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Electric locomotive

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An electric locomotive is a locomotive powered by electricity from overhead lines, a third rail or on-board energy storage such as a battery or a supercapacitor. [1]

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Aberdeen (Aiberdeen,; Obar Dheathain; Aberdonia) is Scotland's third most populous city, one of Scotland's 32 local government council areas and the United Kingdom's 37th most populous built-up area, with an official population estimate of 196,670 for the city of Aberdeen and for the local authority area.

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The ALP-45DP is a type of single cab dual-mode locomotive built by Bombardier Transportation for use by New Jersey Transit and Exo.

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The ALP-46 is an electric locomotive built in Germany by Bombardier between 2001 and 2002 for use in the United States.

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Alternating current

Alternating current (AC) is an electric current which periodically reverses direction, in contrast to direct current (DC) which flows only in one direction.

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The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, doing business as Amtrak, is a passenger railroad service that provides medium- and long-distance intercity service in the contiguous United States and to three Canadian cities.

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Arva Industries

Arva Industries is a company that specializes in work equipment for military, industrial, rail and resource sectors.

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Austrian Federal Railways

The Austrian Federal Railways (German: Österreichische Bundesbahnen or ÖBB, formerly the Bundesbahn Österreich or BBÖ) is the national railway system of Austria, and the administrator of Liechtenstein's railways.

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Alta Velocidad Española (AVE) is a service of high-speed rail in Spain operated by Renfe, the Spanish national railway company, at speeds of up to.

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Baldwin-Westinghouse electric locomotives

Baldwin, the locomotive manufacturer, and Westinghouse, the promoter of AC (alternating current) electrification, joined forces in 1895 to develop AC railway electrification.

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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was the first common carrier railroad and the oldest railroad in the United States, with its first section opening in 1830.

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Baltimore Belt Line

The Baltimore Belt Line was constructed by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) in the early 1890s to connect the railroad's newly constructed line to Philadelphia and New York City/Jersey City with the rest of the railroad at Baltimore, Maryland.

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Battery electric vehicle

A battery electric vehicle (BEV), or all-electric vehicle is a type of electric vehicle (EV) that uses chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs.

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Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a country in Western Europe bordered by France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

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Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany, as well as one of its 16 constituent states.

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Bipolar electric motor

A bipolar electric motor is an electric motor with only two (hence bi-) poles to its stationary field.

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Black Mesa and Lake Powell Railroad

The Black Mesa and Lake Powell Railroad is an electrified private railroad operating in Northern Arizona, USA within the Navajo Nation which transports coal from the Peabody Energy Kayenta Mine near Kayenta, Arizona to the Navajo Generating Station power plant at Page, Arizona.

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A bogie (in some senses called a truck in North American English) is a chassis or framework carrying wheelsets, attached to a vehicle, thus serving as a modular subassembly of wheels and axles.

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Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad

The Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad is a heritage railroad that operates freight and passenger excursions in Boone County, Iowa.

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Boston is the capital city and most populous municipality of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States.

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Bow collector

A bow collector is one of the three main devices used on tramcars to transfer electric current from the wires above to the tram below.

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A boxcab, in railroad terminology, is a locomotive in which the machinery and crew areas are enclosed in a box-like superstructure (from boxcar).

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British Rail Class 66

The Class 66 is a type of six-axle diesel electric freight locomotive developed in part from the, for use on the railways of the UK.

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British Rail Class 92

The British Rail Class 92 is a dual-voltage electric locomotive which can run on 25 kV AC from overhead wires or 750 V DC from a third rail.

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Brown, Boveri & Cie

Brown, Boveri (BBC) was a Swiss group of electrical engineering companies.

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Buchli drive

The Buchli drive is a transmission system used in electric locomotives.

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California High-Speed Rail

California High-Speed Rail (abbreviated CAHSR or CHSR) is a high-speed rail system under construction in California in the United States.

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Charles Eugene Lancelot Brown

200px Charles Eugene Lancelot Brown (17 June 1863 – 2 May 1924) founded Brown, Boveri & Cie (BBC) — later ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB) — with Walter Boveri.

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Charles Grafton Page

Charles Grafton Page (in Salem, Massachusetts January 25, 1812 – May 5, 1868 in Washington, D.C.) was an American electrical experimenter and inventor, physician, patent examiner, patent advocate, and professor of chemistry.

