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8-track tape (formally Stereo 8: commonly known as the eight-track cartridge, eight-track tape, or simply eight-track) is a magnetic tape sound recording technology popular in the United States from the mid-1960s to the late-1970s when the Compact Cassette format took over. [1]

71 relations: Ampex, Analog signal, Animals (Pink Floyd album), Audio file format, Berlin (Lou Reed album), Bill Lear, Birotron, Bruce Springsteen, Caught Live + 5, Cheap Trick, Columbia House, Columbia Records, Compact Cassette, Compact disc, Constant linear velocity, Counterfeit, Dashboard, Days of Future Passed, Digital cinema, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Fidelipac, Fleetwood Mac, Flutter (electronics and communication), Ford Motor Company, Ford Mustang, Ford Thunderbird, Freeways (album), General Motors, Gramophone record, Graphite, Greatest Hits (1988 Fleetwood Mac album), High fidelity, Highway Hi-Fi, In Utero (album), Journals (Cobain), Kurt Cobain, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, Learjet, Lincoln Motor Company, Live 1975–85, Live Bullet, London, Madman Muntz, Magnetic tape, Magnetism, Matrix decoder, Melvins, Motorola, Movie projector, Nirvana (band), ..., Nivelles, Octave (album), Quadraphonic sound, Quadrophenia, RCA, RCA Records, RCA tape cartridge, Recording head, Reel-to-reel audio tape recording, Sony Music Entertainment, Sound recording and reproduction, Stereo-Pak, Stereophonic sound, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tape head, Tape recorder, Texas Flood, The Concert in Central Park, The Latest, Vulcanization, Wow (recording). Expand index (21 more) »

Ampex was an American electronics company founded in 1944 by Alexander M. Poniatoff.

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An analog or analogue signal is any continuous signal for which the time varying feature (variable) of the signal is a representation of some other time varying quantity, i.e., analogous to another time varying signal.

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Animals is the tenth studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd, released in January 1977.

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An audio file format is a file format for storing digital audio data on a computer system.

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Berlin is a 1973 album by Lou Reed, his third solo album and the follow-up to ''Transformer''.

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William Powell "Bill" Lear (June 26, 1902 – May 14, 1978) was an American inventor and businessman.

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The Birotron (pronounced By-ro-tron) is a tape replay keyboard conceived by Dave Biro of Yalesville, Connecticut, US, and funded by Rick Wakeman of the progressive-rock group Yes, and Campbell Soup Company-Pepperidge Farm Foods in the mid-late 1970s.

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Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen (born September 23, 1949) is an American musician, singer, songwriter and humanitarian.

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Caught Live + 5 is a live album by The Moody Blues, consisting of a 12 December 1969 live show at the Royal Albert Hall and five previously unreleased studio recordings from 1967 to 1969.

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Cheap Trick is an American rock band from Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1973.

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The Columbia House brand was introduced in the early 1970s by the Columbia Records division of CBS, Inc. as an umbrella for its mail-order music clubs, the primary incarnation of which was the Columbia Record Club, established in 1955.

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Columbia Records is an American flagship recording label, under the ownership of Sony Music Entertainment, operating under the Columbia Music Group.

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The Compact Cassette or Musicassette (MC), also commonly called cassette tape, audio cassette, or simply tape or cassette, is a magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback.

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Compact disc (CD) is a digital optical disc data storage format.

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In optical storage, constant linear velocity (CLV) is a qualifier for the rated speed of an optical disc drive, and may also be applied to the writing speed of recordable discs.

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To counterfeit means to imitate something.

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A dashboard (also called dash, instrument panel, or fascia) is a control panel placed in front of the driver of an automobile, housing instrumentation and controls for operation of the vehicle.

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Days of Future Passed is the second album and first concept album by English rock band The Moody Blues, released in November 1967 by Deram Records.

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Digital cinema refers to the use of digital technology to distribute or project motion pictures as opposed to the historical use of motion picture film.

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Elk Grove Village is a municipality located in northeastern Illinois adjacent to O'Hare International Airport and the city of Chicago.

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The Fidelipac, commonly known as a "NAB cartridge" or simply "cart", is a magnetic tape sound recording format, used for radio broadcasting for playback of material over the air such as radio commercials, jingles, station identifications, and music.

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Fleetwood Mac are a British-American rock band formed in July 1967, in London.

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In electronics and communication, flutter is the rapid variation of signal parameters, such as amplitude, phase, and frequency.

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The Ford Motor Company (commonly referred to as simply Ford) is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

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The Ford Mustang is an American automobile manufactured by Ford.

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The Ford Thunderbird is an automobile that was manufactured by Ford in the United States over eleven model generations from 1955 through 2005.

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Freeways is the sixth studio album by Canadian rock band Bachman–Turner Overdrive, released in 1977.

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General Motors Company, commonly known as GM, is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, that designs, manufactures, markets and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts and sells financial services.

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A gramophone record (phonograph record in American English) or vinyl record, commonly known as a "record", is an analog sound storage medium in the form of a flat polyvinyl chloride (previously shellac) disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove.

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Graphite, archaically referred to as Plumbago, is a crystalline form of carbon, a semimetal, a native element mineral, and one of the allotropes of carbon.

