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Leopold Mozart

Index Leopold Mozart

Johann Georg Leopold Mozart (November 14, 1719 – May 28, 1787) was a German composer, conductor, teacher, and violinist. [1]

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Alfred Einstein

Alfred Einstein (December 30, 1880February 13, 1952) was a German-American musicologist and music editor.

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Anna Maria Mozart

Anna Maria Walburga Mozart (née Pertl; December 25, 1720 – July 3, 1778) was the mother of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Maria Anna Mozart.

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Archbishopric of Salzburg

The Prince-Archbishopric of Salzburg (Fürsterzbistum Salzburg) was an ecclesiastical principality and state of the Holy Roman Empire.

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Austria (Österreich), officially the Republic of Austria (Republik Österreich), is a federal republic and a landlocked country of over 8.8 million people in Central Europe.

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Bagpipes are a woodwind instrument using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag.

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Bölzlschiessen was a form of domestic recreation that involved shooting darts at decorated targets with an air gun.

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Bookbinding is the process of physically assembling a book of codex format from an ordered stack of paper sheets that are folded together into sections or sometimes left as a stack of individual sheets.

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Cliff Eisen

Cliff Eisen (born 21 January 1952 in Toronto) is a Canadian musicologist and a Mozart expert.

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Constanze Mozart

Maria Constanze Cäcilia Josepha Johanna Aloysia Mozart (née Weber) (5 January 1762 – 6 March 1842) was an Austrian woman who trained as a singer.

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Count Leopold Anton von Firmian

Leopold Anton Eleutherius Freiherr von Firmian (11 March 1679 – 22 October 1744) was Bishop of Lavant 1718–24, Bishop of Seckau 1724–27 and Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg from 1727 until his death.

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In music, counterpoint is the relationship between voices that are harmonically interdependent (polyphony) yet independent in rhythm and contour.

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Divertimento (from the Italian divertire "to amuse") is a musical genre, with most of its examples from the 18th century.

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A fortepiano is an early piano.

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Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg

Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg (21 November 1718 – 22 May 1795) was a German music critic, music theorist and composer.

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GeneWeb is a free multi-platform genealogy software tool created and owned by Daniel de Rauglaudre of INRIA.

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(Grain Lane) is a busy shopping street in the historic Altstadt (Old Town) of Salzburg, Austria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

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Hammered dulcimer

The hammered dulcimer is a percussion-stringed instrument which consists of strings typically stretched over a trapezoidal resonant sound board.

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Haydn and Mozart

The composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Haydn were friends.

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Haydn Quartets (Mozart)

The "Haydn" Quartets by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are a set of six string quartets published in 1785 in Vienna as his Op.

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Hieronymus von Colloredo (1732–1812)

Hieronymus Joseph Franz de Paula Graf Colloredo von Wallsee und Melz (Jérôme Joseph Franz de Paula, Count of Colloredo-Wallsee and Mels; 31 May 1732 – 20 May 1812) was Prince-Bishop of Gurk from 1761 to 1772 and Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg from 1772 until 1803, when the prince-archbishopric was secularized.

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Historically informed performance

Historically informed performance (also referred to as period performance, authentic performance, or HIP) is an approach to the performance of classical music, which aims to be faithful to the approach, manner and style of the musical era in which a work was originally conceived.

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Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire (Sacrum Romanum Imperium; Heiliges Römisches Reich) was a multi-ethnic but mostly German complex of territories in central Europe that developed during the Early Middle Ages and continued until its dissolution in 1806.

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The hurdy-gurdy is a stringed instrument that produces sound by a hand crank-turned, rosined wheel rubbing against the strings.

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The Jagdsinfonie or Sinfonia da Caccia for 4 horns and Strings is a work by Leopold Mozart in G major.

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Johann Georg Mozart

Johann Georg Mozart (4 May 1679 – 19 February 1736) was a bookbinder who lived in Augsburg, Germany, in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach (28 July 1750) was a composer and musician of the Baroque period, born in the Duchy of Saxe-Eisenach.

