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Aryeh Deri

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Aryeh Makhlouf Deri (also Arie Deri, Arye Deri or Arieh Deri; born 17 February 1959 in Meknes) is an Israeli politician. [1]

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Aliyah (עֲלִיָּה aliyah, "ascent") is the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel in Hebrew).

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Av Beit Din

The av beit din (ʾabh bêth dîn, "chief of the court" or "chief justice"or "chief justice"), also spelled av beis din or abh beth din and abbreviated ABD, was the second-highest-ranking member of the Sanhedrin during the Second Temple period, and served as an assistant to the Nasi.

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Bat Yam

Bat Yam (בַּת יָם, بات يام) is a city located on Israel's Mediterranean Sea coast, on the central coastal strip, just south of Tel Aviv.

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Beersheba, also spelled Beer-Sheva (בְּאֵר שֶׁבַע; بئر السبع), is the largest city in the Negev desert of southern Israel.

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Boarding school

A boarding school provides education for pupils who live on the premises, as opposed to a day school.

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Bribery is the act of giving or receiving something of value in exchange for some kind of influence or action in return, that the recipient would otherwise not alter.

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Censorship in Israel

Laws on censorship in Israel are based on British emergency regulations from 1945 that apply to domestic media, foreign newspapers and wire service transmissions from or through Israel.

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Channel 2 (Israel)

Channel 2 (Arutz Shtaim), also called "The Second Channel" (HaArutz HaSheni) was an Israeli commercial television channel.

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Chief executive officer

Chief executive officer (CEO) is the position of the most senior corporate officer, executive, administrator, or other leader in charge of managing an organization especially an independent legal entity such as a company or nonprofit institution.

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Chief Rabbi

Chief Rabbi is a title given in several countries to the recognised religious leader of that country's Jewish community, or to a rabbinic leader appointed by the local secular authorities.

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In law, a conviction is the verdict that usually results when a court of law finds a defendant guilty of a crime.

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Culture of France

The culture of Paris,in France and of the French people has been shaped by geography, by profound historical events, and by foreign and internal forces and groups.

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Elazar Shach

Elazar Menachem Man Shach (אלעזר מנחם מן שך) Elazar Shach (January 1, 1899 O.S. – November 2, 2001) was a leading Lithuanian-Jewish Haredi rabbi in Bnei Brak, Israel.

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Eli Yishai

Eliyahu "Eli" Yishai (אליהו "אלי" ישי, born 26 December 1962) is an Israeli politician.

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In law, fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right.

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French language

French (le français or la langue française) is a Romance language of the Indo-European family.

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Grand coalition

A grand coalition is an arrangement in a multi-party parliamentary system in which the two largest political parties of opposing political ideologies unite in a coalition government.

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Gush Etzion Regional Council

The Gush Etzion Regional Council (מועצה אזורית גוש עציון, Mo'atza Azorit Gush Etzion) is a regional council in the northern Judean Hills, the northern part of the southern area of the West Bank, administering the settlements in the Gush Etzion region, as well as others nearby.

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Hadera (חֲדֵרָה, الخضيرة) is a city located in the Haifa District of Israel, in the northern Sharon region, approximately 45 kilometers (28 miles) from the major cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

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Haim Ramon

Haim Ramon (חיים רמון, born 10 April 1950) is an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset between 1983 and 2009, and as both Vice Prime Minister and Minister in the Prime Minister's Office with responsibility for state policy.

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Har Nof

Har Nof (הר נוף, lit. scenic mountain) is a neighborhood on a hillside on the western boundary of Jerusalem, Israel, with a population of 20,000 residents, primarily Orthodox Jews.

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Haredi Judaism

Haredi Judaism (חֲרֵדִי,; also spelled Charedi, plural Haredim or Charedim) is a broad spectrum of groups within Orthodox Judaism, all characterized by a rejection of modern secular culture.

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Hebrew language

No description.

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Hebron Yeshiva

Hebron Yeshiva, also known as Yeshivas Hevron, or Knesses Yisroel, is a yeshiva devoted to high-level study of the Talmud.

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Israel, officially the State of Israel, is a country in the Middle East, on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea.

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Israel Defense Forces

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF; צְבָא הַהֲגָנָה לְיִשְׂרָאֵל, lit. "The Army of Defense for Israel"; جيش الدفاع الإسرائيلي), commonly known in Israel by the Hebrew acronym Tzahal, are the military forces of the State of Israel.