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Greatest Hits is a 1988 compilation album by British-American band Fleetwood Mac.

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High fidelity—or hi-fi or hifi—reproduction is a term used by home stereo listeners and home audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound to distinguish it from the poorer quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment, or the inferior quality of sound reproduction that can be heard in recordings made until the late 1940s.

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Highway Hi-Fi was a system of proprietary players and seven-inch phonograph records with standard LP center holes designed for use in automobiles.

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In Utero is the third and final studio album by American rock band Nirvana, released on September 21, 1993, by DGC Records.

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Journals is a collection of writings and drawings by Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana.

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Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994) was an American musician who was best known as the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter of the rock band Nirvana.

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Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs is the only studio album by blues rock band Derek and the Dominos, released in November 1970, best known for its title track, "Layla".

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Learjet is an American manufacturer of business jets for civilian and military use.

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The Lincoln Motor Company (also known simply as Lincoln) is a division of the Ford Motor Company that sells luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand.

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Live/1975–85 is a live album by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band.

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‘Live’ Bullet is a live album by American rock band Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, released in April 1976.

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London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom.

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Earl William "Madman" Muntz (January 3, 1914 – June 21, 1987) was an American businessman and engineer who sold and promoted cars and consumer electronics in the United States from the 1930s until his death in 1987.

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Magnetic tape is a medium for magnetic recording, made of a thin magnetizable coating on a long, narrow strip of plastic film.

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Magnetism is a class of physical phenomena that are mediated by magnetic fields.

New!!: 8-track tape and Magnetism · See more »

Matrix decoding is an audio technology where a finite number of discrete audio channels (e.g., 2) are decoded into a larger number of channels on play back (e.g., 5).

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The Melvins are an American band that formed in 1983.

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Motorola, Inc. was a multinational telecommunications company based in Schaumburg, Illinois, United States (U.S.). After having lost $4.3 billion from 2007 to 2009, the company was divided into two independent public companies, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions on January 4, 2011.

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A movie projector is an opto-mechanical device for displaying motion picture film by projecting it onto a screen.

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Nirvana was an American rock band that was formed by singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington, in 1987.

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Nivelles (Nijvel) is a Walloon city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant.

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Octave is the ninth album by The Moody Blues, released in 1978, and their first release after a substantial hiatus following the success of the best-selling Seventh Sojourn in 1972.

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Quadraphonic (or Quadrophonic and sometimes Quadrasonic) sound – similar to what is now called 4.0 surround sound – uses four channels in which speakers are positioned at the four corners of the listening space, reproducing signals that are (wholly or in part) independent of one another.

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Quadrophenia is the sixth studio album by English rock band The Who, released on 26 October 1973 by Track Records.

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RCA Corporation, founded as the Radio Corporation of America, was an American electronics company in existence from 1919 to 1986.

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RCA Records is an American flagship recording label (alongside Columbia Records and Epic Records) of Sony Music Entertainment (SME).

New!!: 8-track tape and RCA Records · See more »

The RCA tape cartridge (also known as the Magazine Loading Cartridge and Sound Tape) is a magnetic tape format that was designed to offer stereo quarter-inch reel-to-reel tape recording quality in a convenient format for the consumer market.

New!!: 8-track tape and RCA tape cartridge · See more »

A recording head is the physical interface between a recording apparatus and a moving recording medium.

New!!: 8-track tape and Recording head · See more »

Reel-to-reel/open-reel tape recording is the form of magnetic tape audio recording in which the recording medium is held on a reel, rather than being securely contained within a cassette.

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Sony Music Entertainment (sometimes known plainly as Sony Music or by the initials, SME) is an American music corporation managed and operated by Sony Corporation of America (SCA), a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation.

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Sound recording and reproduction is an electrical or mechanical inscription and re-creation of sound waves, such as spoken voice, singing, instrumental music, or sound effects.

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The Muntz Stereo-Pak, commonly known as the 4-track cartridge, is a magnetic tape sound recording cartridge technology.

New!!: 8-track tape and Stereo-Pak · See more »

Stereophonic sound or, more commonly, stereo, is a method of sound reproduction that creates an illusion of multi-directional audible perspective.

New!!: 8-track tape and Stereophonic sound · See more »

Stephen "Stevie" Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990) was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

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A tape head is a type of transducer used in tape recorders to convert electrical signals to magnetic fluctuations and vice versa.

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An audio tape recorder, tape deck or tape machine is an audio storage device that records and plays back sounds, including articulated voices, usually using magnetic tape, either wound on a reel or in a cassette, for storage.

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Texas Flood is the debut album of American blues rock band Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, released on June 13, 1983 by Epic Records.

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The Concert in Central Park is the first live album by American folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, released in February 1982 on Warner Bros. Records.

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The Latest is the sixteenth studio album by the American power pop band Cheap Trick.

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Vulcanization or vulcanisation is a chemical process for converting natural rubber or related polymers into more durable materials via the addition of sulfur or other equivalent curatives or accelerators.

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Wow is a relatively slow form of flutter (pitch variation) which can affect both gramophone records and tape recorders.

New!!: 8-track tape and Wow (recording) · See more »

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