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John Dollond

John Dollond FRS (10 June O.S. (21 June N.S.) 170630 November 1761) was an English optician, known for his successful optics business and his patenting and commercialization of achromatic doublets.

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Joseph Haydn

(Franz) Joseph HaydnSee Haydn's name.

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Kapellmeister is a German word designating a person in charge of music-making.

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Latin honors

Latin honors are Latin phrases used to indicate the level of distinction with which an academic degree has been earned.

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Maria Anna Mozart

Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart (30 July 1751 – 29 October 1829), called Marianne and nicknamed "Nannerl", was a musician, the older sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and daughter of Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart.

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Maynard Solomon

Maynard Solomon (born January 5, 1930) was a co-founder of Vanguard Records as well as a music producer.

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A minuet (also spelled menuet) is a social dance of French origin for two people, usually in 4 time.

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Mozart family grand tour

The Mozart family grand tour was a journey through western Europe, undertaken by Leopold Mozart, his wife Anna Maria, and their musically gifted children Maria Anna (Nannerl) and Wolfgang Amadeus from 1763 to 1766.

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Mozarteum University Salzburg

The Mozarteum University Salzburg (German: Universität Mozarteum Salzburg), also known simply as Mozarteum Salzburg, is a university in Salzburg city, Austria, which specializes in music and the dramatic arts.

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An oratorio is a large musical composition for orchestra, choir, and soloists.

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Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press (OUP) is the largest university press in the world, and the second oldest after Cambridge University Press.

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Passion (music)

In Christian music, a Passion is a setting of the Passion of Christ.

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Prince-Bishopric of Augsburg

The Prince-Bishopric of Augsburg was one of the prince-bishoprics of the Holy Roman Empire, and belonged to the Swabian Circle.

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Recorder (musical instrument)

The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument in the group known as internal duct flutes—flutes with a whistle mouthpiece.

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In music, a serenade (also sometimes called serenata, from the Italian) is a musical composition and/or performance delivered in honor.

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A silhouette is the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single color, usually black, with its edges matching the outline of the subject.

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Society of Jesus

The Society of Jesus (SJ – from Societas Iesu) is a scholarly religious congregation of the Catholic Church which originated in sixteenth-century Spain.

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St Matthew Passion

The St Matthew Passion (Matthäus-Passion), BWV 244, is a Passion, a sacred oratorio written by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1727 for solo voices, double choir and double orchestra, with libretto by Picander.

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The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is an encyclopedic dictionary of music and musicians.

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Thurn und Taxis

The Princely House of Thurn and Taxis (Fürstenhaus Thurn und Taxis) is a family of German nobility that is part of the Briefadel.

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Toy Symphony

The Toy Symphony (full title: Cassation in G major for toys, 2 oboes, 2 horns, strings and continuo) is a musical work with parts for toy instruments.

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Trumpet Concerto (Leopold Mozart)

Leopold Mozart's Trumpet Concerto in D major was completed in 1762, and is now "popular with trumpeters." The work is in two movements.

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Turkish music (style)

Turkish music, in the sense described here, is not really music of Turkey, but rather a musical style that was occasionally used by the European composers of the Classical music era.

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University of Salzburg

The University of Salzburg, also known as the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (Paris-Lodron-Universität Salzburg, PLUS), named after its founder, Prince-Archbishop Paris Lodron, is a public university located in Salzburg city, Austria.

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Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule

Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule (A Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing) is a textbook for instruction in the violin, published by Leopold Mozart in 1756.

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The violin, also known informally as a fiddle, is a wooden string instrument in the violin family.

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Violin technique

Playing the violin entails holding the instrument under the chin, supported by the left shoulder (see below for variations of this posture).

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Volkmar Braunbehrens

Volkmar von Braunbehrens (born 22 March 1941 in Freiburg im Breisgau) is a German musicologist, specialising in research about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27 January 1756 – 5 December 1791), baptised as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, was a prolific and influential composer of the classical era.

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Wolfgang Plath

Wolfgang Plath (27 December 1930 – 19 March 1995) was a German musicologist specialising in research on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopold_Mozart

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