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Israeli general election, 1996

General elections were held in Israel on 29 May 1996.

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Israeli Labor Party

The Israeli Labor Party (מִפְלֶגֶת הָעֲבוֹדָה הַיִּשְׂרְאֵלִית, translit.), commonly known as HaAvoda (הָעֲבוֹדָה), is a social democratic and Zionist political party in Israel.

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Israeli legislative election, 1988

Elections for the 12th Knesset were held in Israel on 1 November 1988.

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Israeli legislative election, 1992

Elections for the 13th Knesset were held in Israel on 23 June 1992.

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Israeli legislative election, 2013

Early elections for the nineteenth Knesset were held in Israel on 22 January 2013.

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Israeli legislative election, 2015

Early elections for the twentieth Knesset were held in Israel on 17 March 2015.

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Jerusalem (יְרוּשָׁלַיִם; القُدس) is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

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The Knesset (הַכְּנֶסֶת; lit. "the gathering" or "assembly"; الكنيست) is the unicameral national legislature of Israel.

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A lawyer or attorney is a person who practices law, as an advocate, attorney, attorney at law, barrister, barrister-at-law, bar-at-law, counsel, counselor, counsellor, counselor at law, or solicitor, but not as a paralegal or charter executive secretary.

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Left-wing politics

Left-wing politics supports social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy.

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Likud (הַלִּיכּוּד, translit. HaLikud, lit., The Consolidation), officially, the Likud-National Liberal Movement, is a centre-right to right-wing political party in Israel.

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Lior Edri

Rabbi Lior Edri (ליאור אדרי, born 13 February 1979) is an Israeli rabbi and politician.

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List of Israeli public officials convicted of crimes or misdemeanors

This is a list of Israeli public officials convicted of crimes or misdemeanors, alphabetized by branch.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and List of Israeli public officials convicted of crimes or misdemeanors · See more »

List of Knesset members

These are lists of members of the Knesset of Israel.

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Ma'ale Amos

Ma'ale Amos (מַעֲלֵה עָמוֹס, lit Ascent of Amos) is a Haredi community Israeli settlement in the southern West Bank.

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Maasiyahu Prison

Maasiyahu Prison is a minimum-security Israel Prison Service prison specifically designated for illegal immigrants and others awaiting deportation and others convicted of various minor-to-moderate crimes, including Israeli citizens.

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Media of Israel

The media of Israel refers to print, broadcast and online media available in the State of Israel.

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Meknes (məknas; amknas; Meknès) is one of the four Imperial cities of Morocco, located in northern central Morocco and the sixth largest city by population in the kingdom.

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Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Menachem Mendel Schneerson (April 18, 1902 OS – June 12, 1994 / AM 11 Nissan 5662 – 3 Tammuz 5754), known to many as the Lubavitcher Rebbe or simply as the Rebbe, was a Russian Empire–born American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, and the last rebbe of the Lubavitcher Hasidic dynasty.

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Michael Malchieli

Michael Malchieli (מיכאל מלכיאלי, born 7 October 1982) is an Israeli politician who serves as a member of the Knesset for the Sephardi ultra-Orthodox Shas party.

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Minister without portfolio

A minister without portfolio is either a government minister with no specific responsibilities or a minister who does not head a particular ministry.

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Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee

The Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee (הַמִּשְׂרָד לְפִּיתּוּחַ הַנֶּגֶב וְהַגָּלִיל, HaMisrad LeFitu'ah HaNegev VeHaGalil) is a ministry in the Israeli government.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee · See more »

Ministry of Economy (Israel)

The Ministry of Economy (משרד הכלכלה, Misrad HaKalkala) is a ministry of the Israeli government that oversees commerce, industry and labor in Israel.

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Ministry of Interior (Israel)

The Ministry of Interior (משרד הפנים, Misrad HaPnim; وزارة الداخلية) in the State of Israel is one of the government offices that is responsible for local government, citizenship and residency, identity cards, and student and entry visas.

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Mishpacha (משפחה, "Family") is the flagship magazine in a weekly magazine package produced by The Mishpacha Group in both English and Hebrew.

