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Òdena (Spanish: Ódena) is a municipality in the ''comarca'' of the Anoia in Catalonia, Spain. [1]

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An aerodrome (Commonwealth English) or airdrome (American English) is a location from which aircraft flight operations take place, regardless of whether they involve air cargo, passengers, or neither.

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Aerosport (air show)

Aerosport is an air show that takes place at the Igualada-Òdena aerodrome (Barcelona Province in Spain) every year since 1993.

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Ancient Rome

In historiography, ancient Rome is Roman civilization from the founding of the city of Rome in the 8th century BC to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD, encompassing the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and Roman Empire until the fall of the western empire.

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Anoia is a comarca (county) in central Catalonia, Spain, with its capital at Igualada.

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Autonomous communities of Spain

In Spain, an autonomous community (comunidad autónoma, autonomia erkidegoa, comunitat autònoma, comunidade autónoma, comunautat autonòma) is a first-level political and administrative division, created in accordance with the Spanish constitution of 1978, with the aim of guaranteeing limited autonomy of the nationalities and regions that make up Spain.

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Barcelona is a city in Spain.

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Castellfollit del Boix

Castellfollit del Boix is a village in the province of Barcelona and autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain.

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Castellolí is a municipality in the ''comarca'' area of the Anoia in Catalonia, Spain.

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Catalonia (Catalunya, Catalonha, Cataluña) is an autonomous community in Spain on the northeastern extremity of the Iberian Peninsula, designated as a nationality by its Statute of Autonomy.

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Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ,Martindale, Cyril Charles.

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Christmas and holiday season

The Christmas season, also called the festive season, or the holiday season (mainly in the U.S. and Canada; often simply called the holidays),, is an annually recurring period recognized in many Western and Western-influenced countries that is generally considered to run from late November to early January.

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the evening or entire day before Christmas Day, the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus.

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Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions vary from country to country.

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Comarques of Catalonia

This is a list of the 42 comarques (singular comarca) into which Catalonia is divided.

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Generalitat de Catalunya

The Government of Catalonia or the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan;,; Generalidad de Cataluña) is the institution under which the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia is politically organised.

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A hangar is a closed building structure to hold aircraft, or spacecraft.

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Hot air balloon

A hot air balloon is a lighter-than-air aircraft consisting of a bag, called an envelope, which contains heated air.

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Igualada is a municipality of the province of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain.

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Jorba is a municipality in the ''comarca'' of the Anoia in Catalonia, Spain.

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La Pobla de Claramunt

La Pobla de Claramunt is a municipality in the ''comarca'' of the Anoia in Catalonia, Spain.

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List of sovereign states

This list of sovereign states provides an overview of sovereign states around the world, with information on their status and recognition of their sovereignty.

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Lleida (Lérida) is a city in the west of Catalonia, Spain.

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Manresa is the capital of the Comarca of Bages, located in the geographic centre of Catalonia, Spain, and crossed by the river Cardener.

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In many countries, a mayor (from the Latin maior, meaning "bigger") is the highest-ranking official in a municipal government such as that of a city or a town.

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Municipalities of Catalonia

Catalonia is (as of 2018) divided into 947 municipalities.

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A municipality is usually a single urban or administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and state laws to which it is subordinate.

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New Year

New Year is the time or day at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar's year count increments by one.

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New Year's Day

New Year's Day, also called simply New Year's or New Year, is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar.

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New Year's Eve

In the Gregorian calendar, New Year's Eve (also known as Old Year's Day or Saint Sylvester's Day in many countries), the last day of the year, is on 31 December which is the seventh day of Christmastide.

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In geometry, an octagon (from the Greek ὀκτάγωνον oktágōnon, "eight angles") is an eight-sided polygon or 8-gon.

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In biology, a population is all the organisms of the same group or species, which live in a particular geographical area, and have the capability of interbreeding.

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Province of Barcelona

Barcelona is a province of eastern Spain, in the center of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

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Provinces of Spain

Spain and its autonomous communities are divided into fifty provinces (provincias,; sing. provincia).

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Rubió is a rural municipality in the ''comarca'' of Anoia in Catalonia, Spain.

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According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a runway is a "defined rectangular area on a land aerodrome prepared for the landing and takeoff of aircraft".

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Spain (España), officially the Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España), is a sovereign state mostly located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe.

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Spanish language

Spanish or Castilian, is a Western Romance language that originated in the Castile region of Spain and today has hundreds of millions of native speakers in Latin America and Spain.

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Statistical Institute of Catalonia

The Statistical Institute of Catalonia (in Catalan: Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya, usually referred to by its acronym IDESCAT) is the official body responsible for collecting and publishing statistics in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain.

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Ultramagic is a manufacturer of hot air balloons, based at the Igualada-Òdena airfield, province of Barcelona, Catalonia.

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Vilanova del Camí

Vilanova del Camí is a municipality in the ''comarca'' of the Anoia in Catalonia, Spain.

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2018 has been designated as the third International Year of the Reef by the International Coral Reef Initiative.

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2019 (MMXIX) will be a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2019th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 19th year of the 3rd millennium, the 19th year of the 21st century, and the 10th and last year of the 2010s decade.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Òdena

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