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Chelyabinsk (a) is a city and the administrative center of Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, located in the northeast of the oblast, south of Yekaterinburg, just to the east of the Ural Mountains, on the Miass River, on the border of Europe and Asia.

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Chennai Suburban Railway

The Chennai Suburban Railway is a commuter rail system in the city of Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu, India operated by the Southern Railway, one of the operating railway zones of Indian Railways.

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Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad

The Chicago, Milwaukee, St.

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City and South London Railway

The City and South London Railway (C&SLR) was the first deep-level underground "tube" railway in the world, and the first major railway to use electric traction.

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Class (locomotive)

Class (locomotive) refers to a group of locomotives built to a common design for a single railroad.

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Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock usually occurring in rock strata in layers or veins called coal beds or coal seams.

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Commutator (electric)

A commutator is a rotary electrical switch in certain types of electric motors and electrical generators that periodically reverses the current direction between the rotor and the external circuit.

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Commuter rail

Commuter rail, also called suburban rail, is a passenger rail transport service that primarily operates between a city centre and middle to outer suburbs beyond 15 km (10 miles) and commuter towns or other locations that draw large numbers of commuters—people who travel on a daily basis.

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Commuter rail in North America

Commuter rail services in the United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama provide common carrier passenger transportation along railway tracks, with scheduled service on fixed routes on a non-reservation basis, primarily for short-distance (local) travel between a central business district and adjacent suburbs and regional travel between cities of a conurbation.

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Copper loss

Copper loss is the term often given to heat produced by electrical currents in the conductors of transformer windings, or other electrical devices.

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Diesel engine

The diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition or CI engine), named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel which is injected into the combustion chamber is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to mechanical compression (adiabatic compression).

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Diesel locomotive

A diesel locomotive is a type of railway locomotive in which the prime mover is a diesel engine.

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Diesel–electric transmission

A diesel–electric transmission, or diesel–electric powertrain, is used by a number of vehicle and ship types for providing locomotion.

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Direct current

Direct current (DC) is the unidirectional flow of electric charge.

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Direct drive mechanism

A direct drive mechanism is one that takes the power coming from a motor without any reductions (such as a gearbox).

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DRG Class E 18

The Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (DRG) Class E 18 is a class of electric locomotives built in Germany and Austria between 1935 and 1955.

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East River Tunnels

The East River Tunnels are 4 single-track railroad tunnels that extend from the eastern end of Pennsylvania Station under 32nd and 33rd Streets in Manhattan and cross the East River to Long Island City in Queens.

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Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway

The Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway was authorised by Act of Parliament on 4 July 1838.

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Electric arc

An electric arc, or arc discharge, is an electrical breakdown of a gas that produces an ongoing electrical discharge.

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Electric battery

An electric battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices such as flashlights, smartphones, and electric cars.

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Electric multiple unit

An electric multiple unit or EMU is a multiple-unit train consisting of self-propelled carriages, using electricity as the motive power.

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Electric vehicle battery

An electric-vehicle battery (EVB) or traction battery is a battery used to power the propulsion of battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

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Electric-steam locomotive

An electric-steam locomotive is a steam locomotive that uses electricity to heat the water in the boiler to create steam instead of burning fuel in a firebox.

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Electrical resistance and conductance

The electrical resistance of an electrical conductor is a measure of the difficulty to pass an electric current through that conductor.

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Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and motion of electric charge.

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Electro-diesel locomotive

An electro-diesel locomotive (also referred to as a dual-mode or bi-mode locomotive) is powered either from an electricity supply (like an electric locomotive) or by using the onboard diesel engine (like a diesel-electric locomotive).

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The EMD FL9 (New Haven Class EDER-5) is a dual-power electro-diesel locomotive, capable of diesel-electric operation and as an electric locomotive powered from a third rail.

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Emil Huber-Stockar

Emil Huber-Stockar (1865-1939) was a Swiss entrepreneur and railway pioneer.

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Emily Davenport

Emily Goss Davenport was an inventor from Vermont, United States.

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The EuroSprinter family of electric locomotives is a modular concept of locomotives for the European market built by Siemens.