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Moetzet Chachmei HaTorah

Moetzet Chachmei HaTorah (Hebrew: מועצת חכמי התורה; lit. "Council of Torah Sages") is the rabbinical body that has the ultimate authority in the Israeli ultra-orthodox Sephardic and Mizrahi Shas Party.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Moetzet Chachmei HaTorah · See more »

Moroccan Arabic

Moroccan Arabic or Moroccan Darija (الدارجة, in Morocco) is a member of the Maghrebi Arabic language continuum spoken in Morocco.

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Moroccan Jews

Moroccan Jews (al-Yehud al-Magharibah יהודים מרוקאים Yehudim Maroka'im) are the Jews who live or have lived in the area of North African country of Morocco.

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Morocco (officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, is a unitary sovereign state located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. It is one of the native homelands of the indigenous Berber people. Geographically, Morocco is characterised by a rugged mountainous interior, large tracts of desert and a lengthy coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Morocco has a population of over 33.8 million and an area of. Its capital is Rabat, and the largest city is Casablanca. Other major cities include Marrakesh, Tangier, Salé, Fes, Meknes and Oujda. A historically prominent regional power, Morocco has a history of independence not shared by its neighbours. Since the foundation of the first Moroccan state by Idris I in 788 AD, the country has been ruled by a series of independent dynasties, reaching its zenith under the Almoravid dynasty and Almohad dynasty, spanning parts of Iberia and northwestern Africa. The Marinid and Saadi dynasties continued the struggle against foreign domination, and Morocco remained the only North African country to avoid Ottoman occupation. The Alaouite dynasty, the current ruling dynasty, seized power in 1631. In 1912, Morocco was divided into French and Spanish protectorates, with an international zone in Tangier, and regained its independence in 1956. Moroccan culture is a blend of Berber, Arab, West African and European influences. Morocco claims the non-self-governing territory of Western Sahara, formerly Spanish Sahara, as its Southern Provinces. After Spain agreed to decolonise the territory to Morocco and Mauritania in 1975, a guerrilla war arose with local forces. Mauritania relinquished its claim in 1979, and the war lasted until a cease-fire in 1991. Morocco currently occupies two thirds of the territory, and peace processes have thus far failed to break the political deadlock. Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. The King of Morocco holds vast executive and legislative powers, especially over the military, foreign policy and religious affairs. Executive power is exercised by the government, while legislative power is vested in both the government and the two chambers of parliament, the Assembly of Representatives and the Assembly of Councillors. The king can issue decrees called dahirs, which have the force of law. He can also dissolve the parliament after consulting the Prime Minister and the president of the constitutional court. Morocco's predominant religion is Islam, and the official languages are Arabic and Berber, with Berber being the native language of Morocco before the Arab conquest in the 600s AD. The Moroccan dialect of Arabic, referred to as Darija, and French are also widely spoken. Morocco is a member of the Arab League, the Union for the Mediterranean and the African Union. It has the fifth largest economy of Africa.

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Motion of no confidence

A motion of no confidence (alternatively vote of no confidence, no-confidence motion, or (unsuccessful) confidence motion) is a statement or vote which states that a person(s) in a position of responsibility (government, managerial, etc.) is no longer deemed fit to hold that position, perhaps because they are inadequate in some respect, are failing to carry out obligations, or are making decisions that other members feel are detrimental.

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New York City

The City of New York, often called New York City (NYC) or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and New York City · See more »

Orthodox Judaism

Orthodox Judaism is a collective term for the traditionalist branches of Judaism, which seek to maximally maintain the received Jewish beliefs and observances and which coalesced in opposition to the various challenges of modernity and secularization.

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Ovadia Yosef

Ovadia Yosef (עובדיה יוסף Ovadya Yosef,; September 24, 1920 – October 7, 2013) was an Iraqi-born Talmudic scholar, a posek, the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel from 1973 to 1983, and the founder and long-time spiritual leader of Israel's ultra-Orthodox Shas party.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Ovadia Yosef · See more »

Ozar Hatorah

Ozar Hatorah (Hebrew:, "treasure of Torah") is an organization founded in 1945 for Orthodox Jewish education.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Ozar Hatorah · See more »

Play (theatre)

A play is a form of literature written by a playwright, usually consisting of dialogue between characters, intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading.

