colonized the area more recently.

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Labranzagrande is a town and municipality in the Colombian Department of Boyacá, part of the subregion of the La Libertad Province.

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Lache people

The Lache were an indigenous, agrarian people in the highlands of what is now central Colombia's northern Boyacá and Santander departments, primarily in Gutiérrez Province and García Rovira Province.

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Minority Rights Group International

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is an international human rights organisation founded with the objective of working to secure rights for ethnic, national, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples around the world.

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The Muisca are an indigenous group of the Altiplano Cundiboyacense, Colombia, that formed the Muisca Confederation before the Spanish conquest.

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Norte de Santander Department

Norte de Santander is a department of the nation of Colombia.

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Nunchía is a town and municipality in the Department of Casanare, Colombia.

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Occidental Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (often abbreviated Oxy in reference to its ticker symbol) is an American multinational petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Houston, Texas with operations in the United States, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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An oil is any nonpolar chemical substance that is a viscous liquid at ambient temperatures and is both hydrophobic (does not mix with water, literally "water fearing") and lipophilic (mixes with other oils, literally "fat loving").

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The Orinoco River is one of the longest rivers in South America at.

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Petroleum is a naturally occurring, yellow-to-black liquid found in geological formations beneath the Earth's surface.

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Repsol S.A., El Nuevo Herald, 2012-05-31Originally an initialism for Refinería de Petróleos de Escombreras adding the word Sol (Sun) is an integrated global energy company based in Madrid, Spain.

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Ritual purification

Ritual purification is the purification ritual prescribed by a religion by which a person about to perform some ritual is considered to be free of uncleanliness, especially prior to the worship of a deity, and ritual purity is a state of ritual cleanliness.

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Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell plc, commonly known as Shell, is a British–Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom.

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Santander Department

Santander is a department of Colombia.

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Saravena is a city and municipality in Arauca Department, Colombia.

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Sácama is a town and municipality in the Department of Casanare, Colombia.

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Shamanism is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with what they believe to be a spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.

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Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

The Sierra Nevada del Cocuy Chita o Guican National Natural Park (or Sierra Nevada de Chita or Sierra Nevada de Güicán, Parque Natural Sierra Nevada del Cocuy Chita o Guican is a national park and a set of highlands within the Cordillera Oriental mountain range in the Andes Mountains of Colombia.

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A song, most broadly, is a single (and often standalone) work of music that is typically intended to be sung by the human voice with distinct and fixed pitches and patterns using sound and silence and a variety of forms that often include the repetition of sections.

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Támara, Casanare

Támara is a town and municipality in the Department of Casanare, Colombia.

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Uwa language

The Uwa language, Uw Cuwa, commonly known as Tunebo, is a Chibchan language spoken by between 1,800 and 3,600 of the Uwa people of Colombia, out of a total population of about 7,000.

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Venezuela, officially denominated Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (República Bolivariana de Venezuela),Previously, the official name was Estado de Venezuela (1830–1856), República de Venezuela (1856–1864), Estados Unidos de Venezuela (1864–1953), and again República de Venezuela (1953–1999).

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U'wa_people

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