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Exo (public transit)

Exo, formerly the Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM; Metropolitan Transportation Network) is a public transit system in the Greater Montreal Region, including the Island of Montreal, Laval (Île Jésus), and communities along both the North Shore of the Rivière des Mille-Îles and the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River.

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Frank J. Sprague

Frank Julian Sprague (July 25, 1857 in Milford, Connecticut – October 25, 1934) was an American naval officer and inventor who contributed to the development of the electric motor, electric railways, and electric elevators.

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Frankfurt, officially the City of Frankfurt am Main ("Frankfurt on the Main"), is a metropolis and the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany.

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Galvanic cell

A galvanic cell, or voltaic cell, named after Luigi Galvani, or Alessandro Volta respectively, is an electrochemical cell that derives electrical energy from spontaneous redox reactions taking place within the cell.

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Ganz Works

The Ganz Works or Ganz (or Ganz Művek, Ganz enterprises or Ganz companies) was a group of companies operating between 1845 and 1949 in Budapest, Hungary.

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Gas turbine

A gas turbine, also called a combustion turbine, is a type of continuous combustion, internal combustion engine.

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Gate turn-off thyristor

A gate turn-off thyristor (GTO) is a special type of thyristor, which is a high-power semiconductor device.

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Geothermal power

Geothermal power is power generated by geothermal energy.

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Germany (Deutschland), officially the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland), is a sovereign state in central-western Europe.

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Gross-Lichterfelde Tramway

The Gross Lichterfelde Tramway was the world's first electric tramway.

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Hans Behn-Eschenburg

Hans Behn-Eschenburg (10 January 1864 – 18 May 1938) was born in Obertrass (now Zurich), Switzerland.

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Harbour line (Mumbai Suburban Railway)

The Harbour line is a branch line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway operated by Central Railways.

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Harlem River

The Harlem River is an tidal strait flowing between the Hudson River and the East River and separating the island of Manhattan from the Bronx on the New York mainland.

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg (Pennsylvania German: Harrisbarrig) is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States, and the county seat of Dauphin County.

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Höllentalbahn (Black Forest)

| The Höllentalbahn (literally, "Hell Valley Railway") is a railway line that partially runs through the Höllental valley in the Black Forest of Germany.

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Hegyeshalom is a village of approximately 3600 inhabitants in the Győr-Moson-Sopron county of Hungary, on the border with Austria and less than 15 km from the border with Slovakia.

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Heilmann locomotive

The Heilmann locomotives were a series of three experimental steam-electric locomotives produced in the 1890s for the French Chemins de Fer de l'Ouest (CF de l'Ouest).

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The hertz (symbol: Hz) is the derived unit of frequency in the International System of Units (SI) and is defined as one cycle per second.

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Hybrid train

A hybrid train is a locomotive, railcar or train that uses an onboard rechargeable energy storage system (RESS), placed between the power source (often a diesel engine prime mover) and the traction transmission system connected to the wheels.

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Hydroelectricity is electricity produced from hydropower.

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Indian Railways

Indian Railways (IR) is India's national railway system operated by the Ministry of Railways.

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Induction motor

An induction motor or asynchronous motor is an AC electric motor in which the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding.

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional association with its corporate office in New York City and its operations center in Piscataway, New Jersey.

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Institution of Engineering and Technology

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is a multidisciplinary professional engineering institution.

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Insulated-gate bipolar transistor

An insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is a three-terminal power semiconductor device primarily used as an electronic switch which, as it was developed, came to combine high efficiency and fast switching.

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Integrated gate-commutated thyristor

The integrated gate-commutated thyristor (IGCT) is a power semiconductor electronic device, used for switching electric current in industrial equipment.

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The Intercity-Express (written as InterCityExpress in Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and, formerly, in Germany) or ICE is a system of high-speed trains predominantly running in Germany and its surrounding countries.

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Ireland (Éire; Ulster-Scots: Airlann) is an island in the North Atlantic.

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Irkutsk (p) is a city and the administrative center of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, and one of the largest cities in Siberia.

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Italy (Italia), officially the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana), is a sovereign state in Europe.

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Jackshaft (locomotive)

A jackshaft is an intermediate shaft used to transfer power from a powered shaft such as the output shaft of an engine or motor to driven shafts such as the drive axles of a locomotive.

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Japan (日本; Nippon or Nihon; formally 日本国 or Nihon-koku, lit. "State of Japan") is a sovereign island country in East Asia.