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Porat Yosef Yeshiva

Porat Yosef Yeshiva (ישיבת פורת יוסף) is a leading Sephardic yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel, with locations in both the Old City and the Geula neighborhood.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Porat Yosef Yeshiva · See more »


Reshumot (Hebrew: רשומות) is the gazette of record for the State of Israel, in which official records and laws are published.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Reshumot · See more »

Security Cabinet of Israel

The Security Cabinet (הקבינט המדיני-ביטחוני, HaKabinet HaMedini-Bithoni) or Ministerial Committee on National Security Affairs (ועדת השרים לענייני ביטחון, Va'adat HaSarim Le'Inyanei Bitahon) is a narrow forum of "Inner Cabinet" within the Israeli Cabinet, headed by the Prime Minister of Israel, with the purpose of outlining a foreign and defense policy and implementing it.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Security Cabinet of Israel · See more »

Sephardi Jews

Sephardi Jews, also known as Sephardic Jews or Sephardim (סְפָרַדִּים, Modern Hebrew: Sefaraddim, Tiberian: Səp̄āraddîm; also Ye'hude Sepharad, lit. "The Jews of Spain"), originally from Sepharad, Spain or the Iberian peninsula, are a Jewish ethnic division.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Sephardi Jews · See more »


Shas (ש״ס, an acronym for Shomrei Sfarad, lit., "(Religious) Guardians of the Sephardim") is an ultra-Orthodox religious political party in Israel.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Shas · See more »

Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres (שמעון פרס,; born Szymon Perski; August 2, 1923 – September 28, 2016) was an Israeli politician who served as the ninth President of Israel (2007–2014), the Prime Minister of Israel (twice), and the Interim Prime Minister, in the 1970s to the 1990s.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Shimon Peres · See more »

Shlomo Deri

Shlomo Deri is an Israeli lawyer, businessman, politician, and founder of the Respect for Tradition Party (Kovod U’Mesoret Party).

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Shlomo Deri · See more »


A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally, especially suits and men's clothing.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Tailor · See more »

The dirty trick

The dirty trick (התרגיל המסריח, HaTargil HaMasriaḥ, lit. the stinking trick) refers to a political scandal that erupted in Israel in 1990.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and The dirty trick · See more »

The Holocaust

The Holocaust, also referred to as the Shoah, was a genocide during World War II in which Nazi Germany, aided by its collaborators, systematically murdered approximately 6 million European Jews, around two-thirds of the Jewish population of Europe, between 1941 and 1945.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and The Holocaust · See more »

Thirty-fourth government of Israel

The thirty-fourth government of Israel, also known as the Fourth Netanyahu Government, is the current government of Israel, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Thirty-fourth government of Israel · See more »

Twenty-fourth government of Israel

The twenty-fourth government of Israel was formed by Yitzhak Shamir of Likud on 11 June 1990.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Twenty-fourth government of Israel · See more »

Twenty-third government of Israel

The twenty-third government of Israel was formed by Yitzhak Shamir of Likud on 22 December 1988, following the November 1988 elections.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Twenty-third government of Israel · See more »

Yehuda Deri

Yehuda Deri is a rabbi, member of the Chief Rabbinical Council of Israel, and the Chief Rabbi of Beersheba since 1997.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Yehuda Deri · See more »


Yeshiva (ישיבה, lit. "sitting"; pl., yeshivot or yeshivos) is a Jewish institution that focuses on the study of traditional religious texts, primarily the Talmud and the Torah.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Yeshiva · See more »

Yitzhak Peretz (politician born 1938)

Rabbi Yitzhak Haim Peretz (יצחק חיים פרץ, born 26 March 1938) is a former Israeli politician who held several ministerial portfolios during the 1980s and early 1990s.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Yitzhak Peretz (politician born 1938) · See more »

Yitzhak Rabin

Yitzhak Rabin (יצחק רבין,; 1 March 1922 – 4 November 1995) was an Israeli politician, statesman and general.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Yitzhak Rabin · See more »

Yitzhak Shamir

Yitzhak Shamir (יצחק שמיר,; born Yitzhak Yezernitsky; October 22, 1915 – June 30, 2012) was an Israeli politician and the seventh Prime Minister of Israel, serving two terms, 1983–84 and 1986–1992.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Yitzhak Shamir · See more »

Yuli-Yoel Edelstein

Yuli-Yoel Edelstein (יולי-יואל אדלשטיין, Ю́лий Ю́рьевич Эдельште́йн, Ю́лий Ю́рійович Едельште́йн, born 5 August 1958) is an Israeli politician.

New!!: Aryeh Deri and Yuli-Yoel Edelstein · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aryeh_Deri

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