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The draft (American) or draught (British) of a ship's hull is the vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull (keel), with the thickness of the hull included; in the case of not being included the draft outline would be obtained. [1]

31 relations: Air draft, Angle of list, Archimedes' principle, Beam (nautical), Bow (ship), Cargo, Catamaran, Center of mass, Dragon boat, Hull (watercraft), Keel, Keel depth, Length between perpendiculars, Length overall, Lock (water transport), Malaccamax, Metacentric height, Naval architecture, Oil tanker, Panama Canal, Panamax, Pleasure craft, Sailing ballast, Sea level, Squat effect, Stern, Strait of Malacca, Submarine, Suez Canal, Suezmax, Waterline.

Air draft

Air draft (or air draught) is the distance from the surface of the water to the highest point on a vessel.

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Angle of list

The angle of list is the degree to which a vessel heels (leans, or tilts) to either port or starboard.

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Archimedes' principle

Archimedes' principle indicates that the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces.

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Beam (nautical)

The beam of a ship is its width at the widest point as measured at the ship's nominal waterline.

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Bow (ship)

The bow is the forward part of the hull of a ship or boat, the point that is usually most forward when the vessel is underway.

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The word cargo refers in particular to goods or produce being conveyed – generally for commercial gain – by ship, boat, or aircraft, although the term is now often extended to cover all types of freight, including that carried by train, van, truck, or intermodal container.

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A catamaran ("cat" for short) is a multihulled watercraft consisting of two parallel hulls of equal size.

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Center of mass

In physics, the center of mass of a distribution of mass in space is the unique point where the weighted relative position of the distributed mass sums to zero or the point where if a force is applied causes it to move in direction of force without rotation.

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Dragon boat

A dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft.

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Hull (watercraft)

A hull is the watertight body of a ship or boat.

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In boats and ships, keel can refer to either of two parts: a structural element that sometimes resembles a fin and protrudes below a boat along the central line, or a hydrodynamic element.

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Keel depth

Keel depth (sometimes given as Depth to keel) is the depth (or draft) of water from the water surface to the keel of a submarine, its deepest part.

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Length between perpendiculars

Length between perpendiculars (often abbreviated as p/p, p.p., pp, LPP, LBP or Length BPP) is the length of a ship along the waterline from the forward surface of the stem, or main bow perpendicular member, to the after surface of the sternpost, or main stern perpendicular member.

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Length overall

Length overall, often abbreviated as (LOA, o/a, o.a. or oa) is the maximum length of a vessel's hull measured parallel to the waterline.

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Lock (water transport)

A lock is a device used for raising and lowering boats, ships and other watercraft between stretches of water of different levels on river and canal waterways.

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Malaccamax is a naval architecture term for the largest size of ship capable of fitting through the Strait of Malacca.

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Metacentric height

The metacentric height (GM) is a measurement of the initial static stability of a floating body.

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Naval architecture

Naval architecture also known as naval engineering, is an engineering discipline dealing with the engineering design process, shipbuilding, maintenance, and operation of marine vessels and structures.

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Oil tanker

An oil tanker, also known as a petroleum tanker, is a merchant ship designed for the bulk transport of oil.

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Panama Canal

The Panama Canal (Canal de Panamá) is a ship canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean (via the Caribbean Sea) to the Pacific Ocean.

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Panamax and New Panamax are terms for the size limits for ships traveling through the Panama Canal.

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Pleasure craft

A pleasure craft (or pleasure boat) is a boat used for personal, family, and sometimes sportsmanlike recreation.

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Sailing ballast

Ballast is used in sailboats to provide moment to resist the lateral forces on the sail.

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Sea level

Sea level is generally used to refer to mean sea level (MSL), an average level for the surface of one or more of Earth's oceans from which heights such as elevations may be measured.

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Squat effect

The squat effect is the hydrodynamic phenomenon by which a vessel moving quickly through shallow water creates an area of lowered pressure that causes the ship to be closer to the seabed than would otherwise be expected.

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The stern is the back or aft-most part of a ship or boat, technically defined as the area built up over the sternpost, extending upwards from the counter rail to the taffrail.

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Strait of Malacca

The Strait of Malacca (Selat Melaka, Selat Malaka; Jawi: سلت ملاک) or Straits of Malacca is a narrow, stretch of water between the Malay Peninsula (Peninsular Malaysia) and the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

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A submarine is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater.

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Suez Canal

The Suez Canal (قناة السويس) is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

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Suezmax is a naval architecture term for the largest ship measurements capable of transiting the Suez Canal in a laden condition, and is almost exclusively used in reference to tankers.

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The waterline is the line where the hull of a ship meets the surface of the water, in concept or reality.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft_(hull)

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