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Japan Railways Group

The Japan Railways Group, more commonly known as, consists of seven for-profit companies that took over most of the assets and operations of the government-owned Japanese National Railways on April 1, 1987.

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Joseph Stalin

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (18 December 1878 – 5 March 1953) was a Soviet revolutionary and politician of Georgian nationality.

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Kálmán Kandó

Kálmán Kandó de Egerfarmos et Sztregova (egerfarmosi és sztregovai Kandó Kálmán; July 10, 1869 – January 13, 1931) was a Hungarian engineer, and a pioneer in the development of electric railway traction.

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Kennecott, Alaska

Kennecott, also known as Kennicott and Kennecott Mines, is an abandoned mining camp in the Valdez-Cordova Census Area in the U.S. state of Alaska that was the center of activity for several copper mines.

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Keretapi Tanah Melayu

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTM) (Jawi: كريتاڤي تانه ملايو برحد) or Malayan Railways Limited is the main rail operator in Peninsular Malaysia.

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Kharkiv (Ха́рків), also known as Kharkov (Ха́рьков) from Russian, is the second-largest city in Ukraine.

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Kinetic energy

In physics, the kinetic energy of an object is the energy that it possesses due to its motion.

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Kochi Metro

Kochi Metro is a metro system serving the city of Kochi in Kerala, India.

New!!: Electric locomotive and Kochi Metro · See more »

Kolkata Metro

The Kolkata Metro is a rapid transit system serving the Kolkata metropolitan area in the Indian state of West Bengal.

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Komárom (Komárno, German: Komorn) is a city in Hungary on the south bank of the Danube in Komárom-Esztergom county.

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The KTM ETS (commercially known as ETS, shortform for 'Electric Train Service') is an inter-city rail service operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad utilizing electric multiple units.

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KTM Komuter

KTM Komuter is a commuter rail system in Malaysia operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM). It was introduced in 1995 to provide local rail services in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding Klang Valley suburban areas. The service was then introduced in Greater Penang in September 2015 after the completion of the Ipoh-Padang Besar Electrification and Double-Tracking Project,. Later on 10 October 2015, the southern sector service was introduced between and in Negeri Sembilan after the completion of the Seremban-Gemas Electrification and Double-Tracking Project, although a route revamp in July 2016 saw the southern sector services merged with that of the central sector, with the southern terminus being pulled back from to. The trains used are air-conditioned electric multiple units. 'Park & Ride' facilities are provided at stations at a nominal charge. KTM Komuter contributed RM146.2 million to group revenue in 2017, carrying a total of 37.235 million passengers. The total number of passengers travelling with KTM Komuter in 2017 shows a decrease of 10.2% following the ongoing Klang Valley Double Track Project which involves the rehabilitation project on 42 kilometres of tracks between Rawang and Salak Selatan scheduled to be completed in 2019.

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Lauffen am Neckar

(Lauffen) is a town in the district of Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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Lead–acid battery

The lead–acid battery was invented in 1859 by French physicist Gaston Planté and is the oldest type of rechargeable battery.

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Light rail

Light rail, light rail transit (LRT), or fast tram is a form of urban rail transport using rolling stock similar to a tramway, but operating at a higher capacity, and often on an exclusive right-of-way.

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List of gear nomenclature

The addendum is the height by which a tooth of a gear projects beyond (outside for external, or inside for internal) the standard pitch circle or pitch line; also, the radial distance between the pitch diameter and the outside diameter.

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List of railway electrification systems

This is a list of the power supply systems that are, or have been, used for tramway and railway electrification systems.

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A locomotive or engine is a rail transport vehicle that provides the motive power for a train.

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London Underground battery-electric locomotives

London Underground battery-electric locomotives are battery locomotives used for hauling engineers' trains on the London Underground network where they can operate when the electric traction current is switched off.

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Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia.

New!!: Electric locomotive and Malaysia · See more »

Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon

Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon was a Swiss engineering company based in the Zürich district of Oerlikon known for the early development of electric locomotives.

New!!: Electric locomotive and Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon · See more »

Mascouche line

The Mascouche line is a commuter railway line in Greater Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

New!!: Electric locomotive and Mascouche line · See more »

Mather & Platt

Mather & Platt is the name of several large engineering firms in Europe, South Africa and Asia that are subsidiaries of Wilo SE, Germany or were founded by former employees.

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Mödling and Hinterbrühl Tram

Mödling and Hinterbrühl Tram or Mödling and Hinterbrühl Local Railway (German: Lokalbahn Mödling–Hinterbrühl) was an electric tramway in Austria, running 4.5 km (2.8 mi) from Mödling to Hinterbrühl, in the southwest of Vienna.

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Milwaukee Road class EP-2

The Milwaukee Road's class EP-2 comprised five electric locomotives built by General Electric in 1919.

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Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually from an orebody, lode, vein, seam, reef or placer deposit.

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Mount Royal Tunnel

The Mount Royal Tunnel (Tunnel sous le mont Royal, Tunnel du mont Royal) is a railway tunnel located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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Multiple-unit train control

Multiple-unit train control, sometimes abbreviated to multiple-unit or MU, is a method of simultaneously controlling all the traction equipment in a train from a single location, whether it is a Multiple unit comprising a number of self-powered passenger cars or a set of locomotives.

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Mumbai Suburban Railway

Mumbai Suburban Railway consists of exclusive inner suburban railway lines augmented by commuter rail on main lines serving outlying suburbs to serve the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

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Namma Metro

Namma Metro, also known as Bangalore Metro is a metro system serving the city of Bangalore, India.

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Narrow-gauge railway

A narrow-gauge railway (narrow-gauge railroad in the US) is a railway with a track gauge narrower than the standard.

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The Netherlands (Nederland), often referred to as Holland, is a country located mostly in Western Europe with a population of seventeen million.

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New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven is a coastal city in the U.S. state of Connecticut.

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New South Wales Government Railways

The New South Wales Government Railways (NSWGR) was the agency of the Government of New South Wales that administered rail transport in New South Wales, Australia, between 1855 and 1932.

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New York Central Railroad

The New York Central Railroad was a railroad operating in the Northeastern United States.

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New York City

The City of New York, often called New York City (NYC) or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

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Nickel–iron battery

The nickel–iron battery (NiFe battery) is a rechargeable battery having nickel(III) oxide-hydroxide positive plates and iron negative plates, with an electrolyte of potassium hydroxide.

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Nippon Sharyo

,, formed in 1896, is a major rolling stock manufacturer based in Nagoya, Japan.

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NJ Transit

New Jersey Transit Corporation, branded as NJ Transit (NJT; stylized as NJ TRANSIT), is a state-owned public transportation system that serves the US state of New Jersey, along with portions of New York State and Pennsylvania.

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Noida Metro

The Noida Metro is an under-construction metro system connecting the twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Norfolk and Western Railway

The Norfolk and Western Railway was a US class I railroad, formed by more than 200 railroad mergers between 1838 and 1982.

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North River Tunnels

The North River Tunnels are a pair of tunnels that carry Amtrak and New Jersey Transit rail lines under the Hudson River between Weehawken, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan, New York City.

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Northeast Corridor

The Northeast Corridor (NEC) is an electrified railroad line in the Northeast megalopolis of the United States.

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Novosibirsk (p) is the third-most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Nuclear power

Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy to generate heat, which most frequently is then used in steam turbines to produce electricity in a nuclear power plant.

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Omsk (p) is a city and the administrative center of Omsk Oblast, Russia, located in southwestern Siberia from Moscow.

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Orbost railway line

The Orbost railway line (also known as the Gippsland line) is a partially closed railway line serving the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland regions of Victoria, Australia.

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Overhead line

An overhead line or overhead wire is used to transmit electrical energy to trams, trolleybuses or trains.

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Pantograph (transport)

A pantograph (or "pan") is an apparatus mounted on the roof of an electric train, tram or electric bus to collect power through contact with an overhead line.

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Pendolino (from Italian pendolo "pendulum", and -ino, a diminutive suffix) is an Italian family of tilting trains used in Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, Russian Federation, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Switzerland and China.

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Pennsylvania Railroad

The Pennsylvania Railroad (or Pennsylvania Railroad Company and also known as the "Pennsy") was an American Class I railroad that was established in 1846 and was headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania Railroad class GG1

The PRR GG1 was a class of electric locomotives built for the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR), in the northeastern United States.

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Pennsylvania Station (New York City)

Pennsylvania Station, also known as New York Penn Station or Penn Station, is the main intercity railroad station in New York City.

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A pinion is a round gear—usually to the smaller of two meshed gears—used in several applications, including drivetrain and rack and pinion systems.

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Poland (Polska), officially the Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska), is a country located in Central Europe.

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Power car

In rail transport, the expression power car may refer to either of two distinct types of rail vehicle.

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Prime mover (locomotive)

In engineering, a prime mover is an engine that converts fuel to useful work.

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Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail, also known as QR, is a railway operator in Queensland, Australia.

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Quill drive

A quill drive is a mechanism that allows a drive shaft to shift its position (either axially, radially, or both) relative to its driving shaft.

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Rack railway

A rack railway (also rack-and-pinion railway, cog railway, or cogwheel railway) is a steep grade railway with a toothed rack rail, usually between the running rails.

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Rail transport modelling

Railway modelling (UK, Australia and Ireland) or model railroading (US and Canada) is a hobby in which rail transport systems are modelled at a reduced scale.

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The Railjet (branded as railjet) is a high-speed train of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and Czech Railways (ČD), which was introduced with the timetable change of 2008-2009 and operates at speeds of up to.

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Railway air brake

A railway air brake is a railway brake power braking system with compressed air as the operating medium.

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Railway brake

Brakes are used on the cars of railway trains to enable deceleration, control acceleration (downhill) or to keep them standing when parked.

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Railway electrification system

A railway electrification system supplies electric power to railway trains and trams without an on-board prime mover or local fuel supply.

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Rapid Metro Gurgaon

Rapid Metro is a metro system serving the city of Gurgaon, Haryana.

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Rapid transit

Rapid transit or mass rapid transit, also known as heavy rail, metro, MRT, subway, tube, U-Bahn or underground, is a type of high-capacity public transport generally found in urban areas.

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Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery, storage battery, secondary cell, or accumulator is a type of electrical battery which can be charged, discharged into a load, and recharged many times, as opposed to a disposable or primary battery, which is supplied fully charged and discarded after use.

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A rectifier is an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC), which periodically reverses direction, to direct current (DC), which flows in only one direction.

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Regenerative brake

Regenerative braking is an energy recovery mechanism which slows a vehicle or object by converting its kinetic energy into a form which can be either used immediately or stored until needed.

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Reluctance motor

A reluctance motor is a type of electric motor that induces non-permanent magnetic poles on the ferromagnetic rotor.

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Renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

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Richmond Union Passenger Railway

The Richmond Union Passenger Railway, in Richmond, Virginia, was the first practical electric trolley (tram) system, and set the pattern for most subsequent electric trolley systems around the world.

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Robert Davidson (inventor)

Robert Davidson (1804–1894) was a Scottish inventor who built the first known electric locomotive in 1837.

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Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains, also known as the Rockies, are a major mountain range in western North America.

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Rotary phase converter

A rotary phase converter, abbreviated RPC, is an electrical machine that converts power from one polyphase system (including frequency) to another, converting through rotary motion.

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Royal Scottish Society of Arts

The Royal Scottish Society of Arts is a learned society in Scotland, dedicated to the study of science and technology.

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Russia (rɐˈsʲijə), officially the Russian Federation (p), is a country in Eurasia. At, Russia is the largest country in the world by area, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area, and the ninth most populous, with over 144 million people as of December 2017, excluding Crimea. About 77% of the population live in the western, European part of the country. Russia's capital Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world; other major cities include Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Extending across the entirety of Northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe, Russia spans eleven time zones and incorporates a wide range of environments and landforms. From northwest to southeast, Russia shares land borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland (both with Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and North Korea. It shares maritime borders with Japan by the Sea of Okhotsk and the U.S. state of Alaska across the Bering Strait. The East Slavs emerged as a recognizable group in Europe between the 3rd and 8th centuries AD. Founded and ruled by a Varangian warrior elite and their descendants, the medieval state of Rus arose in the 9th century. In 988 it adopted Orthodox Christianity from the Byzantine Empire, beginning the synthesis of Byzantine and Slavic cultures that defined Russian culture for the next millennium. Rus' ultimately disintegrated into a number of smaller states; most of the Rus' lands were overrun by the Mongol invasion and became tributaries of the nomadic Golden Horde in the 13th century. The Grand Duchy of Moscow gradually reunified the surrounding Russian principalities, achieved independence from the Golden Horde. By the 18th century, the nation had greatly expanded through conquest, annexation, and exploration to become the Russian Empire, which was the third largest empire in history, stretching from Poland on the west to Alaska on the east. Following the Russian Revolution, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic became the largest and leading constituent of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the world's first constitutionally socialist state. The Soviet Union played a decisive role in the Allied victory in World War II, and emerged as a recognized superpower and rival to the United States during the Cold War. The Soviet era saw some of the most significant technological achievements of the 20th century, including the world's first human-made satellite and the launching of the first humans in space. By the end of 1990, the Soviet Union had the world's second largest economy, largest standing military in the world and the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, twelve independent republics emerged from the USSR: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Baltic states regained independence: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania; the Russian SFSR reconstituted itself as the Russian Federation and is recognized as the continuing legal personality and a successor of the Soviet Union. It is governed as a federal semi-presidential republic. The Russian economy ranks as the twelfth largest by nominal GDP and sixth largest by purchasing power parity in 2015. Russia's extensive mineral and energy resources are the largest such reserves in the world, making it one of the leading producers of oil and natural gas globally. The country is one of the five recognized nuclear weapons states and possesses the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Russia is a great power as well as a regional power and has been characterised as a potential superpower. It is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and an active global partner of ASEAN, as well as a member of the G20, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), the Council of Europe, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as being the leading member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and one of the five members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), along with Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

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The Ae 4/7 was a universal locomotive of the Swiss Federal Railways, employing the so-called Buchli drive.

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Seaford railway line

The Seaford railway line is a suburban commuter line in Adelaide, South Australia.

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The, colloquially known in English as the bullet train, is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan.

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Siemens AG is a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices abroad.

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SJ Dm3

Dm and Dm3 is a series of locomotives used by Swedish State Railways (Statens Järnvägar, SJ) and later Malmtafik i Kiruna (MTAS) for pulling iron ore trains on the Iron Ore Line in Sweden and Ofoten Line in Norway.

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Slovenia (Slovenija), officially the Republic of Slovenia (Slovene:, abbr.: RS), is a country in southern Central Europe, located at the crossroads of main European cultural and trade routes.

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The Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF, "French National Railway Company") is France's national state-owned railway company.

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SNCF Class CC 7100

SNCF's CC 7100 class are part of a series of electric locomotives built by Alsthom.

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Solar power

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), indirectly using concentrated solar power, or a combination.

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South Africa

South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is the southernmost country in Africa.

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South Australia

South Australia (abbreviated as SA) is a state in the southern central part of Australia.

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Soviet Union

The Soviet Union, officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was a socialist state in Eurasia that existed from 1922 to 1991.

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Spain (España), officially the Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España), is a sovereign state mostly located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe.

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Steam locomotive

A steam locomotive is a type of railway locomotive that produces its pulling power through a steam engine.

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A supercapacitor (SC) (also called a supercap, ultracapacitor or Goldcap) is a high-capacity capacitor with capacitance values much higher than other capacitors (but lower voltage limits) that bridge the gap between electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries.

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Swiss Federal Railways

Swiss Federal Railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, SBB, Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses, CFF, Ferrovie federali svizzere, FFS) is the national railway company of Switzerland.

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Tōkaidō Main Line

The is a major Japanese railway line of the Japan Railways Group (JR Group) network, connecting and stations.

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Tōkaidō Shinkansen

The is a Japanese high-speed Shinkansen line, opened in 1964 between Tokyo and Shin-Ōsaka.

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The TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, "high-speed train") is France's intercity high-speed rail service, operated by the SNCF, the state-owned national rail operator.

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Third rail

A third rail is a method of providing electric power to a railway locomotive or train, through a semi-continuous rigid conductor placed alongside or between the rails of a railway track.

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Thomas Edison

Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847October 18, 1931) was an American inventor and businessman, who has been described as America's greatest inventor.

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In electrical engineering, three-phase electric power systems have at least three conductors carrying alternating current voltages that are offset in time by one-third of the period.

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Three-phase electric power

Three-phase electric power is a common method of alternating current electric power generation, transmission, and distribution.

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Toronto subway

The Toronto subway is a rapid transit system serving Toronto, Ontario, Canada, operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

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Toronto subway rolling stock

The rolling stock of the Toronto subway system consists of 888 subway cars for Line 1 Yonge–University, Line 2 Bloor–Danforth, and Line 4 Sheppard and 28 intermediate-capacity rapid transit cars for Line 3 Scarborough.

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Toronto Transit Commission

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is a public transport agency that operates bus, subway, streetcar, and paratransit services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Traction motor

A traction motor is an electric motor used for propulsion of a vehicle, such as an electric locomotive or electric roadway vehicle.

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A tram (also tramcar; and in North America streetcar, trolley or trolley car) is a rail vehicle which runs on tramway tracks along public urban streets, and also sometimes on a segregated right of way.

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Trams in Berlin

The Berlin tramway (Straßenbahn Berlin) is the main tram system in Berlin, Germany.

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Trams in Lugano

The Lugano tramway network (Rete tranviaria di Lugano) was part of the public transport network of Lugano, in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland, for over half a century.

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Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR, p) is a network of railways connecting Moscow with the Russian Far East.

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Transmission (mechanics)

A transmission is a machine in a power transmission system, which provides controlled application of the power.

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Trolley pole

A trolley pole is a tapered cylindrical pole of wood or metal, used to transfer electricity from a "live" overhead wire to the control and the electric traction motors of a tram or trolley bus.

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Turbine-electric transmission

A turbine-electric transmission system includes a turboshaft gas turbine connected to an electrical generator, creating electricity that powers electric traction motors.

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Ufa (p; Өфө) is the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, and the industrial, economic, scientific and cultural center of the republic.

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UIC classification of locomotive axle arrangements

The UIC classification of locomotive axle arrangements, sometimes known as German classificationThe Railway Data File.

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Ukraine (Ukrayina), sometimes called the Ukraine, is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia to the east and northeast; Belarus to the northwest; Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia to the west; Romania and Moldova to the southwest; and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain,Usage is mixed with some organisations, including the and preferring to use Britain as shorthand for Great Britain is a sovereign country in western Europe.

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Victorian Railways

The Victorian Railways operated in the Australian state of Victoria from 1859 to 1983.

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Victorian Railways L class

The Victorian Railways L class was a class of mainline electric locomotive that ran on Australia's Victorian Railways and its successor V/Line from 1953 until 1987.

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Virginian Railway

The Virginian Railway was a Class I railroad located in Virginia and West Virginia in the United States.

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The VL80 (ru: ВЛ80) is a Soviet (and later Russian) built electric AC mainline freight locomotive.

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Vladimir, Russia

Vladimir (a) is a city and the administrative center of Vladimir Oblast, Russia, located on the Klyazma River, to the east of Moscow.

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Volk's Electric Railway

Volk's Electric Railway (VER) is a narrow gauge heritage railway that runs along a length of the seafront of the English seaside resort of Brighton.

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Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington or D.C., is the capital of the United States of America.

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Werner von Siemens

Ernst Werner Siemens (von Siemens from 1888;; 13 December 1816 – 6 December 1892) was a German inventor and industrialist.

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Western Railway Museum

The Western Railway Museum, in Solano County, California is located on Highway 12 between Rio Vista and Suisun.

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Westinghouse Electric Corporation

The Westinghouse Electric Corporation was an American manufacturing company.

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Whyte notation

The Whyte notation for classifying steam locomotives by wheel arrangement was devised by Frederick Methvan Whyte, and came into use in the early twentieth century following a December 1900 editorial in American Engineer and Railroad Journal.

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Wind turbine

A wind turbine is a device that converts the wind's kinetic energy into electrical energy.

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World War II

World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier.

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25 kV AC railway electrification

25 kV alternating current electrification is commonly used in railway electrification systems worldwide, especially for high-speed rail.

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4 ft 6 in gauge railway

The track gauge, also called the Scotch gauge, was adopted by early 19th century railways mainly in the Lanarkshire area of Scotland.

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Under the Whyte notation for the classification of steam locomotives by wheel arrangement, represents the configuration of four leading wheels on two axles in a leading bogie, six powered and coupled driving wheels on three axles and no trailing wheels.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_locomotive

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